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This forum post has messages dated from 05/14/09 through 07/09/13, please be sure to read all the messages. If you feel it is old or outdated, please follow up with a question or comment and someone may be able to update it, or reply with newer information if you have it.

10/30/10 20:28

I have a 2000 expedition. i had bought it with i bad starter. replace the starter. once i got it out i hooked jumper cables up to it and it was bad. got i new one. after putting that in tried starting it wont start. put a new battery and starter selinod in it. still just ticks at the selinod. if i take a pair of jumper cables from the battery to the starter it will start. if anyone has any input of maybe a fuseable link or if this has happed to anyone and could give me advise it would be great. thanks
11/07/10 14:12

I have a 98 Expedition 5.4 XLT , and I have had the same starting problem. It has been intermittent, one day it starts the other, all I'm getting is a clicking sound, as if the solenoid is bad. I have replaced the battery cables, checked the starter it's good, replaced the firewall solenoid. I saw the solution from Teri(#34) and tried it, it works. I didn't have to hold for 30 seconds, just about 7 or so, like starting an old Dodge. Still not sure what the underlying problem is, so anyone with a long-term solution, I'm all ears. Hope this helps someone out there.
11/08/10 01:24

99 eddie just turned coLd and now it won't what's the deal with this model? I just baught the truck and I'm feelin a bit foolish...more 411
11/11/10 10:45

98 F150 will not start when the engine is Hot - All you get is a click at the solenoid, new battery - Replace solenoid still only get a click when hot - Let engine cool off and it will start right up - is it a bad starter??? What other areas should I look at?
11/21/10 20:36

Hi all, same problem here. I bought a 1997 Expedition, had it for 2 weeks and now it won't start. It will start with a jump and everything else is fine on it. I left my cell phone charger in all night and also had it at the car wash for a wash and oil change. If we dicsconnect the battery, I can reconnect and it starts right up. It will only hold the charge for 45 minutes and then it's dead. I have had the battery, starter, and altenator all checked and they are fine. They said the problem is in the 4th zone, the headlight dimmer switch? Told me to take it to a Battery place for an electrical diagnosis. Very expensive for a 2 week ride HELP!!! I went to Advance auto to get a positive battery cable and the guy told me it was a dealer part, they don't carry it! I don't think he knows what he is doing. UGH! I really love my Expedition and need it to go to work and school.


12/13/10 17:00

i am having the same issue i went to start the truck and it would just click the gauges would go haywire and the lights would flicker, for about 30 seconds, i replaced the battery and nothing, Tonight i will try the starter solenoid (i hope thats it)
12/17/10 21:23

I have a 1999 Ford Expedition with a 5.4. Same Problem with no start or crank. This has been driving me crazy. The truck magically fixes it self when it wants to (a day or two latter). Completely random with one exception, when it is very humid or raining the truck will not always start. I fixed it successfully twice with the same procedure. Remove the positive and negative battery cables at the battery for at least 1 minute. Both must be removed not just the positive. Replace and restart. This resets the computer in the truck. I do not believe that there is a permanent fix.
12/31/10 08:37

ok here it son has a 99 ford explorer with alarm and auto start..he started it last night with the auto start and we drove it to the store on the way i noticed that the radio was on but no sound alittle wierd but thought nothing of this when we arrived at the store took the key out but the truck stayed running..put it back in and turnnred it off again but still running took it out and stepped on the break and nothing still running hit the door unlock on the key chain and truck shut off and radio came on and worked but now it wont start back up nothing no click wont turn over nothing like alarm is on or nutral safty switch is not any idears where to go from has a toggle switch under dash to turn on or shut off auto start switch that nothing...thank you in advance for any input
01/01/11 18:22

I have a 98 Ford expedition 5.4 WHILE while using the rachet it hit the the ground , or the Brain it's on the top by the selinoid the frnt passenger side , afterward it want start no power no lights nothing what could it be . thanks
01/01/11 18:27

forgot to say sparks did happen , i check all the the fuses 1 was blown but after i replaced it it still didnt start . I check under the hood and and all was fine .
01/01/11 18:30

01/03/11 08:29

Hope this help someone I found out my problem and it was the mega fuse 175 Amp locared under the hood passenger side fire wall . I checked it by running a straight line to the connectors and voom lights and truck started right up . So today i am going to purchase the 6 dollar item an install it .
01/25/11 13:35

I have a 2000 Ford Expedition 5.4l E B with the same problems from the car not starting in rainny weather to radio still don't work odemeter comes on when it wants to inside fuse for dash and lights display blow as i turn the key on.I had all of these problem happen brand new .One of the problem was this truck has leaks all over that comes in to the the windsheid and over time it will cause all kind of electrical problem the we all face.

My biggest problem is my starters goes bad so fast to the point i had to replace it about four times now.Three used one that last about a years the new one last me about 2 months.It had gotten so bad i had to replace my flywheel becasue it got eaten up. Ater replacing both it crank fine but the brand new starter is out again after 10 weeks. So i am back to square one starter gone bad again.Is this happening to anyone too starter replacement. I must say i haven't change anything else as yet but its time for a tune up and anything that might make it run right.

