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1991 Geo Tracker Won't Start

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This forum post has messages dated from 12/21/06 through 03/19/12, please be sure to read all the messages. If you feel it is old or outdated, please follow up with a question or comment and someone may be able to update it, or reply with newer information if you have it.

01/09/10 12:47

I was wondering if anyone know where i can find an ecu for a 1991 chevy tracker. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


02/07/10 18:34

my 91 tracker 4 cyl has had 2 computers in 5 years now and I have tried to solder in a new 100 uf 50 volt capacitor and burnt it out in 30 sec, so I will try the jumper wire and find out wich color wire at the injector it goes to, will let you know in 2 days.
03/07/10 21:42

92 Tracker .. runs then quits .. wait starts and runs sometimes and sometimes not .. jerks .. does seem to idle .. have seen so many with same issue .. replaced fuel pump .. please help ..need the second car to run and get us there.
03/13/10 15:34

I had the same problem on my 89 sidekick, crank, no spark. Thouth it was the ignition coil (which I replaced) or the ECM (which I also replaced) the I was taking a look at my distribution cap to realise the rotor wasn't turning at all along with the motor when starting. So I looked at my timing belt that was broken and thus, wasnt cranking the shaft. Hope it helps.
04/07/10 08:41

try checking the cranck gear it may be trashed
05/02/10 11:16

I have 1993 suzuki tracker. I have a clicking buzzing noise from under the hood it appears to be around the vacuum selenoid mounted on side of vavle cover. The relay under the dash also seemed to be buzzing. I have replaced the 3 caps in the computer but nothing still seems to work. Any ideas? Thx
05/21/10 10:45
Donna Jean

90 Geo Tracker won't start...

Have power to fuse boxes..

Nothing to ignition...

Everything not attached to ignition works...horn, lights..etc

Turn the little red lights like when you go to start it...

Acts like there is no battery in it at all as far as the key is concerned...

Everything not connscted to the ignition works!


Donna Jean

07/16/10 21:13

Help!...I also have a 1991 Geo tracker.. cranks but won't start...recently changed the fuel pump and filter on it, since the fuel pump wasn't buzzing regularly when ignition was turned on...It ran good for about 5-10 minutes afterwards, but then wouldn't start again.

I already bypassed ECU by running wire from coil to injector 5 years ago.

08/16/10 16:01

Drove my 91 tracker all day , it was hot out and stopped somewhere to pick something up. Went to start and tracker wouldn't turn over but had smoke come from under dash, melted a relay I later found out was Fuel injector relay and wiring harness.Also this blew the computer which now all has to be replaced.Good times!Lucky this thing is in good shape or I'd be getting rid of it!

08/16/10 23:39

i would like to know if a 1991 tracker 1.6 throttle body injector has a relay switch .because i changed the whole throttle body which came off a running motor and the injector still doesn't seem spray .the fuel pump is sending fuel to the throttle body but the injector is not spraying but if i pour fuel into theboby it wants to start so other words the injector doesn't seem to be working any hints
08/27/10 02:45

check your main fuses i know one of them is to the fuel system it wont alow it to turn on now if you spray it with carb cleaner it will fire but it still will no keep running the main fuses is located under the hood in a little black box
09/25/10 11:26

have a 1990 tracker 1.6 8valve changed head have good comp and spark wont start even with starting fuild
10/01/10 20:34
rebecca bobo

my geo tracker 2 wheel drive wont start, checked all the fuses under the driver side dash, have 1 1995
11/04/10 19:40
Barbara Hansford

My 1994 geo tracker will not start.

Have checked all lines and battery.

I have head lights, horn and all even the dash lights up like

wants to start but, when you turn the ignition it does nothing.

Can anyone help.

Thanks Barbara

12/04/10 18:12

I have 1991 gmc hard top 2 door standard tracker and it won't start.It has alarm system in it I was wondering if it could be the alarm system relay black boxes that are for the system or something else. I just had it running last week.

Please email me back if anybody could help me.

Thank you


02/23/11 11:40

I have a 1994 Geo Tracker. I have power to the key switch but when I turn the key nothing happens. Radio, heater, windshield wipers doesn't work but exterior and interior light work. Does anyone have an answer what I might look for?
03/01/11 10:55

I have 91 Geo Tracker. was running fine and now it wont start. it cranks but thats it. it has no spark. i replaced the coil and no dice. ive checked the fuses and its getting gas. is there anything else to check on it ?
03/19/12 07:54
A No Where Town Called Pascagoula
Thank author of this post/comment"91 Geo Tracker"

I have a 91 Geo Tracker i think it jumped time but im not sure if i need to replace the distributor first. I was driving and it cut off then i started it back up while driving it then it would spit and sputter acting sluggish. now everytime i crank it up itll run but cuts off immediately when i go to give it gas. May i need a new computer for it?
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