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Spark Plug Nightmare

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This forum post has messages dated from 01/11/09 through 04/14/13, please be sure to read all the messages. If you feel it is old or outdated, please follow up with a question or comment and someone may be able to update it, or reply with newer information if you have it.

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A&P Tech

I have joined the fraturnity of the dreaded Triton plug.I own a 2005 F-150. After reading much advise I proceeded to remove my first plug after following all caveats. Damn plug divorced it self as presribed. I now await my extraction tool to remove the lower assembly of one bad design. I think I messed up when I allowed penetrating fluid to get into the swaging of the plug. I should have used carbon remover like Seafoam which I believe would have attacked the carbon at the ground electrode shield-cylinder head mating area. By the way went to my local Ford garage to find out how they fix this. They said and I quote "hit it with an impact wrench fast is better then slow" I also ask how much do you get to change 8 plugs...He smiled with a cheshire grin and said 3 bills if they come out 7 if they don't. This is a recall if I ever saw one. SHAME ON YOU F.O.R.D.
**/**/** **:**
Stephan LaPierre

I was just getting ready to send my 2004 f150 in to the dealer for its mid life spark plug change (140 kms), when I saw a show on Speed channel talking about this new Champion brand plug that is a one piece design.(someones thinking)

At this point I want to think I can trust the dealer to do it, but if they do the job, they will only replace the plugs with their own junk which will have to be dealt with later on. (basically a waste of timeand money)

I don't think the dealer would be keen on installing Champion plugs????

Are ther any other problems with this engine?? I have heard of cracked manifolds and bad cams. My truck still looks shiny and new perhaps I will just get rid of her.

I owned a 1994 f150 before I got this one and I could change the plugs in about an hour in my driveway.

Before that one, I had a 1969 with a 300 straight 6 (best engine ford ever made) I could change those plugs with an adjustable wrench!! Technology works against us sometimes.

Great site.

**/**/** **:**

I was researching this problem since my dealer has been trying to get me to change the plugs for 2 years now when i found this site.

Im starting to get a ruff idle on the truck so am thinking of changing the plugs. I have 172000 km on my 2004 f150 fx4.

Im a second owner so im not sure if the plugs were changed before or not but I will ask that they provide me with the old plugs.

Just wanted say that I too feel this problem is a Ford issue and the problem caused by the product should not be passed to the consumer.

One would think they would put that grease on the plugs as factory or is it that they know it doesnt work? From what I read they have continued their use of faulty designed plugs on even the new models ????

Just a thaught.


**/**/** **:**
Stephan LaPierre

For the Canadian Ford victims, Canadian Tire stores carry the Champion plugs and they are about 15 dollars a pair. This half the cost of the dealer supplied ford plugs that split in 2.
**/**/** **:**
Judy Vick

Get this, just took our 150 in at 90, 000 to a certified mechanic to change our plugs and the 1st one broke. He calls the Ford dealer and they explain the design flaw and tell him they have a $1, 000 tool that will take out the defective plug. He ask if he can borrow the tool and they lol. WTF why didnt they tell him he could purchase this Lisle tool at Napa???? F-- FORD!! They just wanted to charge me $90 extra to remove each broken plug. How do I get in on a class action law suit to get my $$ back?
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I own a 2007 F-150 Lariat with the Triton 5.4 engine w/30k miles. Took her to the shop for the spark plug replacement and the mechanic told me they would take some time taking each plug out cause they had past experiences where they had broke. After almost 2 hours, none of them broke. However they only had the DENSO plugs for replacement. Since I heard so many stories regarding this issue with the plugs, I didnt want to get that brand.

When I got my used plugs back in, the engine of the truck has a minor vibration almost in each stop. The mechanix says its because of the spark plugs that need to be replaced. However I did not had this problem prior to having taken the plugs out and back in. Anyone had this problem before?

I think I will get the one piece Champion, is this the best spark plug for a 2007 F150? Any feedback will be great, thanks.

