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four wheel drive not working

- Ford-F250

Forum Post
10/30/08 20:48
carl peters

four wheel drive not working

yes i have a 04 ford f250 with the 6.0liter and my four wheel drive will not engage i dont knbow what it is i have checked all the fuses but i wounder if it is something electrical anyone have an idea. thanks
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04/27/10 22:23

hello i am working on a 97 ford f 250 with shift on the fly fourwheel drive and the tranny will automaticaly shift into four wheel when it is in 2 wheel drive and then back to 2 wheel i have replaced both the switch on dash and the shift motor on the transfer case im at a loose eny ideas.
05/21/10 15:40
jim hess

Lots of reasons for 4WD not engaging or not un-engaging. Check the following in order of easiest/cheapest:

- fuses (check both banks - under the hood and behind the drivers kick panel)

- vacuum lines - going to hubs and coming off the front diff

- relays (my 2001 is behind glove box)

- 4WD module (mine is behind the drivers side battery)

- solenoid/relays - behind drivers side battery

- transfer case 4x4 motor (in front of TC)

- hubs (they should clunk - buy on ebay - 250 for a pair)

- u joints (3 on the front drive shaft - i think there's 7 in total - craziness)

- transfer case itself (ouch - ditch truck)

good luck! lots of variations for parts - even insame year.

05/23/10 00:23

I have a 2001 f-350 4x4 diesel and the hubs do not lock automatically but will manually. A mechanic friend suggested that on those hobs there is a seal that is inside the hub and if that does not seal properly it could cause a vacume leak therefore not allowing the hubs to lock automatically. Hope this helps.
06/16/10 10:18

I have a brand new tranfer case with shift motor & two brand new front drive shafts , 800 obo for the tranfer case . 100 each for the front drive shaft .i work at a ford dealer and got thes part because the boxes they were in are damage and could not go back to ford .belive it or not .
07/31/10 21:47

i have a ford f250 that stuck in four wheel drive and low range

i can't gat the motor out to change it back to two wheel drive

can anyone help


08/09/10 22:04

2000 Ford F250 7.3 powerstroke 4WD not working. Have vacuum down to the hubs but vacuum pump never stops. Took the line off the left front hub and pluged and pump caught up and stopped. Is there a seal in the hub that may be leaking and if so, how do you fix it?
08/24/10 21:40

my 2000 f250 won't engage in four wheel drive, even if i lock the hubs nothing i replace the transfer case motor nothing if you have a idea let me know
09/17/10 16:23

Here is what I know about the Super Duty. There are two different styles of hubs, manual and automatic. In both the manual and automatic designs, there is a seal on the outer axles shaft of the front axle that seals the hub assembly. If this seal goes bad, you will loose your vacuum and it will need to be replaced. I think it is a good paractice to every once in a while take your hubs apart, repack them, and make sure the O-ring seal is good around the hub. In addition to this seal there are two others that you need to be concerend about. The second seal is the O-ring that is around the wheel bearing unit assembly, and the other is the knuckle seal that is pressed on to the outer axle shaft that I mentioned first. All three of these seals need to be air tight for the automatic hubs to work properly. If you have determined that the vacuum pump works I would take a good look at these seals. Most likely the knuckle seal is the culprit. This seal is also important becasue it prevents water and dirt from getting into the bearing that goes around the axle shaft. These bearings go out rather easily when dirty or have little grease and if that happens the outer axle shaft that rides on that bearing will be ruined, and you will need a new axle shaft (expensive!), and wheel bearing assembly (also expensive). There are videos on the internet and YouTube you can find that will help you go through this repair. It is some work, but to pay a shop to do all of this you can easily end up with a 2-3K repair bill. One thing to remember when replacing the knuckle seal, prep and clean the inner surface it seals against very well! I would also highly recomend anyone with a higher milage vehicle to replace all the ball joints at this time. I would also avoid buying the wheel bearing units that have been made in China. They are junk and don't last long. Your much better off caughing up the money for the OEM Ford unit. Because of the added weight of the diesel models, these do not last as long in a diesel truck. You can buy a kit from Dynatrac to eliminate this weak link- and it is the weak link! The kit form Dynatrac replaces the whole wheel bearing unit with a rebuldable, and much more durable unit. they run 2K however.

OK so if that is not your 4 wheel drive problem, check the 4 wheel drive actuator motor on the T-case. Clean the terminals and use an amp/resistance meter to determine if the socket is delivering curent to the actuator. I would recommend anyone to clean these termianls every so often. If after cleaning the terminals your 4 wheel drive doesnt work then you need a new 4 wheel drive actuator. Easy to replace.

