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car stereo wiring diagram and color codes

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This forum post has messages dated from 09/23/08 through 05/17/11, please be sure to read all the messages. If you feel it is old or outdated, please follow up with a question or comment and someone may be able to update it, or reply with newer information if you have it.

Forum Post
09/23/08 11:03

car stereo wiring diagram and color codes

Can you please send me a diagram and color codes on my 95 dodge status radio/stereo. ty
10/29/08 09:43

in got my radio stolen now i dont know what wires are what. can u help me out and send me the diagram of the wire. thank you jason.
10/30/08 21:49

i need a wiring diagram for a 98 stratus for the radio please
12/21/08 14:41

I need a wiring diagram for my 2005 dodge stratus I am putting in a radio in and i don't know what the wires are
01/24/09 18:52

I am in desperate need of car stereo wiring diagram and color codes for 2005 Stratus Sedan. Can any help me?
03/15/09 12:51

I can help all of you...Haynes manuals have been published for all of those vehicles; go out and buy one, wiring diagrams are in the back of the manual. Sheesh....
05/07/09 18:37
John Blaskowski

I am wiring in a xm radio and i want to use the xm antenna that the car came with i need to know what color the antenna wire is for the xm antenna thank you
06/02/09 21:19

Have a 2005 dodge daytona 5.7 liter. I went and bought an aftermarket sound system nd hooked it up and cant get any sound out of the speakers can anybody help me ?
06/21/09 23:04

i have a 1992 plymouth colt vista and it is missing the sterio and i have a new one to go in but i dont have a clue what wires are what

07/20/09 21:09

I have a 2004 Dodge Stratus R/T. I recently bought an after factory stereo to install. I looked online and found a site that had the color codes for the wiring but they don't match up and there are more wires in my car than what it said. Thank you
09/07/09 00:18

please send me the wiring diagram for the standard stereo in a dodge caliber 07 sx.... thank you
11/24/09 22:36

i need the color code for the RAM 1500 2004 i bought a new stereo but i dont know which wire goes with the one i bought. help
12/21/09 20:54

i need a 1993 colt vista stereo wiring/color code diagram. please send.

thank you,


01/08/10 21:26
kiven massey

i need wiring diagram for 99 stratus. i install a jvc radio in and now i do not have any dash lights. i am good with ford, not so with dodge, please help!
02/09/10 17:21
Shawn Gilbert

Can anyone send me a color code wire digram for the sterio in a 2002 stratus please.
02/12/10 17:21
Evan kornelsen

I want to put a Platform Bed on a 2004 Dodge long bed. now i would like to know what color wires i use for what. Please and thank you.
02/15/10 21:33

hi, i need a radio wiring diagram for my 2000 dodge stratus could you hel;p me out? thank you
02/17/10 23:47


Could you please send me the stereo wire color code for the Dodge Neon 2002.

Thank you! Much appreciated!

02/20/10 15:39

I installed a JVC HD stereo into my daughter's 03 Stratus RT. Everyting is connected (Hot DC, Accessory, and speakers) but no sound. It has stereo controls on the steering wheel but the JVC manual doesn't mention this. ANY suggestions...
02/22/10 20:28

i bought a radio for my 1996 dodge stratus at a junk yard i put it in and the lights come on and the clock works but the radio wont turn on is there something i have to do thank you
03/29/10 10:28

I installed my pioneer into my my dodge intrepid 96. the face plate is working, and the lights but no sound. Did i hook up something wrong? is there something i can do to get the speakers to work?

04/12/10 12:34
Ruler 2007

Hi my Speakers keep turning on and off by them selves. Can I please jav the wiring diagram for a 2004 dodge stratus. Thank you.
04/15/10 16:05

i want to know how to connect my radio to a dodge stratus i dont know wat wires go with wat
04/30/10 13:09

1992 dodge dynasty 6 cyl....I am in desperate need of a stereo wiring diagram!! asap so i can sell this car plz plz plz someone help me i have a 6 month old son and we will get another 200 if we sell w cd player installed!...thank you
05/28/10 15:40
will baker

i need audio the color coding for a dodge statuss 2000 my dash lights keep blowing

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    Dodge Stratus 'car stereo wiring diagram and color codes'