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6 CD changer stopped working when IOD fuse was reset

- Dodge-Grand Caravan

Forum Post
10/03/08 23:32

6 CD changer stopped working when IOD fuse was reset

Had the door lock problem. Fixed it by pulling the IOD fuse. The second time I tried this fix the locks fixed BUT the 6 CD changer in the radio stopped working.

The mode change button used to switch from "AM" to "FM" to "CD". Now the "CD" has completely disappeared from the display.

When I turn on the radio I can hear the cd changer cycling for about a minute and then it stops. There are cd's loaded but it won't play, eject, load...anything. It's like it disappeared.

I pulled out the radio, unplugged it, let it sit out for a few minutes and reinstalled but there was no change.

Any Ideas?

Archived Replies

This post has a total of 48 replies. The most recent 25 are shown below, you can view the complete archive here: 6 CD changer stopped working when IOD fuse was reset archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

This forum post has messages dated from 10/03/08 through 05/23/12, please be sure to read all the messages. If you feel it is old or outdated, please follow up with a question or comment and someone may be able to update it, or reply with newer information if you have it.

01/13/11 20:08

Same CD player issue; started when I had the battery changed out; dealer said buy an after market player
01/16/11 16:21

Changed the battery in my '06 Durango and lost the CD Player. AM/FM/DVD still work... Very frustrating!
01/24/11 11:44

Same with me on my 2005 Grand Caravan. Made a three hour drive to my in-laws and it worked fine. 2 days later when we left the dvd didn't work and kept clicking the entire drive home. Very annoying drive with that noise, and the kids weren't very happy either. I can't believe Dodge wouldn't have some type of recal on this with all the issues.
01/25/11 11:31

This also just happened to me cd stuck inside, took it apart got cd out removed iod fuse and now am fm only what a piece of crap this van turned out to be and the dealer wants 500 for a used one that will only work for a short whileand because of the harness an after market is 1000 large cheaper to get 2 dvd that hang on the back of headrest. I will never never buy dodge again never!

01/27/11 23:43

Ok people I found some news here's a fix for some of you, you need a code for your cd player need to get the serial number from the back of cd player then phone dealer and they should give you a code for free! Hope this helps mine was shot

02/21/11 16:31

2005 Town and Country, had to replace battery, when I got back in, the 3-right, 3-left LED dance was going. When starting the van, several seconds of plastic grinding noises, like gears not meshing. Pulled red battery cable, wait 30 min, reconnect, no joy. Pulled DVD/CD changer out, tilted it, something is loose. Took about 15 screws out to see inside, found a loose 1.5 inch long black plastic bracket, with a *tiny* part of a latch broken off.

I only had one DVD in this at a time, ever. No CDR or even CD.

Cannot see where to connect this bracket even if I had a replacement. So, says I, just use regular CD in the main radio CD slot -- oh, wait, that won't play either! It accepts and ejects CDs, but mode will not change to CD with or without the broken changer connected. Super.

Plan now is to try to extract the DVD that was in there during battery change, which is like the old game Operation with dozens of parts in the way. Then try to reassemble the changer enough to let the CD work in the main radio/CD unit. The latter is a pipe dream.

Perhaps the rather common battery-related posts here cause some power surge to components that break the bracket. Good luck to any who can find a solution for yours. Mine has to be replaced, either by expensive Mopar stuff or the usual trade-offs with aftermarket kit.

03/13/11 12:07

Same issues with my 05 Durango. Has anyone contacted Dodge about a recall on this? It's definately a widespread problem.
03/20/11 20:18

Have 2005 dodge caravan..single disc cd works fine so far...6 disc cd/dvd player has 1 disc stuck that plays but wont eject and wont accept more cd/dvd's and when i try to eject get error message untill I shut car for awhile then it will start to play the disc that is stuck again..that is of course untill I try to eject again. I bought it used in November 2010 and have been waiting almost 4 months now for the dealer I purchased from to replace it...they must be having trouble finding it because of the widespread issue....Anyone try hooking ipod with movie to the composite jacks in the dvd player??I order the jacks but havent come yet...hope it works!!
03/24/11 09:52
Bob S.

I too replaced my Jeep Liberty battery and my "RBQ" 6-cd changer no longer goes into cd mode. Am/fm work fine, it does not see the 6 cd's nor will even show CD as a mode.

I tried pulling the battery cables for a while, no effect. I can hear the changer make noise when I power up the radio but nothing else.

I cannot believe the dealerships I talked to don't have a clue. Some say the device is locked and needs a code. Others say no Mopar radios require codes. Others say that it need to be brought in to the dealership and hooked up to their computer.

This is stupid and there should be a class action suit. This is an expensive radio and people pull their batteries at least once or twice or have faced a dead battery for whatever reason.

I am also amazed that no one has come back with a real detailed fix for this. Either no one has gotten it fixed, they don't want to bother posting info, or ???.

I am taking my Jeep into a friends dealership and I will certainly report what I learn.

