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3 Cyl Engine

- Geo-Metro

Forum Post
07/10/07 20:48

3 Cyl Engine

I have the above engine in my 1985 chevy Sprint, and i need a part that was discontinued, It is the called "Vacuum Bypass Filter" it is screwed into the Intake Manifold.... it has 3 tube extensions for vacuum lines to connect to it...

I really need one of these and IF anyone knows where I can get one in seattle or by mail, Please let me know


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08/25/08 02:43

Email me and I'll see if I have what you need. I just changed out and engine and the spare is sitting here. Rob
12/07/08 14:20
james w brown

I need a used or rebuilt geo metro engine 3 cylinder. It is a 1997. My engine sucked a valve and I just want to put a new engine in it instead of tearing it apart. I will use my old engine for parts. I may send it in for a lower price but need to locte a new or used one first. Thank you. James
12/26/08 23:16

I need an 100 thread 8mm nut for a rod on 91 1.0. Mechanic lost it and we can't locate one. Please email me if you have one.
06/19/09 16:38
randy betterton

need 1993 geo metro motor for cheep

08/05/09 19:59

just purchaed a 95 geo metro 5 speed with just 29000 miles i love it

08/16/09 16:56

hey Cory, I just bought a 1991 Geo Metro 5 speed with just 39, 000 miles on it... and it's a convertible!! :) and I love it.
08/24/09 00:36

I am parting out 2 geo metros...I have xfi and lsi 3 cylinders. Both have good running drive trains...have lots of parts.
09/08/09 23:10

"I have a 93 Geo metro 3cyl and i would like to put a 4cyl motor in it but if i do will i have to change alternator starter etc...
10/17/09 21:13

I Have two 1991 geo metro's i drive one and the other is for spare parts. When should I swap engines and rebuild the swaped engine. 2nd geo was in collision and is undrivable
10/31/09 09:18

I am looking for a used 3cyl for my 1996 that has some miles left in it

12/04/09 14:14

I`m from Cancun, Mexico, but I want to import a working engine for this car, does somebady knows where I can buy or get a working engine for less than 1, 500 dollars including shipping?
12/13/09 19:30

I am rebuilding a 1996 geo 1.0. How critical is the end gap for the rings. engine has been board and rings are matched to the over bore.


12/15/09 23:34

Got it all figured out, thanks anyway. Anybody in Nevada looking for a rebuilt short block and rebuilt head let me know.


03/25/10 12:56
Brian Anderson

Dave - What do you have figured out? Do you rebuild engines for the Geo Metro? We have a 1991 Geo Metro that has recently been rebuilt, but we now have a lot of billowing smoke coming out. Have you any idea what might be the problem? We are taking the car back to the mechanic who stands behind his work. He has rebuilt many engines and so have I, but neither of us can figure out what the problem might be. In checking some sites we find that others are having the same problem after a rebuild. If you have any idea please let us know. Thanks Brian Anderson
03/29/10 22:36

I am in desperate need of either a Geo Metro engine for Suzuki Swift engine. I have an 89 Suzuki Swift that I'm restoring and I cant find an engine anywhere.


04/28/10 14:14

I am rebuilding my 1993 Metro Engine and would like to take advantage of all the best ways and parts and get the best milege you can.

would anyone have sugestion?

07/15/10 13:01

Please email me if you know of a good website offering rebuilt 1997 geo metro engine, base model, 1 liter. There seem to be very few out there, which I guess isn't surprising.
07/28/10 17:41

I have a 95 3 cylinder metro engine and does anyone know if there are there any issues when putting this in a 94 or older metro.

08/07/10 19:34

I need a 1.0 3cyl. engine for my 91 geo metro. Or maybe buy your geo.... ????? Am in Fort Wayne, IN. Or any suggestions are surely welcome; maybe someone will rebuild possibly?
01/15/11 13:13

Looking for a OBD2 (1996 or newer I think) 3 cyl engine for project. Whole car is fine - not necessarily roadworthy.
04/23/11 20:33

looking for a 1.0 engine. anything 95-01. Any Geo Club people out there that have a good line on 1.0 rebuild kits? Any infor will help. Thanks.
05/19/11 02:37

Please can someone tell me what I have to do to my car.. I have a 93 geo 3 cylinder automatic. 129, 000 mls on it. My uncle says I need another motor for it. And that I am only running off of 2 cylinders. So do I need a motor or can I get this problem fixed easier? I love this car and I am a single mother without a job and trying my best to just keep it as long as I can . I am driving it but it takes off really slow. No smoke us coming from the pipe. And the tranmission changes so well... I live in NC so if anyone has a few pointer I am open for suggestions?? Thanks in advance for your help.
11/12/11 20:12
Thank author of this post/comment"erratic idle"

I have a 92 GEO Metro with a 1L engine. I replaced had to replace the engine due to a bad crankshaft.

I replaced it with a newly rebuilt engine. The engine runs great, but idles erratically. Fuel mileage is 38-50 MPG. Performance seems to be fine.

Does anyone have any knowledge of this problem or a cure.

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