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Gas tank shut-off

- Hyundai-Accent

Forum Post
09/15/08 09:47
Jennifer B.

Gas tank shut-off

I have a 2000 Hyundai Accent. Two weeks ago the check engine light came on and simultaneously when I went to fill up my gas tank, the pump shut off like it was full after just a gallon or two. I took it in to be looked at this past week and the computer diagnosis for the check engine light said it needed a new gas cap, new gas/air (?) filter and a fuel injection cleaning/service, all of which I had done. Yet when I went to fill up, the same thing happened and this has happened at three different gas stations. I took it back to the service station and they looked it over an found no unusuals, no blockage, no hardening of the lines or hoses for the gas tank and said they can find nothing wrong. Has anyone else had this problem and what was the resolution because I have no answers so far? Thank you.
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I can only put in a few cents of gas at a time and have been dealing with this for a few months. My 80 year old dad said it was probably the roll over valve. I took my 2002 Elantra to the Hyundai dealership and they charged me $120.00 to tell me it is the roll over valve. The part will cost about $40.00 and labor $300.00. I asked Hyundai if they have had other cars with this problem and they said 'no, never heard of this happening before.'
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I just received a legal order from a US District Ct in CA regarding a ecall for damages done to Hyundais in "Salt Belt States." I wonder if this corrossion could have compromised the parts used to reill our gas tanks. I have a 2001 XG300 and that shut off problem is a pain! Except who wants to spend a thousand dollars to fix it? Not me. These kinds of things has to hurt the sales of future high end cars like the Gensis. At one point Hyundai argued that the XG300 was not comparable to a Maxima but the lower end BMWs. I don't think so.

Anyone else get this court order?

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Hundai Accent POS here. SSDD. I want my little Plymouth Neon back. That car was a TANK and it didn't take 30 minutes to put $20 worth of gas in it. WHAAAA!!!
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Allan Andrade

Hi am back (from the Reply#27)

FYI Im not longer have any fill problems, what I did was to dismantle the charcoal canister system and clean the close valve and hoses from charcoal bits, then I put an metal mesh filter (the ones that come with your washing machines in the conections where you conect the hot and cold water hose, they fit just right) between the charcoal canister and the close valve (just right at the exit of the charcoal canister to the close valve hose), I reinstalled all but still shut off, after trial and error I notice that the air didn't pass easilly trough the air filter(the one aside the charcoal canister the little black box) so I drill 5 holes (in the dice number 5 patern) in the filter so that way the air will escape more easilly and that was all, no more filling problems, good luck to all of you people.

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Jimbo Jet

2000 Tiburon with same problem. Mine started with occasional instances around 6 years ago, and the dealer said it was probably due to an air bubble. It was very sporadic for years, until my extended warranty expired about 2 months ago, when it finally progressed to a full-blown shut-down problem. Now I can only get about .3 - .5 gallons at a time into the tank, and I found this web page while investigating before taking it in. My dealership mechanic gave me a rough (phone) estimate of minimum $325 if it's just the cannister, or $550 if it also needs a valve, or higher if there are problems with the lines. And of course, as of today, Dec 10 2010, there are still no recalls. Thanks for all the great inputs everyone - I'll hit that safecar website next and file a complaint, then try the other recommendations about clearing out the lines/cannister/filter. Merry Christmas!
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FYI, this is the text of the complaint I filed on safercar. Don't know if it will even warrant a look into the issue, but it's worth a try:

Fuel tank shut-off problem. Unable to refuel car more than .5 gallon before shut-off valve closes. Problem started slowly and sporadically over 5-year period, and progressed to full-time. Also unable to determine when/if car is fully refueled, 100% of time when adding fuel. Eventually, tank becomes overfilled and gas is spilled nearly 100% of time. Online forums document literally hundreds of similar issues among other owners. Hyundai dealership acknowledges problem, however no recalls have been issued.

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Jackie West

This is my 2nd Hyundai. My 2000 Elantra lasted 9 years. Am having same refueling/engine light problem w/my 2009 Sonata. Started in Nov. 2010. Began tightening cap 5-8 times. Changed gas stations & bought higher priced gas. Attendants turned nozzle upside down...rested nozzle on lip of gas tank opening...pumped real slow. Gas puddles on inside rim from spillage kick back. Still clicks. Found an attendant that can pump for up to $25 w/o clicks(!)

Station attendants say all Hyundai do this. A few mention gas canister/air flow filter, etc.

11/28- Took car to Firestone (they serviced my previous Hyundai for 7/8 years) They immediately diagnosed gas canister & cleaned it out. Said if problem continues...they'd get part and do replacement.

12/4- Since it should still be under warranty, took vehicle to Dealer service dept. They did a "pc diagnostic/test drive":

no problem found. No charge for diagnostic(forgot to get service printout...mistake!) Next day gas light on again & clicking returned.

