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Car stalls for no apperant reason

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This forum post has messages dated from 07/09/08 through 01/25/15, please be sure to read all the messages. If you feel it is old or outdated, please follow up with a question or comment and someone may be able to update it, or reply with newer information if you have it.

Forum Post
07/09/08 17:21
J R Mad D

Car stalls for no apperant reason

98 caravan SE 88000 original miles.

Over the past several mounths this car just simply stalls out. some times it it will restart on it's our and other times you have come to a complete stop and put it in park to restart it has never failed to restart. I have spent a lot of money at local shops only to have them tell me they can find nothing wrong. I would like to get some advice as to some direction I could take as to a possable remeady.

Thanks J R mac D

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Gerald Slaton

My guess is that you have something floating around in your tank or fuel system that blocks fuel on and off.
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Having the same problem with an 07 Caravan. The shop says they have exhausted all their options (computer, wiring, and thermostat). Sometimes it will run really rough and then stall, especially in the morning
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the reason why the car stalls could be due to two reasons:

1) fuel filter clogged.

2) fuel pump is not working properly, replace it.


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John P FitzGerald

My 2001 dodge caravan had a small problem of would not come out of gear. it would stay in low so I read the book and it said to turn the car off and it would reset itself it did. The problem has escalated to the car is cutting out and the speedo is jumping all over the place and does not work when I drive. The van also has the square that indicates what gear you are in they are all lighting up not just the gear you are in.
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i can tell you it is not the fuel pump or filter, my 99 se is doing the same exact thing and i changed both. I am down to the IAC valve and I am going to change the pvc valve as well.

For the person that is haveing the shifting problem i would check the VSS sensor. (vehicle speed sensor)

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I have a 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan with major issues! I need help! My car stalls at stoplights especially in the heat. It drives extremely rough, especially when running the AC. Also, my entire dash is not working. No spedometer, gas gauge, turn signals etc. They have replaced some very expensive parts with no success. Any suggestions?
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I have the stalling problem after fueling on an 04 Caravan. Research indicates that it is because the liquid fuel is getting into the vapor recovery system and when the system trys to purge it pushes the raw fuel into the fuel injectors along with the normal amount. I am taking it to a mechanic to have that checked on friday.
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As per the frequent stalling problem:

I have a 2005 Grand Caravan,

I have had the same problem with the continuous stalling at lights and while driving.

It happened intermittantly and the garages found nothing wrong, not even a check engine light.

I changed the fuel pump and other parts and no change.

I investigated again and found it to be a "fuel pump relay" located in the fuse box. You may want to give that a try, they are pretty cheap compared to a mechanic.

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To those of you experiencing erratic speedos, guages that dont work , etc. there is a broken solder connection on yout guage cluster. its not real hard to remove ( about an hour or less) remove the cardboard & curcuit board from the assembly. The brkone connection will usually be behinf the main plug. it will be fairly obvious. I have fixed several of these after some people have paid the stealership 500 to 1000 bucks for new computers etc etc. If you have a screwdriver and a soldering iron you can accomplish this repair.
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the pick up coil under the distributor cap is what causes that
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frank morales

miknjan is right. i just fixed mine by myself. its the ribbon connector from the odometer to the instrument cluster is the culprit on my case. i've checked the instrument cluster for any broken connection n its fine. but try to see if u have check engine message then diagnose it. mine has a check engine n when we diagnose it it say the pcm or instrument cluster. try to check all the connections (wiring) before going to pcm. new pcm will cost you around 200 bucks while instrument cluster probably around 24 to 100 to ebaymotor (salvage parts depend on what year model)its easy to fix this you only need a screwdriver to do this. if you have more question email me be glad to help
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Ref: "fuel pump relay"

I have 2003 Dodge caravan and wanted to replace the "Fuel Pump Relay". I got the relay from the dealer but when I looked in the fuse box, it shows a different type of relay than the one I got. My dealer says I have the right parts. What is going on? AM I not looking at the right place?

