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Location of fuse for 4 wheel drive

- Ford-F150

Forum Post
09/03/09 15:13
Dustin Kessler

Location of fuse for 4 wheel drive

I need help locating the 4 wheel drive fuse for my Ford F150 Truck...any help would be greatly appreciated!



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12/04/09 08:32
John Kwasniewicz

1998 ford expedition when I move the switch to four wheel high or auto four wheel drive it clicks back and forth between the two and never engages the four wheel drive. Please help its snowing now.
01/08/10 15:50
Mark Wilson

I need help locating the 4 wheel drive fuse for my Ford F-150.


01/08/10 18:17
John Maloney

hi i have fordf150 4wheel drive my 4wheel drive is not going into 4wheel it went in one time this winter when i got stuck but wont go back in what should i look for to solve this ?
02/09/10 15:11
Tim Allen

I have a 2001 F150 and I can't find the fuse for the 4wd. Can anyone help? It will not go into 4wd at all trying to find out what the problem might be or what to look for.
05/27/10 23:45
harold c anderson

Please pinpoint exactly where the 4 wheel drive fuse is located so I can simply remove and replace.Many thanks!(2005 F-150)
06/28/10 22:21
Nathan Sigmon

The 4wd fuse on the 2001 F-150 is located in the fuse box(passenger side floor on the right) it is fuse location #111 if you go by the guide on the fuse box cover, should be in the lower left corner, it's a 30amp cube fuse (light pink) hope this helps
06/28/10 22:24
Nathan Sigmon

I had a typo in my reply, thats the location of the fuse in the 2005 F150, NOT the 2001
10/12/10 22:41

i can not get fourwheel drive to go into four wheel and have cked everything from trans case to switch on dash any ideas....
10/17/10 19:36
Shane Wilson

I have a 95 F150 XLT with push button 4x4. the 4x4 wont work. when i push the button the light doesn't come on, there is no noise or clunk like you normally here, fron wheels just wont lock in, as if there isn't any power to the switch. Is there a fuse somewhere or a relay of some sort? or could it just be a bad switch?
10/27/10 16:31

If the light doesn't come on and you don't hear anything, it's probably the shift motor that is bolted onto the transfer case. I have a 1995 Ford XLT that is having the same problem and I just ordered a new shift motor for it - they should cost between $90-$150 bucks.
11/28/10 15:28

have a 1998 f-150 4 wheel drive engages fine but will kick out under pressure... please advise
12/03/10 05:53
Josef / Europe - Austria

4 x 4 PROBLEM with ...... Ford F150 1997

4 x 4 PROBLEM with ...... Ford F150 1997

Hello from Europe / Austria ... my problem with Ford F150 1997, 4x4 makes clicking under the truck where the driver sits. Also it is turned on because the digital light on the instrument shows 4x4, but the jerk for the four-wheel lock can not be heard not felt.

Actuates the switch, only the vehicle is stopped with the neutral position.

one always has the lock and felt heard of the 4x4, now he does not remember why I do not know?



BUT THE 4x4 will not turn over!




[email protected]

12/08/10 07:57
Frank Merolla

When i engage the 4 low it clunks so I know the 4 low is working. But when I put it into 4 high the light comes on but the 4 high wont engage. Any suggestions?
12/15/10 08:06

I am having problems getting my 2002 Ford F-150 into 4 wheel drive. It isn't making the clicking noise when I turn the switch it normally makes and the light on the dash isn't coming on. I'm not sure why it would of quit working since last year.
12/16/10 21:26

This Is Where Mine is Located....4x4 shift motor and clutch (#104) fuse is under the hood and the 4x4 solenoids (also 4x4 relays) (#23) fuse under and to the left of the steering wheel.

12/23/10 16:19

i have a 1997 ford F150 4wheel drive that wont has an electric switch that you turn to engage.The only thing you can hear is a loud clicking noise in the dash and still wont engage, any suggestions.
01/03/11 20:02

I have a 98 ford f150 . The 4wheel drive will not engage. Also the locking diff. on the back tires will not lock in. It will switch in to low range but without 4wheel drive. The light on the switch come on but 4wd is not is not working. Please help
01/13/11 16:50

2001 F150 4x4. 4x4 light illuminates on IP and you can hear "clicking" from switch but 4 wheel drive will not engage.
09/05/11 19:33
Thank author of this post/comment"1998 f-150"

i have to shift manually from 2 to 4 wheel drive.when shifting to 4 wheel low [creeper] the trans case runs like its locked in but it on front dont spin but backs do.same with 4 high.the last time i used 4 wheel drive it worked grest even though it didnt go in the a adjustment on the lever?what could be the problem?
09/06/11 12:12
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    Ford F150 'Location of fuse for 4 wheel drive'