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PO141 O2 Sensor Codes

- GMC-Yukon XL

Forum Post
11/11/07 11:23
David Houtchens

PO141 O2 Sensor Codes

My wife's 2000 Yukon XL 5.3 liter 4WD is giving me fits! We had a "small evap leak". when we go that fixed it gave us the PO 141 O2 Sen Heater Circ Malfunc codes for Bank 1 Sen 2 and Bank 2 Sen 2.

We've replaced the sensors, twice, and still have the code. Please tell me there's something besides a bad computer causing this. The mechanic says he recently replaced a 2003 computer w/a rebuilt for $400 versus a new one for $900.

Thanks for any tips.

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05/24/08 08:28

plz send m how to decode the sesors numbers
07/01/08 13:00

hey it's not the sensor the sensor going off is a symptom of something..

it's probably a vacuum leak of some sort. something easy to fix just look around your engine and see what you can find. if you find any busted hoses, there's your problem.

03/10/09 06:38

My car, A Chevy Malibu 1998, have problem wiz that sensor. Get PO 140 and PO141 code, but no light is on. My mechanic says this too sensors are no activated.

Please gif me your opinion to fix that problem.

Tank you,


09/24/09 11:27

Thanks drkrobotnik for the info. We're having the same problem:

We replaced c. Convertor and then went to get it inspected. Now the lights on. They want 153.00 for parts & labor but including Dio. charges. I'm going to try you suggestion first. Thanks for the input I found this website purely by mistake. M

12/28/09 15:59

I am having simular problems, Engine light comes on. had it tested and they said it was a vacuum leak. A couple times my 4 wheel drive will kick in, on its own. Intermittant!! Mind boggling!!
05/01/10 16:55
jon ase certified

OK too clear the air I m going to try and brake this down in simpler terms o2s have too be at 600 F to opporate and tell the pcm your curent air fuel ratio wicth in an ideal world is 14.7 to 1 they they read rich computer cut injector pulse width down until they read lean again then the computer switches it too richen the mixture . if thge o2s had a lean code a vacume leak around the intake could be the problem as the other gentleman said however with a p0141 this is not the case that is a heater circuit some o2s sensors are heated too get to that 600 F temp quiker so the car can opporate in closed loop faster this code indicates the sensor is not heating fast enough and the car is staying in open loop too long generally this problem is in the sensor itself or the wires connected too it open or high resitance generally caused by heat from the exaughst and changing the sensor solves the problem however it can be in the wiring harness or a comp. problem if changing the o2s didnt fix it you need too take it too a reputible auto technician with a strong electrical and engine performance background not jerrys shade tree this is a hard one too diagnose hope ive helped with this
07/24/10 16:30
steve s

my service air bag is on & had the truck serviced so they say how do I clear this lite & message
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