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Fuel tank removal '86 xj6

- Jaguar-XJ6

Forum Post
06/28/09 17:59

Fuel tank removal '86 xj6

I'm having trouble removing the metal fuel line from just in front of the hanging bolt on the underside of the fuel tank. Is there any trick to removal? I have the connector unscrewed, but I just cant get the line to pull out of the tank. Any tips would be much appreciated. Thanks
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02/15/10 00:17
Howard Johnson

I have refurbished every car I ever owned. I try to service and understand the needs of every vehicle. I activate cars that have fallen into disuse. I have had 500 cars in my life. the XJ6 tanks are the most complicated gas tanks I have yet experienced I counted 61 parts accociated with the servicing of these tanks Once cleaned and wire brushed all fastners are laid out on a rool around tray with room for tools. Tools are carried in a tote tray so they can go from side to side, as needed.

On my car, 166K but servicable and presentable still, the tanks had rust in them so it quit. One was leaking the other was full of loose rust. dis assembling the lower valences requires the use of a product that is very successful in lubing rusted bolts. Tri Flow brand penetrating oil with Teflon has unusual penetrating and lubricating properties that make fifty year old bumper bolts come off. All body bolts myst be soaked with the snout and tiny flashlite so actually all cavities of which there are many, Must be blown out well with compressed air a tubing type air gun, and mask and eye protection. The cleaner it is the nicer it is to work on so if you wnat to squirt everyting off well first that would be nice.

With the car wheels off and the rear suported securily on jackstands, ... Uh Oh I think I had better see if they'll accept my writing before I write it!!

More later,

Howard Johnson

02/15/10 00:36
Howard Johnson

The question above is due to a ring of rust that forms on the end of the tube sticking past the fitting into the tank. This solved by using the Tri-Flow Brand penetrantanant whick seeps in overnight and Then by prying with a small padded pry bar and wiggling back and forth at the same time. Pull the loose nut out of the way and spray the lube in there, next day wiggle and pry.

The secret to excellent work is do not damage anything. If bolts ring off reassembly will not be as successful The very precise appearing bolts are soft so will fail if rust binds them.If greased on assembly thay will be much more friendly in the future.

always blow out and lube the tiny hose clamps that hole all 16 fuel lines in place. A good rule is blow out all fuel lines before assembly. even though I cleaned the good tank and replaced the leaky one, I still found huge amounts of rust in the two lower fuel delivery hoses, that go through the bottom of the gas tank.

At this point I will welcome any other questions, 301 627 2114.

Howard Johnson

07/04/10 06:30
Tony G

there is a bolt hidden behind the asbestos muffler cover, and the fuel lines have bolts, release those instead of trying unplug the hoses or unscrew the fasteners, when installing fasten then screw the fuel line bolts into the tank
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