12/22-Emailed Hyundai Consumer Affairs.

12/27 CA called me & contacted dealer service dept: NO RECORD OF MY SERVICE VISIT EXISTS. I was asked to try to get documentation of my service visit/call CA back. I also called Hyunadai service dept: No record of visit.

12/31-Back to Hyundai service dept. THIS time they found the problem: gas tank canister. I've now exceeded the 60k warranty

period. Canister replacement/labor would cost me $450.

"No tks...just the oil change/inflate tires" I got a receipt this time. Asked both service dept and cashier to check for my previous 12/4 service record. Called Hyundai CA: closed for New years holiday.

Since Firestone serviced my previous Elantra for 7/8 years... I immediately called them from the Hyundai service dept w/the diagnosis & quoted charges. Firestone promised to beat dealer service cost by 20%. Part going in for replacement next weekend. Am so done w/these shysters.

TIP: When service warranty ends...go anywhere but BACK to the dealer service dept. Auto after market service industry is predatory! When my first Hyundai was LESS than a year old, Hyundai service dept told me I needed a timing belt! I was outta there. Firestone provided EXCELLENT service for the next 7/8 years. No major problems til then. Donated car at 244mi.

...timing belt lasted for 3+ yrs before needing replacement.

My X (a mechanic)taught me to always service and maintain a car and it will last practically forever.

I may not get resolution but will follow up on/this: Hyundai Corporate, State Attorney General Office of Consumer Affairs, my county Better Business Bureau, the local BBB for Hyundai USA.

and any other regulatory entity.

I'll never pay $36 for a Hyundai oil change again. Firestone's is only $18. As long as they can get the part & the repair is out of warranty...Hyundai won't see me again.

**/**/** **:**
Angie Phillips

I have a Sonata 2004 and it is doing the same thing, except when I go to take gas cap off tons of air comes out. Then it wont let any gas go in. This happens on and off. When the check engine light was off I had an e-test done and it passed with flying colours. Any suggestions?

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I had this problem, after so many research and web browsing, I isolated the problem in the charcoal canister, the charcoal pellets have migrated from the canister to the purge solenoid and blocked the gases that escaping from the charcoal canister thereby the air that suppose to be displaced by the gasoline are being restricted to vent to the atmosphere.

So I disconnected everything, including the negative side of the battery (to get rid of the CEL) took the charcoal canister and the purge solenoid out and get rid of the charcoal pellets, it works and I dont have a problem anymore. Total cost! a soda for me. hehehehehe.

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I bet you'll never guess it... same problem! Doesn't it seem a little, oh, extremely ridiculous that so many of us have this issue with our Hyundais? I had charcoal canister/filter replaced this week for $80, mechanic said problem was fixed. NOT. Went to fill up after picking up my car and BAM the problem was still there. I am at my wits end about this...I don't know what to do after reading all of these horror stories about people dealing with this problem for YEARS! I just want it fixed.

Please e-mail me with any info you have on law suits, reporting Hyundai, recall notices, directions on how to fix it, pictures, or ANYTHING else you hear about this. I really want to follow up and get rid of this problem for good! Thank you.

**/**/** **:**

Shocked!!!! Went to fill the gas tank on our newly purchased 2010 HYUNDAI SONATA - splashed out onto husbands hands and on the car itself...even some on the ground!!!We've been filling our cars for decades never had this happen before!!Dangerous!!
**/**/** **:**

