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Spark Plug Blown Out Of Head

- Ford-F250

Forum Post
03/05/09 13:08

Spark Plug Blown Out Of Head

99 5.4 Liter F250, launched plug out of block and took out coil pack, not stripped or loose, is this a common problem, how do we prevent and or fix?
Archived Replies

This post has a total of 26 replies. The most recent 25 are shown below, you can view the complete archive here: Spark Plug Blown Out Of Head archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

This forum post has messages dated from 03/05/09 through 05/01/13, please be sure to read all the messages. If you feel it is old or outdated, please follow up with a question or comment and someone may be able to update it, or reply with newer information if you have it.

08/21/09 15:36

I have a 2004 fordf150 with the 4.6 engine. It has 58, 000 miles on it i take very good care of it. I was driving down the road at a steady 50mph when the #2 spark plug blew out i called ford and they basicaly told me these things happen bull it happens all the time. After doing a little research this is a big problem with the 5.4 and 4.6 ford should step up and fix the problem oh wait they did NOT now they are getting stuck in the heads after changing the design wtf. I was futher insulted when i went to the dealer to get a new plug he look at me as if i was talking about an older model and said i havnt seen this in the new body styles i gave him my vin# and with a academy like perfomance he was suprised. Ford told me it woul be between 600 to 800 dollars to fix i was futher outraged when i asked them if they could pick up my truck they were willing to give me a # for a tow company at my own expense are u kidding me. I bought a coil for 40 dollars a new plug for 6.50 and had a mechanic tap it for 50.00 dollars i came out pretty good now crossing my fingers this dosent happen again very disapointed with ford considering about dumping the truck.
08/30/09 13:53
Barry G. Minton

My brother in law has the 2004 ford f 150. He had his spark plug blow out of his truck for the third time. They now say he needs a new head for 2500.00
09/23/09 16:19

I have 2001 F250 with V10, I have had this happen to me three times. #3, #7, #8 cylinder. I was very upset first time. I talked to the dealership and they said with the aluminium head I probably changed plugs while engine was warm or over-tightened. I've done all my own work fro years and never had this much problem. I went to local Auto zone and brought Heli-coil kit and put in helicoil each time without pulling block apart. It has worked out for me so far, the only thing I've done was ran the truck for a few minutes and immediately change oil.
10/08/09 16:18
Jason McLean

I have a 2001 F250 V10 and I am on my second time having a plug blow out of the head. The first time it happened I had the head pulled new threads welded in and before I could even get it firing on all cylinders again, it has blown another one out!

I just thought that it was cause I have 219, 000 miles but now I see this forum I see that there's more to it.

I have been told to just put a new engine in it. Any advice?

12/09/09 19:15
Paul Aversa

I had one blow out on my 5.4 triton I did the job myself because I wanted it done with care. No big deal two hours. Stayed fixed. I pull trailers with my foot in gas tank
12/15/09 00:57

Doing 80mph through the middle of nowhere on a long road trip, my 1999 Town Car blew a spark plug 18 months ago so violently that I found both the plug and the coil resting on top of the engine. I did some research and realized that there were a ton of similar incidents out there. I had a mechanic put in a helicoil, new plug, and coil, and it was smooth sailing from there.. or so I thought..

Today, it happened again. On the same road trip, coincidentally, this time I made it to my destination, went about my business for 3 days. I packed my wife and kids in the car, cranked it, and BOOM! Smoke came venting out from under my hood. This time there was no violent aftermath, so I wasn't sure which plug it was. I got up the courage to BRIEFLY crank the engine again to confirm that's what happened.

The noise and feel is unmistakable.

Through my previous experience I've seen how short the spark plug threads are compared to other vehicles. Did Ford really think 4 or 5 turns of aluminum thread would contain the energy in the cylinder? Was it a good design decision considering there is ample room for more thread in that godawful cavity the plugs drop into? Why has Ford failed to issue a TSB? My car is obviously out of warranty (though Ford would have told me to screw myself even if it was), but had they issued a TSB this would have gotten addressed while still covered.

