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thumping underneath in front end

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This forum post has messages dated from 10/20/08 through 08/26/14, please be sure to read all the messages. If you feel it is old or outdated, please follow up with a question or comment and someone may be able to update it, or reply with newer information if you have it.

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Lynn McAtee

To all you fellow thumpers:

Yes, it is the sway bar bushings. This is noting new on Dodge/Chrysler/Plymouth minivans. I had both a 1993 Plymouth Voyager and Chrysler T and C, and had the same problem with both of them. Replaced the 4 bushings, (2fcenter and 1 each on the outer ends). It cured the problem on both for about a year. I made the mistake of purchasing the factory original from my Chrysler dealer and within the year, the knock was back in both vehicles.

I now have a 05 Caravan and within a year it began to develop the same knocking noise, coming from both sides of the front of the van. Will do the repalcement thing again as soon as the weather gets somewhat warmer.

Be sure to get aftermarket bushings. They will last a lot longer.

PS, I tried the lube thing with both the 1993s and the 2005 and it made no difference.

**/**/** **:**
Pete Wheeler

I also have a 2005 caravan with the above mentioned thump. It occurs on slow speed turning of the steering wheel. I have talked to several front end "specialists" and have found 1 who seems to have an answer. He says the plate at the top strut (on the chassis) is worn and the top of the spring on the strut catches when turning. He had me hold the spring and turned the steering wheel. At the sound of the thump I distinctly felt it through spring. He said he would love to replace the 2 struts and the plates on the chassis for $375.00 but if I could handle the noise there was no imminent danger and the plate could last the life of the car. The only reason he would replace the struts is that they have 83000 miles on them and they had to be removed to replace the plate.

If any one has a comment, I would appreciate it. The steering and handling are fine and I really like this car

**/**/** **:**
Mark c

I have the same clunking noise from my 01 grand caravan and a grinding noise when the brakes are applied.I was told is was the lower control arm which holds the lower balljoint.Well I replaced both of them to be safe and It fixed nothing.The bushings on the old control arms were cracked severely and so I thought that could be it , but it was not.Now Im gona try the motor mounts , then sway bar.I'm doing motor mounts first since I already ordered them before reading these post.Now I'm sure it's the swaybar bushings.I'll let you all know what happens when I'm done.
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03 dodge 1500 quad cab 5.7

i recently had my passenger wheel bearing replaced and now whenever i drive up a steep slope hill turning or down a steep slope turning i get h pop/thumping noise. its also does the noise when i stop at a red light sometimes. it doesnt do it all the time, but sometimes. help

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also it did not make this sound until i had the bearing replaced?
**/**/** **:**
Dean Siders

My 2005 grand CARAVAN HAS 50000 MI NOW. lAST YEAR WE REPLACED THE swaybar bushings with NAPA's best. My noise is back.

We are very easy drivers. NO MORE CHRYSLER PRODUCTS FOR ME.

I'll try Honda or Toyota next time.

**/**/** **:**
Pete Wheeler

A follow up on my link #26. I have been able to access the "bump" with the car sitting and turning the turning the steering wheel. I feel the spring around the strut. I can feel a direct sound and actually see the see the spring "jump". In my case it is only the left front that is causing this. It appears, however, to be getting worse. As this progresses I will add o my link.
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2001 Grand Caravan Clunking from drive to park, slight vibration above 60 mph


Going from drive to park to click click clunk sound. Shop says all CV joints are good....Have you ever seen a problem with the trannny, that would make this noise. When I look underneath and have someone go from drive to park I can see the inner cv joint hop up and down. I can't tell if it is the CV joint or perhaps a bushing in the tranny???


**/**/** **:**

I also own an 07 Town and Country with the front end noise. This happens at slow speeds over small bumps and is very annoying. It has been to the dealership numerous times and they had already changed out the sway bar bushings and tie rods (under warranty) which lasted for 24 hours with no problem. After that, my noise came back. I am wondering if the replacement bushings from Chrysler have an inherent problem. Are they defective by design? Are the replacement bushings made by another manufacturer superior to those made by Chrysler? Frustrating........


**/**/** **:**

05 Grand Caravan....Have the same problem, a knocking sound when going over a bump. I replaced the end links and it stoped for a day, then it came back. Will replace the sway bar bushings this weekend. Hopefully that will cure it.

Just so everyone knows, you need a 18mm ratcheting box end and everything will go much faster.

**/**/** **:**

Follow up to Reply #35

It turns out it is my strut mount bushings are bad...(I believe that is what they are called)...

Anyway, gonna replace them and the struts, total cost will be around $300..that is for the struts, strut mount bushings, sway bar bushing, and end links...

**/**/** **:**
Pete Wheeler

To Chuck #36 Please let me know whether or not this clears the problem and also whether the plates at the top of the struts that attach to car were replaced. Price quoted to me was $400 includes plates and alignment.


Pete Wheeler

**/**/** **:**


Will do, when I'm done, just know that this is all done by myself. As for the alignment, I was told I would not need one becasue the Dodge does not have Camber adjustments, just toe-in and toe-out adjustments.

