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ford f250 shift linkage

- Ford-F250

Forum Post
11/22/08 12:08

ford f250 shift linkage

i have a 95 f250 i went to put it in gear and the shift lever went limp and fell loose i took the dash apart and can see that it is not pulling the cable but cant figure out why can someone please help me
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07/12/09 16:18

I own a 1996 f-250 w/tilt steering.How hard is it to r&r the shifting tube?
08/01/09 14:50
Ivan Armengol

Hello guys,

I had the very same problem and was able to solve it in about 10 minutes. The job is very easy and only requires a flash light, torques tip screw driver, and 1/4" wrench that fits on to the end of the torques tip screw driver for leverage, and a little lock-tite and/or some clear nail polish.

On my 2000 / F250, remove the fuse panel that is underneath the steering wheel, craw sideways under the console, use the flash light to illuminate the end of the gear shifter that is right above the steering shaft and you will see the 2 torques screws that are loose.

Remove one at a time, and clean it with a little alcohol in order to remove any oil and/or lubricant. Apply a drop of lock-tite and/or clear nail polish on the threads and reinstall the crew without completely tightening it. Proceed to accomplish the same on the second crew, and when they are both in use your 1/4" wrench in order to tighten the crews to your maximum ability.

Just underneath this assembly, you will find a fine adjustment knob that will allow you to fine-tune the center of the shifter needle on the shifter panel.

An easy fix that can save you a little money,


A&P Aircraft Tech

09/09/09 16:17

thanks robert and ivan. those descriptions were perfect, saved me a huge hassle rooting around in there
11/07/09 23:26

Thanks Ivan, that saved me a trip to the dealer. Awesome.
01/14/10 18:30

02/01/10 08:36
Rob Tislar

I have a 2000 f150 and the shifter is screwed up i gotta put it in reverse for it to be in park and neutral to be in reverse and drive for neutral, 2 is now my drive and 1 is 2. what is goin on and how do i fix it?
04/19/10 14:47

Thanks Ivan!!! I just tightened mine up in about 5 minutes... very quick and easy. You saved me a trip to town!

Thanks again


04/19/10 14:48

For those who are asking how to adjust or tighten their shifter, read Ivan's post above..
07/06/10 20:02
brnell whitfield

I need a shift linkage cable for a 95 ford asprie where can i find one here in grand rapids mi or order one thanks
07/27/10 21:53

I have a 1999 F250 Superduty and was experiencing problems with my shifter being loose and the needle being off. After reading Ivan Armengols fix from above , I had both problems fixed in ten minutes. I just wanted to say thank you so much for your generosity in sharing that fix and have a great day!!!!!!!
08/11/10 20:11

ok i have a 99 ford f250 i know what everyone is talkin bout to tighten up the two torques screws but the thing that they screw in to is broke what is this called so i can order another one..plz an thanks for the help
08/30/10 20:23

I was driving my truck and tried to reverse but the gear selector felt limp and would not select any gear. I tried manually selecting gears at the transmission and that worked fine. The only thing the gear selector on the dash will do is put the truck in drive from park, after that, nothing. Any ideas? Is it the cable.
09/03/10 10:10

Larry: I had the same thing w/ my early 99 F250. You need a new "shift tube", bushings should come with it. Under $50 from Ford and took me an hour to replace, easy install. A diesel mechanic told me I needed the steering column rebuilt and he could do it for $475!!

Kevin: Look under the dash and play with the shifter. Could be loose screws or broken shift tube.

09/03/10 23:39

I have a 2001 ford expedition RWD. What is the part under the car where when you shift there is a cable that moves the pin that puts it in DRIVE, NEUTRAL and so on. That cable broke on me and tape doesnt seem to be working.. lol
09/12/10 19:43
Marvin Pickering

I need the bushings on the linkage for the transfer case. They have AW 40 on them. They seem to only come with assembly$300 or other parts. auto parts places don't seem to have them.

97 f250 4x4 heavy duty. You can free the shifter and not pay $300

09/26/10 15:27
Joe Russell

I own a 75 f250 and just switched out transfercases pulled out a np203 and replaced it with a np205 all three drivelines need to be modifide but my problem is the shift linkage for the transfer case I am lost in this area. do I need different linkage or can I make my old one work
10/10/10 12:52

Joe Russel - i did the same thing with my 75, and i just used my old linkage, althoughb it was alotta years ago sorry i dont remember exactly how i did it but it does work
10/30/10 16:42
edward henry

how do i install the shift linkage tube on a 2000 ford windstar and what about the spring at the tip of the plunger
11/17/10 18:55
Joe Rice

01 F-250 Auto shift lever loose and requires at times to be moved up to start. Torx screws tight. Held linkage near indicator ribon and lever wobbles. Can tube or bushings be worn

**CAUTION** 1)Should airbag be disabled? 2)Disconnect Batt? 3) How to replace parts? Lazy lever worries me about jumping out of park during Idle. Do not trust low emergency brake pedal. 4 wheel disk brakes. Thanking in Advance, Joe

12/17/10 09:45

hello everyone i have the same issue on my 1999 f250 diesel with the needle being off place...i did what ivan said and went under the steering column and found the fine tune wheel the problem i have is the white plastic bracket that holes the black wheel is cracked...

what i would like to know is where i can buy a new one...OR can i go to a junk yard and get one out of a ranger, explorer, f150 ect are they the same?

03/22/11 19:22

05/02/11 21:31

Just bought an f250 for real cheap and the shifter was loose and would not go into park. After reading this post I looked under the dash and Bingo! Loose screws. This form rocks.

01/15/12 18:02
Thank author of this post/comment"Shift linkage"

Ivan, Ivan, Ivan!

You are so wrong. It took longer then ten minutes to fix the shift linkage. I had to go to the auto parts store for a new set of torx sockets, shoot the breeze with the counter girl, drink a beer, put some ribs on the smoker and then spray electrical cleaner on the screws and tighten them in. It took 30 minutes, 30 MINUTES! If you don't know where to look, set the emergency brake, maybe chock the wheels, look up under the steering column and move the shift lever. There is one on the bottom and one on the top. I bet both are loose. Thanks a bunch Ivan!

01/15/12 18:39
Thank author of this post/comment"Lock tight"

And don't forget the Lock Tight after the threads are clean!

01/20/12 17:41
Marinette Wisconsin
Thank author of this post/comment"1999 Ford F-250 super duty steering column"

My shift tube in my F-250 super duty is broke, question I have is have do you remove the steering column out , so shift tube can be replace, can not get the back shaft of column to move, bolt is remove from knuckle, but still won't move, can someone get me in the right direction

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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 29 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: ford f250 shift linkage archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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