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battery light on instrument panel

- Ford-Escape

Forum Post
08/13/09 14:15

battery light on instrument panel

I have a 2001 Ford Escape and the battery light on the instrument panel lights up at random times and then eventually will go out. Any body else had this problem
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This forum post has messages dated from 08/13/09 through 12/19/13, please be sure to read all the messages. If you feel it is old or outdated, please follow up with a question or comment and someone may be able to update it, or reply with newer information if you have it.

06/15/10 12:51

I have 2001 cut off also going 70mph on highway three times and changed altanator twice and this time it started charging next morn after being dead night before. the battery light just flashes some times but batt will die or altanator will go out! Any ideas???
08/25/10 11:42

The cruise has stopped working on my 2001 Ford Escape. What could I do to solve this problem? I bought the car new and it has 139, 000 miles on it. It has been serviced regularly.
08/27/10 07:50

I have 2002 Escape. Replaced the battery last week. The battery indicator light continues to come on first thing in the am. Also, the cd player shows only error message. Time for an alternator? Thanks for the info. The vehicles' been great otherwise, now pushing 138, 000 miles.
08/30/10 19:46

I have had the same problem for a year n half. 2002 ford escape died on side of road total power loss, got jumped made it home. took it in changed alternator. lasted 2 months, took it back changed alternator again, didnt start next day, wire disconnected. 4 months later again died in middle of road, had checked now they say fuel injector, but changed alternator again next day when that didnt solve the "no power" problem, now 9 months later again loss of power driving in parking lot. jumped made it home. I am ready to blow it up! any help??? i am taking it in again in the morning, ready to scream!
09/15/10 23:29




10/03/10 00:22

The battery and alternator work together. If you don't get a "battery light" checked right away, a faulty battery can wreck your alternator and a faulty alternator can wreck your battery. Both items should be tested when you get a "battery light". Otherwise, if your bad battery wrecks your alternator and you only get your battery replaced, your alternator can wreck your new battery and vice versa.
10/05/10 03:48

Re 2001 Ford Escape cum Mazda Tribute. The entire dash instruments and lights, tacho, speedo, oil, battery, etc have gone dead. Headlights, brake lights and indicators are OK.

Has anyone else had this problem and better, does anyone know where to search after the fuses and relays appear to be OK


11/08/10 09:14

I have a 2004 Escape with a new battery. Occasionally the car refuses to start. If you wait 15 minutes it starts right away. The battery light is just starting to light up and go out periodically. My mechanic at Fords says I probably need a new fuel pump ($675 for a "probably". Anyone else have any ideas? The alt. has never been replaced and the battery was the original (6 y.o.) when I replaced it.
12/01/10 18:20

2004 ford escape...replaced 2 alternators and the 3rd one is failing now. Gauges max out while the escape is running then the windows don't work and in a few minutes everything is fine. The battery light flickers and then sometimes it stay on or off. Please help.
12/26/10 13:43

I have a 2002 Escape and I had problems for a while of it not wanting to start right away. This summer, we replaced the battery and alternator at the same time. It ran well for months and then all the sudden the battery light came on and ended up draining the battery. We think it may be something electrical, but are not sure.

This happened on Christmas, so we couldn't take it anywhere for a check up. We took the battery and put if on a friend's Escape and their battery light did not come on, which leads us to believe the battery is fine. We also believe there is nothing wrong with the alternator, so what could it be?

Someone earlier said that their CD changer makes noises after they turn off the engine. Mine does that too. My CD changer didn't work for about a year until we replaced the battery. All of the sudden it started working, but didn't last long and has stopped working again.

01/07/11 20:06

I had the same problem of the battery light staying on. I had recently installed a new alternator, (thinking that was the issue) when the light reappeared. I tested the battery and alternator and could not find either to be faulty. Then the lights started to dim while driving at night intermittently. When I tested the battery and alt. again, still nothing.

So i accessed the alt. (meaning you have to remove the front passenger tire and splash guards etc. and checked the connections to the alt. That's when I found the plug in connector to the rear of the alt to be loose.

I pushed it back in, then immediately started the vehicle, and low and behold the light was off. I drove the vehicle wit no issues until the light illuminated again after about a week.

