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Key is not able to move ignition at all

- Dodge-Grand Caravan

Forum Post
05/31/08 14:28
Waseem Khalil

Key is not able to move ignition at all

Dodge Grand Caravan 2000... key goes inside the ignition perfectly but not able to move ignition at all. It remains at the lock position. Tried all 3keys for the van.
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06/09/10 02:54

I did not receive an answer regarding the taking away car keys Dodge Grand 2003.
06/14/10 20:58

I have a 2000 Grand Caravan and experienced the same problem everyone else here has had. With a socket set and a bunch of screwdrivers I took the old switch out (be sure to read the post about the button) Then took it to a dependable locksmith. I told him I wanted a new cylinder keyed to the original. His first question was "what's wrong with it?" After the explanation his next question was "why don't you want to fix it?"

It seems the wafers had bent over due to inserting the key at an angle and all that was needed was to file them down some. It works beautifully now and I was told it would be good for at least another 5 years.

Total cost of repairs? $27

07/25/10 19:24

I had this problem with the key not turning on my '98 Grand Caravan. Hitting it worked for a while but eventually even that wouldn't work. I replaced the steering column with one from a '98 Plymouth Grand Voyager and haven't had a problem since. Tool less than an hour to change the steering column at a cost of $50
08/21/10 21:20

My '98 Grand Caravan is doing the "key Wont Turn" thing intermittently. Tried the spare key we NEVER use thinking my key was worn, but that didnt work either. I'll put a small hammer for tapping it in the car for the next time it wont turn!

09/07/10 22:59

97 grand caravan key stuck in ignition position first turn but not start position. Will not move front or backward.

Car in park. Cannot get out of park . need to move car blocking my other car.

I have moved the wheel a lot and it is not locked but still no movement on key. Help


09/24/10 10:46
Jerry Collins

Follow reply 6 from matt it worked perfect saved me money!
10/09/10 17:51

Been having this problem for a while. The rubber mallet trick will not work forever. The end came today and we luckily got the key to turn to the run position after 1.5 hours of trying so that we could remove the tumbler ourselves. Will be getting a new one on Monday.
10/13/10 01:20

10/13/10 20:31
Jon V


if it will not move when key is in the cylinder-lock (ignition) tap with a screwdriver handle or a hammer, and BAM! you can start your vehicle.

and yes, replace the cylinder-lock still

10/15/10 15:50

my 2002 caravan froze up today, couldn't turn the key in the ignition, just like everyone else. after reading what all the $ saving genius' here did, i just repeated. brilliant. key in the ignition and hit it with a hammer! thank you very much!
10/30/10 10:29

My 2002 Dodge Caravan had the same problem, key wont turn. I tried hitting it with the end of the screw driver, worked like magic. Thanks for the help.
11/20/10 16:22
Bobby B

Thanks all, 2003 caravan with this issue, a couple shots of WD-40 and a few light taps with a hammer worked great.
12/07/10 09:53

Same issue...have a 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan...key started acting funny on Thanksgiving (only does it when it's really cold)and will go in fine but won't turn over to start the dang car. I've messed with it several times and got it to start but this morning it wouldn''s my birthday and I have kids to take to daycare and school...frustrated.
01/23/11 15:12

I have a 2003 Dodge Caravan and the key would not turn the ignition. It was parked in a pay garage @25 per day when it first started. There was no way to tow it out of there, as the ceiling was very low and cars were packed in tightly. The tap with screw driver end worked on it and was able to get it out of there. Thanks for the tip, it saved me countless headaches.
01/29/11 10:06

I have a 2006 Caravan - son borrowed it and returned it late at night. Ignition locked next morning - first time??? Tried the turning steering wheel first but no luck, tried WD40 and again no luck. Tried a gentle tap with a bottle - no luck. Got out the rubber mallet and 2 harder taps later the ignition turned!! Gear Shift lever now stuck! A little WD40 and some forceful jiggling freed up the shifter. Problem resolved! For now. I believe my son didn't put it totally in park.
01/29/11 17:57

WOW, the wd 40 and tapping tricked worked like a charm. thought i was looking at a serious bill, now can replace it myself.
02/14/11 00:32

Had to leave our van at a gas station today, as the key wouldn't turn the ignition.I had no idea what we were going to do to get it home, but thanks to all of you on this site, (after an hour screwing with it earlier today) I finally got it to go. There will always be a hammer between the seats, even after we get it fixed.

Thanks again all for the tip. Now to find someone to fix it cheap.

03/23/11 20:35

My ignition is locked along with the steering wheel. it's a 2001 dodge caravan i have tried all suggested tips and none have work n e one with n e other ideas. I am a two hours away from home to have the money to fix it here. Please n e ideas!
03/25/11 21:56

The cylinder can be removed and cleaned so it works again. I searched "dodge caravan ignition key cylinder removal" and found clear steps for removal. Key MUST be able to turn to run position to remove cylinder easily however. I took the cylinder apart and cleaned the DIRT out of it and it works like new. Saved $100 and lots of hassle by spending less than 20 minutes on the old cylinder. Good luck.
04/16/11 18:56

Same problem. Multiple times. Usually works with aggressive jiggling. Today, parked on hill, no budging. Banging with hammer didn't work. But, rocking the car worked instantly.

Probably both ideas worth keeping in mind. What a brilliant product!

04/30/11 14:18

Tapping with a hammer works, but note that you have to have be slightly turning the key while tapping in order for it to work.
05/17/11 17:07

I have a 2005 Dodge Durango where the key will not turn. The dealer says I need to replace the Steering column. Why do I need a steering column. He stated they could not get the ignition switch out. Is this a reasonable cost.
01/22/12 15:42
winston salem nc
Thank author of this post/comment"2003 dodge caravan lock cylinder install "

followed dorman video on their website.easy to do. repaired mine for 65 bucks from augtozone.remove cover 3 bolts, press with screw driver release button underneath key lock cylinder, sides out with key in the start postion. battery cable disconnected neg side.then take cover off of old key lock. will see eight tumblers , remove one side at a time , marking down the number on paper, each will be 1, 2, 3, or 4.once you know the code on the old and the place they go. remove new cover key lock remove the tumblers one at a time put in new tumbler with correct 4 on it til all eight are done put cover back on . old key will work now, maybe hard at first to go in push it. then works great. install back steering wheel. push in with the key in the start position easy done ready to go. works great saved 200 or more with dealers or shops. did mine for 65 dollars part from autozone
02/16/13 19:22
Somewhere yet nowhere
Thank author of this post/comment"Key wouldn't turn"

Tapped the key inwards several times with the wooden handle of a hammer, then tried to turn it and it worked! Thanks for the help.

Now that's it home, time for a more permanent fix.

09/09/13 20:54
Big Red Country
Thank author of this post/comment"Fine tuning hammer works!"

Thanks very much for the effective solution! Came home, family told me that '98 Dodge Caravan was dead in the garage --again. What could it be this time....the battery? We just replaced that over the summer.

Got in, tried the ignition, and it was locked -couldn't turn the key, transmission lever wouldn't move either....wheels could turn slightly, but that didn't free up key.

And then I found your forum, tried your "hit it with a rubber mallet" solution, and on the second try, IT WORKED! Thanks for a great solution, at no cost!

Now my only worry is how long it will be til the problem really gets bad, and what will be the next repair expense on this crummy Chrysler product.

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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 64 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: Key is not able to move ignition at all archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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