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Power window on passenger side works intermittently

- Dodge-Grand Caravan

Forum Post
06/29/08 19:51
Tom Gillett

Power window on passenger side works intermittently

My 1999 Grand caravan passenger window only goes up and down occasionally. If we get it down it probably won't go up. I've removed the door panel but nothing looks bad. There are 2 wires going to the motor. Neither seems to be ground so I assume 1 is for UP and the other for DOWN with ground coming through the body somehow. I can't find anything connected to ground though. I also applied +12VDC to each line independently and couldn't get the motor to do anything. Neither the driver's door switch or the passengers make it work any better. How does this work, what is the most common problem here and what should I be checking? Also, what do the wires going to the window motor do?
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This post has a total of 128 replies. The most recent 25 are shown below, you can view the complete archive here: Power window on passenger side works intermittently archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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Well in a fit of frustration and reading everything written about this string I decided to take my own look at it. I have just purchased a 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan Sport for my girlfriend. The passenger window was intermittently working then of course stopped in the down position here in Oregon. RAIN CITY! My first reaction to repair the problem was to buy a Honda or Toyota!

I slammed the door and sure enough the window finally went up. Well last night my girlfriend and I were playing pool and I told her if I lost not only would I lose my "Friendly Favors" but would have her window fixed. I lost! So... Looks like I was going to be out $350.00 bucks too. SO... I went out and took the door apart. I then removed the coil cover from the top of the motor and found something interesting. There are 2 small copper spring loaded contacts inside it. I unscrewed the large copper center coil and pulled it out. I took some steel wool and cleaned the bottom of the coil I removed and then also took the wool to the 2 small spring copper pieces still in the mechanism. I then took some alcohol and a tooth brush and finished cleaning the contacts and then blew it all out with a can of air. (I repair Copiers and Laser Printers by trade and that's how we keep spring/coil clutches working)

Put it all back together and waaa laaa!!! It works like NEW! Now I can see that one of the spring Contact points are slightly worn and am sure if needed could be ordered and replaced for MAYBE $6.00.

I am sorry I don't have any pictures.

I did not see anything about the window coils being bound. Just that the motor has dirty contacts.

Hope this helps! Sorry for all the extras in the story.


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Same problem with a 96 Grand Caravan. For me the most important question has been ignored. Is there a retrofit to hand crank available?
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I have a 97 dodge caravan, the passenger side window made a sound like it broke then the window went down and never came up. We took it apart and it looks fine. what the heck@
**/**/** **:**

Well it's been a year since I tried tom's solution (reply#44).

It didnt realy work. After 1 mounth the motor died.

I finally decided to fix it this week.I bought a new motor it came with window assembly.Got it from a local parts guy 100$.

I just replaced the motor and not the assembly it looked too complcated. I taped the window to the frame so it stays up and and does not move. Removed door panel and cut weather barrier to get access to motor. 3 bolts to remove assembly from motor and after 3 more bolts to remove motor from door. Very simple.

Hardest part was door panel.And make sur you tape window well the motor is what keeps the window up. The piece of wood doesnt work. Slaming or banging the door works until the motor really dies.Hope this helps someone.

**/**/** **:**

When I fart in my 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan Sport, it really stinks. Now my power windows will not roll down. It is really nasty going down road after some Taco Bell. I can't very well make the exit safely and drive while holding the door open for fresh air. Please help any assistance would be much appreciated because this sh!t stinks bad!!!
**/**/** **:**
Bob H

I have a 99' Grand Caravan with the same passenger side problems and was just about to order a motor and regulator. I'm not sure where the fuse panel is though and would like to check that out first - I didn't see any responses to the questions about which fuse(s) were for the windows (I also have two back vent windows which stopped working over a year ago and would like to check their fuses too). Any input on the fuse questions would be greatly appreciated.
**/**/** **:**

I took the motor out and the spool with the cables came totally undone how do i put this thing back together?????
**/**/** **:**

HEY yall!!!!!

Well Tom you are the MAN and if yall still have trouble with your window read the reply #16 from tom helped most out!!!!!

Also horn not working? airbag light comming on? well there is a solution and that is a clockspring deal and it's a recal thing so it's free to fix!!!!

Peace out !!!!

**/**/** **:**

Okay Actually did it and I have a 2000 dodge caravan sport.

So the window was sluggish but not very bad one day just stopped, so saw the stuff here the door slamming thing was not working thought that the block of wood wouldn't work (I had the door off and moved the motor a bit not much) thought it wasn't gonna work..... so instead of rambling point is is that even if the door slamming trick doesn't work the piece of wood will but you gotta use some force to get it working!!!! Thanks Tom!!!!!!!!

**/**/** **:**
Dave T

The drivers side power windows have been very weak when going up. At times there is no the windows will not go up at all , but after a few minutes will slowly move up . I found best to gab to of window and pull to assist . The colder the temperature the weaker it gets .

Is this a symptom of the brush contacts being dirty , or should I prepare for the big cost of replacement?

