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stuck in 4 wheel low

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Forum Post
07/08/08 13:24
David Henderson

stuck in 4 wheel low

I have a 2000 Ford F150 4 wheel drive. I put it in four low and now it will not come out. The fuses are all good. There are no fault codes. The switch is ok. When you turn the switch to 2 high or four high it doesn't even click. Does anyone know where the shifting relays are located. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

01/27/09 13:59
Kevin R

Hi, my 88 bronco is stuck in low 4x4 and switch makes no noise (clicking)?? Help.
01/28/09 16:09

I know this is stating the obvious, but did you try shifting the correct way? Foot on the brake, transmision in neutral? More than once I';ve came across folks that couldn't get into 2x because they forgot how to do it.
02/16/09 22:57
Lee Sanders


Thanks, I just bought a 2000 expedition, I couldnt get it to go into low range. I just ried as you said, brake, neutral etc, and straight into low range. Thanks again

03/31/09 00:46

I feel like an idiot. I have owned my 06 expedition for over 2 years and this is the first time I have needed 4L. I could not get it out of 4L and was very worried. Read this post and all is good now. Foot on the brake and neutral. Who knew. Thanks a bunch.
06/09/09 22:53

Thanks much. Had the same issue on a 2005. Thing is, I know I was able to shift it on the fly in a low speed before. Wouldn't do it this time. Thanks!
06/11/09 16:07

Thanks a Million Foot on the brake in nuetral worked like a charm!
06/30/09 08:13
david wilmshurst

It worked-Thanks a million.I had expected much expense and even more trouble.What a relief!
08/26/09 20:01

I didn't realize there was a brake pedal - low range interconnect. I guess because you can shift on the fly in high range, I didn't think you needed your foot on the brake to shift into and out of low range.

Thanks for the help. Worked perfectly.

09/07/09 11:05

I have a 1999 F-150. I tried the break, neutral and could not get it to come out of 4-low. Funny thing, I shut off the truck, now I cant start it. It is at the dealers, but with today a holiday, won't find anything out till tomorrow. Wondering if anyone has had this issue, and what the fix was.
10/01/09 18:28
joe h

while driving at @45 mph my 97 expedition seemed to go into neutral when i slowed down it slammed into 4x4 low and is stuck there even in reg drive gear i never shifted into any other 4x4 gears i;ve just replaced the shift motor at the rear of transfer case but still same prob. can any one help me before it finds its way off a cliff. ty. joe
10/07/09 15:51
maurice t

i have a 1999 ford fi50 4x4 can not get it to shift into 4 wheel drive high or low lights on dash do not light up when i put into 4 wheel drive can you help thanks
10/16/09 12:35

12/07/09 13:03

Just did my shift motor, also needed a new 30A maxi-fuse in the fuse box under the hood. Location 104 in the fuse box on a 99 Exp. in the operators manual. Pulled one from the trailer brake location as none at the regular store. Dealer say they hook up the shift motor directly to diagnostics to test, and since shift motor is showing fault that is why the fuse also blows. So no indicator lights, AWD, or 4wd.

Works now, 4 x 4 light flickers when extreme cold though. Use dialectric grease at electrical connectors and this will help keep out the moisture etc.

12/20/09 18:21

i have a 1999 f150 won't go into 4WD and no 4x4 light won't light up in dash
12/22/09 18:12

Foot on the brake, transmision in neutral worked like a charm. Thank you Chuck!!!! I was panicking!!!!!
12/28/09 01:39

My 2008 Ford F-150 was would not come out of 4 low, While I was stuck I must have put it on 4 low without realizing it and when I hit the brake while rocking it, it must have went into 4 low when I passed through neutal.

I did not know about that you had to be in neutral with foot on the brake to shift into and out of 4 low. I bought this truck new, seems like something the salesperson should have covered during delivery!

01/29/10 10:55

If your 4x4 light comes on in the dash panel but will not engage, try opening the hood and disconnecting the two black solenoids behind the battery on the passenger side. They have two hoses running to the bottom of them also. If you can park it in a heated garage and get the moisture out of those lines and keep the solenoids inside also see if that fixes your problem. if it works momentarily until it gets cold again then you will need to replace those solenoids which is a ford only part. That should cure your problem. if problem STILL occurs then check to make sure you have vacuum running thru those lines and that there is no cracks or breaks in the line.
02/14/10 19:57

My 99 F150 XLT will not go into any 4 wheel drive mode and no dash light will light up. I have tried nuetral and park with the brake depressed motor on and off. The floor shifter will not move forward or backward. Any ideas would help.

Thanks Bobby

02/16/10 02:16

Have a '91 F-150, auto, when put it in 4-Hi, when pulling a little hard, Lo-range light flickers on. Even if only going 25 mph, trans. jumps into drive, or overdrive. Would linkage on side of transfer case be a little out of adjustment, Cause if you push forward on 4WD lever about 1/2 inch, and lite don't come on or flicker, it won't do it.
02/16/10 09:59

I have a 2002 f150 and was having some front end problems so I took it to Ford and they informed me that the truck is stuck in 4wheel drive and wanted over 300$ to tell me why. My 4x4 light is not on and it does not feel like it is in 4 wheel. Can anyone help...
02/17/10 19:03
matt smith

I have a 06 f150.It goes in 4x4 but doesnt wont to come out very easy.I really got to mess with but the light goes off when I turn the switch off

02/21/10 15:26

I have a 99 Ford F-150, My truck will not move unless it is in 4 wheel drive why is this?
02/21/10 23:22
James Jackson

I have a F-350 stuck in 4 low and no power at the motor at transfere case checked all fuses all ok took motor off transfere case hooked a hot and a ground wire to the motor it works fine in both directions. But again no power at motor when on transmission. Any idea and does the truck have a 4x4 module somewhere. Thanks James
03/04/10 08:28

Yes there is a control module under the dash of the passenger side. if you un hook it and plug it back up it should work from anywhere from an hour to a week. I had the same problem and probably will have to have it replaced
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