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Neon SE Automatic transmission stuck in first gear

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This forum post has messages dated from 02/18/09 through 02/11/15, please be sure to read all the messages. If you feel it is old or outdated, please follow up with a question or comment and someone may be able to update it, or reply with newer information if you have it.

Forum Post
02/18/09 10:40

Neon SE Automatic transmission stuck in first gear

My Neon is stuck in 1st gear. Code P0700. transmission control. No other transmission codes of which there are several. Thinking of changing the input speed sensor (even though it didnt show code for it)before I change the solenoid module. Any other sugestions. Fluid and pan are clean.
03/19/09 23:13


Just read your issue on the Neon trans error P0700....I have a 2001 Neon Se and I live in Australia that had the same error code...

I would start the car and put it in drive and the car would hope a bit...and when i drove off the car would not change into second...I would turn the car on off and this would fix the issue...but it was getting worse..Iit was happening every day I took it in a week ago....

Initially I thought Hell whats wrong...when they plugged the computer in to check all the codes under the P0700, a number of other error codes came ended up being the Module itself... the computer was faulty....they replaced the computer and no more error codes came up.....2nd hand computer a new one was 2K they are insane a second was 500...

yes there are potential solenoid issues kick down cable issues etc..etc..but hey thats what the mechanic said...everything else was fine....

I pick my car up in a couple of days....



04/04/09 22:30

the p0700 dtc in the pcm is just to refer you to check for dtc's in the tcm ( transmission control module ), since it is not emissions related you will have to see if your diagnostic tool can access the tcm. if not you'll likely have to go to a dealer. when the tcm registers a failure it goes into limp- in mode, if your speedo still functions it is not the output speed sensor, without knowing the dtc the input sensor is just a guess, it is a cheap sensor and fairly common to fail.
05/09/09 23:43

p700 code is automatic transmission fault detected most likely could be your input speed sensor or your output speed sensor or your tcm which is your transmission control module or your solenoid pack located on your trans also it could be clogged up and not letting it shift you also have an vavle idle air control also located on your trottle body if it goes bad or build up on it it will cause shifting problems also had problems with the tcm relay and the wires under the tcm relay come lose from the solider....
05/09/09 23:46

the problem is called limp mode that yall are having a google seach on this problem search limp mode
06/02/09 16:48

i have a simular prob. my 2002 neon just went into limp mode. i took it to my local mech. it showed codes 0700 and 0755. showing that the shift solenoid B malfunction. i disconected the battery and pulled the fuse and cleaned both of them. the car ran fine for about 10 miles then went back into limp mode. any suggestions?
06/02/09 16:53

I have a simular prob.. My 2002 doge neon just went into limp mode.. I took it to my local mech.. It showed codes 0700 and 0755.. showing that the shift solenoid B malfunctioned.. I disconnected the battery and pulled the fuse and cleaned both of them.. The car ran fine for about 10 miles then went back into limp mode.. Any suggestions what to check?
07/23/09 20:45
johnny davis

I wanted to no were is tcm an selinoid moldule located at.
08/05/09 01:23

Guys... dont waste your money on anything, same exact thing happened on my 2002 Dodge Neon. This was a VERY simple problem, the "Transmission Shift Solenoid" goes bad and simply needs replacement. Anyone with basic tools can do it, just need to move the airbox out of the way to get to it. Here's the link to what you guys need on Ebay. This is somewhat of a chronic problem so do not purchase a used one. I beleive its double the price at a dealer, I got mine almost two years ago on ebay and sucker is still running strong. This will fix the problem of transmission not shifting higher then the first gear (possibly from second to third aswell).