Merry Christmas


**/**/** **:**
Joseph Sobry

I ran into a slightly different problem with the power windows on a 2005 Dodge Caravan 3.3 litre V6. This is my son's vehicle he bought second hand.

Symptom: the window will not slide down all the way. It stops about half way down. The window will go up but somewhat painfully.This is the driver's side window but I think this does not matter for this particular case.

I took the door panel off not without breaking a couple of the plastic fasteners.

Yet another miss-application of plastic the most common problem with vehicles

I watched the operation of the window and the carrier or elevator goes down all the way but the window does not follow. I lubricated the channel at the hinge end of the door but the result was less than satisfactory.

I looked inside the door and saw a bracket lying at the bottom of the window housing close to the door handle side of the door . I did not know what the bracket was for. Then I noticed a mark on the bottom of the window pane and deduced that the bracket should somehow fit on the bottom of the window. Then I took a closer look and found another bracket on the bottom of the window housing close to the door hinge side.

I finally figured out that the two brackets mount on the window carriers and fit to the bottom of the window. The brackets have a single bolt that tighten the bracket to the bottom of the window. There is a protective rubber sleeve so the window will not get damaged.

The bracket itself just slides on to the left and right carriers.

After proper assembly and lubricating the elevator tracks the window worked like a charm.

It is beyond me how the brackets came off the carriers. I assume it was a previous maintenance job not properly finished but I really do not know.

**/**/** **:**
Andrew R

This is a common problem. I have worked on glass for years. Normally the brackets will fall off due to the part just being weak and it is a wearible item. Normally your auto glass store will be able to get to the problem better than the dealer and can find the parts required at a more reasonable rate, plus their labour rate normally is a lot cheaper than the dealer. There is a web site that offers huge discounts on parts like these regulators.
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Hello fellow Caravan Owners.

I have a 1999 Grand Sport Dodge Caravan and have had since 1999, (4 miles new off truck), and like everyone who has posted, the driver's window will not go up or down. This started back early December. What a pain. No drive thru's--especially the bank.

When the button is pushed to go down, there is some noise. like it wants to move. My van is parked in the garage. So, if anyone has the easiest, most economical way to fix this problem, aside from getting a new vehicle, which I would love right now, please let me know.

Dodge owner since 1992

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William Haniszewski

i have had problems with my 1999 caravan windows.

the first one was my drivers side, the problem with that one was the cabling in the regulator assembly, it went haywire. it sounded like the motor was working but it also sounded like something getting wound too tight or something. after a bit of exploratory surgery i found the cables looking likr spaghetti.

that went to the dealer for repair.

Now it is the passenger side, the motor is going out but that isn't the main problem, the piece of plastic holding the window mount to the rail that allowes the window to slide up and down is broken. when i tried to raise the window up it got jammed and refused to move and i thought the motor finally went.

after more exploratory surgery i found the window was not alligned with the window channel in the door due to the broken clip.

**/**/** **:**

2004 dodge stratus pasenger side window won't go up no troble sliding down replace the motor and the switch and still doesn't work
**/**/** **:**

Hi all,

So here is my problem, please help if you can. 2003 Caravan. Driver side window stopped working, luckily when up, so I tried it all, once the door panel was off I tapped on the motor and it kicked in and went down. But it wont go up, it is stuck in the down position. When I say stuck I mean that the motor or switch is stuck so that it automatically goes down without me touching the switch.

I replaced the motor because I thought that was it. So I figure I have 2 or more problems. The motor now works but as soon as I plug it into power it just goes down!

Any thoughts? I figure it is the switch maybe broken and the motor was pooched.


**/**/** **:**

1.Get the door panel off, unbolt the motor and with motor in hand, 2 screws opens it up and out comes the guts, leaving the brush holders in plain site.

2. Simply spin the motor around and reinstall. The screw holes will not line up to screw back together but simply use zip strips to re secure. Be sure to double up on your zip strips because you should always have a safety. Make sure the strips are tight and test window to make sure it doesn't pop out when rolled up or down.

3. Please note that since the motor is reversed so is the function of the down is up and up is down.

Hope this helps...Keep your ride alive!

**/**/** **:**

Hey all,

I checked a forum yesterday when my driver's window was stuck in the "up" position. It was an old forum with only a few threads posted, which ultimately didn't help me. For anyone with this problem, in which driver's window is stuck up or down, but all other windows work fine, CHECK SWITCH FIRST. What I found on the old forum that people suggested the motor/regulator was bad, because if the switch was bad, none of the windows would work. My suspicion was with the switch, but I took advice and bought the new assembly(about $90) and installed. Whaddya know! window still doesn't work. So I'm off to get a new switch. I'm sure there are alot of variables and what works for one may not work for another. But good luck all!

**/**/** **:**
Windsor Ontario Canada
Thank author of this post/comment"Driver site power window not working - fixed in 30 min"

Thanks George. I did what you post and now is working. I used fine sand paper and cleaned the surface of the motor and moved brushes so they move free. Make sure you put the motor cover on and tide 2 screws before trying to open the window.

Thanks again

**/**/** **:**
Thank author of this post/comment"Noise in switch box"

This is the reply to #116.

