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Moving 3rd row seats to 2nd row position

- Dodge-Grand Caravan

Forum Post
09/13/09 11:05

Moving 3rd row seats to 2nd row position

I am wondering if any of you have moved the 3rd row bench seat to the 2nd row position of your minivan? (Mine has 2nd row captains chairs, but the slots on the floor look like the 3rd row seat should fit there)
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09/18/09 22:41
Uncle Buck

I have moved our split bench 3rd row seats to the middle row on our 2003 Grand Caravan. No problems at all. Much more comfortable than the two Capt. chairs that were there.
10/13/09 00:19

Yes by design, excepting stow-N-go and Swivel-n-Go you can move the rear bench to the middle, in most there is also an intermediate position as well (so it can be a little further back)
10/27/09 11:38

2001 Dodge Grand Caravan. Changed our 7-passenger to an 8-passenger by moving the 60/40 bench up (like you) and finding a solid bench at a salvage yard for the back.

Works simply and perfectly. Now if we can just keep from having any more kids...

- Michael

05/05/10 06:42

I have a 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan with the Stow n Go Seating in the middle. Is there anyway to put a 3rd row bench seat to make it an person vehicle?
05/06/10 16:12
Stuart Yetts

Will the third row seat of a Dodge Grand Caravan 2006 fit in the second row?
07/29/10 09:51
mae wilson

I need two capt chairs for a 2001 dodge caravan and i need them in blue, if anyone knows where i could find them that would be good .
07/29/10 09:52
mae wilson

I need two capt chairs for a 2001 dodge caravan and i need them in blue, if anyone knows where i could find them that would be good .918-470-6965
07/29/10 15:43
Michelle J Smith

I need to find a bench seat that will fit our 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan Sport. We have a full third seat in the back, and a two seater with baby seats in the bench. we NEED to have the full three seats. I've called junkyards, but no luck. Where do you get another bench to seat three? Do they also make little passenger seats for the cargo area to add 1-3 more little seats? our big family just got bigger....
08/24/10 15:17

Are the 2nd and 3rd seats compatable from a '97 dodge grand caravan to a '03?
09/10/10 23:13

As the owner of a 2006 Grand Caravan, perhaps I can lend some insight. Caravan's prior to 2008, and Grand Caravan's prior to 2005 had floor anchors that allow you to mount the rear three-seat bench in the center row position, the idea being to give the owner the option to remove the center seats and have five passenger seating with a large cargo area. A side effect is the ability to mount two rear bench seats and get 8 passenger capability.

Starting in 2005, Chrysler redesigned the floorpan of the Grand Caravan (to which the seats attach) to accomodate their new "Stow N Go" system. In these vans, the rear bench is permanently installed, and folds into the floor. The second-row seats were either captain's chairs that folded into the floor, or a two-person bench (with or without built-in booster seats). Because the rear bench is bolted in, provision for mounting a 3 person bench in the center position is not as obvious as in previous models.

In these vans, there is only one version of the floor-pan, so all the attachment points for every possible seat option are present, but possibly hidden, depending on what seats were factory installed. The under-floor well into which the captain's chairs fold is also present in all models. There are, however, two versions of the floor/cover assembly that serves as the lid for the under-floor storage. One for bench-seat vans, and a different one for captain's chair vans.

Swapping from the bench to captain's chairs involves installing the new seats, and swapping the floor assembly. It should be possible to install a three person bench in these vans. However, it will not be as straight-forward, as the rear-bench is permanently installed; thus no providion was made for moving it to the center position as in the older vans. Modification of the storage lid assembly (cutting holes/channels in it) might be necessary in order to expose the needed mounts to allow installation of a three passenger bench. If the van came with a two passenger bench, it will also definitely be necessary to cut the carpet to expose the right-rear mount. This mount is present, but carpeted over, as it is unused in the two passenger bench model.

The storage lid assembly, as well as the seats themselves, frequently come up on eBay. Handicap upfitters remove these components as part of the conversion process that makes the Caravan wheelchair assesible, then sell them on eBay.

Hope this helps.

09/17/10 14:49

I don't want to buy a 3rd row seat and loose my 2 captain seats in the 2nd row in order to convert it from 7 to 8 passenger van.

Is there an option to INSERT a small seat between the 2 captain seats in the 2nd row?

Toyota sienna has this option!

09/25/10 18:48
mike b

I have a 2002 caravan se it came with only 2nd row seating, what options for seating is there and what year seats are compatable? Thanks for any help.
12/21/10 09:59
Traci M

I have a 2001 Grand caravan.. Will a 2000 rear bench be compatible? I want to keep my 3rd row in the rear with the kids seats installed because it has tethers and anchors and then install another 3rd row bench in the middle and keep it folded down most the time only up when I need the extra seating so I can see the kids and they can access their seats from either door.


02/10/11 13:34

I am looking for the the second row and or third row seat for a 2001 Dodge Caravan. I understand that 2001-2005 at least will fit. Would like a grey or light color, that is what is in our van


02/17/11 12:46

where can i find a third row split folding bench to place in my second row? I have checked many junk yards.
02/21/11 11:23

O no I was feeling good trying to find out what years interchange for 2nd and 3rd row sitting when reading this forum until the last one I read about the seats wrking in 2001 - 2005 .

I have a 2000 and am needing a 3rd row seat. I found one for FREE but it is out of a 2003.

Any application guides or gurues out there to help?


03/05/11 20:57

I have a 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan and am wondering if the third row can be moved to the second row?
04/01/11 12:08

I have a 2008 Gand Caravan I sometimes need 3 seat in the middle row but don't loose my 2 captain seats in that row Is there a small insert that can be put in like the Honda
04/22/11 20:23
Mike Anderson

Does anyone know if there is some kind of covering to put over all the floor loops, hooks or catches (whatever you call them, once you have stowed all your seats in a 2008 Grand Caravan and want to have a flater, smoother floor without the seat hooks sticking up? Kind of like what the cargo van floor is like. Or has anyone rigged up something that works well?
06/25/11 16:31
State College, PA
Thank author of this post/comment"Comment #20"

I used to locate a third row seat for my '04 caravan,

got loads of results, could sort by distance or price.

Now my van makes an even more awesome travel car for a 5-person family;)

Having moved my 50/50 split bench to the center, I wonder:

a) How many types of 3rd row seat benches are there? I have a 50/50 bench,

someone in this thread mentioned a 60/40, and some one a whole bench?

b) My kids are a bit on the edge of the seats (I have three in there),

has anyone found an arm-rest or something to put at the end?

c) Does anyone know of a bench with a 3-point seat-belt for the

center seat?

10/06/11 19:58
new brunswick
Thank author of this post/comment"Caravan bucket seats"

could anyone tell me if the 2nd row captain seats out of a 2003 Dodge Caravan will fit in a 2006 Dodge Caravan? i would greatly appreciate if someone could tell me this, thank you much, shane
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    Dodge Grand Caravan 'Moving 3rd row seats to 2nd row position'