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My 2004 Dodge Grand Caravan 3.3L stalls / engine shuts off while idle or driving. I'm sort of happy to hear it is a very common mystery but surprised that no one out there has posted a true solution. Please, if someone has found this, post every where you can! The last time this happened I was standing in front of the van while it was idling for a minute before leaving and I heard a "click" and the engine stopped. It must be a relay switch, but not in the normal panel because I sanded all the contacts for the fuses and relays and did some swapping of similar relay types to see if the problem changes to another area.
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Hi! My 98 Dodge Caravan SE, 3.3L V6 does the same thing, stalls randomly, can happen once a month, or like lately, 2/3 times a day...can't pinpoint a particular cause: happens when I'm in the highway and slow down (like for a toll booth or traffic in front) but also happens while driving with my foot on the throttle at slow speeds...I don't know the status of the fuel filter or pump...and checked all relays and looked good. The opening of the sealed that something that can be put together again easily? I can try that if possible to put back...I also read about a dirty throttle plate, carboned up, as a possible cause, but don't know how to clean it, or where to look..anybody had any success? Also ready about a spark knock sensor, anybody tried any of those?? thanks!
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I have an 04 dodge hemi truck...while Im filling it up with gas , it stalls out....then it starts and might stall out 2 times, then runs great until i gas up again...Please help.....thank you mike at [email protected]
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Ok after a lot of work my mechanic who dedicated a lot of his personal time to my stalling 99 grand w/ 3.8l. he found that for a microsecond the MAP sensor would short out and cause a spike telling the computer the gas pedal basically had let off shutting off the need for fuel and since your foot is going down and there is an ample supply of air and no fuel the engine dies. I believe the MAP sensor is downstream of the EGR gasses as mine looked dirty and should be changed at least at 50k miles just as a pecaution of prventitive mainenance. Dave used a recording box to record the MAP signal and when the engine died he played it back and found the spike. Engines are I believe much more complicated than they need to be. Another problem, through research, is that these caravans have a problem with the flywheel cracking and if the crank sensor and the cam sensor are a little out of time then it will also cause a stalling issue. Mine was the Map sensor. I now have the guage problem where they go off and on which may be a bad solder joint on the back of the inst. cluster.
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OK people I have a 97 3.3. I have changed......... fuel pump , fuel filter , plugs , wires, ignition coil pack , egr , tps and cleaned the throttle body. changed the fuel pump relay. I have been a mechanic for 20 years and without a code it's a guessing game. I will try a map sensor and see how it works but I gotta ask everyone. IS YOUR VAN EQUIPT WITH A FACTORY KILL TYPE ALARM?????????? I am starting to think my alarm is temp. killing spark. If your vans don't have this please let me know so I can rule that out. I have spoken to many friends who work in Dodge dealerships as mechanics and they had no advice without a code. Gimmie my 69 camaro over any newer computer operated car anyday.
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I have a 2005 GrandCara Van with the same shop could figure out what's wrong with it, I'm glad I'm not the only having this issue.

So far here is what I got from this site as it could be one or all the following :)

1- fuel pump relay

2- pick up coil

3- EGR

4- Map sensor

tommy123 => I don't have any alarm on my van and I still have the issue.

if anyone figured out what is the issue please post back

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I have a 1996 grand caravan es 3.8. It exhibited issues with fuel gauge hopping low and to regular level, then the car stalled on a sunday morning (it was warm humid NJ weather last week).

towed to mechanic said fuel pressure low on rails (I indicated it seemed like fuel pump) replaced pump, float, strainer, filter etc. $750.00 total.

Still same issue, car stalled on the way back home. but some how drove it back.. he diagnosed it, he said though check engine light didnt come on it has codes, after some research they found the 'Crank sensor' in the trans bell housing cracked and worn. replaced free of charge and its like driving a new van.

what seemed to be transmission wear and hard shifts have gone. crank sensor monitors speed and position of fly wheel i am told.

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a video of someone nice showing the crank sensor replacement. He lists the classic story of stalling dodge caravan.

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Okay, I'm not a professional mechanic. In fact, I barely qualify as a wannabe amateur mechanic. Either way, over the last week and 1/2, I have been working on my 98 Grand Caravan SE 3.3, (with the Flex Fuel Option). It has 157k and is in decent shape given it's aget. Autozone uses the 8th VIN letter to track it (G). Anyway, I have replaced the Oil pan gasket, added a gasket to the Oil Pan Drain Plug to fix a small leak, changed the Oil Filter, changed the Oil, changed the Transmission Pan gasket, changed the Transmission Pan Filter, put in new Transmission Fluid, changed the PCV valve and hoses, put on a new air filter / bypass hose, put on new front break pads, completely rebuilt the rear breaks (new drums, cylinders, and shoes), changed the Air Filter in the Air Box, replaced the front passenger side wheel hub and bearing assembly and added a 5k Reese Trailer Hitch. I also had a dealer replace the clock spring under recall.

