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changing wheel/tire size from 12 inch to 13 on my festiva

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This forum post has messages dated from 05/17/08 through 09/27/11, please be sure to read all the messages. If you feel it is old or outdated, please follow up with a question or comment and someone may be able to update it, or reply with newer information if you have it.

08/24/09 17:20

I'm happy! My tires have been bad for a while and one finally blew out, leaving me with an expense I was trying to put off as long as I can. But to my joy I discovered that the wheels off of the '93 Hyundai Excel in the back yard fit my '91 Festiva! I went to 155/80R13 so the speedometer is off, but I can live that.

Question for those who use the tire size calculator at /garage/tirecalc.html, what do you enter when the source tire is 145/12?

09/06/09 16:56

I just changed to a 14x6 wheel with a 185/60R14 tire. The only thing I had to modify was the rear struts for clearence. And my speedo is only off 3 MPH at 65.
09/23/09 11:05
Allen Hilliard

I talked to big O and they said 90's honda accord wheels use the same pattern.
10/02/09 22:07

"www forum/ 13 -inch- wheels- for- festiva-vt22249.html Complete List for 1990 Ford Festiva Wheels
02/14/10 20:46

i havve a 1989 ford festiva and hard to find some 10 in wheel i have to have the studs to go up to 14 or no? please help
02/26/10 08:12

Just bought a 93 Festiva yesterday! I was pretty leary of the tire situation , but the car ran great and who can beat this gas milage. The guy who sold it to me owned a tire shop , so I asked him how hard it would be to get 12's. He told me no problem , he could get them all day long and actually had two on hand. They cost me $56.00 mounted and balanced for the pair! I say just look around at the local tire dealers and stay away from the franchise dealers. It keeps the money in the community anyway!
02/27/10 21:56

i just bought a set of 14"wheels from a nissan stanza but the tires rubbed on the struts ... does anybody know what size will fit well??
04/02/10 10:30

yokohama still makes the 145-12 and 165/70R-12 and Discount Tire can order this tire. Tire Rack also carries it online.
04/10/10 14:54

i just got a 1991 ford festiva and i am looking for tires there are hard to come by so if u know anything send me a message
04/10/10 14:56

u can reach me at thanks
04/14/10 11:10

i have a 1989 ford festiva and im runnin 18s on it butt ive also putt a nissan 4 cylinder in it and also made it reer wheel drive its a 5speed too its fun

05/30/10 22:08

I would go with a 155/80R13 tire.your speedometer will be off also.GOOD LUCK 12"TIRES ARE GETTING HARD TO FIND


I have a 1989 Ford Festiva. I purchased the car 5 years ago, with 13 inch tires already on it. (thank God) A friend of mine at work, has a 1990 Festiva, with 12 inch tires on it. It feels like I'm in a 'go cart.' Get rid of them if possible, you'll be glad you did. not only are 12 inch tires harder to find, (as mentioned) but they are less safe to drive. You want as much rubber on the road as possible, with these smaller, lighter automobles. I have a 12 inch donut spare tire, that I have used twice, when I got a flat. I had to slam on the brakes one time, to avoid hitting a deer. I don't have to tell you, what tire locked up first. Get rid of them. 12 inch tires suck, and they make the car sit too close to the ground as well.

Greg's suggestion on using a P155/80R13 tire IS RIGHT ON!! That is EXACTLY what is on my 1989 Ford Festiva, and it works like a charm!! I have about a one half, to a two thirds of an inch clearance, between the rear tires, and the strut. I've never noticed any unusual wear marks, from the rear tires, as a result of the rear tires hitting the struts, due to a bump in the road, but that probably has a lot to do with driving habits, and the overall condition of the roads in your particular state. Also, it does throw off the speed a little bit, but I don't really know how much. (I drive too slow anyway)

I imagine the gas mileage may improve slightly, with a larger diameter tire as well. The engine may not have to work as hard, as it would with a smaller sized tire. (but I'm happy with the 38 m.p.g. it already gets/automatic transmission)

Love it to pieces!! The engine could blow up today, and I could still make it home just fine!! I imagine the starter has almost as much horsepower as the engine itself, so I could probably coast it all the way home at 15-20 m.p.h. off the starter alone. I also have a brand new battery, so if the starter scenerio ever happened, I could probably pull it off!! :) :) :) (Especially if one had a manual transmission!!)

So as stated before, put some 13 inchers on it, if you can. I think you'll be happier with them. (I really do!!)

Good luck and yes, my name is Greg too!!

07/01/10 18:14

i have 14 inch tires and wheels on my festiva.. they fit but clearance is tight tight . but no rubbing they are 14x6 wheels from discount tire direct and i have 185/55-14 and it handles great. i have no complaints..i also have an extra spare set of new tires.. all 4 so i may sell them if anyone is interested.. i can send pics of the wheels on my car.. it looks great
07/13/10 22:35

I have a 93 manual festiva, and i have the 12" wheels. Does anyone know what the average price range for upgrading your wheels to the 13'?
08/20/10 13:25


Original Festiva OEM tires Yokohama 372 165sr12 (12" tire$s) down to 145 12's are available at tire rack just bought 5 for 59.00 each. Plus another 5-6 companies online sell them-loads of choices.

The car was designed for 12 inch tires by very capable Mazda engineers for good reasons.

Having owned and operated my Festiva from new for 18 years, I'm delighted to have a whole other set of expensive 12" Alloy wheels for nearly free! They list for WELL over $200.00.

Thanks to all those who've gone to 13"rims and tires!

01/14/11 12:19

i have had a festiva for 22 years, love these little cars. after 20 years the 12" is harder to find and the rims look bad so i started looking for bigger sizes, ended with 15 inch wheels from a suzuki reno '05, but the center has to be cut out with a hole saw. this doen't hurt them or make them unsafe, the only problem is you must use the smallest width and height 15 inch tire made by continental, my dealer said it was the only size that will fit under the car. also in a curve there is a slight whine from the tire barely rubbing in the back, a 1/8 inch spacer fixes that problem. also does throw off the speed odm just a bit. reading 65mph you are actually going 75ish.
01/15/11 17:01

Hi everyone ! I have a 93 GL Festiva original tires were 165-65/12 upgraded to 175-65/14 on Hyundai rims only problem was rubbing on rear struts when you hit medium to large bumps. Now running 155-80/13 on Kia rims , no problems at all. No grinding of hub hole or any other mounting issues. They look like they could have been stock from factory that way. 174, 000 miles; 40 miles to the gallon
01/23/11 14:18
Jim Young

Older Datsuns like my 1973 1200 Coupe, 1984 Toyota MR2, Toyota older Corollas, and Geo Metros seem to have the 4-1/2 x 4 stud bolt patterns (though the 3 cyl Metros, except Convertibles, use smaller studs, and brakes). (The convertibles have bigger brakes and the 12 inch rims won't fit, you need 13 inch.) Even though the rims will often fit, you should check the stud sizes and offsets. I've been playing with different combinations of Geo rims, brakes, and axles, and find it difficult to make all match since the automatics have different axle diameters and lengths (found when I didn't notice I pulled the bigger Geo convertible brakes, etc, I planned to use with Swift 13 inch rims, or my Datsun optional Aluminum 13 inchers).
09/27/11 08:32
midland western australia
Thank author of this post/comment"festiva 12 inch wheel upgrade"

have just put 14inch csa mags from a hyundai on an 89 mazda 121 shades 2 door , 185 x 60 x 14 inch , , , it looks like a grown up hatch now haha
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    Ford Festiva 'changing wheel/tire size from 12 inch to 13 on my festiva'