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power locks will not lock or unlock

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This forum post has messages dated from 08/19/07 through 02/20/14, please be sure to read all the messages. If you feel it is old or outdated, please follow up with a question or comment and someone may be able to update it, or reply with newer information if you have it.

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Thank you, thank you for letting me know about the IOD fuse. I spent an hour with my mechanic today and he could not figure it out and there is nothing in the owner's manual. I just hope the lock/unlock works forever.
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Power locks also stopped working on my 05 Chry T&C. Did a search on problem and found this fix. Pulling the IOD fuse for 5 sec did the trick. Had van since new in 2005 and 1st time with this problem.
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I have a problem with my 2 sliding doors. The one on the driver's side won't lock or unlock unless you do it manually. If it is locked it will not open when the buttom is pushed until I manually unlock it. The one on the opposite side will lock and unlock automatically but will not open when the button is pushed - it has to be opened manually.

If I could combine the two doors I could get one that worked properly!

I took it in to the dealership, they kept it for 2 days and when I went to pick it up they said they couldn't work on the doors because my battery was going bad! I haven't been back, bought my battery from Sears and am living with the problem. I've got 3 kids and its a nuisance but what else can I do?

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It sounds like the driver side sliding door has a bad lock actuator. (part number 4717961AB) The dealer will want $80.00 but, you can find it on line for under $40.00. I would replace the locking actuator on that door and then see if you still have a problem on the other door.

Reseting the IOD fuse will make the lockes work again until the bad locking actuator shuts it down again.

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My locks failed about 3 days after giving a battery jump start to another car. The IOD fuse pull/replace worked. I'm wondering if this is a trend - Anyone else have the locks fail after giving a battery jump to another car???
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I have a 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan. In 2009, door locks stopped working. I checked this site andgot some ideas of what to try. My notes from 2009 only said to rotate 40amp BCM fuse. Tried that, didn't work. I checked this site again. Noticed notes about replacing 20amp IOD fuse. I knew back in 2009 that I didn't BUY a new fuse, only took it out and rotated it. I checked the 20amp IOD fuse. Sure enough, it is upside down. Took it out, rotated it far so good! I will be calling the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration tomorrow....AGAIN. 1-888-327-423-4236 or checking on line for complaint dept. I did it back in 2009.
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I have been having the lock issue on my 2005 Chrysler mini van for the past several months. We bought the van because it has very low miles for a 2005. The fuse thing worked for a while but sometimes several times a day I would have to get out and remove it from under the hood and replace it. We hit a deer and so the van went to the body shop and the battery was disconnected for a long time don't know exactly how long but when I got the van back the locks worked for around two to three months! I was starting to feel pretty good, you know like a normal person that parks their car a walks away without having to worry if my car is really locked or not. Well, same problem started.

I called Chrysler and was given a claim #. My case worker(not very nice) told me that before they would do anything for me I had to pay to get it diagnosed and then they would decide it it was a customer problem or a repair Chrysler would take care of.

Need I tell you the what they decided? Customer problem. They said I have a ground short and that they have never heard of anyone else having this problem so my van is the only one out there with this problem. I told them that many people have this problem that there are sites of people complaing of the same problem. They told me, "you can find anything on the internet".

So I still have the problem.

Isn't nice to know that Chrysler does not have the problem.

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We just bought a used 2005 Grand Caravan SXT. Looked at the van last week and locks were not working. Dealership said they fixed the problem by reprogramming the computer, and when we looked at it again everything was functioning just fine. The van is in great shape, low miles, and good price so we bought it yesterday. This morning the locks stopped working again. I have a call into the sales person I've been working with although I'm not sure how much help she'll be now that it's in our possession. I tried the fuse trick and the locks are working, but I'm wondering if that's all the dealership really did the first time. Also wondering how long this will last since it seems to have only worked for a week after they "fixed" it.

Has anyone experienced a long term fix by having the computer reprogrammed?

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I have 2004 Dodge Caravan. Two days ago, I've noticed passenger side doors and rear door won't unlock when I press the unlock button on my remote for the first time. When I press it once, it just unlocks driver's side doors, and I have to press the button on my remote for the second time to unlock the rest of the doors.

