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Manual Transmission

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This forum post has messages dated from 08/23/07 through 01/23/13, please be sure to read all the messages. If you feel it is old or outdated, please follow up with a question or comment and someone may be able to update it, or reply with newer information if you have it.

11/11/09 18:15

Ok here is my problum i have a 91 ford ranger 5 speed with a hydrolic clutch and the fluid ran out one day so i did not have a clutch and i did not have my cell phone so i thought i could just work it in to first gear and it worked the first time i speed shifted almost half way home then i hit a red light and when i tryed to gentaly work it in to first while working the rpm up and down something poped and now it is stuck in what seems like 2 gear but i was trying to put it in first and i cant move the shifter.
11/27/09 18:13

I have a 1990 Ford Ranger 4 cyl 2.3 and it drives great except when you go to put it into reverse and take off the clutch it pops out of the reverse help
11/30/09 12:25

I have a 93 4cyl ranger and trans locked up in 5th so I changed w/ a used 92 model, slightly different slave so bought a new one and changed to longer bolts to keep it in place. Since changing trans and slave/throw-out, it has been hard to get in any gear. Now when I depress the clutch pedal all the way in, it makes a whizzing sound. When I release it a little, it goes away for the most part, but still some random squeaking. When I put it in reverse, it grinds a lot and bumps a little. Thought it was slave so changed it. SAME THING!! bled several times and still same thing. Went to a tranny shop and immediately they said slave cyl. then looked at it and drove it and said prob not slave and bleeding it prob would not help. They said something about a front seal area bearing could be bad.

I am tired of taking this thing out with no good outcomes. I know without seeing or hearing it advice will be hard to give; however I am willing to accept offers. THANKS FOR ANY HELP

12/02/09 19:42

Would like some info please.

I have a 03 ford ranger 3.0 5 speed when I put it in first "shifts fine" when I go to take off it shakes the front of my truck does not do It all the time but when it shakes she shakes hard. only does it from the take off clutch feels fine the truck has 127k on it and runs great except for this please help.

thanks bryan

12/03/09 17:52

i have a ford ranger 5 speed and when i have it in neutral it is really fourth gear i think there is no neutral and i dont have any gears at all if i put it in any gears it seems like its trying to take off in two gears .if i leave the shifter in neutral and rev it up the truck will drive away no problem.

any help would be great.

thank you

12/05/09 20:56

I have a 92 ford ranger 3.0 5speed. My slave is leaking and I need to replace it. What is the easiest way to do this?
12/17/09 09:11
Stacy Palmer

I have a 93 ford ranger, 2nd gear is hard to get into gear, also makes a winding sound and jerks alot any advice, also smells of gas and cant fill tank over a quarter of a tank or it runs out mechanic checked it but said there were no cracks on the tank
12/21/09 21:14
Paden begley

It's your fork in your trany see wat u do is u take off the ruber around the shifter then take out 4-6 bolts and pull out the shifter and everyhing then take a flat head scewdriver and pop it in to what ever gear your having trouble with and mess with it and if it's still hard add trany fluid and get back with me
12/31/09 13:19
major hobbs

I have a 1993 Ford Ranger. It has a manual 5-speed transmission in it. I got all the bolts out of it except the

top 3. How can I get them out? I can't get to them.

01/06/10 01:20

so one day i was spinning through first. nevermind the trailor and fourwheeler on the back. and i shifted to 2nd fast. and it wouldn't go to 2nd. like something stoped it from going in. so then i get to stop sign and tranny pops out of 1st. would go in but wouldn't stay. so then a few days later i get into truck and tranny wouldnt go into first at all. it would go into 2nd-5th and also R. but no 1st. i work on vehicles 9 hours a day and really dont want to when i get home. is there anyone on here with a similar problem with a fix? and if it is internal trans does anyone make a rebuild kit? if so who? i havent checked anything. but thinking about pulling shifter and checking plastic bushing at end of shifter.
01/12/10 00:00

I have a 92 ford explorer with a 5sp manual 88K miles 2WD drive. Just yesterday with out any previous problems(EVER) the transmission is stuck in either 3 or 4th gear. The shift pattern is very strange, as the feel of the stick shift is hard to move, the 3 to 4 shift is a struggle to find and neutral is in the middle between. I can't find any other gear or shift into it. The usual H shift pattern for gears 1-4 is gone? forget about R and 5th for the moment, can't locate in the pattern.

Did I have a synro or shifter failure. Clutch is known good no issues. All fluids, clutch etc are up as usual levels, no leaks or signs of a leak anywhere. Like I said, fully functional 5sp manual transmission until comming to a stop shifting out of 4 th gear, then the inability to shift drive the car????

Any one know hear about this one?

01/15/10 09:10


My son has a 1993 5 speed manual transmission. It seems to be stuck in first gear, it may be in another gear. With the shifter you can run thru the gears and put it in reverse and nuetral.... Actually the transmission stays in what ever gear it is stuck in. I have taken the shifter out and it seems all the levers inside the transmission are doing what they are suppose to. Does anyone know the problem or the fix?



01/19/10 22:40

i have a 1997 ford f150 that will not go into gear unless the engine is off.HAVE ANY IDEA AS TO WHAT IS WRONG?
02/07/10 04:01
Blaine Reagan

Well im 21 ive had my ford ranger since i was 16. I have replaced the fuel cell, the complete suspension, gas tank filler hose, the water pumped twice along with the timing chain cover gasket, i have also replaced the motor and i am currently replacing the transmission. All this is done by myself that has only a service book to look for answers in. Im putting the new tranny in tommorroww morning and from now on i would not purchase a ford in my life again. I bought the truck with 25k miles on it and with in 30 that i had put on it this much has happend, and i forgot to mention the heater core that i replaced myself. hell on a chevy.
02/16/10 20:34

i have a 90` 4 cyl ford ranger, 2 wd. it drives grate for the most part when moving, the problem is trying to get moveing in first gear from a stopped position (it takes two or three pumps from clutch to gas to get it going, on the first try i lose power for sure, after that it runs fine). it seems to idole just fine, any suggestions?
02/19/10 18:36

We have a 1990 ranger with a bad automatic tranny. Can a guy replace with a 5 speed. If so how hard would it be and what parts would I need off donor truck. Thanks for the help.
02/22/10 03:44
Edward Lyman

I have not seen or heard anyone complain of what I'm going to post. In fact people don't have an idea what it could be. Any good ideas would be appreciated.

