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relay switches

- Ford-F250

Forum Post
06/29/08 13:47
Bob Linhart

relay switches

I have replaced the interior light relay switch because the truck won't start and the switch made a terible clicking sound.

The clicking continues even after replacing the relay and the truck will still not start.

Are there any suggestions or solutions out there?

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12/29/08 21:52

I replaced the starter in my 95' 7.3 diesel this summer and drove a little until the batteries went out. I replaced both batteries and cleaned very well all of the connections. Now I get nothing but a clicking type noise! I am getting power through the solinoid, but nothing else. Any suggestions!?!
02/10/09 18:57

location , relay for 200 ford truck
02/25/09 10:20

I have a similar problem with my ignition relay. The vehicle won't start and I am getting a rapid clicking sound from the relays. One was burned up and I replaced it and after more of the same I am not getting power to anything.
04/25/09 17:10

If you are having problems with your ford f250 or bigger not starting *such as acts like the battery is dead when you turn the key, dies after short time of running, check gauge light, service wrench, check engine light, or you see -- on the screen, dies going down the road, check relay 303. Relay 303 is the fuel pump relay and will cause all kinds of trouble for you. TAP THE RELAY WHILE THE TRUCK IS RUNNING IF THE TRUCK DIES THIS IS YOUR PROBLEM.

This can save you thousands. My dealer was wanting to change batteries, alt., computer and more so I would have spent a load of money. It took my genius brother about 30 min. to find the problem and it will cost me nothing. The dealers will not know this problem I call ford dealers all over the us and no one knew a thing about this problem. I hope this fixes some of y'all s problems.

04/29/09 17:23

1997 F250: Where is the directional relay located?
05/08/09 12:40

You guys sound like you had the same problem I had. This may be it but I'm not positive. My mechanic called down to ford and gave them the vin #. The guy said it was some part that is part of a recall and they will replace it for free.
09/21/09 21:29
looking for answers

I have a 95' F-250 Crewcab with the 7.3 Powerstroke. The problem with a check engine light that would stay on for a moment longer than usual after starting then progressed to flickering dash lights, and interior lights when I would turn the ignition to the on position. It went rapidly from there to the point of everything being dead and the truck not starting. I have replaved the ignition module under the steering column, but truck still isn't starting. Is this similar to the problem solved by replacing the 303 relay in the earlier post? Has anyone had a problem similar to this.


11/10/09 19:50

i have a relay or a power distrabution maybe flasher any way it controls the lights, and the ignition. i have been to the ford dealer ship and all the auto part stores no one can get it or find out what it is help, its a 1986 ford f250
11/24/09 11:59

on a 99 f-250 the low beam light works but no high beam. tryed fuses, put new signal switch, check for wiring breaks no breaks. have no owner manuel is there a relay problem. ?
11/29/09 13:04

I have the F-250 w/ 6.9l diesal engine. For about a year now, the high beam lights after being on for a while, will simply turn off. They will stay off for approx. 3-5 sec. then come back on again. I don't believe it's a short, as they don't flicker off, they just turn off. I have been told its a ground problem, and I have been told it's a relay problem. I don't konw where the relay is in this system, to check it or switch it out. Any help would be great.
12/12/09 17:53

i have a 02 superduty with the 7.3l powerstroke. my starter went out, and i replaced it. but it still will not start. i am a little confused on the starter relay, and nay other relay in the staring system.
12/29/09 14:44

I have a 2005 crown vic. the blower motor will not shut down when i press off for heat or ac, this is a climate control system. The display goes off but the blower increases speed. the fuse of couse is OK but the relay is very warm and I do not know how to remove it without breaking the plastic as I have done just to get to the relay Poor work our plastic (so called) engineers are doing, they are the worst of the worst and the cause of so many problems with our aplliances in the home I certainly hope some one will come along and retrain them, they are bad people who don't have a clue about how things are done in America.
01/25/10 15:48

I have an 01 250 w/7.3 that will start cranking by itself, no key in ignition. I removed the ignition switch under column and it still does it. It will not start unless I put the key in. Also get the "key in ignition" bell when door is open but no key in ignition. Have to disconnect batteries or solenoid to prevent it. Any ideas?
02/18/10 09:20

when i go to start my f250 it doesnt turn over, it makes a click sound like if the battery is dead but all works just wont start can you help me
02/26/10 22:30

1991 Ford F250. Not getting spark to spark plugs. changed ignition module, coil, spark plugs, wires. Hot on both sides of coil. any idea's? please help :)
02/26/10 22:31

forgot to mention 460 fuel injected motor
03/05/10 08:55
bill sahlin

2001 F250 gas. fuel pump will not run/fuel gauge goes to full.

runs on starting fluid. where is fuel tank/pump ground located?

04/03/10 12:31

I have 1991 Ford F53 chassis (Motor home)460 engine.I have intermitant spark from coil to distributor and fuel pump wiil not operate unless relay is jumped. Changed rotor and cap on distributor.Checked ignition control module has no power when tested with key on Fuel pump relay was checked and works but not receiving a signal from ignition.with all this taking place it leads me to belive that the PCM (computer) is not funcioning Please help Also did self test on computer and could not receive any trouble codes
04/07/10 16:36

I have a 2002 F250, 7.3 diesel that will not start. I replaced the batteries but it did not change anything. When I turn the key forward the starter does not engage, there is just a constant clicking sound coming out of the relays. I checked and there is power at the starter. If anyone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated. ps the dash lights come on when my key is turned forward, but the glow plug light along with the abs and engine light stay on.
04/09/10 19:31
david ramirez

where is relay 303 located?? i dont see it on the passenger comparment fuse panel, , , , please help!!
04/11/10 20:24

I have a 2002 Ford F250 truck and when I put the key in the ignition it will not turn forward or backward to start the truck. I tried to jiggle it and it worked for awhile but now not at all. Any suggestions??
05/03/10 18:55

where is the fuel pump realy switch located in a ford F250 pickup truck?
07/14/10 14:04

95 Powerstroke i just got my truck checked out, an haisley machine told me i needed a new computer. so just puttin that out there to troubleshoot. my truck would not start from the ignition, i had to take a screw driver an put it on my starter regulater and toutch both of the bigger prongs together an it would sputter but not start. which means that it is not getting diesel from the pump to the motor. so it is the computer
03/30/11 16:39
jeff johnson

what is the corect wiring for a relay swich for a 1988 f250 pick up

I have a blue and red small wire and two places for them to go but have no idea where to put them

04/04/11 20:02
steven wallace

i have a 1979 ford bronco. i have gone through many solenoids, i have replaced the ignition switch, and it still wont start. i hear a clicking under the dash and i found what was making the noise. i called ford and they said it was called a roof panel relay. i have looked and can not find one anywhere. does anyone know where i can find this at? all auto parts stores dont have them. or they refuse to match it up without a part number.
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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 26 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: relay switches archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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