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F250 7.3L Battery light blinking

- Ford-F250

Forum Post
06/04/09 09:35

F250 7.3L Battery light blinking

I just bought a 1999 F250 7.3L powerstroke truck and when I drove it home, the battery light came on for a little bit and then went off. I've continued to drive it with no problems, but then last night I was driving it and the battery light came on and started blinking. The truck continued to run fine, but I'm not sure if this is a battery issue or an alternator issue and wondered if anyone else had any problems. The batteries shouldn't need to be replaced yet.

Also, the truck has a 3" lift on it and it makes turning and backing with my horsetrailer more difficult than normal. I live in NC, does anyone want my lift. If you know what you are doing you can take it off my truck and put it on yours.

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06/24/09 08:59

We are having the same problem on a 2001 F250. The altenator has been replace, the battery is fine.
07/15/09 06:47

i have the same problem with my 2005 6.0L, just fixed it it was the voltage regulator in the altenator.
08/04/09 13:49
chris ackerson

I have an 02 ford f-250 with the 7.3 and my battery light was doing the same would be on one min off the next would stay on when i started it or not ... all at once i started losing power throught the truck.... changed the alenator and its fine
08/10/09 19:04

I have a 02, f250 , 7.3 and I have replaced the alt. twice. both times the output has only been between 7.5 and 10.1. both batterys are new. where is the voltage. regulator on that truck?
08/14/09 15:00

I have a 1999 Ford F250 7.3L diesel. My battery light started to blink on and then would go off minutes later. Checked the voltage from the alternator when light was out and it is ~13 volts then 7 volts when the light is on. It appears that I need a new alternator or regulator if it can be replaced separately.
08/24/09 08:49

I have a 2000 excursion & i have put 5 alt.s on it, it fixes the problem every time but dont know why it keeps going bad, has anyone else had the same problem with theirs going bad
09/29/09 14:00
Joe Crowe

Try disconnecting the glow plug relay and test it out.
04/03/10 21:03

Add another to the list. My 2001 F350 SD Crew 7.3L just started to show the red battery symbol dash warning, which has come on at random times but mostly right after I start the truck. So far, it does go out and all electrical seems to be working fine, including lights and heater. Not sure where to start. Alt or volt reg???
05/05/10 13:27
Revin Bes

maybe the belt is slipping and not turning the alternator, either change the belt or check for leaks that would make the belt slip
05/24/10 12:34
ford king

i have an 89 f350 dually with the 7.3 auto. my battery light stays on, and voltage is low, i put 2 new batterys on and had the alternator reconditioned. but the problem is still there. i want to see if it is the regulator. but can someone tell me where it is located please. i cant find info anywhere. thanks
07/19/10 12:25

I went through 4 alternators on my 04 Ex diesel in a period of 3 years. After all that hassle I realized it was a broken wire. The underhood temp get pretty bad and the two small wires going to the alternator were really brittle. Sometimes its the most simple things. Dumb me didn't figure it out even after having the battery light flash more after driving on dirt roads. I also found out the hard way that the diesels will flat out die when the batteries get low enough.
11/05/10 09:11
Jungle bunny

Ya, i got a 1999 f250 that does the exact same thing. The light comes on at random times, but never effects my driving.
11/18/10 07:05
Julie Hicks

I have a 1996 V8 Taurus SHO...the battery light keeps flashing on and off when I go and accelerate as it was trying to change gears. Once it changes gears, it would go out. Can anyone tell me what is wrong. I just put a brand new battery in this car 6 months ago. Also, when the light comes on my headlights dim really bad then the light goes out the headlights come back up to norm.
12/12/10 16:55
David H

2001 Ford F250 w/7.8L V8 Diesel. It has dual batteries but single alternator. The charge indicator (battery) light stays on all the time. I have replaced both batteries. Replaced the positive and both negative cables and ensured they were getting proper ground. The alternator and the 2 small wire harness were replaced at the Ford dealership. I had the alternator and batteries tested at Advanced Auto and Auto Zone and all tested OK at both locations. It drains the batteries if I run the vehicle and now it will drain the batteries even setting (not running).
12/30/10 21:52

I have the same problem on my 2001 7.3 F250 everytime im on the highway mainly at night the light starts blinking on and off and my headlights dim can anyone please help
03/21/11 22:57
Ninja Lerk

One thing to be careful of with re-man alternators (like from O'Reilly, Autozone, etc) is the diameter of the alternator pulley. I've also gone through a couple of alternators in my 2000 Extortion, and twice, I've gotten the smaller diameter pulley, which is apparently from the double alternator setup for ambulances. I caught this the first time after taking the alternator back to the parts store after noting that it wasn't putting out the expected 14.4V. I've given up on re-man alternators now, and just pay the extra price for OEM. I've had this last one for three years now without issue.
04/12/11 11:43
David Rodriguez

I am the owner of a 2007 F250 power stroke diesel and have replaced both batteries and alternator with truck only having 40, 000 miles on it. Now my battery light is on and truck is running fine but light remaining on is alarming. This seems to be a common problem.
08/08/11 00:26
lemon grove ca
Thank author of this post/comment"Battery Light flicker"

Battery light has been flickering 4 a wk now, then it just wont start what should I do 1st , r their special instructions on how 2 remove the batteries since it's diesel? thanks
01/27/13 20:00
Thank author of this post/comment"flashing battery light"

the problem is caused by a bad diode in the alternator.replace alternator and problem goes away
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    Ford F250 'F250 7.3L Battery light blinking'