03/24/11 23:51

i bought a 2006 dodge grand caravan and the dvd player stopped working. i can hear the changer cycling and after a while the error light comes on. you would think that after all these post someone would post an answer to this problem. i'm thinking of taking the player out and take it apart to see what the real problem is.
03/29/11 14:14
kathy s

same problem here with my 99 durango cd player. this suv has 70, 000 miles on it and i'm the only one who drives it. the cd player spits the cd out and says error.

i've replaced the cd player 3 times and can't seem to get one that works.

if there is a class action suit against dodge, let me know !!!

04/12/11 21:33
Ed Gerhauser

I have an 04 Durango with 72000 on it and have the same issue with the changer. We had the battery replaced about a month ago and the it doesn't reconize the cd changer at all push the mode button - nothing. Took it to the dealer and the service manager came out said he never heard of such a thing (Gene's Chrysler Fairbanks Alaska- Diamond Five Star Delaer) Now today the battery is dead again and I also don't have lower brake lights but the high stop works. I put it on a trickle charge and it is running now and i am printing this ang taking it back to the service manager and will get an answer.
04/13/11 19:51

I have a 2002 Dodge Caravan. In addition to having the same dvd not working anymore, but is cycling continously - cds don't want to work in cd player. Try putting your cd in your dvd player. I find it works sometimes. I can not even tell the make of my cd and dvd players, in dash. No make on them. The remote I recd when I told the dealer they were suppose to give me one with the vehicle when purchased is a mitcubishi (spelled wrong). When the dvd was working, I just about blew out the speakers because I could not get it loud enough to hear through my front speakers. I have also burned my front fan (this occurred before the cd/dvd problem). I get air and heat, but only if the van is moving. Looks like it is all tied together. If they can figure out what is causing one part to break continuously, they can probably figure out that it is affecting the other parts and causing them to break as well.
04/30/11 16:42

Have a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee ( Trail Rated ) with the same CD player issue additonally on a a few occasions the truck would not start , turn the key and it was like the starter was removed from the engine.Useing the keyless entry a few times seems to correct this issue, so it got me thinking that somehow the anti theift function is a part of this problem. I tried a diffrent radio from a junk yard Jeep ( same year modle make )and that CD changer did the same thing, so maybe the radio "thinks" it's stolen and will not allow the CD function to work? this is also becoming a personal problem as I have a CD that has a date /time stamp on it that I need for copyrights for the music that I wrote recorded and produced, spent way too much time and money on my music for some yahoo to steal and call their own and I can't prove that it is mine. If anyone as a fix for this please post.
05/11/11 12:59
Mike Nelson

Same problem . . . this is indicative of a myopic design / engineering staff at Dodge, and speaks poorly of prospects for the company to survive long term.
05/11/11 16:43

I have 2005 Caravan with 6 changer CD player with the exact problem. Please post solution if you have one.
05/22/11 13:02
lil hlep

i have the same problem on my 2002 caravan..obiously they are not going to come out with a fix..but to those of u who say u bought a new cd player if it aint a after market radio and u got it from a junk yard the code inside the cd player will still be registered to the car u took it out of...a delership has to reset the code in side a cd player if its stock for it to work or it does think it has been stolen and the anti lock system will not let it play under any condition so ur best bet is to have a dealer reset it and try it that way im about to take apart the cd player my self and see what i can do i work on sterios if i find a way to make it work i will repost for all
09/08/11 00:38
Thank author of this post/comment"own 2007 dodge caravan"

i have a cd player problem, it doesn't work, err message.
10/22/11 10:59
Thank author of this post/comment"Cheaply made / expensive radio components"

Owned my 2004 Dodge Grand Caravan for over 4 years now and the lower dash 6 disk dvd changer went out. It would flash the lights at me constantly or for a short time (3 left followed by 3 right). I pulled the changer out of the dash and took it apart. To my surprise it was not just a coding error. One of the disks used to separate cds/dvds inside the changer had broken off and lodged itself against the side wall preventing the disks from moving. Needless to say I'm very displeased with trying to find a replacement. OEM seems to be expensive and I am not sure if aftermarket would work (not very experienced in the matter).
11/05/11 11:54
Thank author of this post/comment"Another same DVD failure"

Another 6-DVD failure on a 2005 Chrysler Voyager 2.8 CRD, after battery change.

3 flashing lights left and right, like other examples in this topic.

I wonder if we can use other Chrysler DVD players : have they the same connectors, and will they fit without a sofware code reset ?

11/30/11 11:44
Thank author of this post/comment"DVD changer not working..."

The same problem as everybody else above. Dodge dealership not helpful whatsoever. Its nice to pay high $$$ for something that doesn't work and have no support from Dodge. That issue and some other -mostly electrical ones- are the reason why I will never buy or support Dodge ever again. Thank you Dodge...
02/29/12 12:33
Jacksonville, TX
Thank author of this post/comment"DVD player"

Same problem: 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan. Blinking lights on DVD player. I know that when I hold down the EJT button and the #1, a D__ comes up where the ERROR was. (I sew on computer sewing machines and it is a combination of holding down buttons to reset it and calibrate, so I figured I would try it.) It goes from three blinking lights to all six blinking. If anyone knows the combinations of resets, PLEASE POST!!! Dealership is NO HELP. They want to replace it for $800.
02/29/12 14:02
Thank author of this post/comment"Broken DVD"

Hello, I am French and had the same troubles as you, with the blinking lights. After dismounting the DVD player, I could see that the mecanism inside was completely broken in pieces and even the DVDs were broken !

