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stuck in 4 wheel low

- Ford-F150

Forum Post
07/08/08 13:24
David Henderson

stuck in 4 wheel low

I have a 2000 Ford F150 4 wheel drive. I put it in four low and now it will not come out. The fuses are all good. There are no fault codes. The switch is ok. When you turn the switch to 2 high or four high it doesn't even click. Does anyone know where the shifting relays are located. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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12/31/10 21:45

have 02 f-350 whill shift into 4h-4L on the fly but will not shift back out on the fly only if jumped under truck with 12v comes wright even low . have pretty much checked and changed every thing with new or mostly salvaged parts. did note that it only lock in if hubs are in the manual mode not auto
01/01/11 02:25

My 1998 Ford F150 will not shift into 4wd at all. I put it into neutral and stepped on the brake and used my other leg to try to shift it, but could not move it. I had this problem last year and could shift it with my leg. So it seems I must have a corrosion/linkage problem. I don't think it has anything to do with he 30 amp fuse. Do you think I have to take it in? Appreciate any help I can get. This is nice to be able to get some experienced advice to give me a direction.

Thank you and Happy New Year!!!!

01/02/11 08:49

I am equally greatful for the information on getting out of 4w low. Wish I would have looked for the answer on the internet 2 days ago. I worried over New Year week-end. This saved me money I am sure. I am glad to start out the new year with a heap of gratitue and not another bill. THANKS!!!!
01/03/11 12:50

a 2008 posting has been a life-saver. My brother was stuck in 4 wheel drive - he was waiting to go the the mechanic this morning when I logged on and found this site- he didn't believe it could be this simple but went outside and put the car in neutral and hit the break- he was embarrassed.

So to Chuck- the original source, Thank you so much and Happy New year. My brother will never make fun of me for googling again.

01/10/11 00:24

I've tried all that I read about, Brake and Neutral and Others and Mine still has no power to the switch. Help Please.
01/11/11 17:29

i have a 1998 expedition and feels like it stuck in 4x4low. i tried switching and the light goes out but it is still at 4grand and only going 10mph. please help i tried in reverse and in neutral and no luck. crystal
01/13/11 15:05

Got the call form my wife today truck stuck in 4WL Saw the fix called and talked her through it worked like a charm. Thanks.
01/24/11 20:23

Appreciate all of your posts, fixed mine before disaster.... Makes a clunking sound when switching now, but it's out of 4wheel low... So I know I was just in time, wish I would of checked days ago....
01/28/11 15:59

Foot on brake and neutral work great thanks.....
02/02/11 10:01

Ya know, Reply #2 Chuck, you may have just been 1st to say it, but you get all the credit. 2 years later your help is still going strong.

Like Reply #7 david wilmshurst I expected a major expense to get it fixed, I was freaking out. And duh. I yell at my wife for not reading the owners manual.

Thank you, you saved the day!


02/04/11 20:55

Thank you so so much! We were driving through ice the past thirty minutes in four low and couldn't get it to four high.. then we read this forum as I googled it on my phone and presto! Appreciate it!
02/14/11 09:24

This happened to me last night as I accidently hit 4X low. I haven;t yet tried the fix but I am sure that is what it is(at least I hope so). will try it when I go outside. My issue is, how come this is not well known and why doesn't the dealer tel this to people. I guess it's RTFM...

A big thanks to Chuck!!!


02/18/11 20:56

Ok iv read all these and none are my situations. 98 f150 4x4 lariat 4.6, driving around in 2wd fine i put it in 4x4 and its in 4x4 no big deal then when i go to put it back in 2wd it does the 4wd light goes off on the dash n i drive down the road not 30 seconds later everytime 4x4 light pops on and a loud metal gear grinding noise like its trying to engage i slow down to about 20 and it pops into 4x4 all while shifter is in 2wd , it will take me hours of messing with it until it stays in 2wd any ideas please email pulling my hair out thanks erik
02/22/11 20:30

Ford F-150, foot on brake, truck in neutral... Worked like a charm. Thanks!
02/24/11 18:34

97 f150 4x4 ESOF driveing along let off, went into neutral by its self acted like there was no drive shaft had to shut it off to put in park.had it towed home started and went into gear and drives stuck in 4L.checked fluid level-super low when I pulled the plug got 4oz.drained and refilled. no 4x4 light, no power to T/C motor, all fuses good, switch is good, makes click when switch is moved.