My 2000 caravan had same problem as Lori on driver side window. The window can go up but not down. When down button pressed, there is some noise from switch box. It seems it about going down but there is a connection problem which generate sparks, and noise as well.

I took out switch box by removing two skews at panel and then three skew from back. The switch box is a PCB covered with a black cover. After the covers removed, there is a two stacked assembly, top layer is PCB, bottom layer is actual switches.

There are two buttons for single window control. When moving windows up, the up button is pressed; when moving windos down, the down button is pressed. Do not fooled by this. It is the CONBINATION of BOTH up button and down button make the window move up and down.

Both up and down switches has two positions, ON and OFF. ON position is when the button is pressed. OFF position is when the button is released. The OFF position is used for reverse direction to form a circuit loop of motor. It must be have good connections on contacts.

1. When moving windows down, the circuit loop is "down button ON position -> up button OFF position -> motor"

2. When moving windows up, the circuit loop is "down button OFF position -> up button ON position -> motor"

If you do not under above logic, please google image of 'motor reversing switch' to get an idea.

In this case the problem always comes from the contacts of OFF position is not good. It turns out that the little brass is of little deformation. Since I have problem to move window down, then then problem comes from OFF position of up button. After I bend the little brass of up button carefully, the problem fixed.

**/**/** **:**
Newport News, VA
Thank author of this post/comment"Passenger window wouldn't go up"

I want to say thanks to Kurt J. in comment #3 for his suggestion to hold the button in the up position , without letting it go and slam the car door to get the window to go back up!!

i have a 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan and my passenger window only works intermittently as well, although if I don't let it go all the way down into the door well, with another person holding the button in the up position, i can grab the window and pull it up and that usually gets it to work. This one time today though, without thinking I let it go all the way down and of course it got stuck and would not come back up. So, after trying many times on and off for 30 minutes, I got online and found this website and immediately tried Kurt J.'s suggestion from comment #3 and it worked like a charm. Thanks again, i cannot afford to take it to the dealer and get my regulator replaced. i will just have to be vigilant and not use that window at all to avoid this problem again.

**/**/** **:**
So. Cal
Thank author of this post/comment" Dodge Van Window Motor replacement brushes"

Has any one located replacement brushes for the Dodge Van window problems?..I have owned a 99 Grand Caravan since June 99..My second dodge van. I suspect the door window problem and maybe the simular rear vent window problem are are both caused by motor brush seating and wear. I wonder how many diferent motors they have used over the years..
**/**/** **:**
York, PA
Thank author of this post/comment"Power window on passenger side does not work"

Comment #16 by Tom is a WINNER. My passenger side window would not go down. After removing the side panel and pulling the motor away from the door, the window went down on the first try. I wedged a piece of wood inside as Tom recommended and the window is working like new.

THANK YOU TOM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am sending $400 worth of thank you to you.

**/**/** **:**
Rednecksburg, USA
Thank author of this post/comment"99 Plymouth Grand Voyager pass. window new life"

Passenger window sluggishly lowered and needed physical assistance to raise when using dirver's switch, and was intermittent until finally unresponsive using passenger switch.

Without disconnecting anything, I freed the door panel and let it hang (3 upper screws, 2 lower screws, unknown # of plastic pop thingys, and hooked over top window ledge). There was now revealed a black, metal cover, ~3" tall, ~1-1/2" wide, semi-cylindrical, with a nipple at the top, affixed to the top of the motor assembly, about at the center of the door, secured by 2 philips head brass screws. Lifting this cover up and off by removing those screws revealed the motor's windings. I liberally sprayed contact cleaner everywhere on and down into everywhere that I now had access to what had been under this cover. I replaced the cover, and sprayed some wd-40 on the guide tracks. The window now freely raises and lowers with both switches, praise the Lord, and thank you all for recounting your alternative solutions to replacing the motor, or even more expensively, paying someone to replace it.

Altogether it took about 1-1/2 years to fix it. 1 year of intermittent function; 5 months, 28 days no function; 2 days off and on reading about it; 40 minutes disassembly; 5 minutes spraying; 15 minutes reassembly.

11/06/13 08:08
San Jose
Thank author of this post/comment"Widows faulty."

Hello, My two front windows works intermittently for a 2000 caravan. About 1 month ago I started getting these problems along with turn signals burned out and fuel & rpm gauges not working all the time. Since my battery was getting corroded and fuse box under hood was not sealed closed correctly I thought that was the problem. So I cleaned up the battery, pulled all fuse both under hood and dash and blew them out with compressed air, changed turn bulbs. But now both windows would sometimes not go up. One of my turn bubs is going out again so I'm going to try the lcd's. I've read your posts about hitting the motor to using a small board to taking the cap off to see the carbon build up and clean it out but I think it might be a relay or something electrical. Any Ideas would greatly be appreciated. Also I don't have an repair book to identify where the fuses or relays are located for either the windows or turn signals. Could anyone have an idea or two. Thanks..
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    This post has a total of 128 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: Power window on passenger side works intermittently archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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