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This forum post has messages dated from 05/14/09 through 07/09/13, please be sure to read all the messages. If you feel it is old or outdated, please follow up with a question or comment and someone may be able to update it, or reply with newer information if you have it.

03/21/10 11:45

to sal and paul: my aunts explorer had the same problem you two are describing. i replaced the IAC (idle air control) motor and that fixed the problem. you may want to check that out.
03/29/10 14:51

SAL: Your problem is the IAC valve

Jeff: There is a short on your instrument display - takes a good day, 4-hours, and a soldering iron...fix the three frayed factory contacts, and instruments will not 'flash on or off'.

As for myself, I have a 2001 Expedition that will not start after a steady downpour of rain. Heaven help you if you are out when it starts...better get home quick! To continue cranking it, will cause the PATS system to engage...then you have to disconnect the battery cable and discharge the system before reconnecting to start it...

Starts FINE, every time, when it is nice is all about the humidity, fog and rain. ANY IDEAS? I have traced wiring, and do not see any exposed wiring, no shorts...the truck cranks great...just acts like the coil is not firing (independent coil packs, so is not possible). I don't have a spare GEM/PCM to play swap-out with...and it is not the VATS transceiver issue relative to forget that. You'd never know there was a problem if you were in and dry, it will run all day.


04/05/10 22:12
melanie ramos

I seem to be having the same problem as everyone else. Will not crank at clicking nothing. radio also stopped working. replaced the solenoid, and ignition switch. i can jump start from the solenoid...all running lights, headlights, interior lights, dash etc. work. all but the radio. any help?
04/08/10 15:24
Joel Cruz

My Ford expedition 1999 would not fire and only just crank. Need help from you guys. Thanks a lot.
04/12/10 11:25

if it wont idle, its the idle air solenoid, if it wont crank its probably the starter solnoid, if the theft light flashes rapidly with no mileage in the odometer and it cranks- check for loose or coroded ground at the battery.
05/09/10 01:08

I have 2004 ford explorer will not start or trun over security light stays on dash when trun over TRUN IT off never started jump starter the motor trun over will not start
06/07/10 22:08

I have the simmelaar problem but when I turn the manufacture alarm on the horn sounds dull. Like its not gettin the full voltage. thanks.
06/07/10 22:11

I forgot to say I have a 2002 expedition.
06/12/10 10:50

Okay so I have a `98 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer Edition, and for like the past week whenever I start the truck, it cranks up but it makes a terrible grinding the sound it makes when you forget your car is started and you try to crank it and it makes that awful noise..well, yesterday afternoon I tried to start it and it wouldnt crank. When I turn the key it clicks one time but it doesnt start or even try to turn over. I still have lights and radio and all that good it my starter????
06/19/10 21:05
Teri Girard

Same problem as everyone else for my 1998 Ford Expedition. After driving for some time turn it off and nothing. Still have windows, vent, air, etc. Husband replaced the starter, battery good too. Now, he will replace the solenoid. This only happens on really hot days. Did find that if you find yourself stranded, if you turn the key forward and continue to hold the key in the forward position for a very long time (like count to 30 or so) the car WILL start and you will not be stranded. I have been doing this until we found out here what the problem was and it works every time.
06/22/10 13:10
steve c

i checked the battery, cables?

07/06/10 02:07
James Fries

I am having trouble with a 1999 5.4 ford expedition. I recently replaced a fuel pump, as the truck quit running at 50 miles an hour and would not restart. It would crank but not start.

The truck had power to the interior lights, gages, and door chime (and used to crank but not start).

Since replacing the fuel pump and battery when I turned the damn key from the on position to the start position it killed all of the electrical power completely.

Update: Now I have also replaced the relays in the engine compartment, checked all the fuses in the engine and interior boxes and the ignition switch (electrical)and charged and reconnected the battery and I still have no electrical power at all. What is causing this issue?

07/28/10 23:23

i have a new battery, alternator, starter n stater relay n my 1998 expedition will not do anything - theft light blinked at first now it just comes on when i turn the key - traced wires from battery 2 starter nothing - is there a fuseable link inside the main cables leading 2 the battery - could there b a computer chip in the key that needs 2b reprogrammed?
08/02/10 15:39

the shop replcaed battery I have no power at all. On my way to work jumped in the truck cranked a few time then click.....Hmm maybe bad batt. Ok so I jumped it, started just fine took it to the shop....they said battery was on working at 39%.. so I had them replace it. new battery in and now i have no power nothing no lights no chime... nothing...its still at the shop with 5 techs standing around it could the have cross connected and fried my sys????
08/03/10 13:34
Nick D

Alright let me chime in here with my 2000 Expedition.

I had this happen to me about a week ago for the first time. It would not take a jump, so I replaced the battery. Still no crank. So I jumped acrossed the posts of the starter solenoid on the firewall and it cranked and fired right away. I purchased a new starter solenoid and sure enough at the turn of a key it fired. It did that several times that evening and by morning the truck would no longer start. I replaced the ignition switch for $17 and that wasn't it either. So I'm a battery, solenoid, and ignition switch into this so far.

Upon further inspection I found that there was a TSB (tech service bulletin) issued on 97-06 Expeditions for a No Crank/No Start condition. Here is a link to read all about it . I purchased the pigtail from the dealer and installed it last night. Just as before, as soon as I installed it the truck started perfectly fine. This morning I go to leave for work and nothing.

So after all of that I'm back at square one here. The starter was replaced in March of this year, so it is very new and cranks strong.