I've changed my remote battery, nothing changed. I pulled out IOD fuse, waited 5 seconds, installed it again... still same problem.

Can anyone help me narrow this problem down? I'd appreciate it a lot.

Thanks in advance and have a wonderful day everyone!

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Have the same issue with 2005 Grand Caravan power door locks; glad to have found this site. Will pull the IOD fuse tonight and report back.

I suspect, though, that my problem is the wiring harness on the (manual) driver's side sliding door. The "caterpillar track" (what's the right name for this part?) that the wiring harness travels in has been cracked and essentially self-disintegrated for months. We use that door now only very infrequently when we forget, but I suspect that if a damaged wire/faulty door sensor signal can cause this problem, then that is probably the source.

I'm an electrical engineer and pretty handy, so I know how to repair wires if I can find the fault.

Anyone have any thoughts on

- how to diagnose the fault

- where to get replacement "caterpillar tracks"



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Pulling the fuse worked as expected based on the forum. Locks are still working two days later. I've never been so satisfied to see them go up and down when I press the buttons, as I am now. Nice.
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I have had this problem with my Chrysler 2005 Town and Country for around 3 years now. Initially the IOD pull would do the trick for a couple months, and then it would have to be pulled again to continue the fix. However over time the length of the IOD "fix" has gotten shorter and shorter. Now I am lucky if it lasts a couple of days. My car has other electrical issues as well (gas gauge sometimes goes to empty and then back up again, O2 sensor turns on check engine light but then it goes back off again, and have been through about a battery every year and a half).

I think Chrysler has a pretty serious issue here. It is stunning to me that there is not even a pay fix for this, let alone the fact it appears it needs to be a recall item based on volume of issues.

Has anyone had luck with the BCM update?

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George Mosier

Tried pulling the IOD fuse on my 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan. Passenger rear slider still won't unlock, either manually or with power lock button. Should the ignition be on when pulling the fuse?
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Steve in Indiana

My 2005 Grand Caravan power door locks quit working yesterday at 49, 991 miles. I found this blog today and like everyone else, pulled the IOD fuse and reset the system. I also polished the fuse contacts with steel wool before reinsurting back into the fuse panel. The locks now work. I checked each door lock manually to make sure they are working freely--they are. Both sliders work well too! I am a former ASE Master Automotive and Diesel technician, but out of the field for a few years. I will dig into this issue more if my power locks quit working again.

Also, I do not use a remote key, but rather a grey sentry key. Remote keys ensure your vehicle is stolen if someone gets your keys as the remote leads them to your vehicle. Just a pet peave with me.

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Same as everyone else, 45K or so miles, passenger doors stopped reliably locking/unlocking. The do TRY but don't actually make it. I changed the battery on the car and it worked for a while, but it's not working again. The front doors and the rear door still unlock fine. I don't mind locking manually, but I've gotten spoiled by having the doors open for me when I have my hands full of grocery bags. I'll try the fuse, but it sounds like all that does is reset a circuit in the computer. The real problem lies either in the programming or the locks installed on EVERY side door in these cars is inferior to the other locks. Doesn't sound likely to me. Thanks for the info, everyone.
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Thank author of this post/comment"Thanks!"

Thanks for the help! This did the trick.

To Comment #333 Neoen: This is a normal feature for this vehicle(and most others I've had). Push unlock once for driver's side door unlock, push it again to unlock all doors. Nothing's wrong with your system.

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Smith River, CA
Thank author of this post/comment"Susan"

My 2005 Chrysler Town & Country has been experiencing the same problem with the locks not working correctly for about a year. I have been using the IOD fuse reset trick since I found this thread about 8 months ago. Thank you all.

The reset is always temporary, lasting anywhere from a day to a few weeks.

One big safety concern is that when the locks aren't working properly, the rear hatch is unlocked when the engine is off and cannot be locked manually. When the engine is on, the hatch is locked.

Has anyone found a permanent fix for this problem? Maybe if enough of us report this problem to Chrysler, they will do a recall, as this is a safety concern.