11/23/10 18:45

i have a 2000 f350 4-wheel drive light comes on and the front axle spins but nothing going on after that the passenger side hub seems froze but shouldnt the auto hubs work

12/06/10 04:40
mr plumber

I have a 2000 f150. I Was idling on dry pavement in 4 Wd low . I turned and heard a loud pop. I think 4wd is still working but the pop concerns me. I wont be doing that any more. Thank you in advance
12/09/10 13:25

i got a 1998 f-250(7 lug)...i have the electrical switch on the dash 4x4 doesnt engage or anything..idk what the problem it..any suggestions?
12/10/10 18:32

F-250 4 wheel drive 2000, when i put it in 4 wheel it creeks and binds and the whole front of the truck vibrates...any suggestions would be appreciated
12/17/10 09:40

i have a 2000 f250 4wd it has new manual warren hubs. i lock them in an turn switch to 4x4 light comes on but wont engage 4wd. i checked all the fuses an none are blown.. any suggestions?
01/04/11 12:48
Gregory Roque

I have a 2000 F250 SD 7.3 ltr; upon engaging the 4WD, I get the 4WD dash lights and the 4WD does not engage; all vacuume lines are attached.

I will be troubleshooting the vacuume lines, pump and the control module; can anyone provide additional guidance to resolve this Ford common issue? Thanks for the assist in advance


01/04/11 18:46

I have a 99 f150. I was idling in the driveway in fourwheel drive. When I got back in the truck the four wheel light has gone off and the four wheel drive does not work.
01/12/11 15:50

I have a 2002 F250 Super Duty. At about 130k miles the 4wd went out. Checked fuses at kick plate; they were ok. The 4wd indicator later stopped working. I replaced the acutator 4wd fixed. Only temporary. Replaced the selector switch another temporary fix. Replaced the computer board behind the dash pocket. Another temp fix. replaced the hubs with after market warren hubs; temp fix. It seems that when i pull the hubs off and put them back on it temporary fixes the 4wd. What is left to do? I intend to take the hubs off again, leave the hubs (locked in) and just use the selector switch when I need the 4wd. Not sure if it will work but the 4wd seems to stop working when i put hubs back to unlocked position Also does this model have vacuum hoses? I thought it was all electric without need for vacuum.
01/22/11 09:07

I have a 04 f-350 diesel. Dash mounted 4x4 switch. When I shift into 4 wheel drive the light comes on the 4 wheel drive seems to work but, It makes a noise almost like the sound of the chain in the tranfer dase spinning around. I don't know if some one has had this issue if anyone has let me know please and thank you. Not sure if maybe it is not engaging all the way or if there are bigger problems
01/30/11 16:17

does anyone have a picture of the right front assembley for a 2004 ford f250 4wheel drive if so please send to me ...thanks Matt
02/03/11 07:55

Ok I have a 1999 F-350 7.3 turbo diesel. I just had a shop change my wheel bearing assemblies and ball joints for a pretty penny. That of course was in South Carolina and I live in Washington DC area so I cannot just go and have him look at whats wrong with it. Well I am having 4x4 issues like most others on here. While in 2-wheel drive with the hubs unlock (manual hubs and trans) and going about 55-70 mph the light flickers on and off as it pleases. Would this be the seals not seated properly or the vacuum lines. When the tech took off my old hub assemblies he broke the vacuum fitting and lines off the hubs but I have already replaced them to make them work but still the same problem with the 4x4 not engaging. I have a light when it decides it wants to come on and once it is on it'll stay on until I shut it off but then it only comes out when it wants to come out normally as I am driving slowly but if anybody can help me with this problem for the time being I would really appreciate the advise. But I still am going back to the same tech next weekend to have him fix my problem because it is plow season and anyone who plows snow knows 4x4 is a must along with weight.
02/08/11 19:13

I have a 94 F250 and the four wheel drive is not working while going forward but seems to be working fine in reverse. It makes clunking noise like it is trying to grab while in drive. Any ideas?
02/08/11 22:02

2005 F-350, 4x4 light on, had to manually lock the hubs for 4x4. Read the posts above and checked the vacuum pump and the hose was loose at the pump on the passenger firewall. Reattached and all works well. You can hear the hubs engage. Thanks for the assist.
02/09/11 16:53

Does anybody have any suggestions on what will make the 4 wheel drive not engage on a 2001 F250 Super Duty when the light on the dash shows that it is engaged and you can here the transfer case motor turning? I have been told it is a vacuum leak could that be it?

03/15/11 23:58
Poppa Bob

I own an '04 F350 KR LWB. Believe it has a NP-273. I pulled up a sandy hill to park and needed a little help. So I switched the auto hub on and used 4x4 HI to assist. No problem.

I forgot to switch out of 4x4 and drove around on dry pavement for a while.

Got home and realized my error and now it semi locks into 4x4 by locking in two diagonal wheels. Front drivers and rear passengers wheels usually.

Dealer told me it was locking in about half the time. Then wanted $500 to tear it down.

Didn't tell them about me "on road" experience in hopes of getting it fixxed cheap. LMAO... Out of that kind of warranty.

Anyway, I just replaced the egr cooler with an SS tube one and rebuilt the turbo, and replaced the oil cooler, so I figure tearing down and rebuilding this transfer case shouldn't be that major, but I do have a couple of questions:

What's the likely part(s)failure and I believe there's a special tool that is needed to get the case out of the truck, if someone can refresh my memory.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

04/16/11 21:18

2006 super duty light on dash comes on but still no for wheel drive . feels like something might be working but wheels don't engage. Similar to reply #42
10/19/11 23:45
Thank author of this post/comment"4x4 not working"

2000 f250 7.3 light engages however wheels not locking in
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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 94 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: four wheel drive not working archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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