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- Ford-Expedition

Forum Post
05/14/09 04:23


I have a 1999 5.4L Eddie Bauer expedition. The truck was running fine before, but I parked it down for a while and now it will not start. At first I thought it was just the battery even though the battery and the starter are very new because they are just a year old. I decided to jump start the car but to my greatest surprise, the car still will not start after jump. I called triple A and they came and test the battery and confirmed the battery is still good and now I am as clueless as to what is going on.

I have light such as radio, door chime and light but no crank. I left it for couple of days and I came back one day and try to start it again, and it crank just one time, so I decided to jump it more but again, it refuses to start and now even the light and the radio are no longer working either.

I am wondering if anyone has experience anything like this before. The truck won’t even crank at all. I have read several discussions on this forum as well as different answers but still I am just hoping that anyone on this forum might have good suggestions or have exactly experienced exactly the same problems and will be able to give me the direct approach or answer. I will like to narrow down the problem exactly before taking it to the shop where they will spend hours looking for the problem and the bill heavily for much to do about nothing.

From my reading so far, so people suggest that the problem could be ignition switch, starter, starter relay, starter solenoid, relay etc.

I used to have an auto start device with alarm system on the car before but the brain box of the device had been removed but possible that the wire harness for the brain is still attached to the truck electrical system.

I also bought a keyless remote control from the outside market that will not work. I have tried the instruction more than million times and still will not work. This is prior to car shutting down. The instruction says that I should turn or know exactly what I need to do. Any help will be greatly appreciated

Thanks much in advance and God bless.

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This post has a total of 87 replies. The most recent 25 are shown below, you can view the complete archive here: MY 199 FORD EXPEDITION WON'T START,WILL NOT EVEN CRANK archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

This forum post has messages dated from 05/14/09 through 07/09/13, please be sure to read all the messages. If you feel it is old or outdated, please follow up with a question or comment and someone may be able to update it, or reply with newer information if you have it.

01/31/11 08:45

I live in the caribbean and bought what we refer to here as an island beater...A 1997 Expedition E B...I am having the same problems it appears as everyone else with a few noted differences. Like you guys, my battery will drain with the car turned off, when I try to start it; I hear clicks and then the door locks will lock/unlock radomly. I drive around with a spare battery in the rear so I can jump it when needed, but now that won't even work. I have had the alternator replaced, the starter and nothing. With the engine turned off, you can hook up a voltmeter and there is a power drain somewhere. As you can imagine, everything down here costs 5 to 10 times more then stateside, so I am trying to find the root cause instead of going broke on a POS.

I have taken it to three different mechanics with no solutions.

Has anyone found what the root cause of this issue is? I am about ready to make this car a permanent fixture on the reef!!

02/01/11 19:22

Had a strange thing happen. I was reading through all these post trying to figure out why my 2000 expedition wouldn't start. It ran fine last night but when I went to start it today all it would do was crank. I tried spraying a little starting fluid in the intake but still nothing. This lead me to believe that it was not a fuel issue but an ignition issue. In one of the post I read something about the anti theft system. This gave me an idea. How about I try the other set of keys and it fired right up. It just makes you want to pull your hair out when it is 0 degrees outside while you are working on it just to find out there was some glitch with the key and anti theft. Hope this may help someone in the future. It is something real easy to check.
02/17/11 22:54

Had the same problem, I found that my ground wire to the frame on the passenger frame rail had corosion and cleaned it up and had power
03/06/11 17:07

Ok I have sat here and read everyones posts about their Expeditions.

I have a 2000 Ford Expedtion also and until like a few days ago my car was running just fine nothing wrong with it. But a few days ago it starts acting crazy with the radio going off when u put it in drive, but if I put it in park the radios comes back on.The wipers would barely work, the display that shows the tempt on the ceiling dont work anymore, and my blower to my heat would stay on after turning the car off.

Also the dash lights would stay on even when the car was off and no keys are in switch and it wouldnt crank. Then the battery guage was showing that the battery was loosing its power so we had it checked and was told it was the alternator.

So we have replaced 2 silanoids, put a new alternator on, checked the fuses under the hood, & even tried clearing the computer...Im just really frustrated right now cuz we cant figure out whats wrong with it. And I was about to trade it for a smaller car. Uuggghhh so if anyone has any suggestions on something else we might be missing please let me know cuz the Ford place said we might have to put a new computer in it and its gonna cost us like between $700-$800. And I really dont want to have to replace a computer.. Hope someone has better luck than me.

