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98 Dodge Grand Caravan - climate control lights flash

- Dodge-Grand Caravan

Forum Post
04/21/06 19:36

98 Dodge Grand Caravan - climate control lights flash

I have a 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan. This mornin I had a dead battery. (Yes, really dead!) I now have a new one. when I start the car, the lights on the wiper and climate control buttons flash. Buttons all work fine, as does everything else. Why are they flashing? Do I need to reset something?

Also, have continual problem with driver's side electric window. When weather gets hot, it sticks and won't drop down when button is activated. The motor and switch are working, I can hear them. Just the window won't drop. When weather cools, it works just fine. All other windows are working fine.

Any help would be VERY appreciated!

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09/29/10 20:26

It did the reset too and have the recirc and air cond buttons flashing, also did the cool down test (pushing the bottom right and left buttons in unison) it did run the cool down test but the recirc and a/c still flash in unison, I notice MANY here have this issue now anyone have a fix??
10/19/10 23:21

Hey Shawn,

Thanks for the help!!! The button sequence calibration worked. Thanks again.

10/27/10 07:56

I have a 03 dodge grand caravan with 3 zone climate control and when you turn the unit off the fan comes on defrost full blast and the fan speed is working but you can ajust were the air blows and temp. Any suggestions
10/31/10 00:45
Joel Paulsen

2005 Grand Caravan Will not switch air vents. I try to change to floor or even defrost and the lights indicate a change but the air never changes from blowing out the dash.

Any Ideas?

11/01/10 22:53
Mitch E.

Reply #2 worked perfectly. Thanks a lot Shawn!!
11/05/10 21:31

Hey Shawn big thx man my lights don't flash all the time now, Everyone just make sure u follow through his steps exactly cause it worked for me. thx again
11/09/10 07:39


#2 Shawn fix AC recalibration did not resolve my recirc and AC button flashing

#42 Craig refers to a cool down test what is that and how do you do it?

Will also try#18 Brian fix and add more refrigerant although I just recharged the whole system.

Any other ides?

Thank You

11/10/10 06:32


This is a followup from reply #48

I was told I had AC evaporator leak 3 years ago and never fixed (Quoted $2000 price to pull dash and replace) Drove without AC. 2 years ago changed battery and this problem began with the climate control lights FLASHING RECIRC AND AC BUTTONS on climate control

11/7/10 with help of knowledgable friend pressure checked AC and found no obviuos leaks( held pressure 10") and used Ac sealant and recharged system FLASHING RECIRC AND AC BUTTONS on climate control continued

When I did the acutuator calibration test (Shawn#2) followed with cooldown test (Craig #42) the lights stopped flashing. Only doing the calibration test did not solve problem doing both tests in sequence fixed flashing lights

Hopefully the sealant will hold and I'll have AC after three summers without it

Hope this helps everyone

Reply #2 Shawn ( - Thu Jun 8 17:03:55 2006

All you need to do is start your van. (if you are unsure what knob or lever is which I am looking in the manual for proper terms) Then slide your temp lever all the way to the left (full cold). Then turn the Mode Control to 'panel' (the one that sends air to your face only). Then turn the 'blower switch' to all the way to full. Now go to the leftmost three buttons. Press the top one (rear wiper on constant) and the bottom one (rear wiper washer fluid). Hold these two for a few seconds. Once the lights come on solid then begin to flash you can let go. The AC will now calibrate. You will feel the air blow out of all the different zones at different intervals and see lights come on and go off. Then after a minute or two the top bottn you pressed will be slowly flashing. This means it has been completed (I actually let it run for 5 more minutes just in case something else started blinking). Press the last flashing button and you are done.

Reply #42 craig ( - Wed Sep 29 20:26:25 2010

It did the reset too and have the recirc and air cond buttons flashing, also did the cool down test (pushing the bottom right and left buttons in unison) it did run the cool down test but the recirc and a/c still flash in unison, I notice MANY here have this issue now anyone have a fix??

11/16/10 17:30

Thanks everyone.

My 1998 Dodge GC had both the Circlator Light and A/C Light flashing.

The #2 fix 'seemed' to work until the final blinking light - the top left Constant Wiper button - was pressed to end the sequence - which turned the original two blinking lights back on.