I have 2002 Hyundai Accent. When fueling, I had to trickle the fuel in to prevent the fuel dispenser from constantly shutting off. Even then I could only get about a quarter gallon at a time between fuel shutoffs. Would take 10-15 minutes to put in 10 gallons. Very frustrating. I found and fixed the problem today. There is a charcoal cannister that is part of the Evaporative Emissions control system. It is located inside the rear fender well on the driver side, behind the driver side rear tire. You cant miss it. Actually looks like a square plastic box and it has hoses coming out of it. I removed the entire charcoal cannister assembly in about 15 minutes. Follow carefully. First, remove the electrical connector to the purge control valve (this valve assemby is mounted to the side of the charcoal cannister on a bracket). No big deal. Then disconnect the three hoses that come out from the cannister assembly on the one side that faces the rear tire. Two of these hoses are small diameter about 1/4" and one is larger at about 5/8 inch diameter. Then you remove the 3 bolts that hold the whole cannister to the car frame. Then the whole piece comes out. Once I got the cannister and purge control valve out of the car as a whole assy I found the problem. The larger of the 3 hoses you disconnected as well as the port it connects to on the cannister was packed with the small charcoal pellets and actually formed a solid plug inside that larger hose. I had to stick a screw driver all the way through that hose to knock the plug out that those charcoal pellets had formed. It all makes sense now. When you fill the tank with gas, you also push out air and vapor from the gas tank that is being displaced by the rising fuel in the tank. That vapor is supposed to go through that larger hose to the charcoal cannister where the fumes are removed by the charcoal. If that hose is plugged, like mine was, then the vapor has nowhere to go as you fill the tank and it increases pressure within the tank which causes the fuel dispenser nozzle to shutoff because it keeps detecting a pressure increase within the tank. That's my theory. I don’t have the Hyundai design prints to confirm it. I had to tilt the charcoal dispenser so that the pellets came out of that larger hose port on the cannister. Like I said, even the port itself was full of pellets. So I poured out enough to clear the pellets that were in the hose port. I cleaned out the hose. Put everything back and went to go fill with gas. I filled that tank at full bore with no problem. Have the dealer or your mechanic check the ports and the hoses off the cannister. If they are filled with charcoal pellets, that is the problem. That should cost less than some of the fixes I have been reading about here.
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I have a 2002 Hyundai accent and when ever i try pumping my gas it takes about 10-15 min just to get me close to a half a tank og gas. It click and shut off as though it is full and does that the entire time im pupming my gas. I also have the fumes of the gas in my car once i crank my car up, as though its coming through a fuel line into my car and i have to let my windows down just for me and my daughter to have fresh air for a while. I took the car to auto-zone to have it looked at and the code p1401 dm-tl came up. I called Hyundai to find out what it means and it has something to do with my charcoal canister and fuel line being clogged or needing to be replaced for the problem to be solved and my check ingine light to go off. The estimate i got was between 500-550 and i dont know if thats a reasonable price or if its something that can be done at home by my husband who is very handy with cars if we just buy the parts from the dealer. if someone has the answer please help!
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Just like a couple of the other threads mentioned, the problem has to do with the charcoal pellets clogging up the pipes going in and out of the canister. Temporary solution was to uninstall charcoal canister, clear hoses of pellets and remove as many pellets as possibe from the canister itself. After these steps you will need to reinstall canister. I am now able to pump to a full tank in less than 2-3 minutes.
**/**/** **:**

Just bought a used 2001 Hyundai Elantra GLS. "Great little car" I was told. "Only needs a purge valve" so Ok I'm the sucker and I bought it and immediately took it to have the purge valve put in. $110 later and I still can't put gas in the tank. Took it back to find out that it's the charcoal canister!! $340 and the mechanic taking it to "test" the repair, I can now fill my tank. But after reading this forum, I wonder how long it will last :(. I always thought Hyundai's were good cars but I'm sadly learning otherwise.
**/**/** **:**

im so blue, i have a haundai car. its always mean to me. i turn so blue. what do i do? it does not let me pump. My girlfriend pumps more milk out of her breast than the gas pump.
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Hyundai Accent 2001. Started with filling gas tank issues. My mechanic has been baffled. Obviously didn't know about charcoal filter. We'll try that. But has anyone with these issues also9 had issues with car not starting (like it's not getting gas) particularly when parked on angles or car bucking???
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My 2000 Hyundai Accent would not take any fuel from the pump. Also the check engine light was on for a DMTL failure. So here is the deal… Hyundai has a very, very, very, poor engineering design in the charcoal canister area (This is the area behind the Left Rear Wheel). They designed twin steel tubes that lay in the bottom of the charcoal canister shroud. The moist environmental elements accumulate in this area and rust holes in these steel tubes. Then while the engine is running, moisture is drawn into the charcoal canister, as well as the DMTL motor, and filling the gas tank becomes a problem. Also, the DMTL motor gets corroded and non-functional. (This is a $350 part). Furthermore, I noticed putting fuel into the car was more problematic during cold (freezing) temperatures. This is because the moisture in the canister turned to ice and would not allow any vent gas to pass through. Solution: (I am a do it yourselfer) I took out the entire canister/ DMTL assembly. I took the charcoal canister out of the shroud assembly. I drilled a small hole into the lower corner of the charcoal canister. I connected and measured the hose lengths needed and replaced all the steel pipe and existing hoses with ‘heater line’ hose. Next I connected one of these hoses to the output of my shop vac and let it blow the water out the little hole I drilled in the bottom. I let this setup run for a few hours and would shake it now and then. When I was done, I could shake the canister and again hear the loose carbon material inside the canister. Then I put an appropriate size machine screw into the small hole I drilled in the canister. As for the DMTL, I completely dissembled it and cleaned the motor and tested it with a battery charger. To reassemble the canister back into the shroud, two holes need to be drilled to accommodate the larger outside diameter of the heater hoses. I put it all back together and reset my check engine light… better then when the POS car was shipped from SKorea. Cost about $3 in heater hose line and some time to think about it and some time to do it.
**/**/** **:**

I found this site because my 2002 Hyundai is throwing a DMTL code on the check engine light. I have the 10 year 100, 000 mile warranty and I am going to call the Shreveport Hyundai dealer to see if this code is under warranty. I will re-post to this link when I get answers. I know it is not the gas cap because this has been replace, I have not filled up the gas tank with the ignition on, and I am tired of the check engine light coming on .