I checked the plug again and it was loose Again.

After some studying I noticed when the engine is under load, the engine "twists" under the torque. Something engines do when revved up, or under acceleration. Anyway I found the wiring harness became a little tight while under this "twist" from the engine. So I extended the harness for the alternator, (spliced the wires and added about 4 inches), and I have not had the battery light illuminate again.

Since my discovery and my "own" repair I have found that you can buy the extension for this problem.

Hope this helps


01/21/11 18:31

Somebody please help im gonna pull my hair out and run my 2002 ford escape off a cliff..... but i cant i love it. gone through 2 going on three alternators... 2 batteries. and ford is scamming me telling me to do it again. i know 00000 about vehicles and same goes for my husband. and for every car shop in this stinking city... lights stay dim, battery light no longer warns us but if we leave the lights and radio off we can drive it for about 8 min until it dies if either are on then it drives 1 block. i think its something electrical. I think somethings making my alternator die right away so it cant do its job. and i have the 6 cd changer also, but no noises, that i noticed anyways. and i cant take my tire and ect. off. o and our abs light is flashing all the time. please someone help me. i tried to ask a ford mech. but they wanted 50 dollars and i cant do that. please help im out of money and surrounded by scammers is it possible both alternators were default?? desperate need advice now
02/11/11 21:15

replaced both the battery and alternator on my 2004 escape. the battery light on the insturment panel is now fading in and out. batter and alternator are 2 months old.. any ideas
02/21/11 07:55

I have a 2003 Ford Escape on my third alternator and my battery light is coming on again. Everything is testing normal the battery, the alternator and the starter. Had an oil leak that was leaking on the alternator fixed that. At wits end don't know what is wrong??? Help please!!
03/28/11 09:28
Barbara Sproule

Going through the above list and it seems 2004 Escapes have

the most alternator problems. I have had my alternator

replaced 3 times. Now my battery light goes on and off

with no rhyme or reason. Sometimes it comes on once or

twice quickly, sometimes many times and sometimes not at


Had it into Ford several times - they have checked the

battery, the alternator and the wiring and say all is

good and to drive it until the light stays on because

they think it is a wiring problem and they can't pinpoint

it until the light comes on.

I have 377, 000 kils. on this vehicle and up until now it

has been one of the best vehicles I have ever owed. However

I find the battery light going on and off very unnerving as

I drive 86 kils. each way to work on country roads and not

looking forward to it breaking down on my way to work.

Would seem that this is a definite weakness with the Escape.

07/05/11 06:57
Medowie nsw
Thank author of this post/comment"escape alternator"

Had alternator problem 18 months ago. $1800 for new alt fitted, everything ok.

Alt light recently returned, checked every thing, all pointed to another alt.

Long story and cost later, auto electrician found main cable between alt and battery through computer was (unwinding), due to "excessive amp draw due to 3 spotlights on bulbar.

FIX was a new cable with SOLDERED ends fitted between alt and battery.Eleco suggested running only 2 spottys to lower amp draw, mechanic said, sounds like crap.

So I suggest all with recurring alt light check their cables.

LittlE John

10/06/11 09:29
Thank author of this post/comment"Escape Battery Light Randomly Comes on & off"

I've had the battery light coming on randomly while driving on my 2001 Escape for about a month now. Autozone tested (light was off at time they tested) and battery was fully charged and alternator tested as good. I was all set to replace the alternator anyways but now finding these posts (thanks everyone for your inputs!) I'm having doubts that it's necessarily that. I'll be checking the cables people who have had the light coming on and off randomly and haven't changed the alternator, has you alternator eventually failed? Thanks for any help
10/20/11 22:27
Thank author of this post/comment"battery light"

had the same problem with 2001 escape battery light would come on for the first 10 minutes of running. new battery no change .check voltage with vehicle running and lights and fan on. voltage should read 14 to 15 volts batt light comes on when voltage drops to 13.9. battery cables had some visible corrosion but didn't look too bad.

SOLUTION changed battery cables and light has stayed off for close to a week now.

