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Dead battery: Trunk not opening

- Jaguar-XJ6

Forum Post
04/22/08 18:48
Chris Wilson

Dead battery: Trunk not opening

Wondering if someone has advice about how to solve this problem

I have a 1995 xj6 with a dead battery. The battery is in the trunk so I am unable to open the trunk from the console due to the dead battery.

The next logical step is to use the key to manual open the trunk. When I do this it still does not open.

Any ideas on how I can open the trunk manually.

We have already used a Black & Decker Smart Battery to put juice in the system but their is a conflict between the battery and the jag.

We have already contacted the local dealership but it is too old for anyone to have an answer.

Any other ideas or advice would be appreciated.

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02/28/10 08:08

boot stuck and car running any idears how yo open
05/30/10 15:01
Cindy Litton

I can't get in my trunk of jag 2000 s type. Dead battery, keyhole on trunk doesn't work. Seems no method of jumping off as every source goes through computer on car. Please help!
06/26/10 18:15
dominique dimas

I also have a 1996 jag xj6 the battery is not hooked up and i need to open the trunk to insert new battery any ideas on how to give car power i have tried the bolt on firewall i have tried looking for a little box with hot wire and still cant open it help
07/21/10 09:36
Ray Morton

on some xj's if you look under the chrome strip on the back of

to the right or left of the license plate lights there is a key


08/21/10 10:14
Terry Haungs

Does anyone know location of (discret black box)or pos. lug under hood on 94-95 xj6
08/21/10 10:50
Terry Haungs

Andy....WOW..Worked easy.
09/05/10 08:55
Manuel Gutierrez

I have a 2001 Jaguar S Type and I locked my keys in the trunk. Can anyone help me get in the car through the back seat or anyother way.
10/04/10 21:39

Seriously folks whats the point of "hook battery charger to car - then open trunk"

On my 1997 XJ6, yes there is a small black post on the firewall in front of the drivers steering wheel (by where the inspection stickers go here in the states) The post points to the front of the car. Remove the black rubber insulating cap - connect the positive lead from the charger here - connect the black to any good ground point on the engine, chassis, etc. This will let you charge the battery enough to open the trunk - then move the charger and put it directly on the battery pos and safe ground.

01/12/11 15:43
Louise Hockenson

Hello all,

I don't know about others but my Jag has a button under the edge

or lip of where you open your trunk . I just push the button.

01/13/11 11:20
Gary Givens

I had a 1996 XJ 12 with a dead battary. Open the engine cmpatment and an the passenger's side just up against the wall there is a covered terminal with a clip going out. Hook up positive to the clip and negative to ground and you can open the trunk.
02/08/11 21:46

I have a 2007 S Type with a dead battery, cannot open the trunk

to access battery. Is there a hidden key hole on trunk?

Need to access car ASAP.

02/09/11 17:25
William Ross

I had this problem with my 1995 and 1998 Jaguar xj 6 and 8. On the passenger side of the vehicle under the hood is a black wire with a boot on it. remove the boot and place the positive cable on it vehicle grounding the negative connecter on a soild grouund point and the engine will start, the trunk will also be able to open.
02/19/11 09:13

1995 Jaguar XJR Dead Battery "Possible" Solution:

From inside the vehicle OPEN the Hood.

With the Hood Opened, standing at the left, driver-side quarter panel) position yourself so that the sideview mirror is just to your right side.

Look down into the engine compatment, just passed the plastic panel at the engine compartment firewall.

You "SHOULD" see a Black Rubber Boot that covers a Screw with a Nut on it. This Screw and Nut "IS" the vehicles "POSITIVE" connection to the positive battery terminal.

This POSITIVE connection is where you will clamp the POSITIVE (RED/YELLOW) connector of your power source using either Battery Jumper Cables or Battery Charger Cables.

Carefully work to slide back the Black Rubber Boot OFF and out of the way of the POSITIVE battery connection Screw and Nut.

Clamp the POSITIVE (RED/YELLOW) connector of your power source...either Battery Jumper or Battery Charger Cables) to the POSITIVE battery connection screw/nut.

Locate a GROUND SOURCE inside the engine compartment. A good ground source is BRACKET/BRACKET BOLT that attaches and connects to the frame/body of the vehicle. (I found and used the heavy BRACKET BOLT right next to the POSITIVE battery connection Screw and Nut)

AGAIN: Ensure your vehicle GROUND SOURCE is attached to the frame/body of the vehicle....BE CAREFUL.

Clamp the NEGATIVE (BLACK) connector of your power source which can either be a Battery Jumper Cable or Battery Charger Cable) to the GROUND SOURCE/BOLT.

Plug in, Connect and Turn on (to energize) your power source.

You should receive power to the vehicle to open the Trunk and access the Battery and also turn on the vehicle lights.

Once the vehicle is started and running smoothly, turn off the power source, disconnect the jumper cables in the reverse order that they were connected.