I love my Town Car. It is clean, well-maintained, and sexy. I have lost respect for and confidence in its manufacturer. My TC and I have broken up; we will stay friends with benefits until something nicer comes along. I have my eyes on a Toyota 4Runner (good for the snowy winters here). When I graduate from school, my next luxury car will be an import. Sorry, Ford, I'd rather own a foreign made car that gets our family safely to our destination than support a failing crap-spewing domestic corporation.

02/19/10 11:28

i have a 2000 ford f250 v10 i have blown 3 plugs i was looking at some other blogs and a couple of them said to just take a tourq wrench to 7 pounds you guys herd anything like that
04/13/10 22:13
mike hester

Normally when an auto manufacturer has a known problem with design, they recall the model and year... so... whats up FORD !!!
08/02/10 23:42
Vince Perryman

I have a Ford excursion with a V-10 and the spark plug blew out today. Not only did the spark plug blow out but it also cracked the plastic boot that goes over the spark plug. Reading all the previous post it sure seems like Ford needs to recall these models and fix the problem.
08/11/10 19:34
Fred Gorsch

I have a '97 RV with a V10. Over the last 10 years I've had 3 plugs blow out of the right hand cylinder head, taking the coil with it each time. When the first one blew I took it to the Ford dealership. After getting the horse laugh from him I took it to a local mechanic. We located a threaded bushing repair kit from Time-Sert ( part number 5553. These inserts have held up very well over several years. Much cheaper than the recommended fix from Ford (buy a new head).
08/16/10 14:36
Tony A

While driving home from a long trip my 2000 V-10 Excursion w only 77, 000K miles on it blew the #8 plug clear out of the head! 100 miles from home @ midnight w my preganat wife and two little kids. Luckily we were only 2 miles from the next town and were able to get a room. I bought the extended warranty on the Truck the previous year when I purchased the truck forma local DODGE dealer. Took the truck into the local Ford Dealership the next morning to be repaired. He called an hour later to say that the warranty holder (National) wouldn't honor the warranty on that particular repair becasue "it was a known Ford defect". Are you kidding me! SO the extended bumper -to bumper waaranty I supposedly bought isn't really bumper-to-bumper if it's a known Ford issue!So, why the H*** hasn't Ford been made to be responsible for fixing a "defect" it's known for having!?

Luckily the Dodge dealer I bought the truck from stepped up to the plate and covered the repair of $500. But what if it happens again? Like I've heard so many have? This is ridiculous, once again the middle class consumer gets stuck holding the bag! We have been Ford loyalists for 20+ years. Way to keep your customers Ford....... next time I will buy a DODGE ...Gee I wonder why?

10/02/10 14:23
Paul credeur

I have a 2000 f-250 v-10 and never had any problems with it. It has 266, 250 miles runs like it's brand new.
10/19/10 08:03
Patti S

Well glad I did a bit of research and I see that this is a common occurance.. well crap ! I have an F-250 extended cab, 140K miles on it. I was hauling two of my horses from KY thru Nashville , I was on the interstate , whem BAM... loud explosion under the hood, lost compression, had to pull over. I had to LIMP down the interstate and try to get off at an exit. So here I am , in the city, with horses. Major mess, had to find a friend to come with another truck so we could swap out trucks. We were able to jack up my trailer and get it off my truck WITHOUT unloading horses (thank god as I sure didn't want to unload them in downtown Nashville at a fast food place !!) and we dropped the trailer down on her truck. Had a wrecker come and get my truck. Dealership tells me it was a spark plug blow out and said they were not the right plugs but 'light' plugs meaning the service place did not use a heavy enough plug. After reading about this blow out problem, do you think they are full of crap about the wrong plugs. Clean up and repair will run me arond $900 , they will use a honing kit, yada yada.... Now I am worried, I do alot of hauling and sure don't want to go thru this again. Any tips or ideas.


