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ignition problem

- Hyundai-Elantra

Forum Post
05/27/08 11:09
bob lawler

ignition problem

car will not start, clicking of solenoid and clock reverts to 12:00 indicating a loss of battery.

this has happened twice over a period of 2 months.the car eventually starts and operates perfectly between these episodes.where do you start to find intermittent problems like this?

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01/01/11 19:46

2007 elantra(ghosts???)

Door locks are clicking on/off as I drive and even when car is off and sitting in yard.

01/04/11 17:46

My car is a 2007 Hyundai Elantra, i will never buy another Hyundai.All was well with my car until it hit about 75, 000 miles.Now the driver door handle and lock keeps falling off i had it put back on about 2 months ago went to get in the car and the handle fell off in my hand.The driver side seat belt is broken and now the air bag light has come on(waiting to make an appoinment to take to the shop).I had to replace the timing belt in August for $605 and than about a month later the oxygen sensor that is all for the the 2010 year.What a crappy costly car.Remind you that i am still making payments and have another 2 years to go, i bought the car brand new.Any suggestions or anyone else out there with all of these problems within a couple of months of each other.
01/13/11 10:43

Add me to the list. When it gets cold my 06 Elantra has a hard time starting. It will crank (slower than normal) but not catch until I try a few times. Last night it wouldn't start at all and now I believe my battery is completely drained and needs a jump. It's very annoying and I can tell I should start saving a ton of money if I want this piece of junk to work properly. I've had it less than a year and it's been nothing but problems.
01/28/11 16:47

06 Sonata, 4 to 10 times a week turn the key and nothing, turn the key on and off, usually after about 10 times the car will start, dealer replaced ignition 2 times, new battery, car still acts the same, doesn't matter if its already been running or trying to start it cold, no rhyme or reason, 5 times to the shop they can't figure it out, warrenty is running out in 400 miles, they suck.
01/29/11 16:01

I have a 2008 Elantra and have had 2 problems with it. Both problems have been solved.

1: Loss of drive / power when turning to the left. 3 trips to the dealer and no results, talked to the manager at Car Quest and he said to check the transmission fluid level. The level was about ľ inch too high so I siphoned some out and the problem was fixed.

2: AC blower motor turning on and off intermittently with or without the car running. 4 trips to the dealer when finally one of the techs discovered that the control module was bad. They replaced the module and I havenít had a problem since.

02/04/11 09:53

My 2004 Elantra is having trouble put the key in to start and key wont move, any one have ideas on how to fix this? I go back out later in the day and keep wiggling the key and and turning the steering wheel and then finally it will start but, it has made me late to work the past two days, did not do this before, so not sure what it could be.
02/04/11 14:58

The problem with most is due to a known recall for a faulty imobilizer shim.

Mine was doing the same, hyundai replaced the imobilizer shim free of charge and the problem went away.....

that.... and the original battery is weak as dogs doodoo (as I found out today, ) replace it now to avoid future hassles....

02/11/11 16:55
Nate Atchison

I bought a 2000 Hyundai Elantra used didn't have any problems with it until month three when it all of a sudden would not start.Totally dead nothing turning nothing cranking all I was hearing was a buzzing sound where the starter was. Checked starter and it tested out just fine strong enough to start an engine. I have radio I have heat I have everything electrical and batter was tested and it has enough charge. I tried replacing the ignition switch nothing. Any Ideas as to what could be wrong talk to techs at a Hyundai they said it was starter replace the good starter with new starter no change any Ideas would be great
02/13/11 21:17

I have a new 2010 Elantra and it has failed to start for me 4 times since the middle of December. The battery is totally drained. Nothing is left on and the frequency appears to be picking up. Going to the dealer tomorrow for the 3rd time and it ain't gonna be pretty! I'll keep you all posted.
02/21/11 21:36

While at the dealer the car finally went dead on them. They kept the car and ran tests on the battery as well as the car.

The dealer ultimately put in a new battery and monitored the car over the weekend. We received the car today and the dealer says they think it's fixed. We'll see.

02/22/11 18:12

I have a 2001 Hyundai elantra, and have had most of the probs that you all have had. My car use to just die while i was driving after the last service tho it had stopped doing this, i have no idea what they did to fix it! I still have trouble starting it in the mornings but it will run fine all day after 3 attempts of starting. My most recent prob tho is my indicators are not working and it revs up to 2000 but wont pick up speed so it is flat out hitting 60 k/ph i am scared to drive it and atm don't have to money to have anyone check it properly, is there anyone who could help me???
03/03/11 22:16

This is a continuation from #57 and #56.

My car has a new battery now and ran good until my wife informed me that the "engine malfunction" light is on and the car is running poorly. Also when she attempted to back up the car shuddered.

Well we took the car to the dealership Wednesday March 2nd and took yet another loaner car. Today, Thursday March 3rd we picked the car up at 7:00pm and went out to dinner.

Enroute I noticed that the "set" light for the cruise control was on. I tried to engage and disengage the cruise but the light didn't go off. After dinner we got in the car and the "engine malfunction light" came on again!!!!! We immediately went back to the dealer and gave them an ear full.

