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Door ajar warning

- Ford-Ranger

Forum Post
06/17/06 13:35

Door ajar warning

I have a 2002 Ford Ranger Edge with extended cab. Even when the doors are closed, the dome light stays on and the door ajar light is on when the engine is running. When the engine is stopped and the keys are in the ignition, the warning chime is activated.

Anyone experienced a similar problem? Is this common with the Ranger? What do you recommend?

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01/25/11 21:49
Snowy Tennessee

WD40 worked great on my 97 Ford Ranger! Fixed the problem with the light staying on and the problem with the key not opening the door! Thank You!
02/14/11 11:57
Clarence Miller


Just got a cute little 2002 Ranger Edge--door ajar light was on

Guy I bought it from was going to replace the door ajar switch.

Read your idea about wd40--took care of the problem--thanks a bunch.

02/19/11 14:10

The WD40 works for the door ajar light problem. When you open the door, either side, there is a switch toward the outside of the door away from the latch.
02/19/11 20:36

We just picked up a very nice looking 2002 Ranger with the Supercab. Also have the door ajar dinging and occasionally the light will come on depending on the corner, speed and if anyone is in the passenger seat. It goes off and on with both doors I read this page and spayed some WD40 on all the latches, still didn't work I need to go back and really soak them as I just read some of you had to do.

Also, I get a lot of wind noise, like the window is cracked open, but if I pull on the door it quiets right up... Any way to tighten the door closing??

02/22/11 04:29
chris bertels

Just bought a 95 ranger ext cab 4x4 4.0L and this door ajar dinging is already driving me crazy, cant believe its such a common problem. they should recall it, having to get it fixed at the dealership should be free IMO. But i will try the WD-40 trick, then maybe ill have a dome light. Yay Lol
02/22/11 04:32
chris bertels

Don- ive read from prveious posts, that if your door isnt closing all the way, its the same latch thats causing the door ajar sensor to go off. the latch isnt closing all the way so the door isnt closed and the truck registers it as open(ajar) im guessing more wd40 like a whoel can. im trying it tomorrow GL
02/27/11 20:13

PB Blaster turned off the door ajar light, thanks.
03/03/11 18:32

I just bought a 2001 xlt ranger and had the same dome light problem..have done the wd40 trick ..but you are better off with an electrical spray for electrical cannections from a electrial parts store..the problem is on the door latches it has an electricla connector there that either gets dirty or it is sometimes just shaking the door around works or cleaning it..really is just a lousy production thing by the fords engineers..
03/17/11 19:51

False door ajar light + WD40 = :-) Worked instantly....Thanks Thomas!!!
03/21/11 10:52

Thanks to all the people who said WD-40 or lubricant cuz it worked on my 98' ford ranger. sprayed the latch and BAM!! inastant fix. too bad i took the panel off and stuff first could have saved a ton of time.
03/24/11 22:26

I have had the problem with the door ajar dinger for quite sometime. I would just disconnect the plug inside the dash behind the stereo but this would also disconnect the windshield wipers. I tried the WD-40 trick which was only a temporary band aid for the problem. I just got done cutting the wires connected to the door latch. Everything seems to work just fine so far. The chime that makes the noise is connected to a circuit board so smashing it with a hammer was out of the question. Does anyone have a fix for the wipers coming on when with out being turned on?
04/20/11 15:54

I was getting the door ajar light signal and noticed I needed to close the doors with more than normal force. One person who posted said he took it in, and they changed the switches because the parts were not compatible--why then, isn't there a RECALL? So many have the same problem. Another person said the door fills with water. Mine has now started that, too. Others reported various dash lighting problems. My seat belt light stays on all of the time--whether it's attached or not. Anyone have these problems?
04/26/11 18:44

Thanks Mr. Piatt! this was buggin the hell out of me for months. WD40 work.
04/29/11 18:07
Scott J

I've been having the same problem, WD40 makes sense since it means Water Displacement #40.

One thing to add is the fix for an Air Bag light flashing. Before taking it to the shop, move the passenger seat forward, in the back between the backrest and the seat is a connector. Give it a push to make sure it's making proper contact. If that doesn't fix it, then I recommend taking it immediately to a dealer to have it checked out.

05/03/11 18:53
Walter Davis

Took me longer to find that darn can of WD-40 than to fix the problem. Thanks to all!
05/10/11 23:28

2002 ranger door ajar light on...sprayed some lube into the latch seems to solved the problem-started hanging up and got worse.Thanks
05/12/11 19:04

Just another THANK YOU for this forum! My 02 started the door ajar thing last night when I got off working the night shift. So I'm in my driveway at 3am slamming my doors and clicking the alarm button to see if it's catching (of course that makes the horn double-beep). Finally pulled the fuse and went to bed. Yes, like others said, the wipers and speedometer don't work now but the other thing I noticed is the odometer stopped! Crazy. Anyway, going to try WD40 tonight. If that works I'll try it on my husband's 98. He's had his dome light disconnected and door ajar light on since before our first date!
05/21/11 03:34

To Nick:

You could go all Dirty Harry on the door dinger if it bothers you that much. Just maked sure you don't get your feet in the way.


06/25/11 14:25
knoxville tn
Thank author of this post/comment"96 Ranger door dinger problem / air bag question?"