**/**/** **:**
Casey bass

I also have had this problem. I just came back from overseas and was looking forward to driving my 06 kingranch 150 and needed to get the plugs changed. I was able to get 6 out no problem but the last 2 broke off with the porcelain still in the sleeve. So I've been working the last three days to pull them out without having to pull off the head. I haven't been to happy with my time home so far all I've done is work on this truck. Maybe tomorrow I'll get it done finally. Ford really needs to fix this bull before they lose all of their customers.
**/**/** **:**

Hey just finished the dredfull spark plug change on my 2006 ford lariat F150 it only took me 3 days 12hours 45minutes and 22seconds .:)All i can say is before u start buy the lisle 65600 tool i only broke 3 but i tried everthing to try to get them out finally i found this site read all the issues and ordered the tool online $70bucks and 2 days later i had it the tool is great its so easy and helpfull .HEY I HAVE AND IDEA WHY DONT FORD HIRE THE GUY THAT DESIGN THE LISLE 65600 TOOL INTEAD OF THAT IDIOT THAT TOUGHT OF THIS STUPID ASS IDEA .

SO i would consider buying that tool B4 u start trust me even if only one breakes its well worth the money . If u get lucky and none break then u can always sell the tool on ebay .

**/**/** **:**

I bought a used '03 Lariat from a dealer two weeks ago, 80K. The truck belonged to an exec there. Even though he worked for Ford, he pretended he had never heard of the issue. His thoughts were don't fix it if it ain't broke because I'm selling it sooner than later.

My mechanic suggested getting the spark plugs replaced after 60Kmi. He has seen issues that early on. He showed me the extraction tool kit. He quoted me $320 to do the job, but they normally quote it higher. He warms up the engine first, them applies de-gunking lube on each plug pretty heavily, so that it can work down through the carbon build-up. Warming the engine allows for better penetration of the solvent. He replaces the plugs with the one piece plugs. The longer the truck is driven, the more likely the plugs will break. If the pieces fall into the cylinder shaft, then replacement becomes very costly.

**/**/** **:**

I own a Ford F-150. 5.4 Liter King Ranch

I've been told that it was time to Change my Spark Plugs, so i called the dealership and ask how much will this cost for 1 spark plug would cost $100.00 and I have 38 spark Plugs.

I dont have the Money to change all 8 + labour.

For all of you that change your own spark plugs did you suceed in that took you all purchased?

I need some Advice on how to change my own Please I need your help. Feel free to contact me through e-mail thanks

**/**/** **:**

I have a 2004 f150 FX4. Dont get me wrong, i love my truck she's awesome. She screams goin down the road. I just recently bought the spark plugs for my truck and im thinking about doin it myself. I have a question though and it may be stupid so bare with me... I use shell 93 octane gas every single fill up. All because i have exhaust, intake, throttle body spacer, and superchips (dialed to the max) on my truck. Chip says on the advanced performance setting (superchips value) use minimum of 91 octane. So i use 93. Alright, so with all this carbon build up bull im reading yall have will using high test gasoline help me with that problem as far as doing the spark plugs? Note: i've been using 93 for over a year now with this truck. Before that i used 89 before i had the chip. And also, once every 3 or 4 months i pour 3 to 4 gallons of cam 2 mixing with my gas. No it doesnt hurt i've already talked to alot of mechanics including from ford and they said if anything it helps keep it clean. Using a full tank of Cam 2 then yea you would have problems. But im not running straight Cam 2 im mixing with the 93 and its not like im doing on every fill up. And trust me, i notice big differnence when i use Cam 2. So will me using high test gas give me an advantage of changing out my plugs?
**/**/** **:**

I bought a 2005 Ford F-150 and in a years time I have stuck another 5G into it! The 1st time it ate a spark plug it cost me $1, 200 the second time was Over a grand and the 3rd time yes I said the 3rd time ran me 800! Why is there not a recall on this engine?
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Hey Guys,

Sorry to hear all of the problems with the Ford sparkplugs. We were told by our BG rep to use their induction or top end clean before trying to remove the plugs. This has worked beyond our expectations. We were very impressed with the way the chemical performed. We have only broke 1 plug since doing this and the vehicle had 150, 000 on it. From what I hear, Ford is recommending this service as well. the problem lies with carbon being a magnetic intity. The design is two peice and allows it to seal to itself.(definite blunder)This has been the best results for us. We have tried the oil treatments and the others as well with not much success. Also I would be very careful as to what I used, as some will cause hydrolock. Hope this helps. I know it has been a nightmare and just trying to help. Good luck!!!

