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2004 Ford Explorer instrument cluster gauages die

- Ford-Explorer

Forum Post
02/28/09 13:12

2004 Ford Explorer instrument cluster gauages die

Upredictably, the gauges drop to zero, "Check Engine" comes on, seatbelt seems invloved, windows seems invloved, there is a clicking sound. The gauages unpredicably come alive again but can drop off at anytime. A "diagnostic center' suggested I replace the instrument cluster ($) but then said I should take it to a Frod dealer($). I'm thinking it's a back connection and I've read cold sodder joints aren't uncommon. I'm willing to pull the cluster out to look at it. Any suggestion on what

I should check or try? Any suggestions on what might be the cause? Thanks in advance.

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Got a 2005 Explorer and the same thing is happening. My message center....the trip is zeroed out and starts over,

my mpg startes over at 400+, and sometimes my gas gauge goes to full and stays there. SUV does not seem to shut down though, just the gages....Have not found the problem and how to correct. Will let you know the solution if I find it.

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I have a 05 sport trac and I am experiencing the same thing. I have recently been told that I can not get my emmissions testing done because they can not read my odometer. If I push in the odometer button a few times, the guages go back to normal. I have taken the truck to the dealer where I purchased it and I was told that I would have to replace the piece to the toon of about 300.00 for the part and then labor costs. I have to do that before I can get the emmissions done so that I can re-register the truck. Any suggestions?
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It is the Instrument Cluster. I am having problems with the power windows, stereo, interior lights and all my gauges. Have to replace the cluster or else the problem keeps coming back. It can be temporarily fixed. Any ideas where I can look for this part without going directly to ford?
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I had the same problem on my 04 explorer, i fixed it by removing the battery for about 20-30 minutes so that the car completely died and then rehooked. everything returned to normal afterwords and i havent had a problem since. hope this helps
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I have a problem my ford Explorer sport trac XLT 4x4 2004, it does not have ligth on, all the gauges panel. I think that is a fuse, any sugestion ?
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Dave in TX

Same problem- replacing the battery worked for me!
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mike west

i have an 04 explorer 4x4 and my gauges stop working and randomly start working for a few seconds then stop again. right before it stops working again the battery gauge goes up to real high then stops working. when the gauges stop working i can use my auto lights, my windows and door locks and radio wont work. please can someone give a suggestion on what it could be?
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Hi folks,

I am planning to replace the instrument cluster on my 2004 Mercury Mountaineer.Can I just unhook the old cluster and reconnect the new one? Am I missing any steps? Any advice



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I have a 2005 Explorer XLT Sport 4x4 that suddenly lost power to the windows, all gauges, radio, interior lights and air bags. We took it to the Ford dealership because we had just had another electrical problem (unrelated) that they fixed. They replaced the instrument cluster and said a short in the driver side power mirror caused the cluster to go bad. The charges were outrageous. $350.00 for the cluster and $225.00 for labor.
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Same thing happening here. We are disconnecting the battery for 30 min to see if this works..this is getting really annoying. After I stop and go into a store and come back. I have to use the key to get in the car because the elect. system is down. Dome light out, radio stays on after turning care off and opening doors. What is the problem? Anyone know?
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2003 Ford Explorer.

Short in the instrument panel or somewhere between it and the fuse. Tried replacing the fuse and it immediately blew. Definitely seems to be a short. I am wondering is there is a common area (such as a point of friction) where shorts can occur.

Anyone have any ideas or know of why this might be happening?

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F250 Deisel Instrument Panel gauges stopped working

anyone check solution here?

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Dawn Wick

ALL Gauges go on off maxed, min, radio on off, doors lock randomly, int lights on/off. Seems it only happens when the engine is hot. Cooler weather or rain, takes a while for it to start after you start engine (10 mins) Ford said $600 for 2nd hand cluster. $800 for new. BC. Have been runnin this way for months! Nothing else is effected. But Gauges click back and forth constantly. Pain but liveable.
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i have a 02 explorer I changed out the cluster and now nothing

gadges work not tach then i put the old one back in and now it doesnt work either ? why??? it starts and runs fine..but have a dead cluster???

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same here just bought a 2001 explorer last night worked awsome stero wouldnt come on tho hubby switched it out for mine and now the cluster panel doesnt work at all and when i turn on the headlights all the interior lights come on..............i knew there was a reason to stay away from ford they sold out to mexico
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Fort Lauderdale
Thank author of this post/comment"Disconnecting Battery Worked for Me Too"

RE: #4 11/24/09 18:34 Ben

"I had the same problem on my 04 explorer, i fixed it by removing the battery for about 20-30 minutes so that the car completely died and then rehooked. everything returned to normal afterwords and i havent had a problem since. hope this helps"

It did help. Worked like a charm - and so simple. Does anyone know why it works?

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    Ford Explorer '2004 Ford Explorer instrument cluster gauages die'