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four wheel drive not working

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01/09/10 17:24

I just got a 2001 F350 crew dually, and this past snow storm out here in jersey, I switched the 4x4 to 4 low and the light came on, heard the thump from the lock, felt like it was locked, but the it never locked, the back wheels still slipped and the front wheels never locke, I tried to lock them by turning the hub from auto to lock and still nothing

Is there anyone could sudgest before I spend a fortune to fix

There are lots of recomendations here, anyone with the same problem

01/09/10 21:55

my 1999 ford f350 4 wheel drive quit. the light on dash does not come on, the relays by fuse box under hood needs ground on 86 positive on 85 is there. relays are good, hubs lock manually , fuse #17 good under hood any suggestions are welcomed. thanks Dan
01/20/10 00:03

2001 ford powerstroke 7.3 when i turn the 4x4 switch it doesnt ingage, there is no power to the t case moter, relay and fuses are good, vaccume, hubs are good, asap any ideas?
01/29/10 11:10
John Spadafore

I have a Ford F-250 4WD Power Stroke Diesel pickup. When I engage the 4WD (manual shift on the floor with manual hubs), the trucks front end engages and the four wheel drive works. The problem is I get this real bad whomping sound that sounds like my transmission is about to fall out. I have heard everything from a bad transfer case to drive shaft u-joints to a bad splines on a the drive shaft......can anyone give me an idea what I should be looking at before I drop a thousand dollars in replacing the transfer case. thank you in advance !
01/31/10 17:11
Alex Rivera

I have a 2000 ford f250 and the hubs are locked but the 4x4 light doesn't come on and the transfer case does not ingage.
02/01/10 06:57

RE: Ford F-250, M0-86, 6.9 Diesel, 4-WD Dooly

( the 86 Mo is a split axle )

I would like to get views on the benefit of a steering dampner,

a shock absorber, that one end attateches to the Drag link and the other end attatches to the front cross member of the frame

that is in front of the engine.

My thoughts are that it would serve to soften the bumps felt at the steering wheel when used as a Off Road Vehicle; and question the benefits for normal highway driving.

Thanks for you help ~ !


~b~ ezy

02/01/10 20:15

I have a Ford F250 and the 4 wheel drive is not working. When I engage it on the dasd board no lights show up and I turned the hubs to lock and still no 4 wheel drive. I just got the fuse (#15) and will swap that out tomorrow to see if it' bad. Any suggestions and help would be greatly appreicated, Thanks, Mitch...
02/02/10 23:26

Got my 2002 F-250 Super Duty (V-8) hung up in a snow bank. Very deep snow and was packed up under the truck. 4WD was working fine and I was rocking it back and forth to get some "gription" and pull myself out. I did get out but after a couple minutes back on the road (road covered with snow) the 4WD stopped working. The engaged light on the dash stayed on but no front wheel drive. I'm thinking maybe the snow packed under the truck tore something loose but don't know what. Is this likely and if so what should I be checking? Just the vacuum line? Or anything else under the truck that could have been damaged?
02/04/10 14:23

I have a 1998 F-250 transfer case is engaging I know this because the front axles are turning put the hubs are not engaging Anyone have a clue what to check?
02/05/10 00:34


Not familiar with a '98. Is it shift on the fly or manual lock outs? From what I've read shift on the fly operates by air. I checked mine and it just some plastic tubing going to the hub near the brake calipers. I'd check that first since it would probably be easiest to fix. Maybe it rubbed on something and hole wore in it.

02/06/10 00:01

Recently my 4x4 unit came outof my 2001 ford f 150. The light on the dash would come on and you could hear a loud noise (sounded like it was from under the dash) but wheels would not lock in. I took it to a local garage and had it put on a machine. I had to replace the following part numbers that have to be ordered through ford: 6L3Z 9E441 A and 6L3Z 9H465 A : valve asy. units. The part goes on the passenger side on the firewall. It has two valves and connects to 4 hoses. The problem is that I have a 5th vacuum hose that I do not know where to connect. I installed the units the way I was instructed by my local mechanic and it will still not engage my 4 wheel drive unit. My local parts store is unable to pull up a diagram for me to look at to try to track down where this "extra" hose goes and the mechanic that ran the computer on my truck did not know either. He has replaced these parts on 3-4 others vehicles this winter but this is the first with a 5th hose. Looking for a quick reference.
02/11/10 09:47

Have a 1996 F250 4x4 manual lock in hubs...we used it last week in the storm no problems we went to use ..not engaging in 4x4 and the light is not working either. no loud noises..nothing ....curious as to whether there is a shift linkage or any other component that might not be linked we can check....any help would greatly be appreciated. have mechanics in the family but with this weather an being snowed in hard to diagnosis with not seeing the issue ...wondering if anyone has had the same problem that might help give us some ideas...hubby is mechanically inclined with instructions..
02/11/10 10:03

RE TO #61...