I have a 94 2.1 or 2.3 with 5 speed manual transmission. Not really sure of engine size. I was driving at approx 55 when I heard a big bang and the truck came to a dead stop. I was not able to move shifter into any gear except 5th. I smoked down the clutch trying to get it home. Meant to say one important thing. Prior to all this; When I was in any gear driving along, there was a whining gear noise. Had been there since the truck was bought new. This truck is is in mint condition. Is it worth repairing? How hard would it be to rebuild the trans myself as finances are really scarce?

02/26/10 22:18
brandan beane

i have a 95 ford ranger 4.0 v6 5 speed. the shifting is very loose and i find my self finding it hard to get from 2nd to 3rd. the nob movees side to side in gear like 4 inches. does anyone know how i could fix it and make it tight ?
03/12/10 19:12

are a 91 manual rans and a 94 manual trans the same i changed my 94 ford ranger trans and the junk yard said 91 trans would be the same 'every thing fit except the clutch line wont conect is there something i don't know or am doing wrong thank you
03/20/10 18:38

92 explorer xlt does not move when shifted at any gear and appears to be slipping with lot of smoke coming from tranny. also noticed tranny fluid is leaking. is this something repairable or would i be needing a new tranny? kindly advise.
03/24/10 19:36
ron norway

I have a 93 ford ranger 4x4 with a 3.0 engine but the tranny went out. I can buy a transmission out of a 95 ford ranger with a 3.0 but its a two wheel drive. I was wondering if this transmission will work. Please shoot me an email at if anyone knows please. Thanks. By the way it is an automatic transmission.
04/15/10 11:12

i have a 93 ranger 4x4 and is stuck in 3rd gear. do i need a new clutch? did i bend a fork? or do i just need a new tranny?
04/19/10 17:45

Here goes on my Ranger Clone: 97 Mazda B2300 Ext. Cab SE, Manual Transmission, 90K miles

Slave Cylinder and Clutch Kit Replacement (should be much the same for anything 93 and later in Rangers)

Running the Mazda I stopped at a light, put it in 1st, released the clutch and had nothing. Double clutched -clutch to the floor twice- and crept away from the light. I dropped into second at about 2mph, and had the clutch back. K. So I went through two lights, and got caught at a 3rd. Thinking I might have a clutch problem, I stopped with the transmission in neutral and clutch released. When the light changed I tried to push the clutch pedal in and had about 1" of travel. I put the transmission in 1st, released the clutch and barked the tires. I made it home with no other issues beyond poor clutch pedal feel.

Okay. Past experience with other cars and trucks tells me it's probably the Slave Cylinder. I've researched the problem as thoroughly as possible. My results:

There are 3 technical bulletins relating to the issue I am having; Technical Bulletin LB171; LB178; and LB194. I found them by searching for "clutch technical bulletin lb194". In essence, the factory slave cylinder has a faulty cup that can cause everything from inability to shift into reverse or first through sitting there with no clutch at all. When bleeding your clutch LB171 covers the procedure to get all of the air out of the line. Last but not least, the clutch is GRAVITY BLEED. Follow the procedures in LB171, open the bleed screw at the slave cylinder, and let it drip. Just be sure to add more brake fluid at the clutch master.

I am replacing the slave cylinder myself. I purchased an OE replacement Slave Cylinder for $47.99, the Clutch Kit was $159.99. I won't replace the Master Cylinder at this time. The fluid is pristine and I don't suspect a problem. I will flush it with new brake fluid.

FYI: **!!DO NOT buy the self-adjusting clutch option for the clutch kit.!!** The "diaphragm type" clutch kit is the OEM type. The kit will have the alignment tool, spline grease, pilot bearing, and release bearing (which also comes on the slave cylinder you buy, so you'll have two and only need one).

Since I have no help to remove the transmission, I bought a 3 ton low-profile floor jack and a transmission saddle adapter for it (total cost about $90.00 -I don't know if it's appropriate to give the name of the store, so I won't unless I find out it's proper to post).

The repair manual says to drain the manual transmission first. I've got 3qts of full synthetic Mercon in it, so I'll pass on that and let you know if there is a problem and 3qts of Mercon end up on my garage floor.

To remove the pilot bearing, I'll use a little trick I learned from an old mechanic. Find a wooden dowel the inside diameter of the pilot bearing (5/8ths of an inch for this one). Pack bearing grease in the old pilot bearing -by that I mean the old bearing still in the truck- leaving it slightly less than full of grease. Put the wooden dowel in the old pilot bearing and tap it with a hammer. The hydraulic pressure from the compressed grease will drive the old bearing out. Take care not to get grease on the flywheel, and clean it up with brake cleaner if you do.

I'll post what happens and things I learn when I do the repair.

04/24/10 01:45

i love manual transmission. It gives me a first hand driving urgency because of the excitement.Anyway, just bought a clutch kit to enhance the function of my clutch.
05/23/10 09:45
Frod ranger

Is it possible to convert a a 94 Ford Ranger 2WD automatitic to a manual trans? am i looking at replacing TCM? ECM? Wiring hanessess?
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