Disconnect the NEGATIVE (BLACK) connector then disconnect the POSITIVE (RED/YELLOW) connector. As you disconnect them, be careful not to let the dangling cables fall into the engine compartments or touch each other.

Note: You may need to re-charge the battery for awhile to enable you to start the vehicles' engine.

Have your Battery Tested/Replace soonest.

Hope this helps...

02/28/11 21:03
T Keeling

I have a 2000 XJ8, the battery is dead, I cant open the trunk from inside the car or with the key in the trunk keyhole. The battery is in the trunk.

How do I open the trunk so I can jump start the car?

03/08/11 13:49

There is a fuse box at the driver side of the vehicle just

forward above the driver side front tire. This fuse box has a

bolt attached to it. The bolt has a black rubber cover over it.

Take the cover off and attach the poitive end of the jumper cable to it. Then attach the negative side of the jumper cable to the FRAME of the vehicle. Try the locking mechanism for the hood. It is probably the closest and best ground for this manuever.

After you have done this then start the vehicle up. Let it run for about 30 seconds then remove the cable in the reverse order by which you attached them.

03/20/11 11:26

I have a 2006 Jaguar XKR and I have the dead battery - trunk locked situation.. only in my case there is no key hole whatsoever! So how in god's name do I get into this thing. The dealer told me there was a rub ber covered bolt in the drivers side rear wheel well.. NOT! I looked high and low and couldn't find one. I've also looked on the firewall for it.. not there either.. Frankly I can't even get to the firewall there's so much "motor stuff" in the way.. Lastly i tried a cigarette lighter charger but can't get contact in the lighter socket to get a charge. This is just fricking ridiculous... What the hell were they smoking in the UK when they engineered this nonsense?



03/22/11 04:18

98 jaguar xj8

battery dead needs to be replaced, trunk not opening with key(wont turn), buttons did not work on keychain or in the car when the battery was good so boosting wont help, how do i get into the trunk??

04/02/11 23:48
gary clark

can i get to the trunk of my 1995 xj6 by taking the back seats out?switch and key are not working>>
04/05/11 00:56

i thank you so much for all your explanation about how to jump start car when the battery is dead and locked on the back of the car's trunk. I read all the recommendations and are amazing possible solutions. Could you please also send a picture or a cartoon animation of how to do it because my english is not very advance. I do have an idea of what to do, but i just want to make sure i do it properlty, and since i am very visual, i understand much better to where the black box is when i plug the positive cable and where the ground is to plug the negative cable. thank you so much. :) i totally apreciate it.


04/09/11 13:44

Hello does anyone know how to open the trunk on a 1998 Jaguar Van Den plas lost the remote, I think the vallet switch is on every time I try from the outside to open it the car beeps. If someone could tell me it would greatly be appreciated.
04/17/11 15:27

"Kid" Thank you so much for the advice it works!!! We had the same problem for a 2001 Jaguar and it works.

Thanks again


05/29/11 14:59
Sparkle city, SC
Thank author of this post/comment"Jaguar 1996 will not start"

Thanks Rob, Michael, and william Ross for your instructions on how to get to the battery of my Jaguar when the battery is dead. Your information worked like a charm.

I managed to get to my battery and jumped started my car. The engine fired up and stopped immediatly. After that the engine would not fire up anymore. The motor turnes over flawlessly but will not start. Acts as if it is not getting any gas, but there is plenty of gas in my tank. Could the fuse pump fuse have blown because of jump starting it or did I create a bigger problem by junp starting a Jaguar.

If anyone have some advise on some of the possibilities that is causing my car not to start please share with me



01/19/12 09:03
John Wilson
Thank author of this post/comment"Jaguar XJS Flat Battery - Boot not open."

Hi, Just to let you know if you lock your keys in the boot or your Jaguar XJS and battery is flat, the boot will not open. Answer is: Under the bonnet. Stand on Passenger side UK or Drivers side USA. Relay switch box, you will see two terminals under a rubber shoe. Connect only the LIVE clamp (Positive) (Red) to this terminal and to the Charger or other spare battery. Then connect the Negative (Black) clamp to earth this to the body of the car (Metal Bracket). Connect the other end to the spare battery or charger. This will give you power to open the boot. Then take the lead connections off in reverse. You can then connect the (Jump Leads) to your battery in the boot. Hope this helps......
01/20/12 18:28
Under the Hood
Thank author of this post/comment"Good advice"

Michael nailed it, good advice for an initially-bewildering problem!
01/07/13 12:47
land of the lost
Thank author of this post/comment"checking weird noise during battery charge"

Ok, I followed the directions to charge the battery under the hood. Found everything and did everything as described. There was a dinging (similar to door open ding and a smallish dull thunk thunk thunk coming from the trunk. It didn't sound normal. Any thoughts?
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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 34 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: Dead battery: Trunk not opening archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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