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four wheel drive not working

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This forum post has messages dated from 10/30/08 through 10/19/11, please be sure to read all the messages. If you feel it is old or outdated, please follow up with a question or comment and someone may be able to update it, or reply with newer information if you have it.

Forum Post
10/30/08 20:48
carl peters

four wheel drive not working

yes i have a 04 ford f250 with the 6.0liter and my four wheel drive will not engage i dont knbow what it is i have checked all the fuses but i wounder if it is something electrical anyone have an idea. thanks
11/02/08 06:42


It might be your vacuum lines. I have a 2000 F-250 w/ V-10 4x4, with shift on the fly. The only way I could get the 4x4 to engage was by manually engaging the hubs. After replacing my battery (to an Optima) I noticed the acid from the old battery had eaten through the vacuum lines. I just traced the break, slipped rubber vacuum hose over it and now it works fine.

Same thing happened to my '93 Jeep.

11/16/08 01:24

I also have an 04 6.0l it ended up being some 4x4 solenoid by the battery that just plugs right in
12/21/08 21:17

f150 kingranch four wheel drive not engage front wheels, Front drive line turns not wheels. Right rear wheel only turns. Thanks keith.
12/26/08 14:46

01/27/09 17:18

I have a 2000 F350 SD and the 4x4 won't engage. The last time I used it (about 3 mos. ago) it worked perfectly. The light comes on but it is not engaged. Any ideas on what could be wrong?
02/03/09 14:23

i have a 2000 ford f350 and the hubs are locked but the 4 x 4 light does not come on anymore and the transfer case does not ingage.
02/03/09 23:12

Seems to shake in the rear I feel when it is going into 4 wheel drive sometimes other times not sure it seems to happen when snowing or just driving dealer ship cant find anything wrong with it. Under warrenty
02/09/09 17:03

I have a 99 f50 powertstrok when is going into 4 wd the ABS light come on, any sugestion?thanks
02/09/09 17:05

I have a 99 f250 powertstrok when is going into 4 wd the ABS light come on, any sugestion?thanks
02/14/09 22:12

I think if the abs sensor is out mine is the front right it will not go into four wheel drive?
03/14/09 18:00
Garrett Chaney

I have a 2000 F-250 7.3 diesel, about 3 weeks ago the 4-wheel drive selector lights on the dash went out and the truck will not shift into 4-wheel drive. I can't find a fuse for the 4-wheel selector. Does anyone have any suggestions.
03/18/09 21:05

to Jason 4x4 works perfect, the speedoo fail when this hapen
06/21/09 01:26
Mike Berry

99 F250 - V10 - 4 wd won't work. Lights come on, I hear the CLUNK of the solenoid operating when selecting 4 wd - but the hubs don't change position. I discovered a vacum line disconnected from the connection in the wheel well so I reoconnected but still nothing. About 2 weeks ago the rear brakes failed with a hole in the line going to the rear brakes. A replacement line was installed and tested OK brakes work now with no warning lights on (ABS etc) but still no 4 wd? Any suggestions ? Thanks
06/21/09 09:47

2000F250 super duty. manual tranny. manual 4wd, it has hubs that you have to get out and turn. Its not electric. It goes into 4w, and it has power and works, BUT it makes a loud clunking bang. has gotten worse over time. So Im not using it at all now. Is this something that can be DIY fixed, Im pretty handy, but not really a mechanic.
07/26/09 05:03

My 2002 F250 V-10 will not go into 4-wheel drive. Would "Reply #1 Albuquerques" please be more specific on the location of the vacuum line?


07/26/09 15:30

2002 Ford F-250...the 4 wheel, cruise control and overdrive didn't work. Per the maint manual (nothing in the owner's manual) on the cruise control I replaced fuse 34 & checked 27 and the 4wheel drive started working. I'll have to update later on the cruise control...a couple of beers were necessary celebration for curing the 4 wheel cure!

My 1949 Ford had like 6 fuses of the glass type. Opening the fuse box told the story as a triggered fuse was obvious. Now they have like 100 fuses and a few fusible links. If one is lucky enough to find the darn things each must be removed to be checked. It's a shame that Ford has not seen fit to publish as "as-built" for the electrical system.

Maybe others will list system fuses.

08/21/09 21:55
bj murphy

I had the same problem or so i thought, my cousin is a ford mechanic, i called him, gave him my vin # and he looked it up in his thenical data base, apparently all f250 -f550 4x4 with electronic shifts dont have a problem, it stated that all electronic 4x4 operations can take up to 1 minute to completly engage, not allowing the proper time for the electronic shifts or engaging to complete can result in "false customer concern" it tells the mechanics not to replace anything untill it has been tested with the alloted time for the electronics to engage.... i know, i know..... a minute????????... thats the first time he has evan read that, but thats what the professional technician database says, hopefully it works out for everybody
08/28/09 22:11

2001 7.3 superduty 4x4, is only one hub locker supose to turn manualy ? the one with writing on it will turn from auto to manual but the other one wont turn at all. Is this correct ?
09/20/09 12:00

hey I have an 01 excursion and one day i went to use my 4x4 switch on the dash and to my surprise nothing happened. no light no engage, nothing. I have checked all that I can think of, fuses, relays, vacuum lines. somebody told me about a FOURWHEEL DRIVE CONTROL MODULE but I dont know how to find it. can someone help me?
09/20/09 13:11

I cant get my 4x4 to work i have no power going any place if I engage my hubs to manual how do I get my transfer case to engage?
09/22/09 12:25

Is anyone getting an answer?

Mine got stuck in 4x4 low. I took the transfer motor off and manually took it out of 4x4. The transfer motor works, the vacuum lines are okay, the relay switches check okay, the selector switch has different resitances for each mode. I can't figure out how to test the solenoid for the vacuum. The control module is under the dash somewhere (behind the glove box I think). There are warnings about you have to get a code out of the old one to put into a new one. Not sure how to do that. Any suggestions appreciated.

10/06/09 09:04

2005 ford f350 superduty w/ diesel... shift on fly control lights 4wd on dash, but truck does not go into 4wd. ive driven forward, backward etc. still doesnt try to go into 4wd.

I've also noticed it only goes into tow haul mode when in park. if your in drive it no longer will go into that mode either.

11/05/09 10:05

I have a 2001 7.3 superduty 4x4 crew cab, the hubs on the front can not be turned by hand, Is this normal? When turning and sometimes when braking i here a pop. Any ideals??
11/22/09 09:10

I have a 2002 F-350 super duty dually 4X4. It has shift on fly. It does not work like my old ford f250 4x4. I am unable to get the four wheel drive to function when using switch on dash. Do I have to lock hubs in addition to shift on fly switch on dash to engage? Old truck was simple, shift lever and lock hubs. How do I properly operate this system? Nothing in manual to help. It will continue to spin right rear wheel and no others, when selecting high and low with no change. The hubs on the wheels will turn manually with difficulty but no markings on hubs to know where to turn to. Should I even have to turn them to lock in with shift on fly?
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    Ford F250 'four wheel drive not working'