08/24/09 14:15
craig kozak

Ok guys here's the problem, my wife has a 99 neon. There's a kick down cable running off the throttle body. The problem is the battery corrodes and drips down on top the transmission. What happens is that it gums up the tranny pump and you can feel a hard spot in the throttle pedal. When you smash it down it sticks and holds the transmission in kick down mode. Notice if it sticking and you take it down the road and hold it right to the floor it does actually shift around redline. Thats because your tranny is saying lets go babe i'm in passing gear. The fix, is to pull your battery box and stuff off and take off the surroundings at the trans linkage and take it apart. Take a small torch and heat the outter housing but don't melt the o-ring inside there! Keep spraying pb blaster into the hole that the shaft rides in and wiggle the shaft left and right. Don't pull up more than 1/16 of an inch! Other wise you will have the headache with getting it down and meshing again. Her car is doing this a 2nd time, so, I'm going to put a piece of tin or something over the top, currently she has a newer napa battery with the fill caps, the best thing to do is replace it with a maintence free battery.

Well there's the fix! I see alot of forums and info, but nobody can help a person, they just suggest which is ok, but there seems to be alot of suggestions and still no solutions. Well here's the solutions to those who have problems with it upshifting.



11/28/09 21:38

ok Gear Heads ive got a headache and a sore back from looking all the way around this car this is what happened my GF's son took her car to pick up some chicks and while in route he said the car was ok then when he stoped at gas station tried to start it and it did but then he couldnt shift he had to shut off shift it into neutral then park shut off then start it and shift into drive that helped for about 10 minutes ran fine then he said it just stoped all together it wont start it will turn over but seems like its not getting gas or air im like MO@()%*('r "bang bang bam" then i take a pry bar to a near by oak tree while spectators trying to figure out what tree did to me then i started back again trying to fix this tird so is this limp in mode or the ECM is screwed and or is it timing belt or is it just some stupid selenoid???
12/21/09 13:58
charlie b

My duaghters 2002 neon just started doing the exact same thing - will not shift out of first - check engine light on - I have not checked the code yet - I did remove the battery terminal but that did not clear the engine light and still stays in first. Can anyone tell me if they tried replacing the shift solenoid like reply "#8 Tony" suggested
01/24/10 11:34
Duncan Thompson

Hi, Can i ask for a final clarity on the 'limp in' mode please. I have a 2001 2.0L SE auto. The SES light is on, I replaced the TCM. I still get P0700.

The car is fairly smooth into reverse and drive, but is stuck in 2nd. It will drive smoothly up to 40-45 but I haven't taken it any further. There is no power loss, the speedometer works, all lights work ok, radio is fine and no other codes flash up.

Removing the battery to reset the module has not worked.

The answers are this so far.

1. Replace input and output sensors

2. Check wiring for fauly ground.

3. Clean Air intake valve on throttle.

4. Change transmissio fluid and filter.

5. Reprogram PCM with up to date info.

I have jury rigged a negative from the battery to the unit but that made no difference.

Can anyone solve this by asnwering me this.

1st job. Get TCM scanned by Dodge dealer to inspect and re-flash BIOS.

or 1st Job, replace in/output sensors, change tranny fluid and tehn get it scanned?

Thanks for help in advance.

01/25/10 13:55

shifter knob wont work on my 1998 neon. the button is the problem cant find a diagram to show me how to fix it.
01/30/10 20:37

This is not a computer problem. this is from rusting where the passing gear cable is connected.

Remove the battery and its tray. You'll see the shift lever and throttle lever on the transmission. Spray them with PB Blaster, WD 40, or a silicone lubricant.

Let it soak in for at least 5 minutes. Then move the throttle lever back and forth. The throttle lever is to one that has the cable that attaches to the throttle body. Move the lever back and forth throughout its range till you feel no binding. 80% of the time, this will solve the problem.

This will cause your car to be stuck in certain gears and could also cause your gas pedal to lock up and your transmission to shift into neutral.

I have owned my neon for 10 years and i have to free this part up every couple years.

