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keyless entry pad reprogramming

- Ford-F250

Forum Post
10/10/09 21:01

keyless entry pad reprogramming

help i bought a used f250 and the keyless pad does not work anyone know how to reprogram it?? Also the second remote nedds programed??
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12/22/09 21:32

To program the key fob, you first turn the ignition switch on and off 8 times until the locks engage and disengage which will happen when the key is in the "on" position(leave it there for this process), then you have around 10 -20 seconds to point any key fobs you want to use at the truck and press the lock buttons on them until you see the locks react to them. You can program upto 4 fobs to a vehicle. Good luck.
01/01/10 13:40

i have a 2003 f250 and tried programming fob using 8 times on and off and the locks on truck do not engage / disengage, how do i find out if truck is equipped for keyless?
01/19/10 01:56

I have tried the above instructions and they do not work on all

models. On the F250 pick up you need to reove the fuse cover

under the steering wheel and you will find a small grey 2 pin

DLC connector. It has two wires:- grean with a purple trace and

a black.

1. Fit a jump wire between the two.

2. Turn the ignition switch to the run position. After

approximately 10 seconds, the head lights will flash and

thehorn will chirp twice indicating that the keyless entry

module has entered learn mode.

3. Press either button of the first key fob to be trained.

The horn chirping and the headlights flashing once confirm

successful training of the remote.

4. Program all remaining remotes using the same procedure

5. To exit remote learn mode, turn the ignition switch to the

off position and remove the jump wire from the two pin


The right hand door must remain open during the entire remote

learning procedure, as the courtesy light circuit is an input

required to enter remote learning mode

01/25/10 22:23

I looked under the steering column and could not find a connector with a green wire with purple trace and a black wire. I have a 2006 F250, and have been unsuccesful in programming a remote. Turning the ignition off and on 8 times does not work. The truck came equipped with keyless. The previous owner lost his key fobs. Any help would be much appreiciated.
03/12/10 19:44
Mark Sickle

I have a 2005 F-350 and I cannot get my truck to enter programming mode. It did enter programmong mode ONCE last week and I thought I programmed a remote but now it won't work. I'm trying to re-enter programming mode so I can re-program the key fob. Any help here would be appreciated.


03/29/10 10:07
Kim Lehew

If the locks do not engage after turning the ignition off and on 8 times then depress the electric lock switch on the door and it should work. This what I had to do to re-program mine.

04/08/10 15:06

I have a 04 F250 and had the same problem. This forum helped. I did the 8 times off and on then hit the unlock button. That did the trick. works great.
07/01/10 16:47
N baker

I have a 2005 F-250 crew cab harley diesel and it didnt come with the door code for the pad. I looked behind the dash and under the dash and found nothing. Does anyone know where I can locate the code beside paying Ford dealers for it? Please help. Thanks
09/09/10 14:03
Mark A

I have an 01 F250 and the 8 times on/off directions worked perfectly. You have to be quick with the on/off cycling. But you will know you did it correctly because on the 8th time the doors will lock and unlock. Thanks for the help.
09/30/10 15:05

I have a 2002 F-250 Super Duty Lariat 4x2 5.4 liter that I just purchased.It did not come with the remotes so I purchased new ones.I have been able to get the truck into program mode(locks cycle on the 8th turn of the key) but when I hit any remote button nothing happens.The truck does not even indicate it's out of program mode when I turn the key to the off position.Please help.I'm getting very frustrated and really don't want to pay the ford dealer to fix this.
01/05/11 06:05
Darcey How

Thanks to Kim (Reply #6 & Tom, Reply #7) I got mine to work with the same procedure.F250 2006, Brisbane, Australia
02/23/11 22:11

I have a 2003 F250 and after trying and trying about a dozen times found this site and thanks to reply# 6 above got it working. Thanks Kim.
03/10/11 14:08

Information from #6 is bang on, worked perfect

03/23/11 23:15

Waiting for a reply to #8 N. Baker. I have the same problem and have not been able to locate the code. I was told it could be found written on the computer module, but I can't find the module. This did work on my 2002 Expedition and it was right there (5 digits). If any one knows where the computer module is on a 2004 F250 Diesel please advise. Thanks.
05/21/11 03:02

i have a 2003 ford f250 ive tryed everything to program my new remote but nothing works. ive tryed ignition on /off 8 times & hitting the lock button to.tryed looking for the grey plug under dash couldnt find it. has anyone else got any other things i can try.cheers
02/09/12 21:14
Thank author of this post/comment"reply to #8"

Mine was behind the drivers glove box all the way in the back behind some white insulation. The code was in bold numbers and very easy to find.
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    Ford F250 'keyless entry pad reprogramming'