One interesting thing I have noticed is that the radio doesn't always work but comes on when I put the truck in park. It doesn't ever come on if I have the "trigger wire" to the starter solenoid on the firewall removed. So I'm thinking that the radio may well ground through that connection. Along with that I am going to clip the rubber boot off that wire and replace it with a new terminal to eliminate any corrosion from being a factor.

I will post back this weekend after I get a chance to replace that connector.

08/11/10 17:52
Big Rob

Have had the same problems as everybody in here with my 1999 Expedition XLT. Found it to my couriosity, that if i go to a mechanic they will steep me for labor to find out problem.!!!!!!! So luckily, one day i get my truck repo about 5 years ago. Long story short, I get a duplicate key from repo people that they give me when i pick up my truck.Later I put away key.Just recently i find the key still pretty new, so i look at my other keys they are pretty worn out and believe it or not damm repo key turns truck on. So i try to look into keys on ford damm keys have some kind of sensor/magnet in it. You can order key for about $20 and have it cut by someone with experience allocating the sensor to its position. or go to the dealer and pay the price on it not sure how much??? hope my little story helps out in any way!!!!

08/16/10 11:00

I just bought a 04 ford expedition eddie bauer.last week and i used it only for a day...the next day it wont start at all...after few hours it start i went to sobeys came home few mins.latter i have to go to church then the problems back wont start at very frustrated...can someone help me...thanks
08/17/10 00:26


My 2000 Expedition has this issue:

Running fine, stop the car for a few moments or a while.

Come back turn ignition key, all lights on, turn to start

Nothing, no whirrs, clicks or sound at all.

Tired jiggling shift lever, verified battery (installed new one)

Then after a will start fine...

Stranded Wife/Daughter at Costco today. Shop keys there took a look and said battery was fine. Tired to jump NOTHING.

After reading these posts I will try the shorting of the solenoid

and the holding the key all the way forward for 30sec tips.

Shops said unless it fails they can't fix it....

They had it for an ABS sensor replacement and tole me it had an

alarm error code which they cleared.

Will also see if the THEFT is on in the dash next time.


- Frank

09/07/10 13:31

I have a 2004 Explorer XLT just recently I would get in the car and tried to start it up and it would do a funny sound clicking sound then it would turn over, well a few days later I was getting ready to go home for work and it would crank over at all. once I stopped trying to crank it all the level monitors on the dashboard started jumping for a few seconds then stopped. I had the battery, alternator and ingintion checked and they were all ok. Does anyone have any suggestions. thanks
09/26/10 22:59

I have a 1999 5.4L Eddie Bauer expedition. The truck was running good before but I parked and would not start. thought it was just the battery or the starter so i replaced them and still no start BUT I FOND WHAT WAS WRONG ITS THE Battery Cable FROM THE BATTERY TO THE STARTER IF WILL LOOK FINE BUT ITS NOT YOU CAN GET ONE AT AUTOZONE Lynx O.e/Battery CableFor your 1999 Ford Truck Expedition 4WD 5.4L EFI 8cyl


09/30/10 13:11

OK. I can confirm that I had similar problems. My 2000 Expedition XLT 4.6L Was doing the same thing but one to keep in mind is when you put the keys in, it does everything normal but the radio will not work. This tells you that the Starter Solenoid is out. I replaced the battery, starter, and finally came to that conclusion it was bad. Start with the cheaper parts then work your way up t the big ones. Starter Solenoid $11.99 at Autozone. Good luck my friends and thanks for the help figuring what was wrong.
10/10/10 11:39

I have a 1999 Ford Explorer (Eddie Bauer) and the alarm won't set or reset so it keeps me from starting my truck or unlock my doors. Everytime I put in a fuse to unlock it, it blows out. Any suggestions. Thanks.
10/10/10 20:19

I have a 1998 eddie bauer and it was driving like new and suddenly one morning cranks, but dosen"t start. kept trying and nothing next day turn on and i drove around town and seems fine turn it off in my house and didnt turn on again and it only cranks all lights and everything seems normal but dosent fire. seems like needs gas. i checked the fuses all ok checked fuel pump ok checked fuel pump emergency pop up relay, replace fuel filter, replaced starter cilinoid, replace spark plugs replace cam shaft censor, and the crank shaft censor and nothing. I really hate to think is the time chain becouse never gave me signs of going bad and it turn on again and drove around town like new... if anybody has a suggestion please let me know i was trying to safe me and my family few bucks but i guess i goofed up...
10/21/10 00:50
Adam's wife

Our saga began as everyone elses-Our 2001 Ford Expediton xlt 5.4 has been randomly refusing to start for the past few years.We've bought more batteries than I care to count.Ford mechanics could never locate the problem.

A few days ago, though, it wouldn't respond to anything we tried.changed plugs, changed coils, charged battery(ran for 1 day)....began to read these posts and decided to change the idle control valve yesterday.STILL wouldn't start.

Today a friend suggested changing the fuel pump(they had the same problem with their Ford F-150)and SUCCESS!!!!The truck runs smoother than it ever has, and I was able to cold start it without my foot on the gas on the very first try.

The only downside being the gash Adam rcvd.across his eyebrow when he hit himself in the face with the wrench while tightening down the pump to the mounting bracket.He NEEDS stiches.Sigh...why won't men go to the hospital???

Anyway, thought we would share our experience...We'll keep you posted if (God Forbid)anything changes tomorrow...

10/24/10 16:38

My 1999 ford expedition will not start when the temperature is 32 degrees or below. I have replaced the starter, battery, and have had a tune up. Can anyone help?
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