03/06/11 17:13

BTW my email is: passionatepam26 if u have any suggestions TY
03/10/11 02:12
Ben Carlton

I have a 2002 expedition with the 4.6 motor. Sometimes it will click like the starter is going bad. Battery is good. Replaced solenoid on passenger side firewall. Lights, etc. work during problem. Strange thing is that when you grab the wiring harness close to battery and gently tug in toward battery, it starts and cranks OK for several weeks, sometimes months, then the same thing happens and temporary fix works again. Any help here would be much appreciated. Thanks!
03/10/11 02:16
Ben Carlton

Google email address is

Ben Carlton

03/13/11 15:16
Chuck Davis

I have a 2003 Eddie Bauer expedition and have replaced the battery twice if you do not driver it for over 24/36 hours it will not start any help would be greatful
03/19/11 23:10

We just bought a 97 Expedition XLT 5 weeks ago. The car sometimes does nothing when the key is turned. Everything else works fine. The radio, lights, and transmission all seem good. After trying for 5-30 minutes while putting the car from neutral to park it will decide to start. Battery is good, it is in park so we don't think it is the transmission cable, started happened after we noticed the passengers side floor was soaked a few times (maybe a coincidence), has a brand new starter. We have read loose scres in the steering column area, selenoid, electrical, keys, and the ignition switch. We can't sink anymore $ into this car. Does anyone have an idea of what to try first?
03/24/11 16:50

i have a 1998 expedition xlt, we were on our way to town and lightening struck my antenna and my wipers stop and dash lights came on but it was still running fine, we drove it home and my brother in law took the battery cables off and put them back and now it will not crank at all. We have bought a new starter, and still nothing. it will turn over but will not crank and the right side lights will come on and try to stay on so we pulled the dash out and the panel under the passanger dash board and there is a blue box in which the alarm started going off. Does anyone have any ideas of what could b causing the problems?
03/27/11 21:55

To add to the earlier question I had of why our 1997 expedition won't start right away after being driven, we have now noticed that the longer it is driven; the longer we have to wait to start it. I drove it for an hour & a half, then when I stopped for gas I figured we would have to wait the usual 20 minutes. Instead I was stuck at the pump for about an hour & half. It was ridiculous. The temp gauge in car reads normal, but it's like the car needs to cool down before starting again. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks.
04/10/11 02:44



2000 Eddie Bauer Expedition 5.4L

Have replaced the Wiring Harnes as per FORD reoccomendation for

the no start issue.

But the same problem is BACK again

3 times in four days

Drive (1-2miles) arrive stop car (at fillup) won't start. No click or anything. Waited 15-20 min then starts.

Tried the hold ignitino switch on for 30 secs I see the fuel gauge and dash light come on but NOTHING this didn't work for me

Tried our 2nd key too. This didn't work either

Will see if I can short the solenoid next, (even replace as cost is minimal)

Why isn't FORD doing anything about this? So much for FORD dependable or tough.

04/18/11 19:04

Hello I'm having the same problem with my 2003 Ford expedition xlt. Wen u go to start the truck it make a weird sound but wont crank or do anything I've replaced batt, alternator, and starter. Plz help
04/25/11 12:32
Tomny Boy

Okay. 99 Expedition. Like everyone else no start from the key. So, I check the obvious. Battery - good. Starter - good. Got out a screwdriver and shorted the solenoid. Started right up. Checked soleniod - operating intermittently. These solenoids use the firewall as a ground to operate. So, cleaned the back where they tend to get corroded viola solenoid is now operating properly. (People with water problems this is the issue.)

Later in the week same thing again. This time no power from the ignition switch to the solenoid and the radio is out. Looks like the Passive anti theft system is flaking out. I realized you can still short the solenoid and it will run. Just not a good solution. I will install a push button switch to the starter solenoid and just bypass the stupid anti theft.

Hope this helps someone else out.

04/28/11 11:34

Okay so my mother has a 97 expedition and i got a call one day at 7am because on her way to work she stopped at a dunkin donuts and came back out and her truck wouldn't start.

called triple A they towed it to our mechanic, and we went to work. he called and said the truck started right up, but found a few lose connections and tightened them up.

Picked it up, ran great until 2 days later, after going out to dinner her truck wouldn't start. my mother came across this and we tried all the tricks on here.

None of them worked for us. So at this point we were giving up, she tried the hold it for 30 sec. trick one last time as i slammed a door, truck started right up.

So we drove it home, replaced the starter solenoid and the truck hasn't had any problems.

So if your stuck try the slamming the door apparently it rattled the truck enough to get it going.

05/02/11 14:42

I Have a 99 Expedition Has New Bat, Starter, Fuel pump, Cam sensor

crank sensor I just put this motor in not long ago and done front heater core.

I have no spark I have put a few diff cam and crank sensors in still no luck buying a PCM today will have it friday any Ideas?

05/08/11 21:35

Since this thred helped me I decided to add what worked for me....My second key. I saw it mentioned here and chuckled but when I got my spare out of the drawer (that has never been used) it fired right up.

I have a 2005 Expedition, we purchased a new vehicle but decided to keep the truck, it had been sitting about 2 weeks when I tried to start it and nothing. Well my wife had left her Garmin on a charger in the truck, so I figured bad battery, I replaced it with a new one (needed it as battery was 3 years old anyway) still nothing when I tried to start it. Found this thread, got second key, and BINGO first time roared right to life...there is something to the key thing, if I try my old does nothing still.

Hope this helps someone, as this thread helped me.