10/19/10 10:00

my ford excursion keeps blown out the spark plugs and I just hi 95, 000 miles whats going on with ford this should be a recall fast or I will with out a doubt get rid of this truck !
10/19/10 22:15

We had a F-350 5.4L, Several months ago it blew out the #3 on the passanger side. Had to have it towed and ended up having to have a new head. Then 3 weeks later up in St. louis and blow out #7, had it towed almost 100 miles home and ended up putting a new heating coil on it. Mechanic suggested we put a new head on this side too after it backed out again while hauling horses. Had to have somebody come and tow the horses home and had the truck towed again.

Last night after the truck sat in the driveway for almost 15 hours it caught on fire and burned to the ground. It almost caught the house on fire and several other vehicles including my trailer. I'm thinking faulty cruise control switch.

Guess what Ford, not buying another one!! I would suggest all of you do the same.

11/22/10 16:47
Craig Taylor

I too have had a "blow out" of a spark plug and I have filed a complaint with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). I URGE all of you to do the same...!!!

Here is the text of my message to them and I HOPE all of you let them have it as well..!!!!

"Returning from a trip to Northeast Alabama, My 2004 F-150 4X4 with a 4.6 Liter engine, blow the # 2 spark plug out of the engine. I got the truck back to my girlfriends home in Northeast Ga. and this is where I'm still at. The Dealer I called told me that the plug was at fault before I could even finish telling him what had happened and that it would cost me about $2, 800.00 to replace the head on that side... I asked him "if it was the plug at fault and you haven't even seen the truck yet, how do you know it's going to take a replacement head and the cost of it"? He put me on hold and after 20 minutes I hung up and called back and NO ONE would talk to me about it..!! Since then, I have researched this and FOUND that not only has it happened to others, BUT it has happened to ALOT of others...!! I have also found that this problem has been reported to your agency many times and to date, NOTHING has been done about it. When this plug blow out of the head, fuel was being pushed out of the head and could have CAUSED a fire under the hood. At speeds on interstates as high as they are, My girlfriend, myself and out 2 dogs COULD HAVE BEEN KILLED..!!!! So why is your agency NOT doing anything about this problem...!!!?????!!!!"

Get busy and start filing COMPLAINTS..!!!

12/04/10 21:03
David Rogers

Today my 2002 Ford F-250 Supercab Blew a spark plug out of the

cylinder head. I lost power And a heavy vibration started as I

accelerated. I pulled to the side of the road and listened

under the hood. A loud popping noise could be heard and right

away I suspected that this had happened. Several months ago my

mechanic had warned me that this was a problem with the Ford

5.4 liter V-8. Sure enough I break down 40 miles from home and

managed to find a Ford garage on a Saturday with a skeleton

crew. I had to pay the $80 "diagnostic" fee and they gave us a

loaner (at a cost but had no choice). They said they close at 2

but would try to look at it. We continued to our destination

and to their credit did call me that day. They said they

couldn't do anything until Monday and that they would need to

install a helicoil. They also reccomended helicoiling the other

7 cylinders for a cost of $800, maybe more if any of the other

plugs were stuck. I told them to just helicoil the damaged plug

hole (at a cost of a little more than $400). So here I am

waiting till Monday. I also asked them if there were any

improvements made to the Cylinder head in case it came to that.

The Ford mechanic said "not to his knowledge". This problem has

been common for Ford and I find it hard to believe it hasn't

been addressed by now. How can I possibly feel confident this

won't happen again? I see it has happened to several Ford

owners multiple times. Not only is it a reliability issue,

inconvenient and quite expensive, It's a SAFETY issue. Raw gas

blows out the hole setting up a situation for a fire. Come on

Ford do the right thing and make it right. And NHTSA? get with

the program and DO YOUR JOB.

12/09/10 16:01
Jesse Niemeyer

5.4 litre f150 what a piece of work. Nothing but problems with coil packs causing misfires and now the spark plug blows out. I don't think I will buy another one of these unreliable pieces of again.
12/27/10 10:50
Daniel Potts

