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92 Geo Tracker wont start

- Geo-Tracker

Forum Post
03/19/09 10:27

92 Geo Tracker wont start

I have a 92 geo tracker lsi 5sd 2d and it wont get any spartk i replased the ing coil, ing module, relays to the coil and fule pump and still nothing any ideas ?
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03/19/09 10:54


I wonder if your engine is still cranking if so, first, check if you have electical power to the coil if you do then go on check the position of your timing and if your timing is right you need to call me at 020 5921 621 I am Sam

03/20/09 10:40
jerry crosby

Geo tracker 1992 , I cannot get 12volts to the injector in the throttle body. the motor run fine as long as I pour gas into throttle body.
05/13/09 13:32


I have 1992 Geo tracker. Had ECM rebuilt and have spark at plugs and gas up to TBI and still wont start. It will start if I pour gas directly into TBI but stops running when fuel runs out.

thanks, Cary

05/15/09 23:29
JJ Joseph

It's either the fuel pump or the fuel pump relay (under the dash). If you get the "Service Engine" light on the dash (which means "no fuel pressure" at startup), it's one or the other or both. Sometimes the relay will make a buzzing noise if it's wonky.
06/18/09 10:26

08/18/09 18:10

I have the same problem as Jim. But I was driving on the highway on my way home and i went to pass someone and i was maybe going 130 then once i got in front of the vehicle i passed, my tracker started slowing down and when i pressed the gas peddle it would not accelerate. I thought maybe it was the transmission fuel so we filled it and it sounds like it is about to start but won't. We tyhought maybe because the coolant was empty but we filled that and it still won't start, and ideas??
10/25/09 11:57
John DeKuyper

1992 Geo Tracker :

Hope this will make sense so I can get up and running . Was running fine , went to store , came out , wont go , had towed home . checked spark at coil , and plugs , LOTS , Changed fuel filter , no go , Fuel pup relay makes clicking noise when ignition in on position , not when cranking. Installed new relay , still clicks . Any help would be appreciated!

11/05/09 08:12

I'd bet the caps are gone in your computer, these early Trackers are famous{infamous}for this.You'll find the computer behind the left speaker.
11/07/09 01:57
jesse valverde

I was given a 92 geo tracker which had been setting for 10 years, replaced spark plug wires, spark plugs, distributor cap & rotor - had to replace gas tank, fuel pump & sending unit. I own a 95 geo tracker same engine which is running fine. Tried starting 92 geo tracker turns over fine but would not start, all fuses seem to be fine, checked fuel pressure be removing fuel hose that goes into troll body "good pressure" replaced fuel injector - used my fuel injector from 95 geo, but no fuel spraying, replaced ECM using 95 ECM, still not spraying fuel - but will start fine poring gas in troll body.

Loosened fuel injector and then tried starting - Geo start up with sluges gave it more fuel by pumping gas pedal rpm's up to 3-4 thousand, ran like this for several minutes then thightened up fuel injector cap - ran fine like new constance idle at 1000 rpm's - test ran like new for about 5 minutes. Then I shut off engine then tried to restart would not start. (not spraying fuel) Did same procedures above but will start but running sludge.

Does anyone have solution.

fuel injector & ecm is from the 95 which are working fine in the 95 geo tracker

11/07/09 05:14
jesse valverde

I was given a 92 geo tracker, tracker has been setting for 10 yrs. replaced wires, spark plugs, distributor cap & rotor, gas tank, fuel pump, sending unit. I own a 95 geo tracker which is running fine. tried starting 92 tracker would not start engine turned over fine. checked fuel line coming into troll body pumping good pressure, checked fuel injector looked like it is working fine to make sure I removed fuel injector & ecm from 92 & installed on 95 tracker vise verse - 95 started fine using ecm & fuel injector. 92 still dont start every using ecm & fuel injector, fuel injector do not spray gas into troll body - so i loosed fuel injector screws & sprayed gas in carb - 92 started up running slugish 3-4 thousand rpm them all of the sudden motor ran fine at 1000rpms idling like new ran for 10 mins - 92 is a 4x4 tested ran good in 4 wheel drive. turned off engine would not start used same procedures to start but motor ran slugish. tried again tighting up screws back to tighting position would not start - does anyone have any suggestion what could be the problem. Thanks for ready my story....
02/25/10 15:48

its the main computer, happens to all 92 trackers mine just did the same thing. The computer is made by mitsubishi its a $600 part
02/24/11 01:42

take the ground wire from the coil and splice a jumper wire into it, and run it to the red wire on the fuel injector. this bypasses the computer. this helped me i hope it does the same for you.. God bless
03/08/11 04:22
Dan the man

Justin, where exactly is the ground wire from the coil?

my 91 tracker has been acting up, it will run good then just die outa no where. so a couple mins of cranking and she fires up again im woundering if i do this grounding the injector procedure if this will fix my issue?

thanks Dan

03/22/11 23:34

1991 geo tracker, fuel pump want kick on unless you hook a charger as well as a good battery, but when charger is hooked the fuel pump will kick on it will start and die, but u can pour gas in the throtle body and it will run for ever. what is my trouble? thanks for any help!
04/16/11 16:44
J West

Is that the black /brown periodically, wire from the bottom- where the wires plug into the distributor cap? 1992 Geo tracker won't start. No fuel, trying to bypass computer. I followed the coil wire but no coil pack. Must be in the distributor cap. Thats the only black wire i see. Thanks
11/03/11 09:17
Thank author of this post/comment"starts but will only run on two cyl"

Help please, bought 94 Tracker this summer and told ECM bad, took to chevy dealer and sent ECM back to guy in MI who warramtied it, replaced and all 4 relays, dist and coil. Starts now but will only run on 2 cyl at a time, Dealer is stumped and its been 2 months! Thx, Bob
03/27/13 21:23
Comox, BC.
Thank author of this post/comment"1990 GMC Tracker (wont start, IS NOT THE ECM)"

My pop & I are both Mechanics, although we are new to the trackers. I know about the bad ECM's and I know how to bypass it. My ECM is fine..

I bought a 1990 4x4 for cheap, as I thought the engine was seized. It wasn't the fuel pump was gone (or so I thought).

We replaced the Fuel Pump, the fuel filter, Cap & Rotor, new plugs, new plug wires. Plugged everything back in, and went to start it, and instantly blew the ignition fuse (15 amp), put a new fuse in, and it blew too. Unplugged the sending unit, and tried again, blew another fuse..

There was NOT a short in the system before the new fuel pump, and now there is??

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