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1998 Ford Windstar Trouble Codes

- Ford-Windstar

Forum Post
01/05/05 18:35

1998 Ford Windstar Trouble Codes

My 1998 Ford Windstar, 3.8L V6 has been getting trouble codes "1537 and 1538". What parts (sensors) would be needed to correct this? I believe sensors are needed because it is not "breathing" as freely as it used to.

Thanks ... Ron

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09/09/09 17:22

OK well frist off if you are here you already know that the ford windstar with the 3.8 lt motor is a big POS as for the miss fire on the if your van seems to run fine then cuts out and slugish when the service light comes on then the power comes back after a few seconds here is your problem because this is what my POS is doing took it to a smog shop after I replace back 2 vac vavle and it still didn't pass they checked it out and the computer is going back causing the missfire now for even more bad news I called the dealed to try and find out where the dang thing is and they told me there can be up to six computers in the van that control diffrent thing so I'm still spining my gears and grinding them up this van is so gone after I fix this problem
09/09/09 19:57

OK here it is found it it is on the passenger side if you look over the top of the strut you will see a rectanglar box with an 8 mm bolt in the middle of it with a bunch of wires going into it that is where the box is if you remove the bolt remove the cap you can get to it but rember to disconnect the battary before you start messing with it hope this help anyone else with this piece of juck if you need the abs it is under the battary on the drivers side of the van and there are two boxes behind the glove box one should be for the ac/ blower the other I don't know and then I found one more under the dash to the right of the steering wheel next to the radio this one is the multifunction module hope this info help all
09/11/09 07:36

i have a 1998 windstar 3.8 with codes p1537 and p0171 what is it?
09/11/09 16:45

just a little more info guys. After I found where the computer/ecm was I went to remove it It was easy to get to after I removed all the plasic from the windshils and removed rhe wipers when you get these off you will find that it is real easy to get to you can pull the computer out get the numbers off it and put it back in then go get it ordered I was told 4 days to get it in and 145 plus core of 85 and it comes flashed and ready to go also I found out when you take it out it will reset everthing so make sure you drive it around before you take it back to smog it or it still wont pass needs to go 10 - 15 miles to reset everthing and you can leave all the stuff you took off till you get the new computer help all my headaces will make yours a little easyier
10/15/09 18:09

What about the resent recall? I just purchased a 98 Windstar used and fond out through a friend about a recall? Can someone help ?
12/12/09 18:23
Ford Windstar.....:(

1998 Ford Windstar

stalls intermittantly, usually within a half hours driving. Starts right up after shutting off ignition and letting it sit for a few seconds. Any help out there?

12/27/09 20:05

I have 1998 ford winstar, battery was dead so charged it and in 15min it cranked and ran great, i let it run for 10 min then shut off to put water in batery, had to remove cover an terminal wires to get to batt.caps i took off pos. first then neg. filled with water and replaced cables neg first then pos. i heard a click sound when coneceting pos. will spinn over fast but will not fire. please help
12/30/09 16:36

Neither of the cigarette lighters/power outlets on my newly purchased '98 Windstar work. Is this a fuse issue? I looked in the fuse area and didn't see a fuse marked "power outlets" or anything like that? I don't know much about auto repair but I could change a fuse or something simple like this. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
01/02/10 10:58
jimmy t

i have a 1998 winstar 3.8 with code 1537 what could be the problem
02/08/10 02:48

I have a 1998 winstar 3.8 with code obd fault codes: p1537 manufacturer specific code. what could be the problem. Can you help me?
02/27/10 10:35
christina galloway

error codes:



03/01/10 15:53

I have a 1998 Ford Windstar GL I am getting trouble codes P1000 also P1512 can you tell me what the problem might be and how I can correct them. Thanks
03/02/10 23:01
Don Masters

I replaced the head gaskets on my 2000 windstar 3.8, it wont start now. It has compression, spark and fuel but doesnt fire, the gas is good. Any idea what I should check next.Thanks
03/14/10 21:23

My 1998 ford windstar has a code 1537. How much does it cost to repair this problem?
04/05/10 21:10
tom haas

parked my windstar came back and tried to start no go. Garage said no fuel so replaced fuel pump. Now the idle is sitting around 2000 to 25000 rpm. Garage said they did nothing that should cuase this. I just don't know. Never had that problem before now driving it is like driving with cruise control on all the time. Another mech unplugged a "motor" right where the air intake comes into the intake manifold (I think) is localed. Idle did drop to about 600 rpm. normal.. What is going on? hard to drive in town as it wants to run away on me. Does idle down at a stop sign but won't stay down. wants to jump back up to 2500 3000 rpm??????? any one have any ideas what this garage might have done to cause this?
04/08/10 15:30

i have a ford winstar van and lights check engine i took it in the codes are p1780, p0304, p0174 but i was wondering what parts i need to fix cuz i dont have a code book so could you plase help Thanks jamie
05/27/10 16:22

I have a 1998 Ford Windstar 3.8L V6 with an error code of PO340 - "indicates camshaft sensor is bad" ? Does anyone know first of all which part exactly to replace and if there is a diagram to look at? I am a single mom and do not have much money, and this is the "soccer mom van" for 2 VERY ATHLETIC & INVOLVED boys! ANY HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED! Thank you!
07/11/10 18:14

how do i reset my service engine soon light . whats the code and how do i imblenent it
08/18/10 18:46

My 98 windstar, V6, 3.8 litre, has a break problem. When I put foot on break pedel and windstar almost stops, just before it stops, I feels break hit my foot and sometimes van stops at once. It came with noise. I sent van to repare and some one took ABS out, but no help. Pls help.
09/08/10 19:49
Lewis Tyson

My 1998 Ford Windstar Gl has two problems the dash board is messed up i have to cut on and off the four way flasher to cut off the dashboard, the last thing is that the engine sputters when i cut on the van anyone has ANYONE HAVE ANY ADVICE BECAUSE IM SURE LISTENING.
10/24/10 20:25

My 98 Windstar has two trouble codes p0136 and p0156 and they both are telling that they are circuit failures. where could the problem most likely to be?
12/10/10 15:29

I have a 1998 ford windstar. Engine lite came on . Ran check. 4 codes showed up in this order. PO301, PO171, PO174, PO171. Looked up and the book said in the order listed. Cylinder 1 misfire. System too lean bank 1. System too lean bank 2. System too lean bank 1. Any ideas on what needs to be done? Thanks
02/21/11 17:32

trouble code no po171 1998 ford 3.8.liter moter
04/20/11 12:00

So I bought a 1998 ford winstar 3.8, not knowing it is a pos from ford, got it home and the trouble started, first the IMRC went out this is the intake manifold runner control ( basically it controls the amount of air the injectors get ) without it the motor runs like crap. It was $75.00 it took about an hour to put in, now I have a misfire on cyclinder 3, The coil tested fine the plug and wires have been replaced, time to replace or clean the injector, if that does not work then the dump it goes. By the wat the camshaft / crankshaft sensor is behind the crankshaft pully which requires a huge amount of time and tools to replace it and on a scale of 1 to 10 it is about a 9.5 being a bitch, to bad ford doesn't seem to care about the quality of there products any more, I will never buy another ford product again.
04/20/11 12:03

Roy the to lean is the IMRC there are two side by side behind and just to the left of the altinator a left hand and a right hand
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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 53 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: 1998 Ford Windstar Trouble Codes archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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