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2007 Grand Caravan Engine Whine

- Dodge-Caravan

Forum Post
01/11/10 12:14
Mark Pratley

2007 Grand Caravan Engine Whine

Our Grand Caravan has 50K miles on it. It has been running ok. Something has recently change though, after we drive it at highway speeds for 15 minutes there is a new whine noise coming from the engine. It sounds like a gear whine noise. When you slow down to idle speed it is very noticable/objectionable. It changes with throttle speed. Once it starts, it is consistent. After it sits overnight, the whine noise is gone until it is run at highway speeds again. Has this happened to anyone else?

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04/09/10 22:53
Chris Watson

Our 2007 Dodge Caravan is having the same problem and it also started around 50-60K miles. We have taken it to the dealer and to a transmission shop and can not hear it because after it is turned off for a while it goes away. Any ideas?
04/15/10 09:48
Julie Arnold

My 2006 Caravan has the same problem, mine started at 42000 miles.
04/24/10 15:05

My Caravan has the same noise problem too. Started just after the 36 mos ended. Mileage is currently almost 29, 000. I thought it was transmission, but have been reading possibly P/S. I checked the transmission fluid level, it's full with some gray color, but no burn smell. I need to check the P/S fluid. The whining noise begins after driving a while at 70 or above and real bad sound while idling after exiting freeway. That's why I thought transmission.
04/24/10 15:13

I forgot to ask if anyone knows the fix to the whining noise?
06/25/10 02:20

this whining noise is very common in caravans I have three of them and the all whine but they are running good and no problems
07/13/10 02:28

I have a 2006 dodge caravan just turned over 50, 000 miles and

all was fine and a drive down the interstate at 70 for 10 miles and now I have a very loud whine especially at idle stop and idle speed, noise decreases with speed but always there. Concurrently Batt warning light luminated and stayed on. Checked transmission fluid, level was low, went to dealer purchased dodge/chy atf 4 +, van was off for 20 to 30 min., added enough fluid to proper level, most of noise gone but very noticeable whine at idle, louder than before noise started not as bad as before I added fluid. Not noticeable above 40 or so. Batt warning light is out. Have driven 40 to 50 miles since adding trans fluid. Van so far is shifting normally. But the whine is unnerveingly loud at idle and low speed.

The sound is just like a hydraulic motor low on hyd oil.

Is there a transmission fluid pump or hydraulic motor in the transmission that can cause this type of noise?

If so, what can be done to fix the whine to no whine?

08/05/10 17:23
Terry Mcleod

My 2007 SXT has started the same at just over 60K as all the other compaints. Only happens after a extended trip and disappears until the next one.

Traveling around town does not seem to produce the same thing.

It is rather freaky but doesnt seem to affect the performance of the Vehicle, my only concern is that it could be doing damage to something that will eventually just give in?

Has anyone found a solution yet?

08/18/10 18:18
Jim Sutton

The whining noise seems to come on when the air is on and when you turn it off the noise goes away. Possibly, its the extra belt needed to run the air conditioning.

Suggestion; Turn up the radio. The noise doesnt seem to bother anything. I am on my 5th Caravan and they are all the same.

Some of the older ones 1997/8/9 , seem to whine when you turn the headlights on rather than running with the day lights.

Give it a try

09/15/10 21:24

Add my voice to those above--noise first noticed at about 60, 000 miles and is getting louder now at 92, 000 miles. It seems to initiate at freeway speed and is then very apparent when one slows. It is rpm responsive (can be heard to whrrr up and down with rpms), and then disappears when the engine is shut off until the next drive at highway speeds.
09/15/10 21:27
John (2)

Additional note to my comment above--the noise seems to be coming from the passenger's side, sort of infront of their feet. I think that is the area of the P/S unit, which is possibly the noise source.
09/22/10 15:15
Joel Lane

I have the same problem with my 2007 dodge caravan and I am tired of it...I want a fix, or I am going to sell it and get a toyota or honda...called dodge and they suggest p/s pump or transmission. Changed the p/s pump, the transmission has been check and is fine...changed the belt. Still have that annoying whining noise.

What will fix it?


10/04/10 15:20
Jackie McShane

I have same problem with Town & Country 2007. However, I had my van fixed 2 separate times and the noise still occurs at highway speeds. Once the p/s pump was fixed and the other time the cooling fan and E.G.R. valve was replaced. Don't waste your money because it is still not fixed.
10/26/10 22:02
Jim Punt

Same problem with my 2003 caravan. The power steering seems to be starving for fluid. There is a filter in the reservoir for the power steering fluid. It is ok around town, but after long trips on highway, filter will not let enough fluid through and starves the pump. Took my power steering reservoir off, sprayed parts cleaner inside real good. Blew out with air hose. Repeated this a couple of times. Replaced and ran out old fluid and replaced with new at4 trans fluid. Just took trip out to Ohio and no more whining noise. I would have thought dodge would have adressed that issue on caravans newer than mine. youtube has a good video on this subject matter and shows how to do this process. Hope this helps someone.
10/26/10 22:22
Jim Punt

Go to youtube website and type in: "dodge caravan noisy steering DIY fix"
03/19/11 19:17

i recently had my timing belt replaced on my 2007 dodge caravan and notice now that i hear a whinning noise when i am driving and sitting still the noise is louder when i am sitting still and just recently noticed that while sitting still the van sounds like my foot is pressed on the gas petal. can someone tell me what this problem could be
05/03/11 01:04
Paul Everitt

I have a 2007 Dodge Caravan. It has that "running down the highway" whine you are all talking about. It is DEFINITELY the power steering pump. I drive on business typically 1000 to 2000 miles per trip. I noticed this whine and it seemed to be related to the Power Steering. I checked the fluid and it was below the add mark. I added fluid and it definitely lessened the volume of the noise. When I pull off the interstate, it whines like a banshee at the end of the off ramp. When I start the van after fueling up, the whine is much less. However, when I get back off of the interstate, the whine is definitely back. Notice if you hear a variation in the whine when you are turning or changing speed. It will cost over $600 to replace the pump. However, I have put over 20, 000 miles on my beloved van since then and so far, so good. However, I would REALLY hate it if my Power Steering pump went out at 2:00 am in the hinterlands of New Mexico or some such other place.
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    Dodge Caravan '2007 Grand Caravan Engine Whine'