01/31/11 08:45

I live in the caribbean and bought what we refer to here as an island beater...A 1997 Expedition E B...I am having the same problems it appears as everyone else with a few noted differences. Like you guys, my battery will drain with the car turned off, when I try to start it; I hear clicks and then the door locks will lock/unlock radomly. I drive around with a spare battery in the rear so I can jump it when needed, but now that won't even work. I have had the alternator replaced, the starter and nothing. With the engine turned off, you can hook up a voltmeter and there is a power drain somewhere. As you can imagine, everything down here costs 5 to 10 times more then stateside, so I am trying to find the root cause instead of going broke on a POS.

I have taken it to three different mechanics with no solutions.

Has anyone found what the root cause of this issue is? I am about ready to make this car a permanent fixture on the reef!!

02/01/11 19:22

Had a strange thing happen. I was reading through all these post trying to figure out why my 2000 expedition wouldn't start. It ran fine last night but when I went to start it today all it would do was crank. I tried spraying a little starting fluid in the intake but still nothing. This lead me to believe that it was not a fuel issue but an ignition issue. In one of the post I read something about the anti theft system. This gave me an idea. How about I try the other set of keys and it fired right up. It just makes you want to pull your hair out when it is 0 degrees outside while you are working on it just to find out there was some glitch with the key and anti theft. Hope this may help someone in the future. It is something real easy to check.
02/17/11 22:54

Had the same problem, I found that my ground wire to the frame on the passenger frame rail had corosion and cleaned it up and had power
03/06/11 17:07

Ok I have sat here and read everyones posts about their Expeditions.

I have a 2000 Ford Expedtion also and until like a few days ago my car was running just fine nothing wrong with it. But a few days ago it starts acting crazy with the radio going off when u put it in drive, but if I put it in park the radios comes back on.The wipers would barely work, the display that shows the tempt on the ceiling dont work anymore, and my blower to my heat would stay on after turning the car off.

Also the dash lights would stay on even when the car was off and no keys are in switch and it wouldnt crank. Then the battery guage was showing that the battery was loosing its power so we had it checked and was told it was the alternator.

So we have replaced 2 silanoids, put a new alternator on, checked the fuses under the hood, & even tried clearing the computer...Im just really frustrated right now cuz we cant figure out whats wrong with it. And I was about to trade it for a smaller car. Uuggghhh so if anyone has any suggestions on something else we might be missing please let me know cuz the Ford place said we might have to put a new computer in it and its gonna cost us like between $700-$800. And I really dont want to have to replace a computer.. Hope someone has better luck than me.

03/06/11 17:13

BTW my email is: passionatepam26 if u have any suggestions TY
03/10/11 02:12
Ben Carlton

I have a 2002 expedition with the 4.6 motor. Sometimes it will click like the starter is going bad. Battery is good. Replaced solenoid on passenger side firewall. Lights, etc. work during problem. Strange thing is that when you grab the wiring harness close to battery and gently tug in toward battery, it starts and cranks OK for several weeks, sometimes months, then the same thing happens and temporary fix works again. Any help here would be much appreciated. Thanks!
03/10/11 02:16
Ben Carlton

Google email address is

Ben Carlton

03/13/11 15:16
Chuck Davis

I have a 2003 Eddie Bauer expedition and have replaced the battery twice if you do not driver it for over 24/36 hours it will not start any help would be greatful
03/19/11 23:10

We just bought a 97 Expedition XLT 5 weeks ago. The car sometimes does nothing when the key is turned. Everything else works fine. The radio, lights, and transmission all seem good. After trying for 5-30 minutes while putting the car from neutral to park it will decide to start. Battery is good, it is in park so we don't think it is the transmission cable, started happened after we noticed the passengers side floor was soaked a few times (maybe a coincidence), has a brand new starter. We have read loose scres in the steering column area, selenoid, electrical, keys, and the ignition switch. We can't sink anymore $ into this car. Does anyone have an idea of what to try first?
03/24/11 16:50

i have a 1998 expedition xlt, we were on our way to town and lightening struck my antenna and my wipers stop and dash lights came on but it was still running fine, we drove it home and my brother in law took the battery cables off and put them back and now it will not crank at all. We have bought a new starter, and still nothing. it will turn over but will not crank and the right side lights will come on and try to stay on so we pulled the dash out and the panel under the passanger dash board and there is a blue box in which the alarm started going off. Does anyone have any ideas of what could b causing the problems?
03/27/11 21:55

To add to the earlier question I had of why our 1997 expedition won't start right away after being driven, we have now noticed that the longer it is driven; the longer we have to wait to start it. I drove it for an hour & a half, then when I stopped for gas I figured we would have to wait the usual 20 minutes. Instead I was stuck at the pump for about an hour & half. It was ridiculous. The temp gauge in car reads normal, but it's like the car needs to cool down before starting again. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks.
04/10/11 02:44



2000 Eddie Bauer Expedition 5.4L

Have replaced the Wiring Harnes as per FORD reoccomendation for

the no start issue.

But the same problem is BACK again

3 times in four days

Drive (1-2miles) arrive stop car (at fillup) won't start. No click or anything. Waited 15-20 min then starts.

Tried the hold ignitino switch on for 30 secs I see the fuel gauge and dash light come on but NOTHING this didn't work for me

Tried our 2nd key too. This didn't work either

Will see if I can short the solenoid next, (even replace as cost is minimal)

Why isn't FORD doing anything about this? So much for FORD dependable or tough.

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