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Starting System

- Hyundai-Sonata

Forum Post
12/22/08 20:13
Eddie Thompson

Starting System

My 2001 Hyundai Sonata won't start. I took the battery and starter out and carried to Autozone and they both check good. I check the starter relay and it checked good. When I had my wife turn the key I put my finger on the starter relay and could feel it clicking in. I don't have a wiring diagram but I would think that the ignition switch would be good if the starter relay is working correctly. All suggestions greatly appreciated.
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02/04/09 12:09

I believe I can help with this. Try the following fixes in this order:

1) Try jiggling the steering wheel while you try to turn the key in the ignition. You can also try moving the wheel as far as possible to the left and trying to turn the key as well as turning it as far as possible to the right and turning the key. In most cases, this works to fix the problem.

2) Dust and dirt can get into your ignition switch and build up over time. The dirt will contain a bit of moisture and cause a "gel" or "grease-like" substance to form. This can freeze if you live where it's cold, but either way, it may stop the key from turning. The fix is to spray a few squirts of carburetor cleaner (using the small spray straw) in there and move the key in and out. This should clean the grease-like substance out of the inside. Then, squirt a bit of WD-40 in there. This should prevent it from happening again for a long time. If #1 didn't work, 9 times out of 10 this will.

3) Take the car to the repair shop, you most likely have an ignition problem.

02/04/09 12:10

Oh, my fixes won't work. Sorry. I mis-read your problem.
02/05/09 11:06
Trish Hargis

I have a 2005 Sonota It's about -1 degrees this morning and I can only get the key in about 1/4". so therefore , the car won't start, I think it's dirt, moisture buildup and because it's so cold, so Im gonna try the the carb cleaner and some WD-40 and see if this helps. Wish me luck, otherwise I don't know what it is. Thanks
07/18/09 12:40
Fay Haynes

Where is the fuel filter located on a 2005 Hyundai Sonata?
02/12/10 11:15
malcolm williams

My wife warmed up her 02 Sonata, started to pull out the garage and the car quit. and will not start. It will turn over but does not sound like it wants to start. I pulled the gas line off the injector rail no gas. I replaced the fuel pump, checked for spark on each coil good spark still will not start I was told it could be teh ignition relay???? Where is it or could something else be the culprit.. can anyone help PLEASE malcolm
06/14/10 00:21


I lost both the keys and the alarm key to my 2004 Hyundai Sonata. I don't ahve a set of spare. What do you think is the best and the cheapest way of dealing with this? Dealership? Locksmith? Will locksmith be able to deal with the alarm key situation?

06/17/10 19:54
Sharon Woolum

I have a 2003 Hyundai Sonata, V6. Drove to store, went in and came out to a car that will not start. It will not turn over, nothing. Battery is fine; lights, windows, etc. all work. Box under the hood on the passenger side makes a clicking noise but nothing happens.Any ideas??
10/16/10 13:00

my car is 2001 model sonata h-matik. there is chek enging bulb is blink when i scan my enging indicate cam angle cencer is problam what is the problam
12/28/10 11:07
Andrew McAvoy

I have a Hyundi Sonata 55plate, i tried to start it the key went all the way in but it wont turn. I know it has not frozen as i was driving it for over 1 hour 20 mins previous to this happening. Anyone got any ideas please.
02/02/11 15:34
declan barry

i have a 2007 sonata, and im having ignition problems, car wont start, could it be the immobiliser ? dianostic shows a key mis-match however after pairing the key, it is still happening, its a very intermittent fault, it mighten happen all the time but car will sometimes start ?
02/28/11 16:13
Richard Chorey

82, 000 mile and 7 years old. Had to replace the batery as it had (9) cold cranking amps left. Put in new battery and all lights and daash light up but no turn over of the engine and no clicking sound either. Terminal are clean and extra tight. Plan to look at the fuses in engine compartment EC1 or 2 or 3. Or could be EM 1, 2, 3 Also the in linef fuse on tshe poiositive cable looks to be OK with no breaks in the sight glass.



03/30/11 16:32

I have a 2003 sonata and when the weather is cold it wont start until later in the day when the sun has come out, changed the batteries in the remote have a new battery and have a new starter and idea what the probelm is it turns on my lights, radio, heat but wont start.
04/03/11 13:33

I have a 2005 Sonata and replaced the battery. The lights turn on but it won't turn over. We were having electrical problems the last few months. Looking for help to get the car started.
07/29/11 12:36
Thank author of this post/comment"i know"

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03/11/12 16:29
Thank author of this post/comment"SONATA 2001"


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