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F250 Deisel Instrument Panel gauges stopped working

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This forum post has messages dated from 09/19/08 through 07/06/14, please be sure to read all the messages. If you feel it is old or outdated, please follow up with a question or comment and someone may be able to update it, or reply with newer information if you have it.

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Used parking brake for the first time in a long time, and everything in dash cluster in 2004 F250 stopped working that night. Next morning, dash cluster remained totally dead and truck not accelerating properly. Checked alternator, battery. Found this forum and checked fuse 45. It was blown. Replaced and now everything is back to normal. Thanks.
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2003 6.0 Ford F250: Dash gauges stopped working eventally truck shut down to to loss of igntion and alternator fuctions resulting in dead batt's. Replaced fuse 45. The wire in the shifter on steering column had worn off. Retaped, New Batt's and everything works great.

A big THANK YOU to Marc Briggs for his trouble shooting and Tom P., for his instructions to remove the "ignition housing". You both save the day!! Rand

**/**/** **:**

Hey guys, all this has been such a help in the right direction. thanks. someone asked my specific problem however and i didnt really see a reply. My temperature gauge is the only thing not working. it will go straight to over heated when i turn it on than go back down after a while and run fine. i replaced the water censor and it only made the problem worse. with the truck thinking its over heated the a/c wont work. do i need to replace the whole cluster? and if so can i get one used?
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All these issues with the gas pedal, the speedo and abs are due to a bad fuse box. Only cost you about a grand to get it replaced.

I just took off the lower panel and reach down and wiggle the upper right fuse and everything works again.

Wiggle it and hold a little sideways pressure for a couple seconds and everything works again. I left the panel in the back seat and do it on the fly.

But you really need to fix the wire on the overdrive. Google ..ignition removal for f250 and it is pretty easy to follow the directions.

It's a pain but cheaper than a grand!!

**/**/** **:**

Thank you to Marc for figuring out the problem and to all the rest that have confirmed it. Fuse #45.....
**/**/** **:**

I just replaced the batteries on my F250 diesel and it starts fine, but the speedometer, tach, and other gauges don't work and when I acclerate and let off the door locks go up and down. Do I need to reset something?
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Started my 2000 F350 truck this morning and the instrument cluster was dead No gauges working , even odometer would not work, the starting indicator would not stop ringing. Found fuse 19 had blown. replaced the fuse and the cluster operated for about a few seconds before blowing the fuse again. read about the problem with the overdrive wire shorting out. opened up the steering column and the wire looks ok. moved it out of the retaining clip and gauges now work so my guess is that the wires are shorted out inside the cable some how. Good news is that I now know that the OD wire caused the problem
**/**/** **:**

2000 Ford Super Duty 7.3 Problem is that gauges ie: temp, oil, alt, fuel gauge all go off randomly. Also fuel gauge may read full or empty at the same time.speedometer and tach seem to be ok its just the other smaller gauges that are affected. Can anyone help me with this? This problem is intermittent.
**/**/** **:**
Rick Smith

I have a 2000 f350 diesel and my volt, temp, oil pressure all are pegged backwards and it is killing my batteries in a day. Any sugesstions? Thanks for your help
**/**/** **:**

Darryl my trouble started out just like yours with the four smaller guages working every now and yhen while the big guages were and still are perfect but now the little guages are peg backwards and both batteries are dead.
**/**/** **:**

2002 F-250, Gas, V10. My instrument panel went dead. Checked altanater, replaced, checked battery, good, fixed wire under boot, check bulbs in panel, all fuses check out.

The green and brown wire to the altanater reads no power.

Any body got any ideas. Need the help.


**/**/** **:**

my 2005 ford f-250 6.0 gas gauge not reading right i may put 30 dollars of fuel in it and it might read 1/4 full or i might put 10 dollars in it and it will read 3/4 full it just started here recently and im not sure whats causing it to read different its almost as if the float in the tank is sticking or something but im not sure this is my first diesel but other than that its strong and i love it.
**/**/** **:**
gary turner

1998 ford mustang gt. all gauges quit.gas gauge is stuck on 1/2 full.checked all fuses even under hood no luck any ideas?
**/**/** **:**
Tool Man