After repeating #2, and then completing the cool down test #42, (pushing the A/C bottom right and bottom left Rear Washer buttons in unison) - all blinking lights went out by themselves.

Thanks again.

11/30/10 09:13

Still not working still get blinking recirc and ac....I have duel climate control wat can this do how can I stop?
12/01/10 03:00
Kevin Jaynes

I'm having the same flashing AC and Recirculation light problem, going to try and disconnect the negative battery cable tomorrow / today actually for 5 minutes and then reconnect. Plus also does anyone see a connection to this other problem I'm having with the van dying at idle or stop but running fine at acceleration speeds on the highway?

01/09/11 19:39

ran Alex's test 50 sequence and it worked; 1)ran the #2 fix twice (after the first sequence pressed the last flashing button and the recirc and AC light flash again so started over; when the 2nd sequences ended pressed the blinking light and the AC and recirc light flashed) 2)pressed bototom left button and AC and waited till lights went solid then let go and it ran through another sequence and rcirc and ac lights stopped flashing.
02/24/11 10:37

Thank you all so much this worked even for my Plymouth Volager Van...
02/28/11 12:29

I have a '98 Dodge Caravan and the heat just stopped working on it. Or maybe I should say the A/C won't turn off. It was working fine yesterday, then I disconnected the battery to replace the little corrosion pad under the terminal and now the A/C won't turn off. I can change the different settings from defrost to panel, etc., but it just blows cold air. Any ideas??
03/20/11 23:41

The lites that lite up the heater/air conditioning controls do not illuminate. Do I have to replace the complete control unit or is there someway to replace the bulbs. This is on a 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan.
03/22/11 17:58

Thanks Shawn. worked perfectly.
03/30/11 12:49

Battery on 1998 Dodge caravan sport was disconnected for a repair. After the repair was completed and battery reconnected, the air vent door makes a "knocking" noise when the ignition is turned on. All vents are working correctly as does the speed control. Is this a memory problem and can it be reset, either by disconnecting and then reconnecting battery or some other way?

04/04/11 02:05

Holy crap, the recalibrating the climate control/flashing buttons really works! I can actually tell people I fixed my van when my husband couldn't even figure it out! Thank you bunches!
04/21/11 17:24

I did the #2 fix and the top two lights have stopped blinking. Thank you.

However I tried the cool down test #42, but the lights still blink and my a/c still does not blow out cool air.

Any suggestions?

05/02/11 20:08

Am having a problem with my 98 dodge caravan. Had clock spring replaced last year. Blinking wiper and ac lights, horn honked every time i made a left turn, no cruise control. the whole gambit of messed up. Now all of a sudden the light started blinking again a few weeks ago. the back wiper started wiping all by its self and had to remove the wiper arm to keep the window from being ruined. Then the ac came on by itself and wouldn't turn off. disconnected it. As soon as we did that the transmission stopped working. Is everything on this van dependent on everything else!! About to lose our minds. Can't afford a new car right now.

05/19/11 10:11


I have a dodge caravan 1998, and about 1 year ago my battery went completely dead. I brought a new battery and had it installed that is when the climate control light started blinking. My machanic told me that once the battery was reconized the blinking light would stop.

I did the test on #2 and it recalibrated the a/c and did exactly want was noted in #2 but the lights kept flashing. Does this mean i have to replace the whole climate control module.

02/17/12 10:39
Thank author of this post/comment"Flashing lights"

I also have the 2 lights flashing. A/C and REC flashing. I have tried everything on here. My A/C is not working and the test fails. I cant get the lights to clear. I have tried 10 times to fix..any ideas?? 2-17-12
04/25/12 00:02
Thank author of this post/comment"FLASHING CLIMATE CONTROL AND AC"

just want to thank Shawn for the info he shared. I did this with my 1998 vehicle and it worked! Only took a few minutes.
[message deleted by user]
03/11/14 23:12
Thank author of this post/comment"Climate control lights"

Hi Mike hoe did you get your a/c & recriulte lites to turn offon your Dodge caravan. Thanks Hank
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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 66 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: 98 Dodge Grand Caravan - climate control lights flash archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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