I could be the fool here....but if it drives weird after the struts being replaced it will be alligned quickly....

**/**/** **:**

O.K. I changed the entire strut and new strut mount on each side. The knocking is gone!!!!!

Strut, part number G56620, Quatnity 2, price 72.99 each.

Strut mount, part number 142931, Quanity 2, price 58.99 each.

You also have the ability to buy a complete new strut with springs and new strut mount for around $200 a piece. If you don't have a shop or need it done quick, then I would do it that way, I had a shop and it took me 4 hours to remove the springs and replace strut.

Things you will need to replace the strut.

21mm wrench and socket (deep well)

17mm wrench to disconnect swaybar end link (upper only)

13mm wrench to disconnect 3 nuts that protrude through body under hood. The new nuts that come with the strut are 12mm.

Hammer, when you take the 21mm nuts off the bottom of the strut you will need to beat the bolts out, and back in ***NOTE*** the end of the bolts closest to the head are ridged so you do not have to hold the head of the bolt when removing the nut. Remember that when you are replaceing the bolt or it will not go in correctly. Have to line the ridges of the bolt with the ridges on the strut mount.

Replace in reverse order...

If I would have bought the quick strut (alradey built) I could have done both sides in about an hour.

Also, I DID NOT get an alignment and the van seems to drive the exact same, steering wheel was in the exact same place after I replaced the struts. I will keep check of the tires to make sure they do not get bad alignment wear.....

Hope this helps...

**/**/** **:**

Oh yea, POST #39, these part are from AutoZone with a life time warranty.
**/**/** **:**

My Dodge Carvan had the same problem. My mechanic replaced today the sway bar links and the bushings which cured the problem. I used MOOG parts.
**/**/** **:**

When you replace your end links, I would HIGHLY recommend that you put locking washers with the nut, they are not self locking nuts.......really...
**/**/** **:**
Pete Wheeler

Chuck, When you replaced the strut mounts did you find them to be damaged in some way?
**/**/** **:**

Pete, those are very hard to tell if they are damaged or not....when you look where your strut is monuted (under the hood)you see the 3 nuts that attach a black round looking thing...that is the top of the strut mount....

I believe that just by looking at the mount you would not beable to tell if they were bad or not...

**/**/** **:**
Chris G

We have a vibrating or thumping as well at the front of our Caravan. When the problem started, the car would be fine when I excellerated, but if I took my foot of the gas, or put on the brakes, even at a moderate speed the thumping would start. If I pushed the gas again it would stop. Over the week the sound has become louder and louder. Any thoughts?
**/**/** **:**
Pete Wheeler

To Chuck: I finally got around to replacing struts and mounts on my caravan. When put back together, the mechanic took the car for a ride and the noise was still there. He disassembled the offending strut (left front) and cleaned the gaskets (they were not included in the replacement parts) and put it back together. The gaskets were very dirty and this seems to have quieted the noise. I followed the whole procedure from over his shoulder and am sure if the problem recurs he will work with me. Struts probably needed replacement as the car rides much better with the new ones. Hope this helps others with this problem.
**/**/** **:**

Major clunking in front end of 99 dodge caravan. Just replaced inner sway bar bushings. No change in noise. Save your money!
**/**/** **:**

Had the same banging and thumping noise as I went over bumps. Checked again today and found that damper spring is broken on left front strut - dodge grand caravan 2005. Check yours :-)

**/**/** **:**
ben stefanic

Hi. I just purchased a 2003 Dodge Caravan Sxt with 80, 000 miles 2 weeks ago. I replaced the front struts (Monroe Quick Struts) both sides.

I also replaced inner and outer tie-rods on both sides, along with sway bar links, and ball joints(both sides). After all of this I am still getting the same innermittent clunking in the front end as before.

Any ideas as to what it could be? Loosing my mind here! All I have left to replace are wheel bearings and cv shafts, which aren't even bad or making any noise.

Any thoughts?

**/**/** **:**
Dave Anthony Zotti

2003 Grand Caravan SE 3.3L., 113.500 miles. Same issue, clunking at front end.


Brought van to my garage for tire rotation and car pulling left(note, not clunking at this time).

Mechanic found left swaybar link not connected. Recommended replace both links. Agreed.

Then got 4 new tires. Mounted, balanced and alignment.

Took car on short road trip. Noticable clunking at front end. Took car back to mechanic.

Call came in, recommend replace front strut/shock assemblies and swaybar bushing. Agreed.

Front end now riding smoothly and straight.

5 days later, noticable clunking at front end, driver's side.

Took van back to mechanic to look underneath again. Told him cannot not put anymore dough into repairs.

He took van for short road test, did not even get out of lot. Brought it right into garage. Checked left side link. Somewhat loose. He tightend up as much as he could. Checked the right side and did the same. Stated about 1/4 turn for the left, just a bit on the right. Took for road test.

Clunking gone, but for how long???

I like the locking washer suggestion. Will suggest if/when clunking comes back.

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