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F250 Deisel Instrument Panel gauges stopped working

- Ford-F250

Forum Post
09/19/08 14:39

F250 Deisel Instrument Panel gauges stopped working

All of the dash gauges stopped working, RPM Speedodometer, Engine/Trans Temp Oil pressure and engine temp. I checked all the fuses and they are good. Dealership stated there is a printed circuit card that drives these gaugers and it may have gone bad. has anyone had this problem and how did you fix the problem? Where is the printed circuit card located?
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I have a Ford F150 2003.. the air and heat only come out of the upper dash by the windshield... not the vents. I was told it was the cluster but haven't read anything like the problem I am having. Yesterday my door lock wouldn't work... 15 minutes later, it worked. Any suggestions?
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I have a 2008 f250 diesel that I just bought and only had it for about an hr and all the gauges drop except the fuel gauge. And if you try to shut the truck off while the gauges are down tit won't start back up because the anti theft light comes on. Any ideas?
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L. Montoya

Good find Marc...03 ford excursion O/D wire chafed blowing #45 fuse electrical tape and all is good...also cut out rubber boot did not put back metal frame just left rubber great.
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Thank author of this post/comment"04 f250"

Jeff W. you posted the exact same circumstances that I have. The O/D wire is fine, i used a 30 amp fuse in a pinchin Space #45, fuse is still good instrument panel and auto running lights and not working. I have volts at the fuse block, none at the O/D Wire. How did you fix your issue? Any assistance would be greatly appeciated.
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Carson City, Nevada
Thank author of this post/comment"New Gauges"

It also happened to me with my 2006 F350. The gauge cluster died in front of me and it happened at night! Good thing I was an AAA member and had it towed to my house. Upon further inspection, the wiring had shorted and I had to replace the whole thing. Good thing I found this great website for pickup truck parts and accessories. I replaced the whole cluster for around $450 and they looked nicer than the standard ones my truck came in with.The link is below. Enjoy!
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Thank author of this post/comment"dash lights"

i ave a 1999 Ford F350 2 days ago dash lights when out... i have cheked all fuses, they are good, and the gauges still work. not much of a problem during daytime. if dot stops me at night im toast. any idea how to fix...
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Beautiful NW Washington State
Thank author of this post/comment"Thank you"

Recently, my father-in-law's instrument cluster stopped working during a stop while towing his monstrous RV. He was stuck because the instrument cluster problem had something to do with the Tow Haul setting on his gear shift lever and he was understandably concerned about towing the behemoth RV up the long mountain pass ahead without the Tow Haul capability.

Enter yours truly, the geeky son-in-law with a smart phone and access the internet where amazing/sharing people like you help each other. A quick google search led me to this forum and 20 minutes later, we had discovered and fixed the problem - the bare wire rubbing against the shift column leading to a blown fuse F45.

___THANK YOU___ for helping create this great community of people helping each other. By helping us find and fix the problem, you got us back on the road quickly and allowed my father-in-law to concentrate on the family vacation instead of fretting over the possibility of damaging his transmission.

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smalltown Ct.
Thank author of this post/comment"f250 guages suddenly stopped working"

My 2003 F250 had the same issue: guages not working.

I found the #45 fuse blown, and looked for the reason in the od shifter thanks to this forum.

I found the chafed wire, taped it, and I am grateful that I didn't have to bring it to a dealer.

Thanks to all who contributed to these findings!!

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Backwoods, New York
Thank author of this post/comment"More F250 Instrument Panel"

This is my first visit to Autoforum, on the off chance that I might find some advice re. the perpetually malfunctioning instrument panel lights on my 2000 F250. I don't know enough about car/truck repair to do what you folks have suggested, but it all sounds spot on and I'm on my way to my mechanic with a printed list of your comments. Thanks a ton!!!

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Thank author of this post/comment"guages not working "

i have a 2004 ford f250 super duty 4X4 5.4l. all the gauges stopped working. i have had the alternator and battery tested, they are both good. i have replace the starter due to it being bad. i have checked and taped the o/d wire. and the gauges still don't work. whatever has caused the gauges to stop working is not allowing the alternator to charge the battery. we can drive it about 15 miles and then the battery is completely dead again. i was told it could be a bad instrument voltage regulator, but you have to replace the whole instrument cluster. i really do not want to spend that kind of money. does anyone have any ideas on what else could be wrong?
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South Cack, Boonies
Thank author of this post/comment"2002 F 250 instrument cluster stopped working first"

I have replaced the battery, altinator, checked all fuses, and repaired the bare o/d wire/s. I checked for power at the fuses and its good. The altinator is still not charging nor the cluster working. This truck is my only means of transportation and income, what should i try next. I need Help, PLEASE HELP
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middle earth, Usa
Thank author of this post/comment"99 v10 no gauges"

I have done the OD wire fix and got nowhere. Everything on my truck works but the gauges, and the buzzer is continually on. Like you forgot your keys in the ignition. I have no power to fuse 16 I believe it is which is the instrument cluster. No power either side. I cannot find fuse#45 which you guys refer to. Is there a fuse inside the dash loom I am missing!? Thanks guys
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Thank author of this post/comment"F250 03 7.3L acceleration pedal and gages"