05/21/11 16:43

Ok everyone I have a 2000 Ford Explorer. I'm having , just about every problem that every one else is having. Mainly the cranking right up sometimes and then others it's just like the car goes stupid and sitting there like "duh, what am I supposed to do know"! It started out of no where doing it and it did it very seldom. Now it does it all the time, , since I straight wired my starter to my battery! I called Advanced Auto Parts and they think that I fried my brain when I started straight wiring the starter, because they say it confuses the computer in it, but I am going to try the solenoid thing and see if that works I hope it does. And I will let everyone now. I am starting to think that we should all write Ford and ask them what is up! Maybe if enough of us write them they will do something about it!
05/25/11 20:52
Thank author of this post/comment"99 expedition"

I had all the same problems as described. No turn over at all, power everywhere except radio. I bought and installed the solenoid and the truck fired right up. Thanks for the suggestions.
11/05/11 15:38
Thank author of this post/comment"I am in need of serious help"

I have a 99 ford expedition, went 5 minutes down the street and now the truck wont start, replaced starter, battery, starter selinoid, new fusable link wiring all the way around, new fuses throughout the system, still nothing. tried to jump start and nothing. we have replaced everything that makes this truck start and nothing.....when we replace fuses the light under the hood went out and can not get it back on, weird. we have run out of ideas, I need major help. we have tore this truck apart and can come up with nothing wrong, help we are running out of money here and patience.......thanks
12/06/11 12:49
Medford NY
Thank author of this post/comment"NEED HELP PLEASE!!!!"

I have a 1999 Expedition eddie Bauer, has been sitting parked in front of my house for the summer months. Went to get her started back up for the winter today and she wont start. Thought it was the battery, so i replaced it with a new one. No good, power everywhere including radio but wont turn over. I know the starter is good, but dont know why she wont start. Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you in advance!
12/24/11 13:06
Thank author of this post/comment"Posible solution"

My wife's 2001 Expedition would not crank-up the next day after a major rain storm. It started up perfectly after 2 days of dry weather. A mechanic told me that water from the windshield on the passenger side soaks the computer. The fix is to get the windshield resealed. He said to wait until it rains hard again to test the theory.
11/24/12 18:36
Grassy Lake, AB
Thank author of this post/comment"GEM problem"

I have been to quit a few forms looking for an answer. I am working on a 98 expedition and it won't crank. It also does random things like head lights come on when turned off, random warning lights come on, radio is on when key is off, and while it still would start it sometimes wouldn't shut off. I have seen that most of these problems can be caused by a failed GEM. Would a failed GEM also cause the expedition to not start?
02/10/13 19:57
Thank author of this post/comment"no power no start"

Check the fuseable link and Fuses then check the switch on the collum not the key switch but down under the dash replace if needed
07/09/13 16:20
H-town, Texas
Thank author of this post/comment"A possible solution for those with more time than money!"

Ok after numerous visits to auto parts stores, locksmiths, and the dealership (who was more puzzled than anyone) here is how I solved my No Crank No Start issue on my 2000 Expedition. Problem: I would turn the key and nothing just lights on the dash the door open chime but no crank. Troubleshooting: I won't bore you here but let's just say it took 3 days, a few Googled diagrams of wiring layouts, a Haynes Manual, battery charger, this forum, a few other forums, 3 parts stores, 2 trips to the dealership, a locksmith, replacing my nuetral safety switch, ignition control module, and starter relay, and my neighbor's 2000 Expedition as a test vehicle and here we are FINALLY at a solution! Here is what it came down to: The starter was bad although it tested good. (Scratching your head yet) Yes the solenoid was part of the problem it wouldn't turn the motor but only showed itself bad after I insisted on running a second test right after passing the first! Thank God for that. I bought a new starter installed it - STILL NO CRANK NO START. So I jumped it using a screw driver to the relay on the firewall near the battery and with the key in the ON position it started right up but still wouldn't start with the key. I replaced the ignition control module just as an extra measure and still no start with the key. Once I eliminated that I knew it had to be between the ignition and the relay and the only thing between the two is the 40amp fuses in the Power Distribution Box under the hood (fuse box) Sure enough I moved around the 40amp fuses (115, 113, 111) and turned the key and IT STARTED RIGHT UP! What a ride this has been! Moral to the story here is your problem can be two or three fold. I assume when we tried to start the car several times originally we messed up the starter and blew the fuse in the process.It's a starting circuit so there are a few things involved - simple but yet more than one. by tracing the system back and forth you can isolate the issue and that will help in determining what to change and replace. My advice is start with the cheapest parts first and work your way up! Start trying to start the truck in Neutral, if nothing happens it may not be the neutral safety switch go on to the next thing jumping the starter from the relay on the passenger side firewall under the hood. If it doesn't turn the starter your problem could be the starter or solenoid - TEST IT TWICE IF YOU CAN AT THE SHOP. If it starts right up it could be the relay or the starter interrupter fuses in the fuse box under your hood. If your THEFT light blinks when you turn the key have your key checked by a locksmith and see if they can check your ring too. Some have the equipment to do so. Even with all of this you still will come out cheaper than the dealership who told me to cut my ignition wire and feed it through my dash back to my ignition control module - Really? lol! Hope this helps someone else who was perplexed as I at how a truck could just stop starting with absolutely no warning!
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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 87 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: MY 199 FORD EXPEDITION WON'T START,WILL NOT EVEN CRANK archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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