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F250 cruise control

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I also have a 2000 ford f250 Die.And the cruise control only worked when it wanted to. had the update done, now it wont work at all. what do we Doo!!!!! Help????
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2002 f250 v10 six speed replaced the steering wheel switches and the swith at end of the master cylinder and had recall done cruies still does not work
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Yes, i fixed my cruise. I noticed my cruise light was starting to flicker than stopped working. A year later after some research I decided to change the switchs on the wheel at a cost of 25.00 from ebay(very simple), but this did not work. Next i bought the fuse link and solenoid kit from ford make sure you get both (this is the solenoid on the master cylinder, shuts off the cruise when brakes are applied) and yes my cruise is working. I didn't think this was it because i had juice and the fuse was good but for 23.00 i changed it.
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I took my F250 Diesel truck in for the recall and after leaving the dealership I noticed the overdrive was flashing off I turned around and took the truck back! I went round and round with the dealership, they said it had a transmision problem! I had the transmision replaced once already by Ford and it was a Ford transmision the truck only has 163, 000 miles on it! I was so angry! The truck had not had a problem and I only took it in due to recall, now not only does the light flash the cruise control doesnt work! I feel that this is a problem FORD should fix and the dealership owner said I could complain to whomever I wanted he doesnt answer to anyone and stated it was very reasonable for the truck to need another transmision!How do you feel about this matter and what can I do? I reported it to the department of Safety and now to Ford! Dealership: Earnest McCarty Ford Alabaster Al (205) 663-3831
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After replacing the steering wheel mounted cruise control switches on a 2000 F250 Powerstroke pickup I still did'nt have cruise. Trying to diagnose this using schematic diagrams in Alldata led me to this but the diagnostics are really lacking as published. After removing and inspecting the recall harness which had been installed at the master cylinder switch, I observed that one of the electrical terminals was not properly seated into it's plastic connector body. This only took a few minutes after wasting all sorts of time previously looking at the schematics, and the cruise worked fine on the next road test.
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Dan Rodriguez

Another 2002 F250 diesel with speed control issues. It worked in the morning, nothing on the way home that same day. I've been through fuses (various web sites list various fuses, I checked them all), all OK. I disconnected the "recall additional harness", putting the wiring back to stock, no change. I have access to a 2000 shop manual and attempted to follow the diagnosis steps but cannot get correct responses. Is there that much difference 2000 to 2002? For example, first step says to enter diag mode, hold off switch and turn key to on, cruise lamp should light and then step through the other switches to see what happens. I cannot get the first step to pass. I have looked at the contacts for the recall harness, all looks OK, clean and exposed. Nothing obvious stands out. Of course, when I do find it, it will be obvious I guess. Last thing I discovered today, the truck will now start with clutch disengaged. So I will poke around there for a bit. Any ideas, help, etc. is appreciated.
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John Weng's

Need to know where the Speed Control Sensor is located on Ford F-250 V10 2002 where on the Transmission ...

Thanks you the info


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alan thames

03 excursion, 5.4, 151k, cruise will not work in normal activation.

now I press "coast" and the dash icon illuminates and the cruise engages. will not accelerate when button pushed but will "coast" and reengage... I looked at the mastercylinder, on the end of it is a "sensor" with two wires, no leaks, no heat felt in that area. When I press "coast" I hear a click under the dash...maybe the passenger side. the "off" button or the brake pedal will turn the cruise off. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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Zach O

I was driving my '99 F250 5.4l down the Freeway going about 70 mph with my Cruise Control on, I hit a large hole in the road that came out of no where, (Driving behind 18-wheeler) and as soon as I hit the bump I figured something HAD to of broken. Well, I looked down and my cruise light had disappeared, and has not worked since. I'm pretty disappointed, because I love to cruise with my cruise on. Is there a sensor or plug that may have came loose when I hit the bump? Any help is appreciated.
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Reply to #33 Zach O

Check the connector hanging off the bottom end of the master cylinder for starters. This is where the recall harness is added on my later model truck. The pins (2) are a little flakey. My issue (#30) was in the steering column, a clock spring(?) piece had failed.

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F150 2001 I had the recall done awhile back for the cruise control and it was fine now the cruise does not work.Theire oil in the connector that hook on the part on top of the brake cylinder.Is that part the activating switch.

