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dodge gr caravan, 2005, 3.8l. oil warning light

- Dodge-Grand Caravan

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02/06/09 17:21
Jim in Cinci

dodge gr caravan, 2005, 3.8l. oil warning light

My oil warning light stays on after nearly every initial morning start. I'm quite certain there is not oil pressure problem. There is no 4 minute chime as the manual states will happen if the light remains on. If I turn off ignition, then restart, the light stays off. Is there any trick to resetting this light or should I just live with it? Any advice appreciated. Jim
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I have the exact same problem!! Just started two weeks ago. If I shut the van down and restart it goes away. There is also plenty of oil in my van as well. Did you find a solution yet for this??
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Mira in Detroit

I have the exact problem on my 2005 Grand Caravan. Mine started about a month ago but now it's becomming more persistant. I've had an oil change and I know for a fact there is oil in there. The light will go off if I turn the car off and restart it. I will talk to my mechanic brother this weekend and if he has any info I'll pass it on.
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No solution, yet. I know the intention of the light is basically to indicate oil pump failure, which is serious. Unfortunately, proper oil amounts don't indicate proper pump operation. The manual indicates that this failure is accompanied by 4 minutes of off/on beeping with the light on, but I've never heard the beaping, and the oil is certainly flowing, as it is gathering the normal amount of wear by appearance. This has been going on since last July for me; no problems, just irritating.

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i have a 2000 dodge grand caravan and just had the oil changed.

about 3 days later, the low pressure warning light came on

and the chimes. i stopped the vehicle and the oil level was fine.

seems to stop once you stop and restart vehicle. happens at stop lights too..

i brought it back to the oil change place and they saw nothing wrong.

i have seen suggestions on the web about the potential

causes of this problem.. bad oil pump, bad oil pressure switch or dirty oil pump filter.. will be checking with a garage this week. anyone ever have this and had it corrected?

if so, what was the outcome?


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I have an Dodge grand caravan '08 v6 3.8L.

A ding would come on during stops (wasn't sure what it was, it's similar to seatbelt ding, when I finally cuaght the light, it goes so fast, it showed a symbol for the oil). checked oil then put oil in, ding stopped. then 3 weeks later it started again. on route to buying more oil the car started making what sounded like a rod knock noise and sure enough it blew #6 rod. I have heard similar stories with 3 differeent people now...there problem was due to oil pump, something about the screw comes loose creating problems with sludge and low oil circlation to engine creating an environment where the rod doesnt get lubricated and heats. dealership said an engine light would not go on for engine heating up only with water pump issue would it sense a "heated engine".

I have had several other issues with the car too. air-contioning doesn't work. both this and last grand caravan drivers middle door and window would intermittantly stop working. front pasenger break is already shot @ 20 th ml and 1 yr of use. radio and spedometer/dash would stop working (pulling over, turning off the vehicle and starting it back up usually solved this)Dodge doesn'want to fix the problem

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I have a 2005 GC. oil light came on. Apparently Chrysler knows about a problem with piston rings siezing and causing slow oil burnoff. dealer made 2 attempts to fix the problem, then the engine blew. New engine, and first day after the engine replacement was completed, engine light comes on.

I will be going to the Honda dealer later this week to buy a new car.

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I also have a 2005 GC no oil light ever came on no dings my motor just blew and it only has 45k miles on it, its at the dealer now getting looked at. I hope I dont have any problems with them honoring the warranty.
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From Mexico city. Exactly the same problem. Chrysler Voyager 2000, 3.3 engine. A week ago, the light began to stay on, with the enginne runing. My mechanical install an oil pressure gauge (manometter?) and !nothing! No oil pressure! I'll replace the entire assembly (oil pump and cover) and i hope fix the problem.
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Hi Bob & Alex,

What's outcome for your 2000 Van? My wife has the same year Grand Caravan and have the exact same problem - After last two oil changes, the low oil pressure warning light came occasionally, and now chime sounds, too, while on streets or idling.

Our Caravan was bought used at 70k miles and the oil was dirty. But then I changed oil every time by myself, at about every 5000 miles, and it's now 110k miles.

I want to know where I should give up and your outcomes can help.

Thank you very much, guys.

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I have an 04' caravan se..I have the same problem on initial start up with the oil light staying on then turning off after you cycle the key, oil level ok and clean.Check your dash for the error code popping up after the oil light goes out. I found that the problem was a oil pressure sensor located near the oil filter. hope this helps.
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Joetta Vienna

oil light doesn't come on when key is turned on but engine is not started
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Engine parts perform efficiently even in a hot and abrasive environment—how is this possible? The secret lies in oil, which is consistently circulated throughout the engine. The oil lubricates the engine parts and protects them from corrosion. In the process, the oil keeps the engine cool, preventing overheats. Because of this fluid's performance, you should make sure that all your oil circulation components are in good condition. To ensure consistent oil circulation you have to keep your oil pump maintained.
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...I wonder could this problem occur due to using wrong viscosity oil in your car?

I have seen similar problem on a different car when the engine was running on low rpms - if the oil is "thinner" (say the manufacturer recommends SAE 5W-20 and you put SAE 0W-40...). Basically, if the oil is too thin and the engine (and the oil pump, respectively )is running in low RPMs when idling at a traffic lite, then the flow of oil into the engine is insufficient, hence the friction is higher and this situation is detected by the computer and your oil lamp comes on.

Anyway, I would recommend if your mechanic has put the right type of oil into your car - checking is definitely cheaper than buying a new engine. (by the way, it is always better to use fully synthetic oil in your car... Although the fully synthetic oil may be more expensive, it's still cheaper than a new engine/car;))

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same problem with my 2004 t.c. oil indicator would light up on morning start ups. turn the car off and restart it again light goes out. found the trouble code by turning my key on and off about 3 to 4 times. the code will read where your miles are. my code was p0522 which means "engine oil pressure sensor/switch circuit low voltage" picked one up at local part store for 15.00 and put it in.....problem solved:) its located directly on the oil filter housing, next to the oil filter. remove harness by sliding the red tab, and pushing down on the green one. unscrew sensor. there is a special socket, i bought that too. 9.00. supose you could use a wrench. but i didnt want to damage the nut. easy fix to a possible bad problem if left undone!!!!!!!!!!!!
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