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2005 Dodge GC Sliding Door Problem

- Dodge-Grand Caravan

Forum Post
09/26/08 14:44
Larry Hetterscheidt

2005 Dodge GC Sliding Door Problem

My 2005 GC does not consistently allow the sliding power door on the passenger side close more than 1/2 or 3/4 of the way.

Additionally, if it does close it will intermittently will not cycle fully to fully secure the door. As a result the power mechanism which seals the door will cycle over and over until someone manually opens the door and then pulls it shut.

What will cause this and how do I go about repairing this.


Larry H

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Fixed it! - The left hand button "On/Off" on the overhead control panel is another child safety switch - the book doesn't say what it's for. Apparently ours got pushed one day. Easiest fix ever - push the button.
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I followed the directions as Al (#31 posting) described and now the door works! I had to hunt for my problem because the gray wire was not all the way broken. A suggestion that might save you some time if you have the same situation: Start flexing the plastic chain about 2 1/2 inches from the door end (by the braided black covering) After the chain separates you can slide that section over the braided part, giving yourself 2 1/2 inches of examination area. Continue doing this until you find the break in the wire's insulation. BTW as Al mentioned there is a top and bottom to the chain. If it doesn't want to go back together easily don't force it- make sure you have the right side up. Thanks again to everyone who posted- this was an aggravating problem that was solved in 30 minutes and for less than $1.
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kate Thurnau

Have a 2004 GC. The passenger side door wont shut. I dont think its an electrical prob tho. it appears as tho something is obstucting it and not allowing it to close. There is nothing stuck in the track. Need help plz
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Peter Kozinski

The Dodge dealership quoted me $650 to fix the door in me 2006 caravan - thankfully I didn't fall for it; piece of junk is only worth $7 or $8 thousand...

Anyway - found this site and #42 video. See in some posts they want $300 for a new harness.

Anyone find a better price? know the part number??

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We were considering buying a used 2005 GC, but the "hangup" on the sale is that the passengers side door opens 6 inches (when using automatic/remote open), and then you have to open manually the rest of the way. When you push button to close, however, it closes automatically (all the way) just fine. Does this sound like the same wiring issue? The want to add another $350 to the sale price to "fix" the door (dealer said the clutch needed adjusting or something like that).


**/**/** **:**

Thanks for all the information. My husband couldn't wait to get out and fix that is there a forum for ALL issues with the 2006 GC? My husband will never again buy another Dodge with as many problems as we've had with this one, right down to having to replace the engine with only 90, 000 miles on it.
**/**/** **:**
Michael Phinney

I found a break in the wire harness on the drivers side door, made the fix but the door still is not working properly. The power is working now but the door only opens 4 inches and makes a clicking sound when hit the button to open.

Any ideas, did I a miss another wire or is it the gear needs to be replaced thanks for the help in advance.

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Check out the link posted by Doug on reply 42. This worked. In less than 30 minutes I fixed the door with a simple splice. Thanks Doug (and everyone else)
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I need some assistance please..I have a 2002 dodge Grand Caravan with a passenger sliding door shut..I have taken the panel off but I cannot get the lock mechanism to release, does anybody know how.. I have unplug the motor, module, electronic module at the back of the door, does anybody know how to get some voltage to this mechanism so it releases the lock. Thank you
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I have a 2005 G. Caravan when you close the passanger door it closes 95% of the way then re-opens. It is driving my wife insane. If I put gentle pressure outside or gentle pull pressure inside it will close just fine. The track is clean and I can not see why it is re-opening, anyone ever fix this problem.
**/**/** **:**

Thankyou for all the ideas to fix the motorized sliding door on my 2005 dodge carravan. Found the broken wire and spliced it together and it works great. The wife is happy. Thanks again.
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If you are having trouble, this is the place to be to get your answer. If you have not already tried what has been suggested, go back and try again. My wire that was completely cut in two was the all black wire up closer to the door roller. I used some yellow barrell splices and took me a total of 10 mins to complete. If you have the wire and some splices, you will not have to go get anything. Just look for the damaged wire cut back an inch or so on both sides to get rid of the brittle wire and then splice in the same gauge wire or maybe a little bigger is what I did. Thank you all for the wonderful help. Saved me hundreds of dollars on something soooooooooo simple.
**/**/** **:**
Calvin Fowler

Recall makes sense for Chrysler. Poor engineering. My 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT has the same power door problem passenger side. This is the most used power door and logically the site of the wire failure ... makes sense. I really appreciate the video. I now know where to look for the break and how to take apart the chain and gear house. Great stuff. Will give feedback on my repair once complete. Thank you all. Great work!!
**/**/** **:**