02/13/10 23:42

I have a 2000 ford f250 and when i put it in four high it works great and put it in four low works great, but wont go back into two wheel drive or from four low to four high. anybody gog any idea what could be the problem.
02/26/10 17:10

I have a problem shifting from 4 wheel drive to 2 wheel drive.

I know that I have a problem with the linkage as the shifter does not indicate the right setting whether drive or reverse. today the truck got stuck and when placed in drive would not shift out of 1st gear. I smelt anto freeze, did not set any leaks. The 4 wheel shifter was not engaging the gears or the hub locking. The truck has a rebuilt transmission, rebuilt transfer case, rebuilt possy rear. Not sure why the trsnamission is not shifting any suggestions?

03/03/10 19:36

i have a simple answer...dont buy a truck
03/16/10 09:41

I have a 2001 f-250 powerstoke, I have electric 4x4 switch transfer case engages, and I have the hubs manually locked in but still the front wheels are not pulling. all my vacume lines seem not to be leaking. Could it possibly be my vac pump or solenoid that is not working.. I put manual vac directly to the hub assembly and they weren't holding vacume on my gauge. It almost seems as if the hubs are not slinging out far enough to lock completely in. I'm stumped can anyone help?
03/20/10 14:59
maury reynolds

I have a 2006 f350 diesel that is in 4wheel low range and will not go back to 2 wheel high range. any help would be appreciated

thank you maury

03/22/10 19:53

I have 2004 f-250 and the four wheel drive does not work in auto but works good in manual, took to the ford service department 3 times in 2 months they say nothing is wrong, they did all new vacuum hoses and seals still wont work, what else could it be?
04/11/10 20:05

A little trouble shooting for you guys If your 4X4 DOES NOT ENGAGE and you do get a light on youír dash"4WD" itís your hubs not engaging-

With the truck running and 4x4 turned on desconnt the vacuum line at the hub and see if you can feel the vacuum. If not check the vacuum lines from front wheel hubs and track them back looking for cracks or damage.

desconnted front wheel hubs from valve check for a vacuum at the valve.

If you have a good vacuum it may be worn or stuck hub lockers

Take them off, clean, and degrease

Sorry to say if you donít get the 4WD light itís a little more tricky it could be a fuse, relay even the elec-mechanical motor that switches the transfer case

04/27/10 22:23

hello i am working on a 97 ford f 250 with shift on the fly fourwheel drive and the tranny will automaticaly shift into four wheel when it is in 2 wheel drive and then back to 2 wheel i have replaced both the switch on dash and the shift motor on the transfer case im at a loose eny ideas.
05/21/10 15:40
jim hess

Lots of reasons for 4WD not engaging or not un-engaging. Check the following in order of easiest/cheapest:

- fuses (check both banks - under the hood and behind the drivers kick panel)

- vacuum lines - going to hubs and coming off the front diff

- relays (my 2001 is behind glove box)

- 4WD module (mine is behind the drivers side battery)

- solenoid/relays - behind drivers side battery

- transfer case 4x4 motor (in front of TC)

- hubs (they should clunk - buy on ebay - 250 for a pair)

- u joints (3 on the front drive shaft - i think there's 7 in total - craziness)

- transfer case itself (ouch - ditch truck)

good luck! lots of variations for parts - even insame year.

05/23/10 00:23

I have a 2001 f-350 4x4 diesel and the hubs do not lock automatically but will manually. A mechanic friend suggested that on those hobs there is a seal that is inside the hub and if that does not seal properly it could cause a vacume leak therefore not allowing the hubs to lock automatically. Hope this helps.
06/16/10 10:18

I have a brand new tranfer case with shift motor & two brand new front drive shafts , 800 obo for the tranfer case . 100 each for the front drive shaft .i work at a ford dealer and got thes part because the boxes they were in are damage and could not go back to ford .belive it or not .
07/31/10 21:47

i have a ford f250 that stuck in four wheel drive and low range

i can't gat the motor out to change it back to two wheel drive

can anyone help


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