Thank you to who ever found this. 2002 ford V10 the overdrive wire and fuse 41. 1.5 hours and .75 in parts and I'm back on the road. Realy nice to catch a break when I realy needed one.
**/**/** **:**

2000 ford v10, just started, at times when cold the temp gauge and oil presser light and oil presser gauge will not work may drive a 2 or three miles or start up later and have no motor noise, than the oil presser gauge will go up half way and all three work fine, thanksa ray
**/**/** **:**
J. moore

I have a 99 F250 7.3 with the 6 speed. The batts are being drained as soon as I charge them and the cargo light stays lit at all times. I also found that the key is not turning off power to the radio or inside lights. Any suggestions? thanks
**/**/** **:**

been 1 month, can not get a cluster. why isn't the goverment helping us. i complained, did ya'll? kids did not have thanksgiving, looks like they won't have christmas either. no parts for broke down truck. might start might not start. now i know what Found On Road Dead means.
**/**/** **:**
Derek Buck

I have a 99 f350 and my o/d button does not work also havent tried marcs solution yet but my main problem is the alternator. when i first bought the truck everything was fine then about two weeks later the battery light started coming on intermitently then eventually stayed on so i replaced the alternator and it fixed it for another couple weeks and now the battery light is coming on again. any ideas anything will help thanks.
**/**/** **:**

i have a 2006 ford escape. my battery died and i had a guy jump me and he hooked up the wrong terminals at first and i went to switch them and it fired right up but i lost everything on my instrument cluster and radio. i checked all my fuzes and there all fine.

help please

**/**/** **:**

Thanks to marc Briggs I opened my steering column and sure enough the wire out of the steering column has rubbed thru. I only had fuse #45 blow once this summer and I'm sure this was the cause but not the fix to my problem now. I Made a jumper wire to contact the 2 wires together and my gauges started to work again but the wires are not rubbed all the way thru so I suspect that the o/d switch may be bad. with the jumper wire my guages work but when I touch the gas pedal the guages quit working and when I release the gas pedal the guages start working again also if I turn on the fog lights the guages also drop to zero and when I turn the switch off the guages start working again. Im not sure what route to go.The gas pedal still doesn't work but seems to be connected with this problem. Does anybody have any ideas?
**/**/** **:**

Hey got a ford f-250 2005 and the power windows, radio, moon roof, and guess guage lights will not work. Tracking this down for months and still nothing any one have the same problem and solution
**/**/** **:**
chris 99

i have a 1999 f250 sd 7.3 auto 4x4 in the mornings i crank the truck to go to work when i do the all gayges are dead blinkers work head lights work all illuminatin in cluster works but no guages it is driveable. it dings like the door is ajar but all doors are shut and ebrake is off as long as your foot is pressing the gas it will quit dinging in the afternoons the gauges work any ideas ?
**/**/** **:**
Ben Olson

Thanks to Marc and everyone else's input on this matter.. I saved around $800 doing this for an hour and a half. You have to take the dash apart which is the most time consuming part of this project.. Thank you all once again!
**/**/** **:**
Sean Beeson

Hi, I got a 2008 Ford F-250 Gas truck. I left the keys in the igniton and in the run position overnight and now it wont start. All fuses and relays are good in both junction boxes. Battery has been replaced with a new one. When the key is turned to the ignition/on positon only the airbag light comes on. The instrument cluster is completely dead... it doesn't even light up when the parklights/headlights are turned on. Any ideas? PCM dead?
**/**/** **:**
Shannon Schaeffer

Well, thanks to this thread, we've diagnosed our problem as the frayed/rubbed overdrive cable. Have had the same symptoms, on and off, for a few years now on our Ford Excursion. The random outage of the a/c control panel, the clock/radio staying on, and most recently the gas pedal not working. Thought the car was possessed until I read these posts.

So being the mama of 6 kids that I am, convinced I can fix ANYTHING with a boo-boo, I googled the problem and saw Marc's posts about the o/d cable and fuses. Made perfect sense. I checked the fuses but I wasn't convinced that just changing the fuse would fix the deeper problem so I sent this link to our friend/mechanic and had the car towed to his shop. He just called to say it was exactly the problem. He even took pics of the frayed wire. Now he wants to hire me...but I'm a little busy these days so I declined the offer :) Marc, you want a job?

Wanted to post a picture but can't see how. Email me if you'd like the pics.

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