In the next week I will be changing / upgrading the spark plugs (to platinum ones), adding a transmission cooler, changing the fuel filter, replacing the front rotors, having new tires put on, replacing the rear hatch support lifts for the tailgate, beefing up the suspension for towing, and replacing the radiator fan assembly. If I can afford it, I'm going to put on an after market, heavy duty radiator too. This is all sort of relevant, because I drive my van A LOT (including 2 cross country road trips). All this work (which I'm doing myself) is for another planned trip from AZ to FL on Jun 1 (in the summer heat), after 5 years of totally neglecting regular maintenance.

So, One of the first things I noticed before starting all of this was that I had a numerous oil leaks at gasket points. About half way through my work (after doing the oil pan and properly torquing those screws) I happened check the VALVE COVER SCREWS. After years of nearly no service (oil changes and fix-a-flat) and heavy driving, the screws were not even hand tight. Same with the Transmission filter. That explained a number of my leaks. So I re-torqued them to mfgr. specs and ever since then, I Now Have The Same Stalling Problem-- Almost. When at idle, at random times, the engine will go from running as smooth as a baby's bottom- to really rough- for about 3 seconds, then try to stall. I can usually save it by giving it some gas. I have narrowed this to what I believe to be one of two things:

1.- I possibly over torqued one or more of the screws (bolts) for the valve cover, as I have also since noticed what I believe to be my valves tapping when I start the van. After about 20 seconds as oil flows, the tapping goes away. I think this may be creating a pressure problem, in turn leading to the intermittent / "almost-stalling."


2.- While replacing the front passenger side wheel hub and bearing assembly, I had to remove the speed sensor. It was dirty, so I cleaned it. The "sensor" side looks something like the heads on a cassette player. I just used a shop cloth with a drop of WD-40 on it (probably not the best move in retrospect).

-Sorry for being so long-winded, but my advice is to perhaps check your speed sensor mounted on the back side of the front passenger wheel (between the break caliper, and the hub- One Bolt), OR - make sure the bolts for your Valve Cover, Oil Pan, Transmission Pan, Heads, and anywhere else you have gaskets are properly torqued. I will continue to work this, and will post if I find a fix. Hope this helps.

I love my Dodge Caravan, and for about 1k, I plan to get at least another 100k miles out of her. With the exception of the clock spring, and the tire installation, All of the work above is being done by me with the help of my 10 year old daughter, with commonplace tools (had to rent a 32mm Socket for the wheel hub). and buy a 25 dollar torque wrench. Despite all the moaning and groaning I hear about these vans, mine has been really good to me- and I'm convinced that if you take care of it- it will take care of you. Finally, and I can only hope you heed this advice -- DO YOUR OWN WORK!! Buy a Haynes Manual, and do some internet legwork. It's an American Van, and this stuff can actually be pretty fun do to. IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN MY EXPERIENCE THAT WHEN I TAKE MY RIDE TO A SHOP, THEY FIX WHAT I WANT FIXED, BUT I GO HOME WITH 1 - 10 NEW SURPRISES. Granted, that is part of working on cars- but at least when you do it yourself, you really get in touch with your automobile, and you learn a ton about it.

If I figure this out, I'll be sure to post a short answer in the next week or so. Good Luck!

BTW, if any of you come across the "flashing A/C controller lights and rear windshield wiper lights + A/C blows hot air, all when you first turn on your van" this is a really easy fix that took me a while to find. It's a mode calibration thing that happens when the battery is disconnected for too long. Just google search - your van + A/C calibration.

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I have a 2003 Dodge Grand Caravan. It has 175, 000 km on it and I have just had the tranny rebuilt and a week later the van starting stalling when I was at a stop light or when I was at a low speed, such as in a parking lot. However here's the check engine light comes on (no codes) and it doesn't happen all the time, so of course when I bring it to the mechanic it never happens, so he's going in blind. The mechanic wants me to drive it until the check engine light comes on, however this has been happening for close to a month now! Not liking the fact that the stalling happens daily - at least 2 times per drive out and still no check engine light. Any ideas on where to start cause I'm now ready to start replacing parts???
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Here is your problem.

Change your CAM sensor or sensors.

Changed mine and it doesnt stall anymore.

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