To: Anyone looking for an answer to solve your door ajar chime problem: I have three 96 Rangers, all had the same problem, it is an easy and virtually free fix so try this before paying anyone anything, you'll be happy you did. The problem is easy to fix, once you've located WHERE the dang thing IS lol. The door dinger/ajar chime is located in the actual door itself, above the latch that secures the door to frame when shut. The best way I can explain what it looks like is this: Imagine a flat pry bar, some will call it a "crow bar", now open your Ranger's door and find your ID sticker, there will be two mechanisms, one has the latch inside a "hole", this is not the "dinger". NOW, a couple inches above this latch, you will see a flat piece of metal sticking out? As I said, it looks like a flat end of a "pry bar"? Now, grab this piece of metal with your fingers, chances are it will not move at all or very little. Now you've located your door ajar chime/dinger. Go get some WD-40, I use a silicon spray, it lasts longer, dries quickly and isn't flammable. Whatever lubricant you have laying around, just spray it into said mechanism, move the metal around a bit and spray it again. After this, when you shut your door the chime should shut up and the interior light should go off. You may have to spray it several times like I did, remember, I have 3 Rangers lol. Sorry for the long explanation but I figured anyone reading who might not be all that mechanically inclined would find this much easier and save themselves a completely unnecessary mechanic's fee. I hope this helps some of you Ranger owners and it works the same on Mazda B series trucks as well!

Ok, now here's my question:

Does anyone possibly know what is causing the Airbag light to stay on and chime sometimes? This truck was wrecked in the front and airbag deployed but I've replaced the airbag in the steering wheel and fuse in the engine fuse block. I know there's a sensor on the bumper that tells the airbag to deploy when hit, could this be why light is still on? Should I replace this as well? Do I also need to change out the ECU computer? It's still working properly though. I can't pull the fuse to shut off airbag because I found out the hard way it causes the AC not to work and truck won't shift out of Park lol. So, don't pull the airbag fuse fellas! At least not the fuse in the fuse block under hood. Anyway, thanks for this forum and everyone's comments, wouldn't have fixed certain things without all of you. I will continue to post useful tips and tricks as I work on these 3 trucks for anyone interested. Feel free to comment back, thanks a lot!

07/08/11 20:03
Thank author of this post/comment"Airbag Fix"

Shaun - I had an airbag light coming on after I purchased my 02 Ranger extended cab. Before I bought the truck, I made the dealer run the computer on the light to get the error code. The error code indicated that the secondary airbag switch was faulty. I bought the truck, picked up a switch from a wreckers for 10.00 and made the switch. Sure enough, that was the problem. This switch is located at the bottom of the centre console and has a slot for a key mounted on it where you can either turn on or off the secondary airbag. Hope this helps!
02/10/12 16:28
Thank author of this post/comment"door wont work"

took the door panel apart. found little plastic latch piece fell off and was sitting at bottom of the door. i just put it back on. it works but cant unlock it with the key. im sure if i broke down and replaced it i would solve that issue
03/03/12 01:11
Thank author of this post/comment"Ryan Ryan Ryan"

If your truck is two wheel drive I wouldn't put the fancy 31s on. Every good ford guy will tell you the automatic transmissions are junk that is If yours is an automatic. If you do decide to however come see me next month I will sell u a transmission for it. Or another truck.
10/13/12 14:51
Dexter, MI
Thank author of this post/comment"Door Ajar...."

These forums have been helpful as I try to make my 2001 Ranger fit for my teen to drive. But, this door ajar/dome light issue is not going well. Tried the WD-40; hasn't worked yet. Maybe as a marinade...

The driver door switch seems to work, as evidenced by the key-in dinger working properly. So, I'm messing around with the passenger door.

On one forum (might have been this one), someone recommended cutting the wire at the GEM, behind the radio. After I tried unplugging the sensor in the door latch (not an easy job), I figured I'd try cutting the wire. Using a schematic from the Web (Haynes manuals have crappy schematics), and verifying the wire color from the door to the GEM, I cut the gray/red wire. Didn't fix the problem.

But, the wipers quit working.

So... two warnings for anyone else dealing with this:

1) Ford apparently uses the same wire color more than once. (You'd think 100+ combinations would eliminate the need for this!)

2) Don't trust everything you read on a forum...

Anyway, I am still trying to fix this problem.

Here's what I've done as a work-around:

-Remove the dome light cover

-There are 3 screws; loosen the rear one (furthest from the front of vehicle) until the dome light goes out

-The two "map lights" will still work, but the light won't come on when the door is open. (Or not open, as the case may be.)

-The other 2 screws will hold the dome light in place well enough.

Good luck...

04/11/13 08:51
Thank author of this post/comment"dome light staying on / door ajar warning"

If you are having problems with your dome light staying on or door ajar warning there is a small black fuse Box under dash just to the right of the gas pedal with about 4 or 5 relays in it you need to change the one for this and it will fix this. Had this same problem with my 97 expedition & my 95 mazda pickup. From my experience this is a common problem in Fords.
06/05/13 13:01
Seatac, WA
Thank author of this post/comment"2002 ford ranger door ajar switch"

My problem was the door ajar light came on anytime the sheet metal got hot(think summer) and the key was in the on position. Thinking the switch might be a little sticky, I tried the WD-40 cure, but it didn't help. After some tinkering, which included removing the inside door panel, I discovered the switch actuator moved in the front to back of the truck direction. I then discovered that unless the actuator is in the fully forward position it can be blocked from fully actuating by the door sheet metal. Pushed it all the way forward with my fingers and the problem went away.
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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 108 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: Door ajar warning archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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