01/30/10 20:47

Google image this phrase, and you will see apic of what it looks like

" speed control cable dodge neon No kickdown "

03/01/10 00:21

i have a 95 dodge neon i thought i put the linkage back together right but now my shifter moves but the tranny doesn't shift by the way its a 3speed auto
03/01/10 17:58

03/08/10 19:01
j wilson

OK I've read all the fixes and performed all them.The kickdown is freed up now, the shifter is operating smoothly now that I lubed the button. Now out of nowhere the thing will not engage reverse! Checked the the fluid, added half a quart, is it possible the the all the fluid needs changed? The car sat for nearly two years, I had to replace the brake lines. It went in reverse every time we moved it. Now that it's been inspected and driven, reverse is being a bear. I'll change the tranny screen and fluid and get back to ya!
03/14/10 00:00
Jacalyn H


My 2005 Dodge Neon seems to have a similar problem to some listed above. My engine light will come on and then my car will no longer be able to go past 60 miles an hour. Changing gears is very difficult; I've developed a system of dropping into gear to get past the first couple. I've brought my car in and the code reads transmission (don't remember the exact no., something in the 700s)But there is NOTHING wrong with my car. They erase the code and my car is fine again.

I have had this problem for a year now and it comes and goes, which leads me to believe it has to be a sensor issue. No consistency; I have tried but to no avail to identify a pattern or trigger for the light to come on and the vehicle to start its gear shifting issues.

When the vehicle is experiencing trouble it accelerates slowly, it hiccups when I approach a gear change, and I need to apply gentle pumps on the accel to drop into the next gear to gain any speed. The light will turn on starting from when I start my car, or randomly while driving. OR the vehicle will be completely fine for days!!

I need advice! I'm a chick so I don't want to be fleeced in repair costs, I want to go in with a knowledgable hypothesis. This has GOT to stop. Any ideas? Email me at THANK YOU!


04/26/10 14:35
Duncan Thompson

I have a dodge neon 2.0l se auto 2001. I want to remove the tcm and put a new one in. I looked under the splash skirt but can't see anything that looks like a tcm. I checked both sides, any help would be great.
05/01/10 10:28
George H


Chrysler Neon 2002 reg

I seem to have many of the issues above.

Stays in 1st gear and wont shift up,

The cooling fan runs immediatly from start up, after 5 minutes of running it develops a whining noise.

Fault code P0700

No one seems to have the fan running issue so maybe my problem is slightly different?

Any clues much appreciated.

05/04/10 22:43
otto m.

The TCM in neon 2001 LE is below the "right light" looking inside the car, you must remove it first!.
05/14/10 03:43
aggrevated in florida

Ok so here is my neons issue we have a 2003 dodg neon 2.0l my wife drove the car onto a stump which in turn damaged the transmission coolant line going into the radiator which unfortunately was not noticed by myself when i inspected undercarriage after removing from stump . about 2 months later while driving in orlando the car lost fluid when damaged cooling line finally gave way and poured fluid all over orlando city streets fourtunately we where right at a advance auto parts so we coasted into lot because at this point tranny isnt ingaging we i located problem repaired coolant line and limped home but the damage was done we have had the transmission completely rebuilt and now the transmission shop is telling me that the car needs a new computer seems like there is no tcm on this car it is built into the ecm or as some refer to it pcm i have been told i need to have a new one put in and was quoted a price of almost 700 inclucing parts and labor higher price because parts come from dealership and dealer has to flash the box to the specific car i found a ecm on ebay for 199.95 and they test and flash right there according to vin number and mileage does anyone know if this will fix my problem or am i getting my chain jerked and need a new sensor the only code i have coming up after performing the 3 key click code reading method is the 0700 but tranny was just rebuilt a day ago . any advice or expertise is greatly appreciated i can be reached directly at nbowkley at thanks
05/18/10 12:26

I have a 2000 Neon LE. My transmission has no second gear but everything else works fine. No codes, did a tranny flush (strawberry milk shake)and who ever did it last left the old gasket in the pan which was then stuck in the filter. I am 90% sure the tranny is toast just looking for a cheaper option.
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