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Thank author of this post/comment"Door Lock Actuator"

Hi everyone,

I have a 2005 Dodge Caravan. Like most folks here, my locks conked out right after the 5 year warranty expired.

Anyway, the IOD fuse reset is a temporary solution. It seems as if the problem is the door lock actuator failing. If one of the actuators fail, all 4 locks are disabled. You can usually tell which actuator is failing by trying to manually lock/unlock each door - the one which fails would be difficult to unlock or lock.

The BCM update or replacing the BCM will not address this issue. It seems to increase the tolerance on the actuator fail setting, which means that the problem will recur once the actuator fails completely.

So there are 2 solutions:

Replace the actuator - I bought mine from RockAuto for $40


Open the actuator and replace the motor - the motor is about $2, but it takes a bit of handiwork to remove the gears from the old motor and install on the new motor.

Take care,


**/**/** **:**
Spokane, WA
Thank author of this post/comment"More bad door locks..."

Bought a 2004 Dodge Caravan SE. Drivers side power lock switch does not lock or unlock the rest of the van. Passenger side locks / unlocks all locks. Tried replacing switch, same symptoms. Tried IOD fuse pull and battery NEG disconnect. Neither seemed to help. When I was replacing the switch (from the junkyard), The locks work via the driver switch when I connect (open circuit) or connect (closed circuit) the switch. If I leave the switch connected and try to utilize it, I get nothing. Jumpered the harness with a wire, get a response with that. Did I buy a bad switch at the junkyard? How hard is it to add RKE (Remote Keyless Entry) to the SE model (I don't know if the module is present or not). Thanks for listening!
**/**/** **:**
Colorful Colorado :)
Thank author of this post/comment"Response for Glenda and Rob ( comments #327 and 334)"

Hello everybody,

We also have a 2005 GC SLX...And for the last 3 years we've been having problems with the sliding door on the passenger side that doesn't open or close (it tries to), with all the locks that don't lock or unlock automatically anymore (only the one on the trunk), and the window on the passenger side that doesn't open.

Today I did a search on this site and found out that they have a post for each of the problems I have on my van! That means there is a lot of people with the same problems we have! How come Dodge never did a recall for all these problems?

In one of the posts someone posted a link for the site where we can all file a safety complaint, and maybe then Dodge will have to do a recall.

Other posters taught how to fix the sliding doors problem by mending or changing the wires. Someone even posted a link to a website that sells the replacement parts for the sliding door (trademotion...but I haven't check it yet).

I'm posting the link about the sliding doors. For the complaint web site, try safecar dot gov and click on vehicle owners, and on the menu go to file a complaint. I haven't done that yet, but I will.

I hope this was helpful to you all.


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**/**/** **:**
Colorful Colorado :)
Thank author of this post/comment"Reply to Art on Comment #329"

Hello all,

We also have problems with all our door locks, and some mechanic told us that we would have to take the car to the dealership to reset the chip. We didn't do that because we heard that would cost a lot of money (400 or so).

The interesting thing is that when we had to replace the battery, the door locks started working again, but it did not last long (less than a week). I think that if you disconnect the battery it will reset the door locks, but they won't work for long time.

I'll try resetting the IOD plug and see what happens...

I'll keep you posted.

Have a great day!


**/**/** **:**
Aylmer, PQ, Canada
Thank author of this post/comment"Door lock problem"

I have a similar issue but mine is that only one door will not unlock/lock. I can't open the sliding door on the right side of the van. It is now permanently locked.

Any ideas??


**/**/** **:**
Thank author of this post/comment"You guys Rock"

Thank you guys it just worked excelement. Thanks you for saving some bugs and TIME....
**/**/** **:**
Tinley Park,Il
Thank author of this post/comment"Dodge Caravan locks do not lock"

This IS a safety issue. I contacted my local dealer by e-mail and by phone and the owner would not get back to me.

Pulling the IOD fuse is a temporary fix.

It lasts about a week.

So this is what everybody should do and it is free.

Call the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (U.S. DOT)

at : 1-888-327-4236.

They will take down your statement (have your v.i.n # ready.

And a few weeks later you will get a letter from them.

This is serious. Make the call. Thanks

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