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1995 Windstar - troubleshooting Electronic components

- Ford-Windstar

Forum Post
08/07/09 13:54
Paul Boel

1995 Windstar - troubleshooting Electronic components

Vehicle Errors (Aug 2009): The electric windows do not operate, and the interior lights remain illuminated causing the battery to drain. The door-ajar light on the dash remains lighted even though all doors are shut. The ABS light on the dash remains illuminated even though the breaks have recently been changed, and the electric locks, while seeming to function normally, have, on occasion, self-engaged. The sporadic locking occurs seldom, and I have not seen this malfunction for some time now. One last symptom is the washer option of the windshield-wipers has frequently been stubborn – this also has not been a problem I've seen lately.

Electric Windows – Symptoms.

- Driver's side, electric window will not move up or down unless the window-switch is rocked vigorously back and forth (I have been able to lower and raise the window fully by rocking the switch).

- Power to the electric window on the passenger's side shows low voltage; apparently there is insufficient electrical power to engage the motor. Both motors, when tested, perform the same on the driver's side; two additional motors were also tested on the Driver's side window and have displayed the same behavior. None of the motors work on the passenger's side. I have determined the problem is not the window motors.

- Apparently, the 1995 Ford Windstars have a limit-switch and regulator inside the door panel that sometimes causes the windows not to roll down. This may be one of the problems on the passenger's side, but we have eliminated this as the problem on the driver's side.

Interior lights stay on - Symptoms.

- Cleaning the door ajar switches is a good place to start. There is obviously a switch located in both the driver and the passenger doors. Open the door and clean the latch mechanism -- a screw driver can be used to lock the latch and use an air compressor to blow air through for cleaning, and then use WD40 or liquid wrench spraying inside the latch. Release the latch and close and open the door a few times. For the side sliding door -- open the latch, repeating the same procedure as above. The back door -- there are two ajar switches in the rear which require the same maintenance.

- Broken wires may be causing a short. There is a cluster of wires that go from the cabin, through a rubber grommet, to the door. This would be more obvious if by opening the door, the locks go crazy. This could mean that the wires in that grommet are bad and need to be replaced (I have not seen this happen in my van). You can cut the rubber grommet from the bottom (that way water is less likely to enter from the top). Look for any burnt or broken wires and to the needed Repair.

- NOTE: The GEM module is responsible for the following: Door Ajar & Low Washer Fluid warning light, Remote Keyless Entry & Power Door Locks, Power Windows, Courtesy Lamps, all the Door Ajar Switches, including the Lift Gate, Interval Wipers/Washer, Heated Mirrors & Rear Window Defrost, Rear Air Suspension, Warning Chimes and also ties in a bit with the ABS & Air Bag System, as well as other minor components. The G.E.M. is located under the dash behind the fuse panel. On my electrical diagram from the Ford dealership, the part # is 14B205.

This is a process of elimination. I believe that it is the GEM module, but checking the other possibilities is a good process.

Good luck.


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**/**/** **:**
1995 Windstar - troubleshooting electronic components

Today I swapped out all of the electric window switches. I was nicely surprised that this actually fixed the issue with the driver and passenger windows being inoperable. NOTE: I did not mention this procedure in my earlier note. Switches can go wrong.

The next step is to clean and lubricate all of the door latches. This is to address the problem of the interior lights staying on and killing the battery (procedure mentioned above).

I still see the possibility of a bad GEM module, but we'll see what happens with the interior lights, and the ABS indicator that's illuminated on the dash. Will report later.



**/**/** **:**
Paul Boel

In the directions above regarding that "cluster of wires that go from the cabin, through a rubber grommet, to the door." I had indicated that the grommet should be cut from the bottom. Here's another option (this is what I did, and felt a lot better about the job).

The rubber grommet that covers the wires to the door can be pulled away, back inside the door so that the wires are fully exposed. I simply used some scissors to cut a couple strands of electrical tape, and the grommet easily slide inside the door (Note: you need to have pulled the door panel for this option).

**/**/** **:**
Paul Boel

As for the interior lights not going off -- there are door sensors that cause this problem. have to remove the door panels, sliding door panel, and the back hatch panel to replace them.

I haven't done it yet because the sliding door is difficult, and I've already pulled it off once to fix the lock -- I really don't want to mess with it again. I'll let you know when I do it:)

**/**/** **:**
Paul Boel

ABS sensor - right rear sending error message causing dash-light to be illuminated. ran computerized diagnostics to detect. Will replace.
**/**/** **:**

I have changed the driver side window motor twice, the first time is lasted 2 months, so I went and found an orginal 1995 ford windstar motor from a obsolete store so its brand new. Put it in and worked 3 times up and down and than nothing. Why is this happening? Am I blowing out these motors or replacing them when they dont need to be. Ford dealers are asking a small fortune to fix so doing it myself. Switched the window switched thinking the switch went bad, but that wasnt it. Help please.
**/**/** **:**
Terry Hoogstra

Change the 2001 Ford Windstar Motor and Regulator for the Drivers side window but I have a constant power suplly when hooking up the switch which is causing the motor to get really warm Any ideas???
**/**/** **:**
Paul Boel

When tinkering with my electric windows, I picked up a couple motors from a local junk-yard for fairly cheap because I was a little suspicious of the switches.... I also picked up several switches. Replacing the switches fixed my problem.

But here's the thing. When I had the panel off on the driver's side, I noticed that the window-guide on one end was totally broken out. So I went to the junk-yard and found this was a common problem. I finally found one, and put it in. My windows have been working fine ever since.

If you think your burning out motors... maybe one of the window-guides inside the door is broken out. That's easy enough to check.

**/**/** **:**
jeff [email protected]

how do i fix the daylight running lights on my 95 winstar they keep on after turning key off.
**/**/** **:**

My GEM MODULE windstar ´95 is fired, broked. I live in Mexico City and here is impossible to get one´s.

Some body from USA can help me, i need adquire a GEM module, please, call me 0445515046753 or e mail.

So much tanks for all people here.

**/**/** **:**

My CD changer won't eject or play my CD's. It keeps saying CD ERROR. The door on the CD changer won't shut either.
**/**/** **:**

I have replaced the window motor on the drivers side 2x in 3 weeks.The 1st time the advance auto guy said it may have been a bad motor...but twice? I dont want to replace it again as I am paying for the labor. What can be the problem?
**/**/** **:**
june maxwell

All at once, no wipers, never had a problem till one day, no work in any position, washer does work. Checked all fuses and swaped relays around, no luck. So the motor or switch is bad (could be wiring). How should we now proceed? Where to teat motor and switch? please reply with some good suggestion and some in site to help solve my problem. June
**/**/** **:**

I have a 95 Windstar and the Overdrive light is flashing and it will not shift into 4th gear anymore. Any suggestions?


**/**/** **:**
Jared Miller

I have A 89 lincoln Continental the Engine blew, so I had in Another Engine put in, they put in A 3.8L out of A 95 Windstar, drove it for A day and a half, parked it then went to jump in it wouldnt start, it will turn over but it wont fire, I put in A new Rotor & distributor cap, new plugs, checked the coil, everything seems to be fine, I used A test light to check wires but there isnt enough current drawn to the plugs to ignite, what can I check next ? where might this power be going ??
**/**/** **:**
Thank author of this post/comment"power windows"

the driver and passenger side winddows dont come down what could it be. could you please me some idea on what it could be. i was thinking bout the motor to the windows. please let me know what i could do thanks
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