My theory is. corroded cables reduces voltage getting to battery from alternator after 10 minutes of running below 14 volts pcm overides alternator too charge at a higher rate, contributing to premature alternator failure.

reccomend replacing the whole battery cable harness 87$ canadian at the dealer much cheaper and easier to cahange then alternator. you will need to remove battery and tray, air filter and intake. reccomend draining cooling system as heater hose connects right above starter you will need to remove it to make connections to starter.

01/31/12 01:04
houston, tx
Thank author of this post/comment"re:The cruise has stopped working on my ..."

The connector on your cruise control cable has come off the accelerator linkage. tie it with some wire or tie wrap to keeping it from jumping off again. replacing the cable will help, but will do it a again soon aferwards

02/20/13 15:32
Thank author of this post/comment"dashlights"

I recently bought a 2007 Ford Escape XLT. I noticed that the high beam indicator does not work so the dealer told me to bring it back and they would fix it at their expense. I did today, they told me the entire dash cluster has to be replaced when this bulb goes out at a cost of $450 plus labor. Can this be correct? to replace a bulb? so does this also mean when any of the lights go out the entire cluster/dash will have to be replaced? any information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
02/20/13 15:42
Thank author of this post/comment"Update over a year later..."

Can't help you Reggie, but your post notified me and I figured I should give an update in case anyone else is having my original problem. It's been well over a year now and the light situation remains the same, alternator light goes on and off as it pleases but there haven't been any problems. Glad I didn't panic and have it replaced right away as that looks like it would have been big money and not solved anything. Anyways, good luck with your problem.
05/05/13 17:38
Thank author of this post/comment"battery light."

just happen to me over the last month.replaced battery.went dead next day on again the street.replaced alt.week later light on and daed again.bk to the shop they put new belt and wires and cables.week ltr light on battery draining barely made it home.bk to mech.he putts length on the pigtale cable off the alt.gets it away from the hott escaust the cables heat and dissconnect.its the bad way this car is built.well light bk on 2 days ltr goin in tomorrow for 2nd alt.gotta be the regulater in the badd.if it comes on again im havin the primary charge changed.just like all of you my battery was good my alt.was good why is this goin mech said regulaters can be bad many times this is rediculas.
05/08/13 10:53
Thank author of this post/comment"have found the the alt battery issue on escapes."

after 2 with the 2001months of batterys alt and more i have found the problem with the ford escape batt drain light on alt mech changed all wires off alt 2 close 2 hott excaust.he added lengh on all pigtailed them.then must change batty must check alt at high rpm 2000 it must b at 14.2 cause if it drops to 13.9 the pcm will overide ur alt prematurely causeing light on batty drain.sounds expensive but if you have warranty on ur alt tell him this he will do it no charge.4 u that have been told ur alt is puttn out its fine.wrong the regulater is badd it clicks on off diff times and yes ur car will die n the road like me.get new alt but u must get lengh like 5inches on the wires off alt r u will have light on again cause wires 2 close 2 excaust on this car its a bad design.hope this helps u.i had 2 recearch 4 days tlk to many ford experts.remember ur mech doesnt want to change alt again in yhis car it is a 5hour job tkn half the ingine out.
05/08/13 11:38
Thank author of this post/comment"@jeanne bout ur battry alt problem"

i tried to respond by email.yes your mech will say alt batt r puttn out no problem.half is ur regulater in ur alt plus with our car 2001 ford escape you must have all wires off ur alt lenghend bout 5inches it is to close 2 the hott excuast wires get hott dissconect from alt its a bad design on the car.have mech pigtale wires also.if u have been told alt fine not so must b checked at high rpm 2000 puttn out 14.2 milliamps.ok lengh on alt wires get away from heat new alt.i went threw 2 its the regulater ur light will stay off no more problems.yes its alot 2 do but if all of it isnot done everyweek same thing will happn.its the bigest issue in the car ive tlkd to hundreds goin threw it.goodluck.
12/19/13 09:57
Our Planet
Thank author of this post/comment"NOT LOW BATTERY LIGHT"

I have been searching the internet for a day. Had to replaced the alternator on my 2002 escape after it died on the highway. THEN, the battery light kept coming on. Read the first post on this thread.... ITS NOT A BATTERY LIGHT, rather the low coolant light. If its a little box with flame-looking things, it's the low coolant light. hope this helps someone!
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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 35 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: battery light on instrument panel archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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