My 4x4 lost power to the gages and accelorator when I was trying to go to the store. Usually its the #45 fuse like you all say but this time its something else. Ive been calling around to every mechanic in the yellow pages. They cant tell diddly squat and if they do its shot in the dark, or they want to charge me an arm and a leg to come out and check it. Anyway, Ive tried looking at the wire for the over drive like you guys are claiming, but the wire is perfectly fine. Ive even gone as far as taking the whole accelorator pedal to check to see if it smells burnt or looks wierd. I tried pricing it at the dealers and guess what...yup a crap load for it!! Over 800 for it. (If you have the adjustable pedals)Anyone have any other sudgestions? Please help!! This has been the best help so far.Thanks to you all and we need to help each other out...
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Thank author of this post/comment"07 E350 van 6.0 L"

While driving van all gauges will stopping working, no radio.Engine will lose power and ABS light comes on.Transmission will not shift right and engine will die.Batteries will be dead, battery lghts never comes on.Replaced batteries and started all gauges worked and radio worked.Ran computer scan no DTC.Drove van about 45 mintues and problem again.New batteries dead, checked alternator charging good.Anybody have any ideas.
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Thank author of this post/comment"7.3 liter diesel"

Maunal trans no gauges work at all lights work but no rpm mph voltage fuel all dea d
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Thank author of this post/comment"2001 f250 7.3 diesel"

Manual trans no gauges work at all please help lots posted about auto trans but i have a manual
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Gurnee, Illinois
Thank author of this post/comment"05 f250 instrument cluster not working"

05 f250 with 70xxx miles, no programmers or anything on it, bone stock, no instrument cluster and doesnt accelerate well, fuse 45 is blown, has a brand new altenator on it and i just purchased a new shift lever, still blowing fuse 45, there are no exposed wires under the dash that i can find, anyone have this problem and not have it be as simple as the o/d wire being the problem?
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Rogersville, Missouri
Thank author of this post/comment"my gauges quit working on my 2004 Ford F 250 diesel"

Okay I cannot get my gauges to work I've checked all the fuses all the fuses are good what else do I need to look at
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Rogersville, Missouri
Thank author of this post/comment"hello"

Well so much for you guys helping wow I thought this was the form for F 250
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Macon, Georgia
Thank author of this post/comment"Fix it so it lasts"

I'm an EE who designs new OEM equipment, including complex wiring that has to be reliable. I had the loss of gauge problem with my 100, 000 mile F250 HD. My gauge failure was accompanied with the blown ten ampere fuse.

Ford has the wire rigidly attached to a metal bracket that also holds the shift lever boot. Whatever you do when repairing this, do NOT run the wire the same idiotic way Ford did. Ford has the wire rigidly attached at a single fixed point, and bends the wire sideways as the gear lever is moved. This is a terrible way to route a wire because it accents the flexing and movement. Compounding the problem, they have a sharp metal edge against the wire.

I rerouted my "TOW switch" wire straight toward the driver's door, tucking it under the other wires. (I have pictures but am not allowed to post links yet because I am new.) I covered sharp metal edges in the column around the wire with plastic coat, and taped the upper edge of the shifter boot bracket with a GOOD grade of Scotch outdoor electrical tape. I covered the wire in a soft plastic flexible spiral wrap. Now my wire pushes in and out toward the door side of the column, instead of bending at a sharp angle.

11/15/13 13:58
Trtacy, CA
Thank author of this post/comment"06 F250 gauges not working"


Did you find a solution. I know about the OD/Haul wire and replaced the shifter and switch. No blow fuses and still no gauges and still have all the other associated problems.

Just before it stopped working this time, The instrument cluster lights went out. I pulled the dash and the dimmer switch had come unplugged. Plugged it back in and lights worked. Right after that, gauges went out.

Any help would be appreciated

02/19/14 00:16
Woodland, CA
Thank author of this post/comment"Fix it so it lasts"

Like your post and wanted to know if you can up load photos. I have a 04 F250 crewcab 6.0 diesel Auto and having the instrument panel check out and then come back a few seconds later. Truck runs fine when it happens, generally hear a click like a relay or auto re-set breaker.
02/19/14 18:37
Macon, Georgia
Thank author of this post/comment"Pictures of repair"

Sorry, this forum does not allow me to post pictures, although I have them. I just do not have enough forum posts to have enough points. I have a website I can put them on but they do not allow me to post a link, either.

But if you search some key words, like "w8ji F250 noise", you will find a page.

04/08/14 14:48
Thank author of this post/comment"PIcs of the fix?"

You stated that you have pics of the fix for the tow/haul wiring problem. Can you please send me those pics? I have the same problem.



07/06/14 16:03
Thank author of this post/comment"2004 ford 6.0 dash cluster goes out"

I have a 2004 ford super duty with the 6.0 diesel. I am having the dash cluster problems also when the dash board goes out the radio and power windows go out. I don't have a problem with the o/d wire or any fuses. its very tempermental when it wants to work. I sent the dash cluster out to get repair and they said it cheacked out fine. and there isn't any corrosion on the fuse panel. what should I do next. please help!
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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 138 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: F250 Deisel Instrument Panel gauges stopped working archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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    Ford F250 'F250 Deisel Instrument Panel gauges stopped working'