I followed the video posted with reply #42 and it was awesome and easy to follow!
**/**/** **:**

My 2006 sxt rear hatch beeps and wont open with remote or overhead controls. I have to manually open, with alot of force. Any ideas on what is happening and how to fix?
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mark w

the right power door is locked it cant be opened
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Tim Stacy

FYI, this little door problem with the wire harness breaking can become a HUGE issue for you! Just had my 06 Grand Caravan in the shop for 3 weeks trying to figure out what was causing module communication problems. It was one those dang phantom problems that was hard to reproduce.

Initially my keyless entry fob wouldn't work and had to unlock the vehicle the old fashioned way. When trying to start, the van would turn over and start but die immediately (kinda like a fuel system problem). After a few times of starting like that it gave up trying to start completely (the starter would not turn over at all, but didn't fade out like a dying battery). While all this is going on, there was a fast clicking under the dash (much like a relay on 'overdrive') which I traced to the climate control module, the gauge cluster had no power or lights, the fuel economy read out was blank, no door controls would work, the rear back up assist LED's were lit red, wipers didn't work. Basically, failures all over the vehicle.

Mechanics couldn't reproduce, but it would fail on us immediately. This is because we have kids and were using that door (manually since the wire harness was broken) and they were just trying to start the vehicle from the drivers seat (not moving the faulty sliding door).

Just a heads up, it may effect more than just your door, and wanted to post this in case people are having these same issues. Maybe they won't have to take it to the mechanic like I did. If I knew it was just the door, I'd have done it myself!

**/**/** **:**

same problem, my left door wont work at all, with key or button, right door opens then, shuts again, it did this while a CHILD was trying to get out, scared me to death. Also the seat in the back didn't latch and flew back while a child was in it. Could of broke his neck. Scary and I want something done about it, I bought it brand new in 2007, off the lot, it is a 2006, thanks
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05 Dodge GC with the same door sliding problem. Found the split wire and fixed it, but when I try to push the button on the remote I only hear it unlock and the door doesnt move at all. Any ideas?
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quick fix with a butt connector and door works fine! Thanks for the video #42 it did help out a lot.
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I just experienced the same problem. In a matter of minutes I googled the problem, found this forum, read the postings and, with what I found described in #31 and after viewing the clip from #42, was able to easily resolve it. It certainly does seem to be a design flaw but it is easily repaired. I feel sorry for anyone who paid hundreds of dollars for a repair. It seems Chrysler should take care of this. I really do like the vehicle overall because of its incredible versatility.
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Jim Szakmary

I urge everyone to please send this Dodge Caravan "Sliding Door" problem to NHSTA to try to get Chrysler to recall these vans before it leads to an injury or fatality.I did...


**/**/** **:**
Mike B.

My sincere thanks to ALL!!!!! #31 AND #42, You were a life saver. With 3 kids in college we couldn't afford to get the power sliding door fixed. I did exactly what #31 and #42 said and fixed the problem 25 minutes. I had extra speaker wire and electrical tape; so my cost was $0.00. This should without a doubt be a recall item. Chrysler knows it a defect and should make good for it. I am no great mechanic but to save $400 I took a shot at it and IT WORKED PERFECT!!!
**/**/** **:**

First, I would like to give my sincere thanks to Al and Doug who saved me many hundred dollars for this repair. I was able to repair in less than 30 minutes: BUT HERE IS THE PROBLEM!!


Can you tell me why the door lock on this one door does not work now? (either lock or unlock). I re-checked all the wires I could see but nothing stood out like the original broken wire. I can hear the door lock trying to activate, but it does not lock or unlock! I also tried the IOD fuse thing, but that didn't work. Also, all the other doors lock and unlock by remote and by the interior door switch. I'm starting to think that there is some type of plunger/servo motor inside the door that activates the lock that might have been shorted out when the door wire broke? What kind of part is it that activates the locking mechanism?


**/**/** **:**
Thank author of this post/comment"issue"

I have a 2005 DGC SXT which I just bought used.

I have an intermittent problem with the driver seide rear sliding door, where if i press the keyfob or pillar button, the open door slides to close, but at about 6 inches form closing, it re-opens automatically and then stays open.

intermittent problem. Opening the door using the buttons is fine, but only when trying to close to re-opens automatically.

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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 90 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: 2005 Dodge GC Sliding Door Problem archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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