I do not have any problems with filling up the tank.

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Da Swamp, Louisiana
Thank author of this post/comment"Not to happy about this:"

I have the same problem on my 2002 Hyundai... can you guess it? ACCENT! Just funneled money for new tires and to fix some *hole's hit-and-run rear-ending of my car in a parking lot. After the accident, this lovely problem arose. Now... it is claimed as not 'accident related', I was quoted as needing a new charcoal canister, fuel cut-off valve and canister close valve for the grandsplendiferous amount of $1, 000. Even if this were to be covered by insurance, they would have totaled my car. New baby on the way in exactly a month. WTH, Hyundai? I am all about the recall on this and will be sending a message to the website mentioned.

Problem is, I could do the little 'magic' hose trick, but where I live there are emissions tests... and I just know that, once they hook my car up to the computer... I'm going to be denied on the spot and have to shell out the $1, 000 in 60 days... or get ticketed for not having an inspection sticker.

OK. Thanks for the vent. I will direct my uncle (who will most likely be fixing this problemo for me) to this forum so 'somehow' I can pass emissions and can drive my car for a year, until we can afford a new one. And I WILL NOT be getting another Hyundai.

FYI: This is not the only forum siting and explaining this exact same problem. There are many out there... plenty out there. I feel a bit violated!

**/**/** **:**
Thank author of this post/comment"gas fill=up problem"

#4 jason, I too have a ( 1999 hyundai tiberon ) an also would like you to please email the pic to me i have the same problem filling my tank and no one(dealer, auto repair shops) can give me any answers. thank you so much
**/**/** **:**
Cleveland, tn
Thank author of this post/comment"2000 accent"

i have a 2000 hyundai accent L. it has the 1.5 sohc ive been having the same problem with my car luckily my dad worked at the hyundai dealer a few years ago, and he said it was a check valve in one of the hoses being stuck shut. i have since replaced this part and everything works fine. i payed $80 from the dealer and did it myself took about 2 hours and i no longer have the problem
**/**/** **:**
York, PA
Thank author of this post/comment"2010 HYundai Sonata"

Well, at least I see I am not alone. I have a 2010 Hyundai Sonata that I bought brand spankin' new in November of 2009. I have never been so frustrated with a car in my entire life!! I have been having the same issues with only being able to put a small amount of fuel in at a time for about the past 6 months. I have also occassionally had it spit back out at me. Now my check engine light is on with the code P0449....evaporative emission control system vent valve/solenoid circuit malfunction. Beyond unhappy at this point!!!!!
**/**/** **:**
Thank author of this post/comment"2009 Hyundai Sonata Ltd "

Only 22, 000 miles and 3 year old 2009 Hyundai Sonata Ltd. Last time I needed gas, the nozzle clicked off and only had filled the tank 3/4 of the way. Today it stopped filling after one gallon. Then the attendant (this is in NJ) had to fill it the rest of the way by standing there and holding the nozzle the whole time. I couldn't understand what he said, but figured it was a problem with the gas pump as it was the same station and maybe the same gas pump as last time.

I found this website and am dismayed at how many people have this problem and very upset! Luckily, my car is still under warranty. I keep a log of what was done when the car is serviced. I noticed that in December (2011), the check engine light had come on and the dealer said this was due to faulty emission parts: canister close valve and canister-aux. Under warranty so no charge. Another warranty service was also done: TB7 TCM.

I am calling the dealer tomorrow!!

**/**/** **:**
central florida
Thank author of this post/comment"Problem solved-- costs NOTHING!"

I own 2 hyundai accents ( both 2000 models ) with the same problem. I don't have the technical skills to tinker nor the money to get it fixed. So while standing at the gas pump going insane I started experimenting to cope with the stress and have found something that has worked in both cars. Initially I had to use this method of pumping anywhere from 1 to 3 times before I could start pumping regularly (full speed). But afterwards I can pump regularly for months at a time before it starts shutting off again; I just repeat the pumping method once and I am good to go for several months again. Next time you are at the gas station, pump your gas in 50-cent increments for the entire fill-up. So basically, pump full speed for a second or 2 until $0.50 of gas is in the tank, then stop pumping, wait a second and start again. It may shut off a few times while doing this and you won't get $0.50 each time but don't worry; it is fine. I don't know why or how this works but it has worked like a charm for me and I hope it works for you as well. Good luck!
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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 122 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: Gas tank shut-off archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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