Im Stuck

03/14/11 17:04

98 expo Eddie B. I was drive 55 with cruise on truned it off and was in neutral got stoped and it went in 4WL want come out put new shift motor on transfer case still nothing . I have had to do the battery thang for a year and that don't work any more . All fuses are good. Book said something about apair of solenoids mount on firewall, route vacuum to the vacuum motor which engages and disengages the center axle disconnect collar in front axle. Can't find it to try
04/26/11 11:51

I have the same problem as Greg. I was driving down the highway in my 1998 Ford F150 with the Electric 4X4 switch.. it felt as if it went to neutral. I coasted to the side of the road and sat there waiting for a tow truck. It was towed to a dealership, who confirmed this problem, but I don't have the 890.00 to fix it right now. Is there a way to manually shift it into 2WD at the transfer case? Will this work at all? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
05/03/11 14:12

thank you sooooo much!!!! I called Ford when it happened and they told me that it sounded like something serious and that I should get it towed in. I started searching for a cause or solution on the net and DANG......Worked like a charm!!!
08/21/11 16:41
Thank author of this post/comment"Expedition was stick in 4x4 low"

Thanks! Putting Truck in neutral then switching out of 4x4 low worked for me.
01/07/12 15:26
United States
Thank author of this post/comment"4x4 stuck in low"

This forum is great if the "neutral, break, shift" thing works. The posts that it didn't work for, like my situation were never addressed. Why?
01/26/12 15:34
Thank author of this post/comment"For all the others that BRAKE-N-Shift DID NOT work"

My 2001 Ford Excursion was stuck in 4x4 High--Thank you for everyone's posts that helped me get my wheels turning(excuse the pun, me thinking) on a Sat night--The procedure I used is VERY MACGYVERish, but it has worked so far and saved me $60 in parts. I ensured my hubs were on auto. Then, I pinched the vaccuum lines with 2 clothespins(on top of each other b/c they were weak walmart clothespins that were made in china) per side. Don't pinch the darn brake lines! My vaccuum lines were the upper of the two. I drove in reverse for 20 feet and swithed the knob to 2x4--It caught, then I quickly rotated the hub to "lock" (indicated by the dot)with channel locks. I can now drive safely without that scary torque binding which is not good for the transmission and is dangerous on the pavement--I also gave that solenoid behind the battery a hit (which was good advice by one of the previos posts) with a screwdriver just to wake it up b/c I never have used the 4x4--
[message deleted by user]
01/31/12 18:40
Thank author of this post/comment"F150 stuck in 4 WD"

Hello, I want to say Thank You to Chuck (reply #2) for saving the day for my son & I. Last Friday his truck kicked into 4 low on it's own and got stuck there, even when the gear shift was in regular mode. The truck made jerking movements and the motor revved up. While he was driving 20 mph the speedometer was showing 90. He drove it to work that way and then the truck wouldn't start. We had it towed to the dealership where we purchased it. They couldn't find the problem and the diagnostic machine wasn't showing any issues. They were stumped over the weekend and yesterday replaced the rear ABS speed sensor on the rear differential. That didn't help either as the transmission was still acting like in 4x4. They suggested we transfer the vehicle to a Ford dealership as two mechanics had already looked at it and could not find the problem. In a panic (I figured I was about to spend some big $) I googled the problem and came on this site. I called the service manager and he sounded skeptical, saying, "It sounds to easy.". I asked if they had tried that already and he said they had not. I told him that it was worth a try, and emailed him this link. Then I prayed to Jesus. This morning, he called and said that it worked. He put the transmission in neutral while holding foot on the brake, then moved the switch to 2WD, and it did the trick. Wow, you can imagine that I was overjoyed and so was my son. So, I want to say, Thank you God for this forum and thank you to Chuck for sharing a simple but very valuable piece of knowledge. I still paid $70 for the sensor, but you saved a single mom a lot of money, and a teenage boy a lot of grief. Can't thank you enough...God bless everyone for sharing. =)
12/30/12 08:07
Thank author of this post/comment"95 ford f 150 stuck in 4 wheel drive"

did the foot and neutral thing still stuck fuse good what next!!!!!!
01/06/13 10:45
Montevideo, Minnesota
Thank author of this post/comment"2007 Ford F150 stuck in 4x4 low."

Thank you to this site it saved me a ton of money. Truck would not release from 4x4 low. Read that you need to put truck in neutral and apply the brake all the way to the floor then take it out of 4x4 if it is stuck. Worked like a charm as I was going to bring it to the shop tomorrow I just saved money and am very pleased.
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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 84 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: stuck in 4 wheel low archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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