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restricted performance

- Jaguar-XK8

Forum Post
04/19/09 09:44
barrie loveday

restricted performance

not had xk long went for drive had lack of power and restricted performance cam up. Stopped for a short time and then drove off no further problem so far. What's up?
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04/19/09 09:55
barrie loveday

not had xk long went for a drive had loss of power and RESTRICTED PERFORMANCE came up. turned engine of restarted and had no further problem so far. What;s up?

04/24/09 19:05

I had similar troubles and now seem to have corrected it -turned out to be misfires on one cylinders (one then another failed a month later) due to worn Coil-on-plug modules. Rather easy for owner to replace with a few metric sockets, and a flat screwdriver. You will need to connect an OBDII scanner tool to the connected to the connector(drivers side just inside the driver's door edge). These can be found for under $70. Read the codes. If it is a misfire there will be many codes-don't have a heartattack. The engine controller will shut down the oxygen sensor, oxygen sensor heater, and other things when there is a misfire - and all those codes will appear along with the misfire code. The code will tell you which cylinder is misfiring (like P0305 is cylinder #5 - the front plug on driver's side). If your mileage is above 60k miles you probably will find it convenient to replace the plugs too as you will have the plugs exposed during replacment of the Coil unit. The coil-on-plug unit sells for about $110 on-line. Get the Jaguar Repair CD - also about $25 - which gives all the bolt torque specs and sketches of step-by-step repairs. Best regards - Michael
05/07/09 13:56
barrie loveday

Hi michael thanks for you reply to RESTRICTED PERFORMANCE fault. 24th April

The fault has not come back and jag say it's was probably something to do with the cat.

On reflection I think I could have kicked the gas peddle down too early when the engine was cold. But thats a layman's view.

Sorry for long delay in response I am new to the web and new to this new mac!

Today I have got another problem the seat belt warning light won't go out whe the belt is connected.

any ideas?

don't know if I can get a Jag repair CD i am in UK I will look on net.

Thanks again for your time

11/10/09 11:24

My 2000 xj is saying restricted performence too, i replaced the plugs on it, still no change. How do you know which coil is cylinder number one?
12/18/09 19:04
Bill Gross

my 2000 vp has the RESTRICTED PERFORMANCE light on, the car was out in the very rainy weather we have had ( 22in in two wks) could it just be wet?? water in gas tank, or wet plugs?????
01/23/10 14:24

thanks you all i have 1999 same jag and i got the same ( restrected performance , with the temp guges field

i kept driving then few miles igot all the cooling water gone

out the engine is not overheat but i have no reading dueto the

temp guage is out

please help


03/11/10 09:00

I have a 2004 s jaguar and the restricted performance light is on....reading the problem could be serveral things simple tune up or I got bad gas in tank...... How would I know for sure....I believe for the pass week I allow the tank to be as low as 30 miles before empty and I had to get gas from several stores that I usually would not use.....not my usual store...

I long should I drive car before going to my mechanic?

08/29/10 11:41
Nigel Wood

Jaguar Cape Town.. told me it was insufficant power to the "computer" and changed the battery... next week it was Insufficant power to the "computer" and changed the Alternator.. that worked until today.. when Traction control and stability control warnings..came on... it didnt go into limp mode but i think my bank balance will if i go back to the "dealers" .... any ideas anyone ??

11/07/10 01:53

I'm starting to think that my XK8 may actually be more high maintenance than I am. Currently I'm dealing with the "Restricted Performance" message issue, but of course the message never comes on when it is being driven by the mechanic. A few months back I had the Traction control and stability control warnings... that was also quite difficult to diagnose, since it never went into fail safe mode or showed any other warning lights for the mechanic. Finally I drove it until it went into fail safe mode and drove it at 20mph to the mechanic to discover that it was the throttle. $2.000 later the car ran great for nearly 6 months.
02/27/11 15:58

I have had my XK8 (2002 4ltr 60000mls) convertable for 18 months. It has very little use and I only tend to use in in fine weather for long journeys. Call it a toy if you wish. The last time was the beginning of December for a round trip of 250 miles. This was before the very cold spell over Christmas. It has always run well and no problems. I decided to top up the fuel tank to avoid the VAT rise in January. This was on a relatively warm day in the middle of a very cold winter. It was difficult to start. Normally a touch of the key and it would fire up immediately, but not this time. It only fired on one cylinder and with a bit of coaxing eventually the others came to life and it then ran OK. This didn't surprise me as the machinery in the garage where the car is kept was running with condensation and I assumed the Jag engine would be the same. I then drove to the filling station and filled it with fuel.It was not then used for several weeks due to the inclimate weather. When I did use it, after about 3 miles 'Restricted Performance' appeared together with an orange engine sign. I returned home and had this reset by the local garage (non Jaguar). Their reader indicated 'PO332 knock sensor bank 2 low output' but there was no apparent problem and it seems to be running perfectly normally. Now when I use the car, after about 2/3 miles (Restricted Performance) appears, the car seems to run normally and after a few more miles this warning disappears, but the orange engine sign remains on. It has been suggested, not by the garage, that there is a possibility of a problem with the fuel which has sat in the tank for six weeks. I understand that current fuels contain additives which result in the fuel 'going off'. This apparently causes all sorts of problems which are never apparent in cars which have regular use. This seems to make some sense in my case as the fuel has been in the tank for some time, and the warning script dissappears when the engine reaches full operating temprature.

Has anyone else experienced this? Or any other ideas on what the problem is with my car?. Just one more question. When in 'Restricted Performance' does this restrict the engine revs and if so what is this limit?

I look forward to lots of advice!

'Restrictive Performance' appeared on the dash panel. This was accompanied with the orange indicator and the orange engine sign. Not having seen th.

04/07/11 20:03
Ken Legler

I have a 1999 Jag. XK8 with under 20, 000 miles on it that I bought in '99. I am faithful about regular maintenance and oil changes and I drive the car daily. On and off for the past few years, without warning or any apparent reason, the "stability control fail" and "fail safe engine mode" lights will appear and the car will not go more than 20 miles per hour. This seems to occur when I press on the accelerator after stopping. I have taken the car into two different jag. mechanics, neither who could replicate the problem nor did they have any clue about the cause of the problem. This has happened with increasing frequency in the past month to the point that I am now very reticent to take the car more than a few miles away from home. If anyone has any clue about the possible underlying problem, I would appreciate hearing from you.
04/16/11 20:39

Hi Ken,

I had a similar problem and may apply to your case as well.

There is a Technical Service Bulletin 303-5498 related to the problem, and has to do with connector material mismatch on the pins of the Throttle Body Sensor connector. Over time, oxidation builds on these pins and creates a bad contact. The recommended solution is to replace those pins with gold pins (order LNG3956AA) if they are currently made of tin. In my case, I just removed the connector and wiggled it around bit. I'll need to replace the pins at some point.

04/17/11 16:18

Also, here are some pictures of the throttle body sensor connector. AutoRepTB.htm

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