I have a f250 v10 56000miles and the 2nd to back plug blew out the cylinder. My neighbor was a sales man and warned me about this. is there any way you could sue these bastards. according to him ford knew about the peoblem and never recalled it. I read another post he was saying about the gas being pumped into the cylinder and could cause a fire.he is absolutely right my wife dont know no better and drove the truck 12 miles like that. these bastards are gone to get somebody killed. The dealer acted like they knew nothing about it i mentioned the repair kit he said i know nothing about it.the guys on tv called 2 guy garage had one on tv they were fixing one day so dont tell me you know nothing about it. I swear to god if it costs a ton of money or they dont fix it i will do some advertising for them. I will get as many people as possible to not buy another ford osr if possible ill get a damn lawyer and see if they can do something. I already had the quarter panels rust out here there is a fix for it to. the panel is 2 peices and at the seams the water gets in there and they rust now the fixed it by making it all one peice. they would not cover it either. the truck was 4 years old when it happened. they said sorry its out of warranty.who looks for rust at 4yrs it could have happened at 3yrs.i had it fixed and within a year it did it again. it even had their jimmy rig fix done to it. ford sucks
12/28/10 11:07
carl wade

I have a 2000 F-250 with a 5.4 and not once but twice I have had Plugs blow out, The first time it hit the fuel line and I had gas everywhere lucky to be in drive way and just started it .Who knows what would of happened if I was on the road. second time driving down the road and it blew out $900.00 later Ford said it had after market plugs told service that was strange they had just put them in after first time plug blew out had them change them all even showed them the bill answer was that's strange , Ford knows this problem but won't do anything about it what's it going to take .
04/10/11 03:10
clevon belfield

I have had a spark plug blow out three times. I have had it taped three times and it has not worked for me. Is replacing the head worth it or will it just happen again. Me and my family travel a lot and really do not want to take the chance of it happening on a long road trip.

Does ford plain to do anything about this?

04/28/11 03:27

When doing research on this issue that Ford is Clearly Avoiding taking responcibility for, I ran across this at If everyone posted a complaint maybe the American consumer can finally see some justice!

"So far the NHTSA has not forced Ford to issue a recall for spark plug ejection, so it's vitally important that anyone who experiences this issue make an NHTSA complaint at"

04/04/12 19:47
Thank author of this post/comment"Ford F250 Super Duty"

Two days ago, coming home from work, going about 20 miles an hour, I heard a God-awful noise. I thought I'd blown a tire. Turns out, I had blown a spark plug. I've never heard of that before. Went to the Ford dealer and was told that this happens alot. He told me Ford's fix was a new head; however, their fix was the helicoil, but not guaranteed, so that's what they are doing now. After talking about this with friends, I find that everyone knew about this but me. The fact that Ford will not man up and take care of this problem is a travesty. I thought this would be the last truck I ever owned. I was mistaken. I will never buy another Ford as long as I live. (How's Dodge?)
04/28/13 21:13
Los Angeles, California
Thank author of this post/comment"Yep, it happened today. "

I have a 2002 ford f250. My first ford& I was reluctant because my mother had a granda back in the day & it STAYED in the shop. I wanted to give their trucks a chance because I thought maybe that was they're specialty.

Coming home from the movies with my children and 3 miles to my destination I hear the loud sound under the hood. The area where this happened is a rough one so I didn't feel safe pulling over. I chanced it and made it home only to find (under the hood) #2 laying next to the hole it was assigned to. Smh, I had other issues with this truck that had me spending tons of cash & stuck for weeks, now this. After my first issue, I found that this was a common problem but (at that time) it didn't happen yet. Here I am now dealing with this issue & I don't have money like that. NEVER WILL I EVER BUY ANOTHER FORD IN MY LIFE!!!!!!!!

05/01/13 20:33
Thank author of this post/comment"blown plugs"

I... like the rest of these posts, have had numerous blow-outs of my spark plugs with my 2000 Ford F250 V10. I contacted the dealership and Ford Customer service and filed complaints. They are fully aware of the thousands of blow-outs occurring but will not do anything about it. They told me to keep my receipts in case there was ever a recall by NHTCA. But Ford will not do anything and Man-up to the problem. I now need new heads of a cost of about $3, 500. I told the dealership to shove the truck up their ass.!!! I will be buying a Chevy after I file another complaint with the NHTCA. Maybe after several more years they will do something about it.
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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 26 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: Spark Plug Blown Out Of Head archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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