Once again we left in the same loaner that we arrived in 2 hours before. I will leave out my comments to the manager. To be continued. The car is a POS!!

03/17/11 18:13

I have a 2001 Hyundai Elantra fuel getting ti rail but injectors not working I check timeing, replaced crank&cam sensors checked fuel pressor good picked up use ecm .any thoughts on what to do next .
03/22/11 01:30

I have a 2001 elantra gls, this car has been very good to me as long as i took care of it, ive owned it for 4 yrs and have replaced alot on the car between myself replacing it or recalls from hyundai themselves. Lately though i have found myself stalling out while doing 60 mph down the highway. This is terrifying expecially with a small child in the car at times. Ive read some possibilities from other posts, iver tried everything else so hopefully its just the throddle being dirty...fingers crossed...
03/22/11 13:41

I own a 2010 elantra which i bought brand new in June of 2010, for the second time in 3 weeks it is being brought to the dealership bc it wont start. The first time the service tech treated me like I was a stupid girl who knew nothing about cars and said i mustve left a light on or a door open, um no not so much. I drive vehicles for a living in nyc. Today the car doesnt start at all again as well...I insist this is not simply a dead battery issue and am getting pretty annoyed myself.
03/27/11 06:35
Jeffrey Hanley

I have a 98 Hyundai Elantra 1.8 dohc 5-speed manual that i purchased used for 850. After reading this page, I'm starting to think i payed too much. As soon as i got it home, i gave it a complete tune-up only to find that with new irridium plugs, new oil, new air and oil filters, the car ran marginally better if that. I then decided to reset the computer, which seemed to help overall performance until the check engine light returned and the rough idle with it. I am now having the starting problem that everyone else seems to be troubled with. I wanted a cheap for of transport, not a 4 door money pit!
03/29/11 07:34

I have a 98 Hyundai lantra sportswagon. For awhile now I have noticed my ignition barrel gets burning hot when i drive for an hour or two. Also it has been getting stuck in 'park'. It seems to help if I turn the car off and back on. Any ideas what may be wrong and roughly how much it will cost to fix?
04/02/11 13:18
Mike Tyger

I have a 2000 Hyundai Elantra. The battery has a charge, the interior lights work, four ways, brake lights, and radio. What doesnt work is the head lights, door locks, windows, and nothing happens when you try to start it. I cant even get the car out of park.
04/09/11 21:14

We have a 2006 Elantra which suddenly had intermittent starting problems. The car would turn over but wouldn't start. After 4 tows and 4 different services stations (2 of which were different Hyundai dealers) they replaced two pins that fed a couple relays which had corroded. The third trip to the dealer replaced the actual relays but we still had problems until the pins were replaced. Hopes this helps out as determining an electrical problem can be a nightmare and costly.
04/29/11 15:21

I have a 2000 Hyundai Elantra. The battery has a charge, the interior lights work, four ways, brake lights, and radio. What doesnt work is the head lights, door locks, windows, and nothing happens when you try to start it. I cant even get the car out of park. ALL the fuses look good.
05/02/11 06:27

Well after the "fix", a.k.a battery replacement it happened again. The classic scenario, car sat from Thursday night until Monday morning (of course my wife had to go to work) and nothing, dead!!!

Had car flat bedded to Hyundai and has been in their custody since the 25th of April. All of the customer service people have been great yet the issues continue. To be continued.

05/02/11 06:31

Oh and FYI message #68 is linked to #59, #57, and #56.
05/03/11 13:29

I've been dealing with the Hyundai dealership and my 07 Elantra for 2 years now. My automatic car stalls in slow moving traffic 0-5 miles/hr, stop and go. I've taken it in 6 times at least for this same issue and they refuse to look deeper into the issue because it will not duplicate for them. I can't depend on this car and feel unsafe driving it during peak traffic times.
05/06/11 14:35

Owner of 2002 Elantra GT. Have had the same intermittent starting problem for 4 years. Take it in for service drive or tow and eventually after a day or two it starts. Problem is especially bad if the car had been driven a lot the day before. Have put over $2K into various solutions but it still has problem. My son is 500 miles away and can't get this POS home!
11/27/11 09:00
Thank author of this post/comment"Quick fix to ur hyundai elantra( avante ) starter issue"

If your car alarm works well , thus its not a battery issue

If your car can crank up, thus its not a spark plug issue.

With this only one thing left that preventing it to start. Its the starter.

So how to start ur car then? Simple.

Wat u need to do is:

1. Find where is the starter? Located juz beneath ur engine. U need a torch light. Look like a silver cylinder.

2. Find a small rod. I use a stick umbrella.

3. Ask someone to crank the engine for you. As soon as he crank hit the starter with the rod( not too hard)

4. And there off u go:) its work

Logic: the starter bushes sometimes got stuck. Due to weather or over heat. Even u change to a new one , u shud face the same prob again. Overall design issue..

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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 72 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: ignition problem archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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