**/**/** **:**

Will using a high grade branded gas help with the carbon build up? I only use 93 octane from Shell gasolines.
**/**/** **:**
Dustin caruso

I just attempted to change the plugs in my 06f150. I had problems with one plug. The plug itself did not break. the metal piece on the bottom of the plug is seized up in the hole. Has anyone else had this problem and if so how did they deal with it.
**/**/** **:**

I have an 05 150 aswell and am also mechanically inclined. did not realize this was such an issue until i broke the first plug off saturday afternoon. Attempted to drill it out and the remaining porcalin fell down in the top of the piston...Needless to say i hav'nt slept much since and waiting for the dealer to open in a few hours. I love my ford but wish now that I would have just left the damn things alone.

Who would have thought that a guy couldn't do "routine maintanence on his own vehicle?

From the previous posts...I should expect over a grand to fix.

I can asure you that letters will be written and complaints made.

**/**/** **:**

I have a 2004 (first year of the 5.4 fun engine) with 220, 000kms. It idled bad, drank a ton of fuel and ticked like it was a diesel or something. It had such a bad miss, I thought okay time to change the plugs. After reading half of this I realised I'd have to be mentally challenged to think I could do this on my own.

The proper extractor the dealership uses is $300 alone off of ebay. I called Richport ford in richmond BC and asked about the plug changes. $400 to start, 1/2 hour per broken plug. With my high K's I figured all 8 would break. I also asked if they've had to remove any heads. They have yet to screw one up bad enough to pull the head.

So, $600 later plus 5 broken plugs, she runs like a dream. I added a Airaid cold air intake right after. With that done, it idles properly now and there is no ticking sound at all. It's not because the cold air intake is loud and making it, I think the rough idle was making a mild problem sound worse. Funny thing is, you couldn't even tell the truck idled bad to begin with.

Save yourselves the grief, call Ford and get it in there. There guys have been doing it for a while now and should have it down good. Plus next year or more if you do the plugs again through them, it's on them if the head comes off or the threads strip.

Good luck guys!

Also, before they did the plugs, I asked them to tell me what the noise was from the engine. The Tech stethescoped it and said commonly and in my case it was the Cam Phaser (R/H) $2000 per side and the timing chain tensioner $3000 I think...

But hey, after the plugs got done, the noise went with it.

Good luck guys!

**/**/** **:**

My F150 is having it's plugs changed now. It will cost a lot of money but they will not give a quote and I can see why, $400 to $3000. My Ford truck has been great for the first 105, 000 miles but I have to figure out what to do now. Sell and get another ford, sell and get another brand or keep the truck I have. Has anyone used the Champion plugs and then tried to change them with 100, 000 miles on them??????

Count me in on a class action suit. For those mad enough, walking in front of the dealership with a sign saying "If you buy a Ford it could cost $3000 to change the plugs" will get fast attention. I'm not suggestion you do this!

When I told my wife the possiable cost I thought she would pass out. If anyone has had any success with getting some money out of Ford let me know how you did it.

**/**/** **:**

spark plug nightmare;






**/**/** **:**

Changed the plugs on my 05 f150. 3 of 8 broke. bought the lis 65600 tool from napa for $70 and removed the 3 broken plugs in about 2 hrs! save time and money, you can do it yourself.
**/**/** **:**

hi i have an 05 f-150 5.4 90, 000 miles and the first one I tried broke. thats great!!!!
**/**/** **:**

Does this problem apply to a 2005 f150 4.6 motor
**/**/** **:**

Just got my husband's 2004 F-150 back from the Shop. 5 of 8 spark plugs broke. Total cost $1500. Sent Ford an E-Mail. After reading all these comments doubt anything will come of that. I keep reading of a class action suit. Is this happening? 'Cause we are on board! Furious!! Oh, and this is after we spent $1900. on a new transmission!!

We will not be buying American ever again!!

**/**/** **:**

Dodged the Nightmare, got an engine light on my 05 Expedition, the #3 spark plug was the culprit. Dealer said $400.00 to change them all... bought the plyg myself, changed it out without a problem... Ford knows of the nightmare, and will lose some loyal customers for it
**/**/** **:**

Hey All,

First off, I just want to thank you all for posting such information here on the forum about the issues you've had with the spark plugs on your F150s. I'm a factual researcher for a law firm that is working on a class-action suit against Ford because of these problems and seeing your posts has shown me how widespread this problem really is. I would love to hear more about each of your personal experiences with this issue. If you're inclined to share your story with me, please contact me at


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    Ford F150 'Spark Plug Nightmare'