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F250 Deisel Instrument Panel gauges stopped working

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Forum Post
09/19/08 14:39

F250 Deisel Instrument Panel gauges stopped working

All of the dash gauges stopped working, RPM Speedodometer, Engine/Trans Temp Oil pressure and engine temp. I checked all the fuses and they are good. Dealership stated there is a printed circuit card that drives these gaugers and it may have gone bad. has anyone had this problem and how did you fix the problem? Where is the printed circuit card located?
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Big John

Hi, Got the same problem with my 2002 F-250. If you find a solution let me know. Thanks Big John
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Joe A

Same Problem here gebts.. Although my problem also included no acceleration. Ford says bad Cluster and $1500, but they were wrong.

Pull the cluster, pretty simple on this truck. On the right side there there are two plugs that go in the cluster. The bottom two pins on both conrners of the left plug should have battery power. If not go to fuse f2.45 or fuse f2.41. If those are both good and you have no power at the plug, repair the broken wire, (which is what our problem was)

Take Care,


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marc d. briggs

same prob fuse 45 blows everytime shifter is moved .found that once fuse 45 blows the truck runs off battery power only. truck stalls out after bat dies thinkin maybe nuetral safty switch. anyone been down this isle 2002 f250
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marc d. briggs

found the problem . the wire coming out of the shifter shaft that powers the o/d rubs back n forth when the shifter is pulled. the dust boot at the base of the shifter holds the wire to the steering colum.
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he right i had the same problem. thanks to marc it's fixed.

" the wire coming out of the shifter shaft that powers the o/d rubs back n forth when the shifter is pulled. the dust boot at the base of the shifter holds the wire to the steering colum."

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Jeff swartz

i have a 2000 f250 when i touch fuse nineteen my cluster freaks outand i have no gas pedel but the engine is running and my batt. light is on. My windows and locks dont work either, nor my dome light, or trailer stuff.
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I have a 2000 F-250 that the gauges stopped working on. Thanks to Marc D. Briggs, it was the O/D wire running along the shifter to the steering column. Probably saved me a couple hundred bucks at least. THANKS MARC.....
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Kevin Maddox

I have a 2005 sport trac..when in neutral there is a noise coming from instrument gauge. Sounds like a loose cable of some sort, like a humming. Anyone know of a fix?
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temp. gauge goes hot when i start it up and then goes cold after about 3 min. runs great but the check engine light stays on. they told me i need a new cluster. been this way for two years.
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Wayne Robinson

Folks, I had same problem-great find Marc!, and gauges come back when bad fuse 41 or 45 is replaced. Sorry, but I understand there's an issue at the rubber boot at the base of shifter, but don't understand how to remedy, or get to it to fix? I need a little more direction on how to fix this issue, if anyone could kindly oblige with more detail on how to fix.
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Wayne Robinson

Marc, and all thanks for your find!!!. I removed the lower steering column shrowd, then followed a quick procedure for removing the ignition lockset that was holding the top steering columnn shrowd, and pulled the top shrowed.

Sure enough, the O/D wire about an inch after coming out of the shift lever, I guess chaffs across a smooth corner of a metal housing during gear changes and had rubbed a short in the wire. I fixed the problem with electrical tape. What a relief and a money savings. I really appreciate it!

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Tom P

Thanks to your replies, I can now tow my camper to Maine tomorrow. I have an F350 diesel that was blowing fuse 45, I actually had smoke coming from the steering column. It was exactly as suggested, the OD wire at the shifter beneath the rubber boot.After removing the lower shroud under the steering column, you have to turn the ignition switch to on , then push in the retainer ball under the ignition housing to remove the ignition assembly. you have to do this to remove the upper shroud to access the chafed OD wire. A little 3M electrical tape and youve saved a bunch of money !!!
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2003 Ford F250 diesel SuperDuty 6.0- stalling, won't start, no charge.

About a month ago I ran out of gas. Diesel fuel was brought to me in a metal can, aout 2 gallons that had been sitting for a few weeks. Ride began to get rough sputtering, stalling and lunging forward when stopped at traffic lights, spuratic power surges, and hesitation when given gas. Advice given suggested replacing fuel filters.Viola!!! All is well or is it... that was two weeks ago.

While driving near downtown in light traffic the battery light goes on, then the ABS goes on, all instrument panel gauges pin themselves and back to O-nil. No power at stereo, windows, door locks, nothing I tried worked. Before I could process and dissect all that has just happened the engine hiccups. To the freeway I go, making it to safety and back to my office where upon arriving the truck stalls and wont re-start. When I have been able to jump-it , its only with a battery charger/emergency start type of connection or another diesel truck.

Please any help.

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terry keely

took the truck to pyramid services in iowa city they found a bad censer. check engine light.
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Juan A.

I've had the same problem on my 2002 F350. Just started constantly blowing fuse #45, cluster gauge readings. And acceleration pedal function are lost, placed a 30 amp fuse and lasted awhile. Will try checking the wires of the OD shifter selector any other suggestions?
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Dave Farley

Thanks to all you guys, chased the 41 and 45, 45 was bad, now taking truck in for service next week with a printout of you wiring diagnosis and let Ford fix what my fat little hands can't get to.
**/**/** **:**

yes it is indeed the wire for the OD switch that feeds through the shifter lever... it was chaffed is 3 areas..
**/**/** **:**
James Snyder

2005 F250. Battery light keeps coming on and goes off. Changed Alternator and still does the same thing. please help
**/**/** **:**
Jason Sepulveda

Same issues: Started w/intermittent O/D, gauges and Cruise CNTRL, finally ending w/no O/D, turning on CC would send gauges to left and shut of all lights. Took it to dealer, said the O/D wire tends to short out. Cracked the steering column and found the O/D wires completely severed where they exit gear shift lever. repaired them myself w/ solder and 22g wire, hooked back up, now gauges don't work. Did lots of troubleshooting, all fuses good, everything else works fine, just no gauges, and still no O/D or CC. At wits end. Any suggestions aside from taking it to the dealer and spending lots of $$$$$$$$?
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i just had that cluster problem last night and i read some forums on here and found that wire and the fixed it by not relocating back into the factory clip that i was installed in

but instead just left it lay on top of the colum and also just electrical taped up the bad wire seperately form the other wire that runs through the harness with the one that goes bad and also had to replace the fuse

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I have a 2003 F-250. The instrument panel is out on the roof for the direction and external temperature. Everything else works. Anyone know what fuse this is tied to?
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I have 05 Mustang, I found you guys, help, car will start, but the only guage that works is the oil pressure. The only accessory that works is the moonroof and the air coditioner. It will also not come out of park! Help.
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Ford F250 dash gauges stopped working and acceleration petal fuction lost. Replaced fuses 41 & 45. The wire in the shifter on steering column had worn off the tape. Retaped and everything works great.
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