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1997 F250 7.3 powerstroke, diesel leak

- Ford-F250

Forum Post
12/09/08 19:46
Tony Williams

1997 F250 7.3 powerstroke, diesel leak

I have a leak somewhere under the turbocharger. It appears to be coming from an area where two copper tubes are tied into a fuel pump? I'm not sure what is exactly leaking but could use others thoughts.
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What do you call the round flat part under the turbo on a 1996 f250 7.3 litre?
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You can find a information about ford diesel fuel leaks, fuel pumps at They also have a selection of fuel system parts.
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john buccella

hi guys please someone help me i am so frustraed!!! i have a 1997 ford f 250 power stroke my question is all of a sudden i cat get my truck to fire over it cranks but wont start, i tried shooting it with some ether and it would fire over for about a couple seconds ad then stop, what do you think could be the problem fuel issue?? thats what i am thinking, i also noticed that when i removed the cap of the fuel filter canister there is no fuel inside. please someone help me or point me in right direction i need my truck so i can go back to work.
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i have a leak on the oil return pipe under the drivers side manifold and how to change the o-ring and what parts i have to take off to get to it?its a 95 ford f250 4x4 7.3 motor diesel,
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clay grant

this is to john buccella, it sounds like your fuel pump is going out. I had the same problem with mine with the same symptoms. Its called the '' high lift pump'' at auto zone and runs around $100. its fairly easy to replace and i recommend that you replace the hoses going from the pump to the fuel filter canister as well.
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hey guys i got a 1996 ford f-250 with 83000 miles on it i had a fuel leak before but it was from my fuel filter. but today i just got another one an i have no idea were it is coming from. isaw some of u guys sayin tighten the bolts an the orings were are those at. i just bought a diesel so im still learning how to work on em
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i think im having i fuel leak! i have a 1997 ford powerstroke turbo diesel there is wet spots all over the valley and what i beleave is called the bowl and the truck wont start! and i thought it was the fuel filter but i just got the truck and i have know idea where it is! someone please emal me back i need the truck running by monday so i can get to work!



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my ford-7.3 is hard to start in cold weather, i have changed the glow plugs and checked the soleniod, what else could it be? it starts good if plugged in. i have no fuel leaks.
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i have a 1996 ford extended cab 2 wheel, 273000 runs like the best of them, looks brand new, has new water pump and fuel canister..... it has a small fuel leak and is hard to crank when below 50 or 55, sometimes when its cold, white smoke will hase out between each attemp to crank, if i plug it up then no problems
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continued..... , sometimes after running it a while, and i kill it, then try and crank it agin it will idle terrible, like it has a big cam or something, if i slowly rev the engin then it quits and goes back to idleing right..this is the bad idle rugh...rugh...rugh
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email address
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i have a ford f350 7.3 diesel and fuel is getting into the oil-it ran fine and then stoped running then it started and seemed to run fine--checked the oil and the level is very high and it seems to run rough now
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brett clark

I have a 95 powerstroke that is leaking fuel when running. It appears to be on the passenger side near or above the starter. I

Can't tell but i think it is dripping out of the the hole on the bottom of the engine block, this is where the water bleed off valves dumps through when i drain the the fuel filter bowl if there is water in my fuel. Can this be the actual valve or o-rings that seal the bleed off valve? I checked on the fopsode of the the intake manifold and did notice some liquid in the valley, i don't know if this is diesel or water in the valley from the rain dripping down onto the valley, but it only leaks when the engine is running. Am i correct in thinking there are seals for the bleed off valve that can go bad? Please email me at or feel free to call me at 425-343-8284. I have tighter every hose for fuel and none are even wet with fuel. Any ideas please get ahold of me. Thank you, Brett.