I suspect that this part or switch is defective.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Thank you Al

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2001 F250 Superduty V-10 the cruise turns on, the dash light is lit when i press set speed, it goes off when the brake is deppressed or the cruise is turned off, but the cruise is not working, please help. Long trip coming and I really need ti.
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Tyler #7

there is a fuse for the cruise control in the fuse box, that is more than likely your problem
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Randy McLean

I first noticed, on my 2000 Excursion 7.3d, the abs light came on the dash and the cruise now would not work. I had it working for a short trip but now it is gone.

From this I suspect the master cylinder brake switch is shot and will therefore not let the cuise engage.

I broke down in Windsor Ontario and was towed to the local dealer. They had 7.3 mechanics that knew the engine inside and out. Most of the other dealers I have been to have no experienced mechanics and just fake it. I would drive for 3 hours to Windsor just to have that mechanic work his experience.

All dealerships are not the same and all mechanics are not the same.

**/**/** **:**

I have a 1996 F250 7.3 Diesel Power stroke 2 wheel drive. I bought it used. Cruise has never worked on it. ABS light stays on and can't take it out of overdrive. Don't want to spend 100.00 on the cruise control switches if I don't have too.

Any help would greatly be appreciated. Thank You

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2001 f-250 super duty crew cab, just picked it up from car lot, the dash lights are very dim, the round switch works in either directoion, seems to be dim in some places but not in all the areas? Do you think i might just have some burned out bulbs, im trying to find out, before i pull the cluster, and does anyone have a video on the 2001 f-250 dash cluster removel? You help will be greatfull appreciated.
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I too have a 2002 F-250 manual diesel. I bought it with the cruise not working. What does it need?
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Had the cruise control recall on my 2000 F-250 diesel. Took it into the dealership yesterday for the fix and when I pulled out of there I had no brakes (full pedal when I pulled into the dealership). Checked the master cylinder resevoir and found that it was empty. They deny they did anything that caused this. Any ideas?
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Dean Palmer

@brian bigdog: Nope! Fords do not suck anymore than Chevys, Dodges, Toyotas or any other vehicles do. What SUCKS is the universal corporate mentality that tries to design and build everything as cheaply and shoddily as they can get away with; the ultimate goal of maximized profits for their stockholders. Well I own stocks too and I ALWAYS advise my investment companies to put quality, integrity and reliability FIRST, and the profits will surely come. It's the entire American business model that really sucks here! They start out with a good product, then the bean counters step in and try to shave every bit of quality and cost out of a product - steel is replaced with plastics; a sturdy two dollar switch is replaced with a crappy fifty cent "equivalent" - they find thousands of ways to cut quality and make these vehicles as cheaply as possible - just so they can make a sale and get as much of your money as they can. Boy, upper management sure looks good at the Stockholder's Meetings don't they! Meanwhile, their cars and trucks are all falling apart. And it's all the result of corporate GREED! As a stock holder, I'd be very willing to earn a little bit less in dividends on my stocks as long as I know my investment companies are building the best quality products they can. All you have to do is design and build a quality product at a fair price and the public will beat a path to your loading dock. Why? Because no one is doing that anymore! Geeze, you'd stand out like a sore thumb if you sold a great quality product w/o all the factory recalls and service bulletins, etc. With so many recalls and design flaws, cheap parts and materials and the planned obsolescence built-in to today's cars and trucks (and most anything else you buy), it's any wonder they last more than three years. My old 1969 Chevy Station Wagon was FLAWLESS mile after mile. And after rebuilding the engine and tranny at 94, 000 miles, it ran to 212, 000 miles! Try and find a vehicle today that can do that! All I ever needed was gas and oil, tires, and I think a water pump at one point. Nowadays it's all about PROFITS, PROFITS, PROFITS, but at the expense of everything else. Come on America, have some pride in your work. Lets put quality and excellence back into American Products. And if you're a stockholder, INSIST that your company places quality and VALUE FIRST. Don't worry - you'll make your dividends just fine - more than you could imagine.
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matt d

hi guys cruise control issues on f250's reaches australia will try to replace loom on back of brake cylinder thanks i would have thought blowing spark plugs out of the head would be enough typical ford no help
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hi guys turns out that ford will put a fused loom on the faulty cruise control sensor to remedy the fire issue however they do not replace the sensor! turns out after replacing the sensor $54au my cruise control works just fine typical ford patch not repair!!!

good luck

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change the cruise control switch and the fuse in the link and your good to go I just changed it on mine and only cost me 34 dollars at advanced auto parts
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**/**/** **:**

my c/control didnt work but found out if you take the break booster off there is a sencer there just clean it then it will work
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