The explaination seems rather simple : the mechanism to manage the 6 DVD in such a small place is very complex and fragile. If you switch off the power supply when some DVDs are already inside, then when the supply is on again, the mechanism will start up from the beginning, as if it was empty. So it will crush the DVDs which are already inside and brake down. It seems impossible to fix, the only solution is to buy a new one.

My recommandation is to empty the DVD player before to remove the battery.

In my case, it was broken during a repair in a garage. So be careful to remove your DVDs before to bring your car to repairing.

Finally, I suggest to remove the DVDs each time you leave your car for a while !

I think it is the best solution !

05/22/12 22:26
Thank author of this post/comment"I was able to fix mine!!"

I find it absurd that there are so many complaints on the internet about the DVD players in these cars malfunctioning after a simple fuse pull / battery swap, and the only solution seems to be the dealership recommending a new unit or sending the unit out to be repaired at a cost of about $250.

The description of the malfunction as I saw it is as follows: The changer unit lights flash continuously while the internal mechanism can be heard repeatedly performing some sort of task. The lights either flash all 6 at a time, or flash 3X3 alternating between 1, 2, 3 & 4, 5, 6. Unit continues this behavior even after the vehicle shuts off for a minute or two. Pressing the "mode" butting on the radio results in "error" being displayed, and no DVD / CD will load, play, or eject.

This problem occurred for me today after disconnecting the battery to try to diagnose another electrical problem on my 07GC which prevented the cooling fans from coming on and resulted in an overheating engine while I was inside my parents house for a short time with the vehicle parked and running. Luckily I caught it in time (hopefully) before any real damage was done.

Anyway, I was livid to say the least when the DVD player failed, but luckily I have a knack for all things automotive electrical. First I tried pulling / replacing the battery cable again (multiple times) to no avail. Then I pulled the RDO and IOD fuses multiple times, and still no change. Cycled the ignition a few times, started the car, used ACC, all with no effect. Finally after looking online for a solution, I figured I would pull the unit to get a model number so I could try to find a "new" one on ebay. Once the unit was removed, I tried reconnecting the wire harnesses to the rear of the unit a couple of times, but the problem persisted.

Solution (for me): Since I was planning on buying a new changer unit anyway (and because I'm an engineer, and taking stuff apart / fixing things is what I do) I decided to take the unit apart if for no other reason that to rescue my Bob Segar CD and a few of my daughters movies. After removing the changer unit from the dash, I took one phillips screw out of the top plate to remove the top plate. Then I removed 4 phillips screws form the sides of the face plate and gently pried the tabs on the bottom of the face plate over the barbs to remove the face plate. I removed 5 more phillips screws, 2 on the top, 2 on the front, and 1 on the back to remove the actual changer mechanism from the chassis / housing. This left the mechanism connected to the main PCB by a ribbon cable, and allowed for inspection of the circuit boards (somewhat) but there were no visible defects. Then I pried out the brown ribbon cable retainer on the changer end, and removed the ribbon cable from the connector. DISCONNECTING / RECONNECTING THE CHANGER UNIT FROM THE MAIN PCB BY UNPLUGGING THE RIBBON CABLE IS WHAT SOLVED THE PROBLEM. After reconnected the ribbon cable, I decided to test the unit one more time, so I put all the parts back together (without screwing anything together) and hallelujah! the CD changer functioned as expected when plugged into the dash! I removed the unit once more and took it back to my bench to fully reassemble it, and once I re-installed it in the dash, everything worked as it should.

This is way more trouble than anyone should have to go through for changing a car battery, but hopefully this post will help someone else get their DVD player working again. All you need for the entire job is a phillips screw driver and a small flat blade screw driver (or other pry tool).

05/23/12 00:46
Thank author of this post/comment"How to find another DVD player ?"

Dear Adam,

I am glad that you could fix your DVD player.

In my case, I did the same thing as you : remove the screws to see inside and recover my DVDs (I am also an engineer). But it was really broken.

So it seems that in some cases it can be just reset, and in other cases it can be broken.

By the way, I tried another Chrysler single DVD player but it was not compatible : the remote control system is with "radio" instead of "infrared". The DVD plays correctly, but I cannot switch on the screen with the remote control. There is a wire called "IR enable" between the DVD player and the main unit which is not present on the new DVD player (which has no "IR"). If somebody knows how to deal with that ?....

Or if somebody has an original 6-DVD player for sale, I will be interested.


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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 48 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: 6 CD changer stopped working when IOD fuse was reset archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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    Dodge Grand Caravan '6 CD changer stopped working when IOD fuse was reset'