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Brett Clark

I have a 95 f250 powerstroke that is leaking fuel when it is running and it appears to be leaking onto the starter and also its coming out of the bottom of the flywheel cover. When I shut off the engine it drips like Up to 10 drips but when its running it will drip 1-5 Drips every 30 seconds or so. But of course when I went to the auto parts store and looked for the leak emahen it was running, it wouldn't leak. I believe the leak is coming out of the drain hole that is for the bleed off valve when there is water in the fuel filter bowl. Are there o- rings or seals that seal that bleed off valve? And are the seals easy to change? Has this happened to anyone, and am I driving a time bomb if this isn't fixed immediately?
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Brett Clark

I'm sorry my email is please email me or call me at 425-343-8284. Thank you.
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I have a 1997 Ford F250 with the 7.3 L turbo I want to put a 7.3 L from a 2000 truck what do I need to make that happen
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Chris Medeiros

Fuel leak on 02 7.3 Top of motor is dry, including the valley, the passengers side front of motor is soaked??? ( Thanks!!
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My son has 1997 F350 7.3 turbo. He had fuel leaks in the valley. After finding the leak which was the orings in the high presure regulator. He went to Ford and they said low sulpher fuel destroyed the orings and they didn't make a repair kit but would sell him another high pressure regulator for $450.00. We carried the regulator to Cardinal Rubber and they had all the orings to fit the high pressure regulator and it was fixed for less than $ 5.00.
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Reply #23. I have a 2000 ford 250 7.3 liter engine and I have raw fuel in the radiator. Do you know what it might be
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gregg hall

Got fuel leaking from under fuel filter. took bottom aluminun ring off, looked ok! tried to start, would not, tried to bleed air out at bottom om fuel filter. Have a solenoid thats clicks continously after wait to crank light goes out!Its a 1994 7.3 with only 94, 000 on it! Ran fine until last fiil up, then saw leak!! Please help!!!
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Reply to #33 Tom:

Try changing the fluid and filter in the transmission. Had a Ford mechanic tell me it was a torque converter issue, and changing the fluid a couple times will help it shift better. Truck still has the issue, but when I change the fluid and filter, it gets better. The more often you change it, the better it will get.

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Sue G

Hi all! I have a 97 F-250 7.3L Turbo. I have had it in the shop and had $3000.00 worth the work on it and that was mostly for a fuel leak. Well, the mechanics replaced the fuel filter and 2 hoses # LMKFL35 and LMKFL34. I don't know if these are fuel hoses. You will have to excuse me as I am just learning the diesel engine. I am use to working on the gas engine. Anyway, they found the valley of the engine full with fuel. They resealed the fuel system in the engine valley. They replaced the Fuel/Water Seperator Element. Well, now it is leaking fuel again. I was nearly out on my destination of a 1700 mile trip to see my sister who is has end stage cancer. I was leaving Salt Lake City and was heading for Wyoming. Luckily I caught this fuel leak before I got into Wyoming as there is nothing out there in Wyoming. It is just me (a female disabled women) and her dog traveling alone. Luckily, I have some expierience with automobiles. Anyway, I do not know what could be causing this to leak again after the mechanics said they had it licked. I can't travel from Salt Lake City to Houston, TX with my vehicle doing this. I love my F-250 and would never part with it. I bought it brand new and it is my baby. Can anyone out there give me some suggestions. It is leaking at the bottom of the engine near the oil pan as that is where it was leaking before. My mechanic told me if it were to leak again he would have to take out the turbo to maybe see what would be causing it. This would cost me a arm and a leg for this. I do not think it's near the turbo. I am getting the impression that I am being raked over the coals here. Any suggestions would greatly help. Please e-mail me as I would best see responses via e-mail. Thank you so much,

Sue and Samantha(puppy dog)


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Beltsville MD
Thank author of this post/comment"1997 F250 7.3 powerstroke, diesel leak"

my leak determined to be hole in filter canister this is why you need to drain water on a regular basis $400+ in parts at dealer cost)

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K town, Wi.
Thank author of this post/comment"Trans o.d. light flashing"

Please be advised, sometimes it is not the trans!

I spent over 4, 000 dollars to learn it was the instrument cluster!

My truck spent the better of 6 months in and out of the trans shop, they just kept throwing parts at it.

A trip to Ford proved out that all I needed was a junkyard cluster.

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Springdale Ar.
Thank author of this post/comment"Reply to # 32"

I had that problem with my 97 7.3 Turbo power stroke. Your Glow plug relay is bad. You can get this at almost any part store. I believe the last time i replaced mine it was under $30.00. It is located under the cover (on top of the motor that covers your fuel filter. It is a round cylinder with 4 studs coming out the top. Remember before you replace this to remove your battery cables first. This will help with the cold starts. It also helps to plug it in overnight, but this should fix your problem.
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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 61 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: 1997 F250 7.3 powerstroke, diesel leak archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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